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  1. New Construction

    Alfa, any location mentioned in the ad? 200 is quite large number of residents.
  2. More High-rise Projects

    Hey, only 400k USD mas o menos. Let's see it sell out. LOL
  3. What level of pay required were you given? No questions asked of yourvliving accomodations?
  4. Solar electric is booming in Mexico

    CFE pays pack at a very low rate per unit generated, we opted to bank our production for credit, it is credited to our account at the same rate we are charged for power. No cash in hand return, but full credit. No battery back up, no power.
  5. Solar electric is booming in Mexico

    Solar in both our MX houses. Cost of system and install had decreased for us since our install 3 years ago. Love my 50 peso power bills. Just under 4 year ROI on our latest install. CFE has sped up turn around on paperwork as well.
  6. Perry's Pizza

    Never saw the reason for the raves on his pizza. Had it once at the old Gdlpe Vic location and that was enough. But that's just me. I get my pizza fix when I'm NOB and can get one I like. Same for burgers, BBQ, pastrami and Chinese food.
  7. Chedraui

    Never shopped in one, how do they compare to a Soriana, La Comer or Walmart? Any particular advantage to Chedraui?
  8. Mercado Libre usually has a good selection and many vendors offer free delivery.
  9. Butter of course

    Companies will claim proprietary info, not wanting to disclose brand secrets. They just don't want the public to know. Any competitor can have a stick of butter analyzed by their own lab to determine exactly what is in it.
  10. Where to find good prime rib?

    Choice is the grade, Prime rib is a commonly used term to describe a rib eye. A rib eye can be bone in, or boneless. Then cooked while, roasted, it a referred to as a prime rib. When sliced raw and grilled, a rib eye. So yes, in common terms, a choice prime rib can exist.
  11. Agua Escondida

    Don't forget the ability here to terrace walls, haul material and create usable, level space at reasonable costs. Our lot in Guanajuato City Centro taught me that lesson. When I was discussing buying it with an architect, I said it looks very steep. He laughed and told me it was plano for this city. You might end up with incredible views as well as a large piece of usable property. The cost of dirt work and excavation is inexpensive and you'd probably have the benefit of machinery, all ours is pick and shovel on the upper portion of the lot.
  12. Hypothetical question: When SYSY is arrested for driving their illegal cart on the road, given that will be a crime, and board rules specifically no crime postings , will we ever hear about this again?
  13. All this fillbusteting for golf carts is wasted here. Your willingness to pay bribes after you break laws perpetuates the problem many here have tried to stop. Do you have your citizenship here? If so, actively petition the state government to change laws. until then, all your posts are ineffective. And I don't own a car.
  14. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Thumb your nose long enough by breaking the law and don't be surprised when your cart finally does get dragged away by the Transitos. Then you can pontificate the virtues of carts until you are blue in the face in court, trying to get it back so it can sit parked in your yard.
  15. Unlock IPhone 6s

    "Unlock" as in access the phone because you don't have the 4 digit code to open it or "unlock" it as to be able to use any carriers chip?