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  1. chicamysterious

    Eye opening ATM experience

    I have seen the same thing. I was with a friend in El Paso texas when his nephew called and asked to be bailed out. He had an unpaid traffic ticket and got pulled over. So my friend offered to meet up later but I said no i want to see this. It turns out there is an ATM in the jail. Hahaha so he went to get out money and as it spit the money out an officer said something to him. He turned to see what the officer wanted and bam it sucked the money back in. Luckily i did choose to go because i loaned him the money to get his nephew out. He called the bank and they said they would make sure he was not charged he wasnt. Now another incident i had was the machine not giving any money but acting like it did. It was not an ATM from my bank and it took over 2 months to get my money back. My bank told me that if they said I got the money there was no recourse. It was a mess. They claimed i got the money. Like i said it took several months to get it back. Ultimately we requested photos from the ATM and they returned my money. I always wondered how many people got ripped off by them. I was trying to get 200 dollars and i wasnt going to let it go but wondered how many who only tried to get a few bucks just gave up. But it was interesting to find out i was at their mercy and that its not like requesting money back from fraud or returning an item etc.
  2. chicamysterious

    Text messages from UNOTV

    To affirm what Ferret has written. It does work. It may take up to 48Hrs as it did with one friend.. However most of the people I know who have done it said they recieved one more messages after sending the stop text and not a peep since. The most irritating thing I found was how they would send out these messages at the most bizarre times from 1 to 3 in the morning. How someone in their marketing department didnt get fired over that ill never understand.
  3. chicamysterious

    Makeup tattoos

    If you go to google maps and search Tattoos El Negro It will show you where it is of course but if you look at the photos there are some the show the many different makeup he does. He also speaks perfect english
  4. chicamysterious

    Need someone who can share a US mail forwarding address

    Yes I an intrested
  5. My brother is moving here and wants or really desperately needs someone who can share a mail forwarding address box here in Ajijic. It's so expensive doing it solo. It has always seemed so expensive to me when comparing it with google searches. Is it just me? Is there something i am not seeing or understanding? I have one that I was invited to Share with others. Sadly We cannot add anyone else we are at the limit for the amount of persons on a box. If anyone has a space available or other option that we are not aware of. We would certainly appreciate it. Please let me know. Thank You
  6. chicamysterious

    Best place to look for used sxooter

    Yo1 I looked in joco and found one about five years old and he wanted 18k. A little high I thought. I could about buy a new one for that. Shraderone email on the way I agree Mainecoons I will check it out thanks ronhereagain I suppose that was sarcasm chillin. Ive been told that its not considered a true and valid chapala webboard topic / posting without one. Thanks to everyone I appreciate it
  7. I have looked on segundomano and seminuevos but I think are for larger xiyies.is there a place to find one in the lake cities? Thanks for any help
  8. chicamysterious

    New ios for iphone. Heads UP!

    Ive had problems in the past and had to re-download and reinstall the update. I've also had to wipe my phone and reinstall. Don't know why but sometimes glitches happen.
  9. chicamysterious

    Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Well i have thought of purchase here but I keep hearing how they fall apart
  10. chicamysterious

    Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    New. Value about 1700. And i don't care just an económical way
  11. How can I bring it in to mexico?
  12. chicamysterious

    Game of Thrones

    No problema, I make mistakes all the time here typing on these little cell phone screens. Fighting the spell checker and auto complete. I use to be able to beat it, but its win percentage is starting to go up as eyesight goes down if you know what I mean. Just thought I would drop you a note in case you needed to send it to Denise... Take care.
  13. chicamysterious

    Game of Thrones

    Got a notification email that you quoted my post. Don't know if you made a mistake or ??? I don't know who Denise is????
  14. chicamysterious

    shipping medication to Lakeside from NOB

    Up a little late aren't we. Or is it early. This was the time in the morning to eat breakfast and hit the fields for some picking before the sun came up and got to hot
  15. chicamysterious

    shipping medication to Lakeside from NOB

    I actually shouldn't take the credit it's my Former Marine Husband. I write in his behalf. He doesn't like this site. I just told him about it and he has given me the things to write.