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  1. Licensing a new vehicle

    When I purchased my Chevrolet, and I have the original dealer invoice, licensing was not included.
  2. It's not hard to believe in "a unified voice" if you have ever volunteered at an animal shelter. It doesn't take very long to see the pattern which is more concentrated at this time of year but carries on throughout the year. The species may vary but the back stories are the same. We even had someone adopt a dog so their kids would have a dog for the month they were visiting. Did they mention this little detail when taking the dog? Of course not. The dog was promptly returned when the kids left. Unfortunately there is just no end to the callous behaviour of some people.
  3. Taxi kiosk at the airport

    I took a taxi when my red eye flight arrived at 6 am. There were several taxis there.
  4. "I cannot say if Najibe has completed her internship as I can't remember how long she's been there altho' I do believe it's more than a year, and that she also does not deserve your remark. But I do know that whenever she is performing an assigned task back there, at least one other veterinarian is always there with her in case of need." Najibe is indeed a full veterinarian and can be one of the vets on call during holidays or after hours because she came to the clinic for one of my cats during the last holiday weekend.
  5. Cafe Montana

    Because it is sheltered, I imagine the smoke stays fairly confined. There were no smokers around when I was there, fortunately. What menu items don't they have still? When I went with friends, they didn't have the salad or vegetable bowls which didn't leave me with any choice since I can't have gluten.
  6. Cafe Montana

    All the tables at Cafe MontaƱa are outside under a roof.
  7. Hotel or B&B with pool

    Casa Flores B & B on Zaragoza in Ajijic. I stayed there a few years ago. The pool is solar heated.
  8. CFE Online Access Problem

    I get an error message when I try to look at the PDF. I do get the paper version, usually a day or two before the due date unlike the Telmex bill that comes a week later.
  9. As a volunteer for Lucky Dog, I agree with you 100%.
  10. recommended vehicle?

    Dealerships most definitely do give discounts since I received a 5,000 peso discount from the listed price. I used S & S. The discount was offered by the dealership.
  11. Renewing Seguro Popular

    Chapala on Flavio Romero.
  12. Renewing Seguro Popular

    I renewed mine in August. I took everything but just gave the office the original document and walked out of there 10 minutes later with my renewal. They didn't want to see a CFE bill or anything else I brought with me.
  13. Restaurant First Experience

    My experience was good having eaten there twice now. The seared tuna was excellent as were the marlin tacos on the second occasion. The marlin tacos were far from skimpy.
  14. New seafood restaurant across from Super Lake

    Ate there on New Year's Eve with friends. Can't comment on their fish and chips but the seared tuna was amazing. The people are really nice.
  15. Expats Survey

    And me too!