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  1. I get Mexican Netflix in the internet, wifi, to my tv. I use USTvNow the same way I'm trying out a service that uses a Roku and gives me CNN and some channels that aren't on USTvNow. The paid version. The Lakeside service provider sold me the Roku. His contact information is: Phone: 333-458-1903 or 376-765-2630
  2. Thanks for the SJC info. Live there, but somehow I always think it starts on the 16th. We just finished our barrio's very small fiesta which had the nightly and early cohetes... but not too bad.
  3. Those two come up as top 5. They are on my list to check out tomorrow. Just don't want to put them in Ajijic if there are fireworks every 6 hours and lots of music noise until wee hours.
  4. My son and daughter-in-law are coming to town from 10th thu 17th of June. Is that the week's a fiesta in Ajijic? Trying to book them onto a nice hotel without too much noise... just wondering if it's a big celebration week. Can't find anything on events calendar. And if you want to suggest a hotel, please do so. Thought the Monte Coxala would be great ... near us... but reviews are not good. carol
  5. I haven't and don't know how to do it. I'll search to see if there is a way. I have turned everything off and restarted the modem. No improvement.
  6. Just checking with those using Roku Lakeside Stream. Is anyone having buffering problems besides me? Worked great for two weeks and now I have long and short buffering stops on live tv. Done what has been suggested, but on day four of problem. My speed is great... above 7 every time I check. Carol
  7. Thank so for the info. Our Apple ipad2 is fine... but I will get it fixed for that price and the ESL kids will not make me so nervous when they are using it.
  8. Where is Ruben located? What did the new glass cost? Thanks
  9. We use USTvNow for TV. It's from PA, so what you get for sports is based on that area of the US. It's nice because I can record things and watch later. We are also use the new Roku TV service. It's good, based on west coast time. Lots of sports. No recording ability though. Trying to see if we can go with one over the other.Roku service has channels that USTvNow doesn't.
  10. Is Alex still in business? Tried an email address I had, but no response. Carol
  11. The teachers at my previous school want to send me two or three boxes of books and small rewards for the kids in San Juan Cosala. What is the best way for me to get these boxes here? If I have them mailed to someone in Larado. Is there still a person who brings mail down? Can books get across the border without large tariffs? Thanks, Carol
  12. I'm responsible for the lack of contact with the two businesses. Husband had a stroke and I've been scrambling. Sorry about that.
  13. Sorry about not letting Diane Pearl know the change. It happened recently and we lost that detail.
  14. Agustin has decided to treat all who come to this benefit dinner to a buffet of delicious food... lots of choices and plenty of food. So, instead of just having a beef, chicken, or veggie meal, you can have a great variety of food from the best at Lakeside. For 300 pesos, you are getting this wonderful meal and supporting the educational needs of the neediest kids in San Juan Cosala. We all know that without an education, our children have fewer options to get out of poverty. And without tutoring and academic support, too many cannot make it. Operation Feed and Agustin are grateful for all who support the needs of our families. Tickets are available until Thursday at noon at Mia's and Diane Pearl's. If you can't get there, you can always donate through our website. Operation Feed Thanks so much, Carol
  15. Most of those living at Lakeside know Agustin, owner of Viva Mexico and guardian angel of San Juan Cosala. Always willing to help anyone and giving to all in need, one of Agustin's major goals is to help more children gain an education. He is so grateful to all those who helped him along the way and wants to give back. He and his family are turning the bottom floor of their home into a tutoring center for local children who need to get educational support. There will even be a computer center located there for the children's use with home, online classes, and language tutorials. And as always, when Agustin pays it forward ... it is great for so many of us. One thing that he decided this morning was to make the fund raising dinner on April 28th into a buffet, so that all who come can eat a wider variety of delicious foods. So even though his "cut" of the fund raiser will decrease, he wants "his kids" to have what it takes to be successful. Just wanted to give a shout out to this great man.