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  1. Cake!

  2. Unfortunately the collar was the wrong colour so most likely a different dog. Keep looking everybody.
  3. Where to buy tripe

    Also at the Chapala tianguis.
  4. I saw a dog on Zaragoza that looked something like this. Was he wearing a blue collar by any chance? The one I saw didn't look very old though.
  5. Lake Chapala Weather Net

    I'm also very happy to see this site back in business.
  6. Travel insurance

    You must be under 66 to use World Nomads. That info is buried in the fine print of the full policy.
  7. Jazzercize

    It's now called the Lake Chapala Fitness and Dance Studio. I don't see Jazzercise listed on their Facebook page but you might want to check with them. https://www.facebook.com/LakeChapalaDanceAndFitnessStudio/
  8. Earthquake

    Didn't feel a thing.
  9. Ladron does have the brand new ultrasound machine now. He used it on my cat on Thursday.
  10. Water Meter

    It's paid in advance. I do get a statement when they read my meter every month. If I am over the level I paid for the year then I get an invoice.
  11. Ignore the first response and go with Sue's. There is no reason for concern.
  12. Photo enlargements

    They were open on Friday. The door was open and the sign is on the building.
  13. Uber taxi now lakeside

    I checked at 10:30 last night and there were 2 at the glorieta close to the train station in Chapala.
  14. taxi

    Another vote or Miramontes. Have used them for 6 years. Not only are they never late, Luis phoned me once because he heard there was some heavy traffic towards the airport and wanted to know I would like to leave earlier to be on the safe side. A friend called someone else once. I ended up driving her to the airport at 5:30 in the morning because he was a no show and I can't see in the dark on unmarked, unlit roads.
  15. I really liked it too. Thanks for posting this.