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  1. Lake Chapala weather

    Steve doesn't live here anymore. The weather station is under new management.
  2. Lake Chapala Weather Net

    The credit for its return and its continuation belongs to others now.
  3. Hi Pete,

    Just a note to say thanks for all your support over the years, Max and I won't forget. Spencer and I tried, but he has a career and being a weather guy doesn't fit in. We'll run the station to the end of the month and then pull the plug one final time. It's sad, but all things begin and end.

    Thanks again,

    Steve and Max the WeatherCat

  4. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    They say a camel is a horse designed by a committee. From just these few comments you can begin to see what is involved. The current weather site is a composite of 10 years of comments and suggestions (and creative license). The Canucks wanted metric, the Americans could care less, some want detail, some could care less. Take for example a basic jpg created by VWS. It has most everything you need, little history, no webcam (which requires no work at all) and many folks would be happy with this. But, over the years people have requested things that made sense to incorporate. As for historic data, years ago one fellows awning over his mirador was burned by a falling globas, he was trying to prove to the insurance company what happened, with data showing prevailing winds etc. he was able to do that. Dr. Stong has used some of the data when creating the "fish farm" E of Chapala. Recently one fellow wanted to see the "wet bulb" temp, so a page was created for that. Of course the solar guys like the radiation page, so you see the range of possibility is wide and there are dozens and dozens of readings available in VWS we never used. It's a diverse community and serving it isn't really a simple single solution. Actually this station uploads to Wunderground as do several others in the local area, you can get a lot of data from this alone, is it enough? - I chose to expand the options.
  5. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    We're talking, we'll see.
  6. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Folks, thank you for your cards and letters: So, you want to be "The WeatherGuy"? This isn't exactly like a BBQ smoker that someone "gives" you and you just take it home and light it up and start cooking steaks, it's a bit more expensive and whole lot more complicated and there's a serious time commitment included in the fine print. This is how it's been done for the last 10 years, could it be done differently? - absolutely, but this is what it took to provide ChapalaWeather to now. I've not talked to Spencer yet, but here is, in part, what I will tell him, and anyone interested in doing it the way I did it to produce the results you clicked on each time you want to check conditions. You start with some basic$, the Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless weather station is $500 (min), add the solar sensor and mount, +$160. Add a dedicated laptop PC $500 running WIN 7 or 8.1 (I don't do WIN10 - ever). Next, some minor costs and serious considerations about where and how to mount the station. Add a webcam $200. As you see ChapalaWeather today it's a $1,300 equipment investment plus 3 pieces of software. The weather software is VWS, only $70. I use the CUTEFTP program, again, inexpensive. But, the program to create the templates you see when you click on Chapalaweather is a whole other world. The station is currently running on FrontPage 2000, yes, a 17 year old program that I've used for over 17 years, so I know it inside and out and the templates have evolved over 11 years. You've probably noticed they don't change much, there's a good reason, you change and you get a delivery from the great warehouse of unintended consequences, so again years of experience knowing how they work and most importantly - how to fix problems when they don't work, just as in VWS and CuteFTP. The intent was to convert to DreamWeaver, but it never happened. So, do you want to immerse yourself in a non-supported MS program? - that's a serious commitment. The VWS software is pretty stable, even on WIN8.1, but not perfect, so let's run through a day assuming everything is up and running: Each day for 10 years the absolute first thing I look at is the weather site, whether I'm in Chapala, Buchanan Dam, Denver, NE, CA, Matehula or any other hotel along the way. I first focus on "Days Since Rain" and if it's =0 then I know it's rained since midnight and I need to upload the rain background to the site for the day. Next I manually update the number of days it's rained this year (most of the data on the page is automatic, some is not). I open the Rainy Days Calendar and enter ^vxv121^" in that days square and change the color to blue. This entire template is mostly manual and created at the beginning of each year, then preserved in the archive. That "tag" only records rain for that 24 hours, so tomorrow I need to enter the actual amount deleting the tag ^vxv121^ and of course, upload the copper background. Next I look at the wind to see if it's either spiked off the graph, or if set at a high value from the day before needs to have the range reset. The graphs could be set to "auto range" but not with two values like speed and gust on the same graph. Oh, PS: don't try making changes during an update cycle happening 6 times an hour, so be aware of the time and how long you will be changing values or you'll jam the template and the FTP will show "no upload". Of course I glance and the "Last Updated" block at the top of the page to make sure VWS is running and the FTP is properly uploading, if not I begin trouble shooting. I also copy a new flower to upload each day when the webcam ends at dark. Now, if everything is working, I can have my coffee and start my real day. And, this checkin routine happens several times a day and the last thing at night before the lights go out 365 days a year. Currently there are 7,720 files making up the VWS folder. Probably at least 100 are graphics, so let's just say there are at least 6,000 files making up ChapalaWeather. Many are archives but many more are not, if a problem happens for whatever reason, then you start with the main db which is a huge spreadsheet over 55 columns wide and a new line added every 10 minutes, so at the moment, it's about 18MB and over 40,000 lines long - yes, depending on the problem at times you have to go in and do "surgery". There are also "Yearly, Monthly, Daily" .bin files which interact, sometimes it's necessary, if a problem happens (like a seed in the rain gauge causing bad readings) you have to go in and correct the db because among other things, it creates all the graphs you see. At the end of each month I manually update rain amounts, averages etc at the bottom of the page. At 11:50PM New Years Eve (yes, I do) I am at the PC and download the complete VWS directory to preserve the last files created for the year. In the new year you do house cleaning of db's and files to control growth. New templates for the New Year are created - and of course there are the graphics for holidays, flag backgrounds and any special events to be recognized are done manually. The HURRICANE SEASON block is manually updated requiring a check with the national weather bureau for threatening storms. Of course week days we check, sometimes many times a day, for CEA Lake Level changes to manually enter. Of course you'll need a domain, web host and site to upload data to on an ongoing basis (add that to the co$t column) These are many of the main things done on a daily basis etc. So, you want to the the "WeatherGuy"? - when I said it was a "labor of love" I wasn't being facetious you can't justify it as anything less.
  7. HP is blocking third-party ink again

