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  1. These dogs look very familiar. Twice in one week!
  2. Pet urns

    We've come full circle. Now we can buy a Chinese urn to hold the ashes of a pet who was killed by tainted Chinese snacks. What a world!
  3. Mexico Lap Top Ban

    I don't stand a chance! Between my artificial hips and my laptop TSA (Thousands Standing Around) are gonna know I'm up to no good. I'll be in line for hours. Last time I flew was just about ten months ago and at that time they were stopping anybody with a Galaxy 7 Edge phone. Luckily I had the slightly older Galaxy 7 and they let me pass.
  4. Expat retirees enjoy a life reminiscent of an earlier time

    Why is betty7 answering for bennie?
  5. Littering is part of the culture, like noise, and as such should be tolerated or maybe even encouraged.
  6. Bull Fights - Plaza Del Toro

    Maybe the next sports video should be of catch-and-release fishing. Fish aren't as cuddly as cows.
  7. Scam Email

    A quick member search shows that Monicacare202 joined this board one hour before the OP started this thread and that Monicacare202 has no content. One hit private email seems like a peculiar and difficult way to spread SPAM.
  8. AppleTV

    While they're at it maybe they should ban the sale of every piece of hardware that KODI can be run on. Let's see that would be devices with Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS or Windows operating systems. Yep, that should do it!
  9. Yahoo news

    I suppose that is some good news, I had assumed that they sold to EVERY bidder!
  10. Hot Dog Shop

    Slow reader
  11. Be Aware: Grocery Expiration Dates

    I believe that would be a "bankers dozen".
  12. Info on TV Scout Antenna?

    For what it's worth I have one of these on a small TV in my California house. From that house I have an unobstructed view of the TV towers about five miles away so It is just about optimal conditions for an over-the-air antenna. This is the modern equivalent of Rabbit Ears and is just as simple to attach to the TV. It is about the size of a typical paperback book, made of very flexible plastic and not much thicker than a sheet of paper. I was able to scan 44 channels of which about a dozen were interesting enough to keep.
  13. And now some good news for beer lovers

    "...said to be beneficial to health for its antioxidant properties...." Well, I'm all for improving my health. I guess if one is good more will be better.
  14. Walmart: exciting happenings

    I used to be kinda hit-and-miss on reading ingredient labels until I brought home a package of Reser's Chorizo. The first two ingredients were salivary glands and lymph nodes. It just didn't sound that good but it didn't go to waste, my glottonous dog thought that it sounded just great! That was in the good ol' US of A where you'd think that the PR people would've dressed things up a little. It was probably about the same time that pink slime and the rumor of faux calamari came around, too. Nothing like sausage and sushi for getting rid of those difficult-to-sell bits. I still eat sausage but prefer that the glands, nodes, snouts, rectums, tumors, etc. simply be called "pork" or "beef".
  15. Handmade Dolls by Female Prisoners