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  1. RFC number

    OK. Just looked in my box o papeles and seems like I had one in 2006 when I was working in the city. In those days the schools got you everything, no running around. Going to check this out Saturday. Thanks again.
  2. RFC number

    Does that link also allow you to check if you already have one? I have worked in the country many times. Maybe I have one from other schools and I don't know it.
  3. RFC number

    Looks like I need the link for "trabajadores". Think I'm going to have my administrator at the school explore the online option for obtaining it. If that doesn't work, then I'll go to the place on Americas which she called SAT. But think I'll put off that overnight in the city just now. I work every Saturday there, so thought I might go to an office for that tomorrow. But now I think not. Could be easier than I thought. thanks to all. Teresa
  4. RFC number

    hello helpful folks! I must obtain an RFC number for one of my jobs in order to be paid in Bancomer for nomina. They say it's a new rule. I must go to SAT-Aduana on Americas in GDL for this (unless someone knows if the SAT _Aduana at the airport does the same). What I need is the information on what to bring them. I searched the search site with no results. Thanks.
  5. gyms/trainers/massage/PT/massage

    I totally recommend Drishti Yoga in San Antonio for restorative and therapeutic yoga. The teachers are great and the prices are good.
  6. Computer guy, the woman told me "martes" and i will go and see what happens. I will report back. Maybe they are doing 2 days or something who knows.....
  7. Thanks alot for those clarifications. I just went to DIF this morning and a nice lady gave me a list of what is needed and told me they only do the cards occasionally and this next Tuesday is a day they are doing them. Then INM promised me my CURP by Monday at 10. Things are rolling! Pays to check things out as everyone may have a different experience. I do believe I misunderstood the lady at Chapala Plus counter because I have seen someone pay half for those tickets.
  8. Thank you for location of office in GDL. Last week I spoke to the woman at the ticket counter at Chapala bus station asking about the discount rate. It seems that she said that the new discount was only 5 pesos for "directo." Currently it is 55 pesos one way to GDL, and in the past, folks told me INAPAM got you the ticket half price. I does seem something changed, and I will ask again there since I may not have heard the Spanish with 100% comprehension. I MIGHT try DIF in Chapala before venturing to the city, but if i get the run around, I'm not going to play the game. GDL has better reputation for actually giving you the card from what I hear.
  9. I do not have TELMEX as there are "not enough lines to serve my neighborhood". There were supposed to be more come this January. And I was supposed to be on some fictitious mysterious list waiting for a line. So when I read this, I as so glad that I really don't have them in my life.
  10. Thanks arroyos, that is what I'd been hearing. I work in GDL and have lived there in the past so should be able to find that office. I would love to know where it is located in GDL. Thank you, Sonia. I will check to see if I have one in the system, and if not, I'll go to INM. I appreciate all the help given. Still hope someone knows the address where you get the cards in GDL. A friend of mine, rest his soul, got his there in GDL, and he just handed a little mordida to get it right away. if that what it takes, that's what I'd do since I wouldn't want to be going to GDL during the week more than once for that. Location of INAPAM office in GDL anyone?
  11. gee thanks, rv. hope life is tucson is good. I don't see anything labeled CURP on the card, only NUE and No. on back of card, but I'll go ask the nice people at INM tomorrow
  12. I realize the CURP and INAPAM are two different things. I will check at INM about the CURP. I was told in the phone call to LCS tyhat they sell the forms there. She stated it at least three times, but I didn't inquire to how much since i see no need to buy a form. Many people said in the past on old threads, that they at DIF were turning people away since they didn't have the materials to make the cards. I am wondering if this is still how it is.and if so, where is the place to go to accomplish this in GDL. Thanks. I know what it is FOR, looking for process and people's experiences with that in Chapala vs GDL.
  13. I read an old thread, and then called LCS to check if anything was scheduled to apply for INAPAM. They said they "sell" the applications but other than that, nothing is scheduled. I plan to go to DIF in Chapala. From reading past threads, it seemed there was controversy on the CURP necessity. I just received my RT-with permission to work. Does that give you a CURP? Need to know how to get one, and what else it might be good for. Thanks in advance for input. I go to the city to work, and the savings on Chapala Plus buses would help.
  14. Speeding and drunk driving controls

    I don't think it is a bad thing to have DUI checkpoints. I'm not a big drinker, but I do feel it is imperative to take it all seriously. Walk to a nearby restaurant if you can, or take a cab would be solutions I would use. I am seriously concerned about being on the carretera and encountering an impaired driver. The roads are like a three ring circus without adding alcohol. It seems very much on overkill that ya can't have just 1, but since that's the way it is now, I clearly won't be having that occasional "one". In the last month I had my car impounded twice. One was sketchy and controversial, the other clearly my fault due to parking in a restricted zone in pouring rain in the dark. Point is, when you are dealing with authorities, they own you. This is what I experienced. It is no joke. I played the game well enough thanks to my functional Spanish. I pity those who don't have the language. When you have the language you get more respect, IMO. So my comment for the lady who talked her way out of jail with her language skills is "good job, mujer!" I would have done the same. I have worked in prisons in my career as a counselor. One thing I must say is that while no hotel, in the USA you do have sanitation, toilet paper, and food and water. Absense of this is a health disaster waiting to happen and IMO is barbaric and inhumane. Regardless of the crime. And here, you really have no rights. You are at their mercy. So because I like it here, I play a tighter game and lay much lower overall.
  15. Daily blockade at the airport??

    I was there at the ADUANA-SAT filing car papers last Friday and really worried it would be a fiasco with blockades. Nothing. This was between 1 and 3pm.