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  1. Agustin has decided to treat all who come to this benefit dinner to a buffet of delicious food... lots of choices and plenty of food. So, instead of just having a beef, chicken, or veggie meal, you can have a great variety of food from the best at Lakeside. For 300 pesos, you are getting this wonderful meal and supporting the educational needs of the neediest kids in San Juan Cosala. We all know that without an education, our children have fewer options to get out of poverty. And without tutoring and academic support, too many cannot make it. Operation Feed and Agustin are grateful for all who support the needs of our families. Tickets are available until Thursday at noon at Mia's and Diane Pearl's. If you can't get there, you can always donate through our website. Operation Feed Thanks so much, Carol
  2. Most of those living at Lakeside know Agustin, owner of Viva Mexico and guardian angel of San Juan Cosala. Always willing to help anyone and giving to all in need, one of Agustin's major goals is to help more children gain an education. He is so grateful to all those who helped him along the way and wants to give back. He and his family are turning the bottom floor of their home into a tutoring center for local children who need to get educational support. There will even be a computer center located there for the children's use with home, online classes, and language tutorials. And as always, when Agustin pays it forward ... it is great for so many of us. One thing that he decided this morning was to make the fund raising dinner on April 28th into a buffet, so that all who come can eat a wider variety of delicious foods. So even though his "cut" of the fund raiser will decrease, he wants "his kids" to have what it takes to be successful. Just wanted to give a shout out to this great man.
  3. This is April 28th. Doors open at 5 pm and dinner is served at 6 pm.
  4. I know that many people have had their fill of charity events. Operation Feed works hard to keep events at a minimum, but we have a need for support for the April 28th event. Too many children in San Juan Cosala drop out of school very early ... for many reasons. One big reason is that they fall behind in their studies and just can't keep up. It's hard to go to school every day and feel stupid. Operation Feed is working on this problem. We want our despensa families to keep their children in school. So to make this possible, we want to provide a summer school program that will help our kids be ready for the next grade. We need to hire Mexican teachers, provide a snack, and pay for some materials. Our solution to the need for this money is to host a dinner on April 28th at Viva Mexico. The funds will pay for the summer program for 50 kids. Check out the photo of part of a page of the English workbook that our kids are supposed to be able to do in September of 9th grade. You can see why we have to provide extra support. And the photo of the young lady? She hasn't been able to be in school for two years. Her mom has been working at the berry farms; Itzel has had to stay home and ensure that the little children get to school and have their meals. Through a grant Operation Feed and NCA received, we are going to get Itzel back into high school. Her extended family will help ensure the little ones are cared for. Itzel wants to be a teacher and is determined to make it. But without a summer program, the two year gap in her education might make it very hard. Please consider dragging yourself to one more event. You will be helping our kids get an education and supporting Agustin and Viva Mexico. Tickets available at Diane Pearl's and Mia's. Or you can contact me and I'll make sure we reserve your seats and table. Carol Curtis
  5. Only one more home tour for this season. Don't miss this chance to have a great time seeing some lovely Lakeside homes. Plus you are helping the special children at Lakeside get a nutrious meal each school day. It's so important that the 100 children eat together daily. They do a lot of the chores related to lunch. Bringing the food to the tables, cleaning up, etc. They also are taught table manners during meal time. So, the fun you'll have on the tour is doubled by the fun and great meals the kids get. Carol
  6. We are so grateful for this grant. It will pay five "teachers" as they are trained and mentored to teach small groups of students. It also provides funds for all the materials. Once done, they can continue to teach the lessons to other groups of children. They can even start a small business in their neighborhoods to spread basic English.
  7. I have the list, but can't tell if any are in English or have subtitles. Look up USTVNow. It's good and works here with a little set up work.
  8. Yes, please. Contact us and we'll come get the clothes. We have our clothing operation coming in May. So many of the villagers need some clothes. Theirs wear out due to the hard work they do and scrubbing on a washboard hanging out isn't the sun. Carol Curtis
  9. If you need a little Christmas cheer ... want some holiday fun ... need to remember why you support charities, watch The School for Special Children's slideshow. By supporting Behind the Walls, Home Tours, Casi Nuevo, The Auction Fashion Show, and the Chili Cook-off you continue to allow these special children to have a great educational program. The staff and children thank all who have supported them.
  10. I live on the mountainside of San Juan. I use Telcel and have good service for cell phone. I use TelMex for landline and internet. We can only get 8 mugs when all goes perfect, but it does usually allow good phone, internet, movies, etc.
  11. Thanks to all who made the November Home Tour so successful. We really do appreciate those who let everyone visit their homes and gardens. Such a great thing to do for the children in The School for Special Children in Jocotepec! And a shout out to the drivers and guides. Great job. The December Home Tour is sold out. But there are four more to come in 2017. Make sure to pick up your tickets soon.
  12. The Auction Fashion Show is coming! Dec. 8th. It's such a great cause and a fun event. See the schedule of events and plan your day.
  13. We just completed a great clothing drive for the people of San Juan Cosala. Operation Feed, through the wonderful community support, was able to provide clothing to more than 300 people. So many happy faces who were grateful for sweaters and coats ... shoes and socks ... and some lovely general clothing items. Through the work of Cheryl Kennedy, we were able to provide sanitary napkins and adult diapers to those who needed them. As always, the children's clothes were the most prized of all. As the holidays get closer and we all become so grateful for what we have, Operation Feed hopes that you will consider a small donation to help us feed the over 500 very poor residents of San Juan Cosala. Many are senior citizens (who don't receive a pension or social security) and are suffering from diabetic complications and simple old age problems. We are also helping families who have members suffering from cancer or liver/kidney failure. Plus our single moms struggling to feed their children and keep them in school. Donations can be made through our website via PayPal. Or, even better is coming to Viva Mexico for a great meal and dropping some change into our Operation Feed can. Thank you so much for supporting us. Carol Curtis and all the Operation Feed volunteers
  14. We tried USTvNow. Liked it, but even paying for higher speed Internet, the shows spooled for 10 seconds, played for 20 seconds, and spooled agin. Guess we will be trying something else.
  15. Hope they figure this out soon. We get only a few English speaking channels and now two are blocked.