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  1. Wookie


    Well, to all the oldies that are newbies on the board ... I shall say thank you for the past years.
  2. Wookie

    Construction noise

    We love our life here and have over the years learned to adjust. I just thought this was rather a good one for those people that think Mexicans are all noisy and like noise to see this isn't necessarily true. It was also a good reminder to us that when something is totally excessive to speak out instead of accepting this as "normal in Mexico" as so many advise.
  3. We have been enduring loud music from 8:00 am until 6:30 to 7:00 pm every day except Saturday and then it ended at about 2:00 pm or when the beer ran out. Not only the music but the workers would start arriving about 7:30 am to 7:45 am and they would shout greetings to one another from a block or so away. They proceeded to communicate by shouting to the top of their lungs throughout the day ... so no napping for us either. This has been going on since last October. SO, new Mexican neighbors moved into the house on the opposite side of this construction and guess what???? ... No more noise. It took about 3 days after they moved in for them to get this noise shut down. Oh, heavenly peace!
  4. Wookie


    We have been here for 13 years and what is new to me is the attitude of the newbies coming down. Really disheartening.
  5. This is Jack and he is back in his home as of about 10:00 pm!! Glory, Glory ... Gonna get some sleep tonight.
  6. This cat appeared on our terrace this evening and will not leave. We have 3 dogs, one of which we just rescued and had been hit by a car and is taking all the energy I have to take care of until she can run, jump and play which will not be for at least another month. This cat is used to dogs, is extremely loving, very clean but is thin and was starving. She has eaten and has finally settled down in one of the bedrooms. I can't keep her. I think she may have been dumped. We live in Upper Chula Vista if anyone recognises her. Please help if at all possible. She has green eyes. Her tail is ringed. I don't know if she or he has claws as it has not used them even with 3 dogs barking at her while in my arms.
  7. Wookie

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Which is to say minus or without sugar, I believe.
  8. Wookie

    Induction Range

    We had an electric oven with option of convection installed in our first home here. Our cook top was propane. When we moved and installed a propane oven our electricity bill went from $3500 every 2 months to $500 on average (I am talking pesos of course). It won't matter much if you have solar.
  9. Wookie

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Lexy, the food isn't bad but nothing to write home about. Probably why everyone is talking about dogs.🙃
  10. Wookie

    Looking for Architect Builder

    Juan Pablo Giovannini, Proyecto y Construccion, Carr. Chapala - Jocotepec #159c, San Antonio Tlaycapan, 766-1569, cell, 333-968-2936 is another option. We used him 13 years ago on a major whole house remodel. We had very good service. Was able recently to see the house again and the work looks as good now as it did then.
  11. We have sold several many items for decent prices at Todo Bueno. Even some items we thought would never sell such as 20 year old scuba and snorkel gear. The parking is easy and plentiful, at least the times we have been there.
  12. Wookie

    San Antonio Tlaycapan fiesta

    Yes, Bisbee Gal, we usually do just that ... pick up and go somewhere if it gets too hot or too loud. Didn't have the option this year but made it through anyway!
  13. Wookie

    San Antonio Tlaycapan fiesta

    joco69, we are not newbies. we have been here 13 years and plan on dying here. We were just a little bit exhausted and wanted to know that the end was in sight. Now tonight they are not playing and since we have been up every night for the last 11 nights my sleep cycle is going to need some adjusting back to an earlier bedtime. We are very glad, ezpz, that we do not live near a noisy bar. We scouted this area as much as possible, talked to the neighbors, etc. before purchasing are 3rd and last (hopefully) home here Lakeside. We were not aware that we would be able to hear the goings on at the plaza ... never occurred to us. We would never purchase a home next to a bar and we pray that since we live in a fracc that one will not be allowed to open up next door. We too enjoy some of the music, however, 11 days of it from 9:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. is excessive for us especially with the constant daytime noise of the construction site. I did use a white noise machine but at various times they would be so loud all of a sudden that it would wake me up.
  14. Wookie

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Ian Greenwood, please note that I am not the only one that has had a really bad experience at this restaurant. Also, please note that most (including me) are willing to give them some time to get it together. Also, if a person that "eats country fried steak" is so lowly that they can not speak to their experience, then most people that will frequent this restaurant will in your mind be barred from speaking. This is a "Southern" restaurant that is supposed to specialize in "Southern" food, of which chicken fried steak is a staple item. So sorry that I am so lowly that I get sick at the sight of blood swimming in my plate and therefore can not eat rare meat like a civilized person.
  15. Wookie

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Barbara Habacht, I am very glad to read your post. However, every word I wrote in my post was true. Of course, we can't speak to the fantastic biscuits because even though we ordered them we got warmed over mini corn muffins. However, had we received the fantastic biscuits then they would have been soppy with the hot milk we were finally served as gravy. I truly wish now that I had taken pictures as the blood was actually running around the inside rim of the plate when it was served the second time after being put back on the grill or however they cook it. Maybe they got themselves straightened out in a hurry, maybe the cook didn't show up just like the waiter (bless his heart) didn't show up and we just happened to hit them on an extremely bad afternoon. I happen to love delicious biscuits so, we ...on your recommendation will try them again. I certainly do hope we find the outstanding meal that was described by diandlarry and I so hope the waiter can speak English or understand Spanish with a Texas accent. The place itself is very nice and comfortable. Also, diandlarry, we did tell and showed them everything I wrote in my post. It was all on the table for them to see.