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  1. Seems a bit pricey for a weekend getaway. Or even a permanent home for a Tapatio who wants to be lakeside. When homes are available for that or less and you own the land and don't have monthly fees. Or could this be geared to Tapatios buying them and renting them to expats? Maybe Mexican landlord investment properties?
  2. Projects like this are inevitable. If you are not a citizen, you don't have much of a say. So you can either adapt or find another location that suits you. Finding a mix of all your convieniences and your low key life is going to be a challenge. And with the scenery you like. The tolerance levels of projects like this change as newcomers don't remember "the good old days" this will be the new reality for the future wave of expats arriving. Face it, the area is going to become more of a Guadalajara bedroom community.

    Chopsticks, plaza bugambillias, lower level.
  4. Food poisoning!!

    Lets debunk the "you get sick immediately" notion. The only way you'll PROVE where you got ill is to submit your samples, and then have the restaurant inspected and have samples from their facility taken to a lab. If your samples match their samples you'd be more apt to pinpoint the source of your contamination. 40+ years in hospitality management, former certified food safety manager. So lets not assume it was a pizza that got you ill.
  5. Kitchen Remodel

    I'd look in Guadalajara as well. There are quite a few kitchen designing companies that specialize in modern. http://www.sachikococinas.com/
  6. Paint Cans

    I will just open the cans and let them solidify. Or offer them to neighbors for any project they may have.
  7. And understand that you are not the customer, you are the product. These companies sell the info they get on you to lenders and other financial institutions. Your protection is secondary to protecting the credit card companies and bank info. Equifax proclaimed that although 140 million people may have been exposed, their "core" info was safe, we are the victims, but the big institutions pay the bills at Equifax.
  8. Solar Hot Tub Heater????

    My questions would be: How do you regulate temp? Aren't hot tubs with heaters set to max out at 105 F? If you did a tank system, what would you do with the cold water left in the tub? Maybe another type of solar heater that you could run a bomba on to recirculate the water from tub to the heater? Maybe a google search on solar heated tubs?
  9. In Guanajuato City, air B&B Casa Sosa I. Embajadoras.
  10. Google will usually post about these. Google about Google phishing.
  11. Mexico Takes the High Road Again

    A friend lost his home to hurricane Rita years back. Forced by the state to have storm insurance, when Rita hit and left him with a slab, he was paid 20 cents on the dollar. And then the slab was foreclosed on when he quit paying on a non existent house he could never rebuild. I hope the insurance has gotten better for those folks. It's going to be a long haul to fully recover.
  12. Countertops

    Polished and sealed cantera. Acid stained concrete. Our GTO casita.
  13. Mexican cheese recommendation?

    What about what is called Manchego? Not the softer version, but a drier, aged one?
  14. Panaderia Scandanavia

    Okay. Flies lite on poop sometimes. Bees lite on raw chicken, fish, beef, pork and lamb sometimes. Often held at questionable temps and the surfaces are quite prone to bacteria. Pick your pathogen. If the sanitation at the bakery had you concerned, you are in for a rude awakening elsewhere. And yes, I've stayed at "5 star" resorts on both coasts of Mexico over the last 20 years. And to compare a small bakery to one of them is pushing it at best. Food safety is way behind the curve here. I doubt a fraction of stores and restaurants have even heard the term HACCP. Search this site on how refrigeration goes out in stores and questionable perishables are sold later. Toto, I don't think we are in Cancun anymore....
  15. I wonder if the same people complaining about lack of inspections of buildings for this project had them for theirs? Why are "codes" important now, when they were not before? LOL