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  1. thanks for your entertaining post. i knew it was a longshot. i figure i'll bump into him again sometime, ojala.
  2. I know it is a long shot, but last week a guy named Barry had rescued my bankcard from HSBC. He chased me down the libramiento with it. He kept flasshing it and I had no idea what he was up to. To be honest, I was quite annoyed that someone was tailing me like that. By the time I reached the last pullover, I decided to see what was up. he came to my window with the bankcard. I got his name and thanked him profusely as cars were speeding by. I'd like to offer him some cash for saving me from ruin regarding the debit card. yikes. So if anyone knows a Barry who drives a newer white GMC SUV-large model.... well, PM me. I'd like to thank him again.
  3. walmart

    I was glad to read this and get the heads up about chicken. I rarely buy much there, but once in a great while, if I'm in there for the one lonely item I came for, I grab a roasted chicken to go and always had good ones in the past. But yes, if the place has a reputation for bad handling of chicken, it could easy be sitting there roasted for your food poisoning experience just waiting to happen. No more roastados for me.
  4. I did not have the water problem you are having, but between 2 houses I have lived in with some major problems, my landlord always gets Jose Luis Gonzales-Chapala 331-326-4662 He guarantees his work and he has done wonders to fix water problems in both houses I have rented. Bilingual as well.
  5. I have recently sworn off Ajijic in general. not my bag. Love Riberas, San Antonio and Chapala is where I do most of my business. I HAD to get to cyber as finals had to be calculated and I don't have Exel. Not that I owe anyone an explanation. The best way i can respect the place is to largely stay clean out of there for the most part. Some of us still work for a living and a report had a deadline that I had no where else that I knew of to complete and send. I did not have all day to walk there and back from Riberas as I also teach every day in the neighborhood. Ya, so I gave ya all an ugly expression of my frustration.However, don't think I'm the lone stranger in that dept. on this board.
  6. I'd have hired Spence if I could've afforded him, but I don't have that kind of money. He got me my Aduana papers in 2012 after i received my work permit RT. Fast service and only 250 pesos. Papers delivered to my school for signature, and papers delivered to my house when finished in Guadalajara. This time around someone talked me out of going to him saying "expensive". I tried someone else lakeside while I was working for 2 months at a lakeside school. Both sides were playing me. No one had the intention to get me a work permit. The lawyer and principal knew each other. If the lawyer had been doing the job, or taken money I had offered, (always refused my money) I would have cut to the chase and dumped the stupid job and moved on faster, preventing a trip to the border for another tourist visa and TIP. The good thing was , I never paid a cent. The bad thing was, nobody cut to the chase. These "nice people" can be the most deceptive. You get what you pay for. I am a do-it-yourself-er, but it seems to me that it is nearly impossible to attain the work visa DIY now. I have someone from GDL currently. All he does is work permits. He advised me last week to dump another school that was playing me so I wouldn't be in the same boat in another 6 months. I have found since Sept. of last year that the majority of even the most reputable schools I had worked for in the past either don't have what it takes for INM to approve them to legally represent the extranjero OR they'd just rather pay you under the table, promising to get you the visa when they have no intention because they are desperate for a teacher. I have had 2 work visas in this country. it is no cinch to attain this these days from my current experience with several different schools both here at the lake and in Guad. Get a lawyer right away if this is what you need, and make sure they know the work permit process. Alot of lawyers seem to know the RT and PT where one is proving financials, but have no clue to the work permit processes.(from my experience)
  7. I'd ask Spencer McMillan, lawyer, immediately . He helped me with aduana issues in the past and all was well. Don't waste another minute.
  8. it took me 1/2 hour to get from riberas to the cyber in ajjifreak today. trinidad copy center was closed. INSANE. i have sworn off ajjifreak for everything from soup to nuts. the insanity of driving and navigating to and from puts me right over the's nothing more than a filthy, congested little village that is slated for pueblo magico. now THAT'S absurd.
  9. whenever i go there, i park so far away from the door they never bother me. once, years ago, somebody did, and i swore with such sophisication in rough street spanish to get him off my car, he backed off real good. pays to have some street spanish with these $%&/()s. it has its shock value to some of them that some extranjera would be able to back them off like that when they get aggressive. i agree tho, once you've been had, maybe not kick up a fuss if you care about your life. i'm very avoidant with all these people and rarely park anywhere near these folks. i empathize with those who cannot walk so far. my solution is wide girth and avoidance. home girl don't play that game....
  10. get off the bus at the old bus station walk to 16 de sept. just past walmart. turn right. walk way down to lopez mateo. you will begin to see the stores. It's not that far from the old bus station if you're a good walker. Although I not really into chain stores, I did businees in Mr. CD and found the guys who work there really helpful. T
  11. So far, no more scam calls have occurred with someone pretending to be Alex Peterson and trying to scam money from a client. Please post if you are aware of anything
  12. Beware that if you do business with Alex Peterson, his email account was hacked. Someone called one of his clients and bilked her out of 5000 pesos saying he had been in a car accident in GDL, but we were caravaning to Laredo when the scam occurred. Another of his clients emailed today and said that someone called/emailed about needing something at Costco, and could she please loan him the money for it. Something to that effect. The bottom line is that Alex and I are up here alive and well on business for him and visa renewal etc for me. So if anyone of you are using his services and get a weird call or email, he is asking that you text him/email him, and do not fall for any scams. The person has obviously been able to get alot of personal info. thru his emails, he believes. He thinks he know who it is (not personally) as he had been receiving some very weird emails in poor english.
  13. Thank you Dboisclair. I didn't think of calling the bank to ask. It is a debit card. The bank updated to the new modern chip and thus, the old debit card was cancelled. I realize that disrupting the process by changing anything may delay a refund. So I will check this out. At least it says on the receipt paperwork that if you do have any changes of card number to report to banjercito. so that's positive. Have title, registration, tip receipt and original document. should be good to go at laredo. i found it very easy to pass through last time. the wait wasn't extreme.
  14. does anyone have experience regaining the deposit after a change of CC? It says on the TIP receipt to report change of CCs to banjercito when renewing. I hope to hell it's that simple.
  15. Colo-Rick are you talking about examples such as youtube cutting in and out, skype cutting in and out? I have had skype quit completely in the middle of a conversation without video. I check into Telmex now and again for reports on the "lines they are putting underground" out here to create more lines. I'll keep checking but bullying them or hiring someone else to do it for me is just not my style of operation. Like so many say, at least i have internet until i gain more solutions.