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  1. Breakfast Sausage

    I ended up foregoing casings on sausages and making my own patties. Breakfast and Italian. Cheaper, fresher and no msg. And I can add or delete seasoning. Fresh ground park here is excellent. I just got tired of chasing packaged products after time.
  2. Brake repair

    Sounds like a vacuum leak. Power brakes run off vacuum, so be aware of what is diagnosed.
  3. Apparently the "caregiver" was the perpetrator. Their special duty was to rob them. Sadly a growing form of crime to include hired professionals as well as family. Shameful.
  4. Guanajuato

    Second vote for Los Campos! Love the chile relleno stuffed with pork ! Great food, great service.
  5. Guanajuato

    The bus station is a 10-15 minute cab ride from Centro. About 50 or 60 pesos. There is also a bus to Centro that departs about every 30 minutes, 6 pesos. Primera Plus is also a good bus line to take. I've never been in the hotel you are asking about, but location is in Plaza de la Paz, in the midst of the tourist zone. Also nice for taxi and bus service. Nice location for visitors!

    Pollo Don David.
  7. Cost for screen door

    RV is right, too many variables to consider. Size? Shape? Materials? Call an iron worker, they'll have to come to your place anyway to measure. They will need a design as well. They'll come to you and give you a price.
  8. I had Volaris booking issues when I used Explorer as my browser. I switched to Chrome and was able to book while my Explorer attempt was still loading. Not sure if that is the solution, but it worked for me.
  9. Let's See his Frontiers pricing compares to Volaris.
  10. If you hadn't mentioned Portland it sounds just like my NOB neighborhood! LOL.
  11. Buy Your Hat Today!

    Aren't we all pink inside?
  12. Yahoo News hahahaha

    And what about your post warrants a laugh?
  13. Dogs ?

    Issue in what way? Will you rent it own your own home? Are you worried if you rent no one will leg you have 4 dogs? Or ????
  14. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    Good question. LOL . Maybe a multa if you don't. Hee hee. Makes me even happier I don't have a car here.