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  1. The HANGAR INN is a new hotel at (NEAR?) the GDL airport BUT BOTH PHONE NUMBERS DO NOT ANSWER. I do not read Spanish and have a problem reading if they have a Shuttle to the airport. Their map does not even show the airport! I also need to know if it is an all-night shuttle since I should be at the airport at 4:15 AM. I also need to know the hotel's check-in time policy. Please do not tell me to translate their page....Have tried that with my computer many times with problems. All help is appreciated. I am tired of getting up at 3 AM in Ajijic to catch a 6 AM Standby flight. Therefore I thought I would spend the night at the airport the day before I depart. Thank you!

    Thank you .....Anyone else? Maybe the wind did something to my cables or whatever. Darn!

    After the outage in upper Ajijic :400am - 2:PM or so now my Shaw says "Network Down" Does that mean just me or everyone? I really could use some R & R with TV! My TV guy does not answer on weekends.

    There are tons of tutorials on You Tube....THEY talk SO FAST AND it took me 3 times to find out he was saying "screen lock" - it was sounding like "screen LOB!" i DO NOT KNOW THE TERMS, VOCABULARY. i HAVE BEEN ON ALL THE TUTORIALS....HE SPEED TALKS AND ASSUMES YOU KNOW WHAT THE TERMS ARE;

    I need someone to patiently teach me my I-Phone 6. I will pay for your time but I must learn all the functions of the device! I just bought it and have NO ONE who can teach me. I thought the YOU TUBE videos about teaching the device would help BUT they go way too fast and assume you know the names of everything. I DO NOT! I am not a ditz- I have done Powerpoint in the past, basic computer but it is difficult to find someone to me help with this. There are so many different levels of tech knowledge here. I do not Spanish so it must be English help. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your time in responding. I believe in animals but I believe in people and respect people first. Thanks you!
  7. I am trying to find out if dogs are supposed to be on leashes on the trail to the Chapel in Ajijic. Today I had THREE different owners at different parts of the trail with their HUGE German Sheppards way ahead of them NOT on a leash. I have already been pushed over by a big dog requiring me have my busted lip looked at the clinic. I also had one dog jump on me. The trail is VERY narrow in parts and NO, I should not have to wait for you and your dog to pass without a leash and NO you can tell me 100 times "he is safe and will not hurt you." For those of us who have been frightened by a big dog approaching alone while we are alone on the trail (I cannot see you 100 yards back!) I really don't mind if you have an elephant with you, IF it is on a leash. The last encounter today ended with "You know me and that my dog is safe" then I got the " f--k you!" I really enjoy the hike. I do understand you want to exercise your dogs with you but what about the narrow parts of the trail and the shock of having a dog dart out of nowhere towards me? What about ME? PLEASE put them on a leash!
  8. IS CFE & TELMEX closes Monday (holiday?)
  9. Names of best Plumbers

    Thank you, I know it is not safe to use the water. I have heard if the tinaca(?) is made of asbetos like the old ones that may be the problem. As a renter down here I am trying to find THE BEST PULMBER anyone can suggest. My cost cutting landlord along with her "handyman" think it is because of the "ants" that get into the thing in the ground. (sorry, don't know what that is called.)
  10. I am in a rental and owner uses her handyman for everything. I am at a loss because I now have YELLOW BROWN WATER coming out of every tap in the house. Obviously cannot bathe/rinse mouth for brushing teeth. The owner was slow to answer my email for help. I am SO tired of problems! Can someone give me the name of the best PLUMBERS locally? Also if you have had yellow brown water problem what was the cause and how was it fixed. I have had 3 rentals before and have been here a while. I am so sick of landlords cutting corners and getting a band aid for problems. I would like to be armed with info when I talk to her and her handyman this morning.
  11. Golf Cart Rain Cover needed

    Thank you Travis...I went to Auto zone (NO luck) and Wallmart whereI could get no help. I will type small car cover in a translator and see how it goes. Ebay USA has them for 30 USD but I don't want to put my kid mailing a heavy? thing like that. I will try Auto zone & wallmart and ask to see small car covers. You response is greatl appreciated as the blue tarp I've been using flys and flaps even wth bricks on the roof! New rental house with no cover for my "Baby!"
  12. Ya never know! Does anyone have a new or used 2 SEATER CLUB CAR GOLF CART COVER - NEW OR USED FOR Sale? If so please message me! Obviously I do not have a car so please no suggestions about going to Guad. Also Shipping one down here is a pain. Thank You!
  13. I agree with Joco and a few of the above. Many of you do NOT know the rules. NO, we cannot go on the carretera NOR the cyclopista & we can only cross at traffic lights. We must follow the rules of the road and yes, we are stopped for driving infractions. If you have a motorized one you must have a license & insurance, if you have an electric cart you need no insurance. I carry ownship papers, my drivers license, map of the one way streets, and a cell phone since it is a vehicle. They do not go fast. I have been here 6 years (proud owner of one for 2 years) and have yet to hear of one in an accident. They are GREEN, using no gas. They are less expensive and less spacious than a car down these small streets. For those of you who have those big darn SUV's be serious! These carts go basically up to Villia Nova and to Super Lake giving many older people freedom to easily get around and park easily. I give ederly Mexicans rides as well as Mexicans loaded with bags rides. Do YOU do that? There was a meeting about Golf Carts recently that turned out to be a scam. I tried to warn the people but no one would listen. My Golf cart is my freedom. Each to their own. I wish there was a golf cart club like a motorcycle club for social aspects. Oh, the Mexcan children love to get a ride!

    Thank you all but if you know a single male or female planing to go I would love to hear from them!