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    Gardening, volunteering, taking care of my 2 cats & no more Egyptian hairless rats, some golf, lunch with friends & happy hour.
  1. Need paper for my printer

    Walmart has a few choices of paper in the stationery aisle. I bought a package of 500 sheets for 69 pesos.
  2. I think that Opiere are the same people as eSun. Just a name change.
  3. Driver's license renewal

    bdlngton-Driver's license.
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to renew driver's licenses in Chapala this month? We were on the line in February when we were told that they were not taking any more people. I heard March 6th but don't know if this info is correct.
  5. Good new and a big thank you

    Over the three days we "fixed" 49 cats! YIPPEE! We have such a great team!
  6. True gardener needed

    We have a weekly gardener and then twice a month we have a garden service that comes in to do deadheading, weeding, fertilizing, etc The price is different each time depending on if they fertilize or spray and so on. Her name is Raquel and she can be found at the Vivero in Riberas after Telecable but before Mom's Deli. I am on vacation so I don't have her number but you can pm me and I can give it to you after Saturday.
  7. "Love, Loss and What I Wore" was performed at Naked Stage in December. Since those shows were sold out every day it was decided to do it again quickly for those that didn't get to see it. Please note that the March 18 & 25th performances will be at LCS (Lake Chapala Society) at 3 pm. Email potterproductions@outlook.com for resevations.
  8. Old pesos vs current

    The bank will exchange them.
  9. where for passport photos?

    Not true. They were just accepted a month ago.
  10. where for passport photos?

    Guadalajara Farmacia. They do accept them. 25 or 50 pesos
  11. So sorry for your loss. I met him once and remember thinking how sweet.
  12. Upholstery

    Miguel 331 305 7307 In Riberas. When you pass Maskaras he is on the left right before you get to the curve. His storefront is turquoise.
  13. DIF Cards

    I just have to say that IMO if they offer it to foreigners then we should be able to get it without hassle. No judging necessary. If we're not meant to have it then so be it. Personally, I haven't experienced any negativity.