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  1. My bank in the states changed all the bankcards to the new modern chip. Therefore, I had to have the new card shipped. I decided to ship Fed-Ex to Ishop.. The envelope was hung up in customs because my daughter in law sent her homemade soap in with the debit card. Customs threatened to send it all back stating the tea tree oil(in the soap) was illegal. Luckily, I was able to avoid the threats of fines, notaries and other circus acts. This is because of being able to write in Spanish to the customs agent. It took a week of emails, but I finally convinced him to throw away the soap, separate the bank card and send it on to Ishop. Ishop also helped and supported the process. If you can get the email address of the agent, you can say what you like and put it through a Spanish translator online. Easy to find that by googling. You can solve these problems with diplomacy at times if the problem is not too extreme, like a gift attached to a bankcard. I was lucky as sometimes they have issues with bankcards themselves. To have my family dole out another 75 dollars to re-send seemed un-do-able, and the agent understood that.
  2. You could also contact Rony. He knows about that kind of stuff. 331-313-5568
  3. another referral is Juan Martinez. He is basically the go to in Coto La Mora. Folks have told me he does clean aljibes. 33-3508-2008 I don't believe he speaks English.
  4. try the gonzales family. the boys just did mine in a couple hours. (in Riberas) -Jose Luis Gonzales and Sons (not sure the cost) but i think not as much as above. (landlord pays and that is why i don't know the cost) If you call, tell him Teresa form the Coto referred. 33 1326-4662-Jose Luis-speaks English
  5. I just read now the info in the above thread"temporal and TIP" and it gave me all I needed, thanks to Sonia.
  6. This is exactly what I needed. I posted for the info under my thread on "work permit" and then discovered this. Thank You.
  7. Trip report: I flew to Juarez. Walked over the border and went to the Mexican Consulate the next day at 8am. Although I had called and you need no appointment, you must be prepared to pick up the processed passport in the afternoon. I explained to him that I had a round trip ticket and my plan was leaving Juarez airport at 3:40 that day. he expidited it and I had the passport back before noon, took an American taxi to the airport, processed the passport at the INM desk at the airport and had the FMM slip filled out correctly with CANJE marked clearly. 2 agents were confused about how to process me, so they called the supervisor who seemed to have it together, she made sure the form was perfect and processed it immediately in the computer. Therefore, I did not take the already TIP vehicle back to the border as I had returned to the border-Laredo in March to renew that and the tourist visa. Next week, I will be appearing at INM with the passport, the lawyer from the school. I have asked him about contacting the Aduana. I am still within the 30 day zone to make the first appearance at INM and get the fingerprinting done. This is a residential temporal-work permit, so I guess I am allowed to drive the foreign plated vehicle under the current law for the next 4 years. These work visas, under current law lead to permanent status if continued properly for 4 years. I am going to contact my lawyer about Snowyco has said. I think the Aduana has to be contacted before and after. Currently I have an active (not expired) TIP good until the end of August. The Aduana is at the airport, correct? Has anyone done this themselves? RE:Aduana over changing visa status?? I believe the visa will now be a slam dunk, however: I don't want to mess up with the car permit issue. Thanks for all who responded and remember if you are using El Paso, maybe not book a roundtrip ticket. Your passport may not be ready for you to make your flight.
  8. I am partially retired, living here in Riberas. After living many times in Guadalajara and working full-time there, I visited Lake Chapala area. I chose Lakeside to start the retirement process. I still work once a week in Guadalajara, a long intense day. When I decided to throw in the proverbial towel up in Northern New Mexico, I chose this area because of familiarity. Chapala had been my playground, and I had a brief stint of 5 months living in downtown Ajijic years ago. It felt comfortable to begin here, work a few more years in good old familiar Guadalajara.. Once I get permanente, I may try something else. That is 4 years off. And it would be difficult leaving all these great friends I've made to start a new adventure. There is something here for everyone's interests.
  9. I have a driver to the airport tomorrow, but on my return trip I am hoping to simply catch a bus back to Chapala. Does anyone know if a bus can be gotten close to the airport, or do you have to walk out to the carretera? How many minute walk to the carretera?
  10. I have been successful at sprouting alfalfa and mug bean seeds for delicious salad toppings. Recently, I picked up some organic sunflower seeds in GDL and have been trying to sprout them. They are bigger seeds and they are rotting in the jar. They smell like rotten fish. Obviously a failed batch. Any feedback would be appreciated on how to sprout sunflower seeds successfully.
  11. If you speak Spanish, and can navigate in the language, you will always do better than plopping around in Ajijic where the gringo is gouged at every turn. My rent in Riberas in a clean quiet neighborhood where people respect community and upkeep in general is 4500 pesos although there are other houses here much cheaper. Luckily, I have a mexican landlord that has been quite fair with repairs as well. This place in Santa Fe or Taos New Mexico, where I'm from, would go for anywhere between 800 and 1500 a month depending on location. It is really wonderful to be able to actually retire on a small amount of money and still be a free agent. NOB, I'd be on welfare, subsidized housing, standing in a foodbank line and never be able to go out.Or alternatively, working fulltime till I die. It depends on what one is used to, but great bargains still exist if you have the skills to find them and manage them.
  12. It's all about eating as natural as possible with focus on fruits, veggies, light on the meats and fats. Smoke away, senor,I used to love it too. but i feel so much better without it. I have worked in health food stores. Think of the trends we've been through...goji berries, mangostein, noni, acai, on and on and on....yes. they are all good for you. eat away. the stuff has good benefits. but i agree with xena. there are no miracle foods. That said, I do fill up my fridge with those things that help with blood pressure issues, and over time, and with consistency, i do notice a difference. If i went back to cigs, yup, right back on pharmaceuticals as well. The first thing nicotine does is raise the blood pressure. I'm not trying to judge smokers, as I know when i was likin' it, well, that was the thing i wanted to do, but no mas. PS. Have a mango. They're yummy. Computer Guy, open a restaurant.Please..... It could be a cyber with spaghetti and meatballs..:)
  13. great. thanks.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a passport photo taken?
  15. I did discover that you need a passport photo and 36 dollars cash. I did discover through calling Max Otto at the consulate in El Paso that you do not need an appt. However, you must show up between 8 and 11 am. Very good to get this info. My lawyer from the school is looking into the process with aduana for the vehicle. Obviously, nobody knows squat about work permits here at lakeside. Including the schools. Too bad for them. They want Native Speakers teaching English in these schools, but they fail to register with INM, keep up their registrations and taxes which is the first step for a school to qualify to hire an extranjero. Oh, they'll hire you and promise the moon and the stars, but all they really want to do is pay you under the table as long as you are willing to play the game and stick around. Just a warning to that rare one out there who may be in my shoes. You'll find representation in some schools for a work visa in GDL, and even that is challenging these days. Nothing like the past, that's for sure.