    You don't have to know it all to have some clear thinking on NOT paying through an orifice for the inkjet scam. Set the printer out front, it will disappear in a few minutes, not the landfill, it's an education process, you're trying to tell people to do it the hard way, I'm giving an alternative that has long term benefit$. Why do I bother? - I hate to see people shell out the cash and put a ring in their nose buying an HP printer. About a month ago a friend asked if I wanted a brand new still in the box rather high end HP printer/scanner whatever. He bought it and decided not to use it, set it on the shelf a year ago and got tired of looking at the box - take a guess at what my answer was? - you got it, even free it's way too expensive for me.
  8. HP is blocking third-party ink again

    Let me explain my "position". I refuse to be held hostage by companies, here's an example: Years ago as a salesman one of my silver microfilm products was Agra-Gevaert from Germany, a great film, easily comparable to Kodak, the standard. WalMart Corporate used Bell & Howell cameras and I sold them my film. I got a call to answer a problem, I immediately went to Bentonville Arkansas, and if you've never been to Bentonville, you have to go there on purpose, it's not "on the way" to anywhere. I met with the customer and he explained that they were running out of film before 100' (supposedly) according to the cameras. Of course the B&H technician said it was the cheap foreign film, that we only put 95' in a roll. I knew AGFA put 110' in a roll to accommodate leader/trailer lengths. I smiled and reached into my case, pulled one out fresh box, opened it and took it out - being original silver film meant it was destroyed - the customer looked a bit surprised. I stepped outside his cubical which had a tile floor with 12"X12" squares, and cast the role down the isle rolling out 16MM film as it traveled - people were looking out of their cubes to see what was happening. I said "well, the tiles are 12", do you want to count them and see if there's 100, or more? He laughed and said no (problem solved) and I packed my case, shook hands and we walked to the front door leaving 100' of film laying on the floor. It simply exposed the B&H technicians were tinker with the film footage counters on the camera. I understand your position, you've become known as the "go to" guy, and that's good as long as you're solving problems, but, your convoluted solution only puts a bandaid on the problem, it doesn't cure the problem - mine does. The point being, don't allow the MFG to dictate your life, you're the customer, act like it, your money is the only "lever" you have, take it somewhere else.
  9. HP is blocking third-party ink again

    You could pitch the HP printer and for a couple of $$$$ HP carts you can buy a canon and never whine again about ink prices - it's therapeutic. I'm not anti-HP, I have 4 HP PC's and I love the HP monitor I'm sitting in from of, but the printer scam is just that and unless you want to solve the problem the easy way, don't whine. And - facile? - I think not, it doesn't ignore the complexity of the problem, it simplifies it and eliminates it.
  10. HP is blocking third-party ink again

    An easy solution is - don't buy HP, problem solved. Canon doesn't jerk you around.
  11. Lake Level

    The Lake is now higher than last years high with more to come it looks like.
  12. The article is focused on Dallas/Ft Worth, but you can bet more than one will head SOB. Good info and website to check VIN's. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/autos/2017/09/15/will-flood-damaged-cars-end-dallas-fort-worth-already-nations-top-five
  13. I'm disappointed, I usually see them stop here at my lake in TX before heading for Chapala, but guess I missed them this year.
  14. Ok climatistas, you have a lot of time to wring your hands worrying about people like me, here's your homework assignment, read the following articles and report back to us what you think they say. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexepstein/2015/01/06/97-of-climate-scientists-agree-is-100-wrong/#6dfa2b6e3f9f http://www.nationalreview.com/article/425232/climate-change-no-its-not-97-percent-consensus-ian-tuttle And, you might want to glance at this http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/05/peak-climatista.php
  15. The "vast" majority? - I do hope you aren't referring to the 98% joke, tell me you're not.