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  1. Please cite that law. Does the same law apply to people outside of Mexico replying to this board?
  2. mattoleriver

    Lime Disease Warning - not a typo

    I hope it didn't ruin with your love life, Angus.
  3. mattoleriver

    FREE & LEGAL Streaming Movies and TV

    I just found Yuyu but haven't had a chance to really check it out. It looks like it has a lot of international content. https://www.yuyutv.com/
  4. mattoleriver

    Vist from D.I.F. - mozzies

    In the original post I thought that the product (Relax) was to be used to kill mosquitoes. Subsequent links (and translations) lead me to believe that Relax is used to soothe mosquito bites. Which is it?
  5. mattoleriver

    reputation points

    Paranoia, maybe?
  6. What is a can of air? It sounds like something that I might want to keep in my own car. Is it better than the Fix-A-Flat that I've been carrying for decades (but still have never used)?
  7. mattoleriver

    Roca Azul

    Cedros, this is what you posted back in 2013. I've been told that the word roca isn't rock but is made up from the first letter of the names of their 4 children. Does that sound right?
  8. mattoleriver

    Yahoo now Oath

    Did you try clicking on "I'll do it later"?
  9. mattoleriver


    The water is being muddied. Is the OP interested in stem cell therapy, PRP, prolotherapy, or something else altogether?
  10. mattoleriver

    turning down part B

    A few years ago one could not set up a My Social Security account from Mexico. Maybe things have changed since then.
  11. mattoleriver

    User Reputation

    ComputerGuy, had you chosen the sad face would LifeNo5's total still have risen? Feel free to test on this post.
  12. mattoleriver

    Being generous in Mexico

    modeeper, on this board you are the newbie, maybe you should heed your own advice. I have not seen you on any of the boards that I follow for quite awhile but I do remember you. You have a well established pattern of appearing on a board, quickly alienating all that you can and then disappearing. This board already has someone who is quite good at that (except for the disappearing part) and I hope that you do your mischief here and leave soon. I pity you.
  13. mattoleriver

    Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    Does anybody else remember about five years ago there was a brief time when Canadians were falling off of Mexican balconies. They seem to have gotten past that. I had a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever for a lot of years but I never put him on the roof. Probably just as well.
  14. mattoleriver

    Flu Shot

    Here's a reading suggestion for anybody who wants to learn a little bit about influenza, about the practice of medicine in the not-too-distant past and even a little about WW1. This particular flu was especially hard on young, healthy adults. The great influenza : the story of the deadliest pandemic in history---John M. Barry
  15. mattoleriver

    cartel crime not good for Mexico tourism

    Well, I guess that settles it, I'm going to Vegas!