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  1. We know that soon it will be “low season”, but we are still counting on 100 people wanting a great meal that supports 102 families in San Juan Cosala. Everyone knows how much Agustin does to support Lakeside, and he is pulling out all the stops to make this event special. Plus the team has been working to create unique silent auction items and fun entertainment. With the change in times, we will have an extra hour before dark to enjoy the spirit raffles and live entertainment. So get your tickets now. If you want to reserve a table, just let us know. And we are getting drivers lined up for transportation to and from Ajijic if you don’t drive.
  2. Many people around the lake knew Bud Gallagher through all the work he did with so many charities, churches, and just helping any one who called. He recently passed away and those who worked with him have established a memorial fund to keep his good work going. You would have seen him at LCS providing information and help ... or at spay and neuter clinics hauling boxes and food ... or taking a villager to a doctor’s appt ... or bringing food to Operation Feed. He was always there for so many of us. He really believed that we needed to do more to help those in need climb up to the next step. In his honor, Operation Feed has established a special fund for projects to do just that. Help for the knitters group ... funding the nutrition classes that may help with the diabetes crisis ... and funds to pay for glasses, medicines, etc. We invite you to contribute just $30 US or $500 pesos to become a member of the Bud’s Giving Tree. Let us know how you want your name listed. This tree will serve as a reminder to all of us who volunteer that our efforts will last longer than we do. Plus Bud’s family will have a permanent visible reminder of how much Bud meant to all of us. You can donate through our website or by calling Jon Seaborg or at Viva Mexico. http://operationfeed.weebly.com/donate.html
  3. Hope you will join us at El Barco on January 31st for a great Disco Party. James and some of his students from the Dance and Exercise Studio are coming, so I know this will be fun.
  4. The children and staff of the School for Special Children want to thank you all for your continual support. Although the January Home Tour is sold out, there are still tickets available for February, March, and April. Join us for the fun, beautiful, and idea packed tours. Plus we hope to see you at our booth at the Chili Cook-Off.
  5. Take two minutes to watch the children from the School for Special Children at their Posada. They were very serious when they did the traditional walk with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Then they had a great time at their party. Here are the faces of the children you support through your donations, shopping at Casi Nuevo, attending the auction fashion show, going on the Behind the Walls Home Tours, eating at the Chili Cook-Off, and all the other ways you help these children have a supportive and quality education. Special thanks to Bernhard for the lovely photos.
  6. The School for Special Children is hoping to reach all who have supported the children this year. Dear Volunteers, Donors, and Supporters, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and support over this past year. We have had our biggest year in fundraising in 2017 and we’ve been able to buy things for the school such as IPads for the faculty, which has been so useful with all the wonderful apps that are used for teaching. We are also in the process of buying a new jungle gym for the backyard at the school which will give the children hours of fun climbing and sliding. Whether you attend or are more directly involved in our house tours, the fashion show, the Chili Cook Off or helping at Casi Nuevo, we are truly grateful for the time and support you have given us over this past year. So again, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy New Year. All the best Jan Riley President
  7. Happy Holidays from Operation Feed Click on the link ABOVE to read our newsletter. Find out what's happening and what you can do to help the people of San Juan Cosala. And come to the Street Art Fair outside of Viva Mexico on Dec. 9th beginning at 2:00 p.m. Lots of villagers are preparing food, crafts, and more to earn some money for their own needs. Supporting them will make a huge difference in their lives. Thanks, Carol Curtis
  8. It's back! And better than ever. 250 people came last year, and we expect that we'll have that many again. Great location and parking. This year the menu is different and getting a real taste testing by a team of fussy eaters. More info on the meal to come. But you don't want to wait too long to buy your tickets. Best bet? Get your friends together and organize a table. The program times have been shortened, so you can shop throughout the event both at the store and for silent, auction items. The fashion show will start toward the end of your lunch. Our goals ... great modeled clothing, super store and silent auction, delicious lunch with lots of wine and other offerings.
  9. School for Special Children... The Fashion Show... Auction ... Store event that is always popular is coming on Dec. 7th. To get ready for it, we need your very special donations brought to the coffee hours on November 9th. It's a great time to donate an item, talk with people who have been gone for a few months, buy your tickets, and catch up on what's happening Lakeside.
  10. Ever wonder what Operation Feed does with your donations? Well, here's just one week of our work. Your donations and the time put in by volunteers are making a big difference in the lives of many in San Juan Cosala. We are so grateful to all who support our cause. One Week with Operation Feed
  11. It's that time again. Due to the generosity of many home owners, The School for Special Children is able to again offer a season of great tours. Each month, ticket holders are treated to checking out the beauty and uniqueness of four homes. When you buy a ticket, you help pay for the lunch that everyone receives at The School for Special Children. The lunch program (food and staff) is covered by the Home Tours fundraiser. This allows the 100 children and the staff to have a mid-day healthy meal. It also means that all the children are given informal lessons on manners, cooperation, and conversation skills. It makes for a very real teaching experience. Buy your tickets now, since they go quickly. Each year the leaders hear from unhappy people who weren't able to procure a ticket. They cannot add more people to the tours; it would make them too crowded for those who bought early and deserve to enjoy the expected experience. So get yourself to DIANE PEARL'S OR CHARTER TOURS and buy tickets now. Consider getting a season ticket. Save 200 pesos and be ensured that you can go to all the events.
  12. gary c.

    TelMex and modems

    I have had mine replaced numerous times ... probably four times in six years. Never had approval, just brought it in and they gave me a new one. Last time was about 7 months ago.
  13. I'd usually put this in the charity section, but it's really more than that. Operation Feed wants to thank everyone who has helped with this summer's projects. The optometrists, volunteers, drivers, stores like Mia's Consignment, new volunteers, and more. We really appreciate the donated computers and tablets. Having 5 of these means that the kids have a fighting chance to improve skills and learn about technology. The village of San Juan Cosala has so many needs and does not have the population base of Ajijic and Chapala. Our children, especially, can't believe that so many people care about them. It really shows the depth of kindness and caring that is here at Lakeside. Thank you all. Here's the latest news from Operation Feed
  14. gary c.

    Need part time gardener near Jocotepec

    I love mine. Might be able to get to you. He is in San Juan Cosala. Contact me.
  15. Thank so for the info. I've tried the plastic bags with coins... basil...and other herbs. The flies are the little ones, so I may hang the ugly strips to survive this period. I'll about the zappers, too, just so I can try everything. About spraying, I have animals and the flies like the kitchen, so unsure how I could use it. I bought two types but can't figure out a safe spraying area that would help.