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  1. Paid 1.7 million pesos. Location is amazing, owned for 60 years by a man who dreamed of building a home there. It was empty when he bought it. All the other houses there have been around a long time. The site is protected by INAH, so building has to comply with historic building exterior codes. You can see old cantera stacked in the picture. It was flooring for a structure that was there before the man bought the lot. We plan on using it in the next phase of construction.
  2. Guanajuato City. Construction begun. Phase one, upper casita. Once its done, 2-3 weeks, we'll occupy and live there while the rest is being built.
  3. New Indian Restaurant

    I'm a fan of Japanese curry!
  4. We had the same choice to make, we used our US residence as our legal residence at the consulate. We let them know about both properties owned in Mexico. When we returned to finalize the process in Mexico, we used one of our addresses as our local address with utility bills and deed to support that. No problems what so ever.
  5. Fast/ Mexican Food

    I think the only Taco Bell in Mexico is in the CD MX. Population 22 million. I think you have a long wait lakeside for the area to warrant a franchise.
  6. xoom or xe or transfer wise

    I have been using Transferwise for over a year to fund building a home in Guanajuato City. No glitches, money usually takes about 3 days to hit my Santander account. Low fees, good exchange rate. I have made about 60 transactions with them in a year. No problems.
  7. Mexican Ice Cream

    Dolores Hildago is known for its ice cream. The selections are numerous and the flavors are pretty unusual. Not close to lakeside, but worth a try if you head to Guanajuato.
  8. Teotihuacan pyramid mysteries continue

    We just got back from CD MX the Teotihuacan trip is awe inspiring. As is the Templo Mayor site in the Zocalo. It's worth the never ending horn honking in the city and the traffic.
  9. I would manually trip and reset all the breakers. Also, does your house have a main cut off other than the breaker box? Maybe check that as well. Also, as bmh suggests, call your solar installer. I have also found that doing a google search using Spanish is a great way to find things out on google.mx. Using English for search terms will get you limited info, Spanish will get you lots more. Good luck!
  10. Basa (fish)

    Basa is like cockroach of the world aquatic.
  11. Harry Bublin in Hospital

    Wishing Harry a speedy recovery.
  12. Consular quibbles

    She made the appointment for us at the Sacramento MX Consulate when we could not get a return call and the appointment function on the web site did not work. So she did get the US process moving for us as well. Once in SMA ( we have a home in Ajijic and Guanajuato City) she walked us through everything. Just picked up our Permanente cards today!
  13. Consular quibbles

    Engage the services of a facilitator. We had a similar issue trying on our own. Hired Sonia Diaz. Next day had our MX Consulate appointment. We pick up our Permanente today. Despite a little longer wait than expected, a simple, headache free process for a very reasonable fee.