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  1. My Mom is in her last days? weeks? of her time on this earth. Does anyone have or know of a hospital bed that I can borrow or rent? Please call Mike 331-330-1050
  2. My Mom is in a care facility in the area. My brother lives in San Antonio and likes to fly down, visit my Mom and drive cars up for people. Let him know if he can help: 210-374-5641 His name is Joe.
  3. My brother is here visiting and willing to drive a car to San Antonio Texas, have the sticker removed and sell your car for a fee. Let him know if he can help you. He would like to leave early next week. Here is his contact info: Joe--331-713-5267 or write him at livingincommunitymx@gmail.com
  4. Call Lakeside Medical Group and see if you are covered. 766-0395
  5. S&S Auto has one for sale, but I think it is quite expensive.
  6. My friend lost her I Phone 4 (Verizon Plan). She thinks on or near the bus by Marisol. Just if anyone happens to hear of someone finding one. Please call Mike at 331-330-1050 Thanks!
  7. I am nationalizing my vehicle in Nogales at the end of this week. Is anyone traveling down from the states, that I could convoy with or does anyone need a ride from Tucson/Albuquerque to Lakeside? Mike-email-----livingincommunitymx@gmail.com or 505 379-3313
  8. I use Hector Nunez and he has worked well for me.
  9. I have been perfectly happy with this little car and would have kept it, but since I just got permanent residency and it's made in Japan, I can't import it. My loss could be your gain. It's low mileage for a Toyota--92500--and during the two and a half years I've had it it hasn't given me a bit of trouble. The fellow I bought it from had had it here a couple of similarly carefree years previously. I've kept up its maintenance; you would not need to spend a penny on it unless you wanted to invest in cosmetics. Blue book value right at $7500. Make me an offer. If you buy it, I can work out title and importation with Spencer here in Chapala and no trip to the border would be necessary. cell: 331 251 1237 home: 33 3165 5567 email: davenmaggie@gmail.com
  10. My friend Larry, is down here from Tennessee for a week and loves to golf. He is looking for someone (or a group) to golf with and find out how it works down here. He doesn't have clubs here, but would like to go Monday if possible. If you can help him, can you contact Larry at: lbranum01@gmail.com If you send your phone number, he will call you. Thanks!
  11. My wife and I got caught in this road block. They let traffic through every 60 or 90 minutes. Another road block, we had to drive around, which took about 45 minutes. I would avoid driving in that direction at this time. But if you have to, be prepared.
  12. I'm looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom place on the beach, in Manzanillo or Puerta Vallarte for 1 week, between July 23 and Augs 7? Or maybe you know some one? Mike livingincommunitymx@gmail.com
  13. I just nationalized my car in Nogalas. My broker suggested I empty my vehicle. Some people emptied their vehicle in a gated area, some people left the things in their car. I emptied my car at his office and my wife stayed with our stuff, while I went through the process with my broker. My car didn't get weighed. The suggestion to empty the car, had to do with paying duty on the stuff in the car. I saw a few cars go through, with all their stuff in the car and my broker explained that they probably preferred to pay a little extra, rather then empty their car. But in my case, it had nothing to do with weighing the vehicle.
  14. I just nationalized a vehicle in Nogalas. The cost was $930. The name of the Broker is Oscar Angulo. I highly recommend him. I scanned and sent him the title, picture of the VIN and the name of the person I put the vehicle in. I emailed that info to Oscar in the morning of Friday and I was able to go through the border, Monday morning. It took me 3 hours at the border. If I understand it correctly, you can put the vehicle in your name, if you have a Mexican drivers license. Oscars contact info is: US Cell: (520) 285-9887 Mex Cell: 631 136 166 autosanco@hotmail.com
  15. Any places you would recommend or suggest?