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    Rick, if we go there will u watch our dog? John and Kathleen
  2. Used Luzma within last year....excellent. knows everybody there and takes you to head of lines.
  3. Seeking a hip surgeon

  4. Jala-Compostela highway segment

    Thanks for the info.
  5. I drove this first third of the eventual highway to PV last May but then it was closed part way through rainy season. Would like to know its current status, especially if anyone on forum has driven lately. Gracias.
  6. Barrbower has it right on. Starting 3 yrs ago the Cinco de Mayo altars have diminished each year and the area in front of the church is the place to go, especially on Nov 2 starting 3-4 PM.
  7. Food Truck

    Just ate there....I had 2 steak tacos and spouse had steak sandwich. Excellent. Very nice guy. Price was right for this area. They are closed August 7-13 to improve baƱo. He is promising a grand opening party August 14.
  8. Sunday tlaquepaque stores

    Muchas gracias.
  9. Are any/many stores open on the pedestrian streets in tlaquepaque on Sunday, other than street market? Not asking about the mall or Tonala. Gracias.
  10. Lulu's Location?

    It's the relatively new Hacienda del Lago which is now at the above location.
  11. Rainy season

    Middle of October.
  12. 1/3 of trash trucks in service

    Walked to Bancomer and couldn't believe the basura SE corner of Ajijic plaza. Magico!!
  13. More airport problems

    For non international 2 hrs fine.
  14. Gas Los Altoss Lousy Service

    The key as noted is specific driver u know and with his own cell u call.
  15. Timothy Napier Whiting

    I made Tim aware. He is in US and so am I. He will call you or have someone call and pick it up. Please save the mail, thanks!