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  1. Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    Does anybody else remember about five years ago there was a brief time when Canadians were falling off of Mexican balconies. They seem to have gotten past that. I had a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever for a lot of years but I never put him on the roof. Probably just as well.
  2. Flu Shot

    Here's a reading suggestion for anybody who wants to learn a little bit about influenza, about the practice of medicine in the not-too-distant past and even a little about WW1. This particular flu was especially hard on young, healthy adults. The great influenza : the story of the deadliest pandemic in history---John M. Barry
  3. cartel crime not good for Mexico tourism

    Well, I guess that settles it, I'm going to Vegas!
  4. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    Physician, heal thyself.
  5. The Five Year Plan

    Cactus Jack, since you are on a five year plan i would suggest that you open a "my Social Security" account at https://www.ssa.gov/site/signin/en/ This can only be initiated from within the U.S. and can make some things simpler. Also, open a Duolingo account and start studying Spanish, it's free and I find it fun, too. https://www.duolingo.com/
  6. Kodi TV Box for sale

    What are the specs on the Android box? Which "other apps" are installed? Do the other apps include ongoing costs? What is the price?
  7. Wal-mat Chicken Once Again

    I bristled when I read that so I immediately checked it out. It seems to be generally accepted as true. I learned something today.
  8. Definition of the word "condo".

    Really, 90%? So, who is responsible for the other 10%? Asians? Canadians? Eskimos?
  9. Kodi

    Buy subscriptions to any channels that you wish to purchase.
  10. These dogs look very familiar. Twice in one week!
  11. Pet urns

    We've come full circle. Now we can buy a Chinese urn to hold the ashes of a pet who was killed by tainted Chinese snacks. What a world!
  12. Mexico Lap Top Ban

    I don't stand a chance! Between my artificial hips and my laptop TSA (Thousands Standing Around) are gonna know I'm up to no good. I'll be in line for hours. Last time I flew was just about ten months ago and at that time they were stopping anybody with a Galaxy 7 Edge phone. Luckily I had the slightly older Galaxy 7 and they let me pass.
  13. Expat retirees enjoy a life reminiscent of an earlier time

    Why is betty7 answering for bennie?
  14. Littering is part of the culture, like noise, and as such should be tolerated or maybe even encouraged.