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  1. Tipping Disagreement

    It is not an interesting aside.. You want to hear what they charge in Paris.. Nothing to do with the prices here We are in Mexico , I agree nothing to do with the State so it is a useless comment.
  2. No much worse, undocumented bugs working on untreated, undocumented Mexican wood...
  3. Wood needs to be fumigated at the border. --
  4. Chapala Med

    future will tell...
  5. Chapala Med

    Yes in a small area but thank God for Guadaljara.. You need a good population base to support a good hospital.
  6. do not hold your breath about anything being done or happening..The federal zone got taken over to the point that it is difficult to walk near the lake, nothing happened when the condos went over the permit heights on the libramiento and chances are that nothing will be done about the La Floresta condos either..It is all pretty bad but it is what goes on here.
  7. Seguro Popular

    yes better learn Spanish if you are going to use Seguro Popular.. It is for Mexicans with little money, everyone is welcome but do not expect service or to find medecine when you need it. I often accompany my indigenous friends to the seguro popular here is Chiapa..they go to a private doctor when they can gather the money.. and I sure would do the same. Last year I took a young woman who could not breath and was in pain to the local SP place, we walked out , they did not have medicine or a doctor so we went to the next town.. There the doctor checked her out and asked her a few time in a range of 1 to 10 how was the pain.. she said 10 every time, The doctor said you are lying and I cannot do anything for you go and see a specialist in San Cristobal..She went to a witch doctor..the next day she was still in pain went to see a private doctor and she was sent to have her gallbladder removed the following day she was sent home..no thanks .
  8. Chapala Med

    Lots of doctors showing up , we are sure to discover we have all kinds of problems we did not know we have.. for my parts I have good doctors in Guadalajara , thank you very much..
  9. Mercado?

    Same here, I used to go to the market because the veggies were fresher than what you could find most of the time in the local stores. It is not so anymore so I do not go as there is nothing there you cannot find in town. I used to buy fish and chicken there years ago but no more. Here in San Cristobal we have fruit and veggies from the low land and jungle as well as the highlands and many indigenous come and sell what they grow, it is a real treat..
  10. I have a cat with very large and long fans.. the vet says he is part jaguarundi.. , he is sweet as can be..
  11. Chapala Med

    I would rather have a good doctor too especially one who is not going to make me use my insurance too much..
  12. Mercado?

    The Chapala tianguis is larger than the Ajijic tianguis and the same vendors go to both and they get their suff from the abastos..so really both are pretty sad compared to really good tianguis were farmers sell their produce and vendors sell produce from the abastos.
  13. my dogs bark at rats that come down from palm trees at night..and possums and skunks and cats..
  14. Actually I am going there less and less. I shop closer to home because I do not want to bother with the parking or the traffic. I only go there for a few things I cannot get anywhere else maybe once a month when I used to go there several times a week. There is more choice in the local stores and more of them and I do not go to Pancho┬┤s either.
  15. Yes I got that too..we are all staying tuned in until we get more news.. Pretty unreal so far..
  16. Chapala Med

    good insurance is the key word here..
  17. Lakeside increased population?

    Some people like to complain.. too much time on their hands , these people seem to be plain unhappy no matter where they are..
  18. All banks are under the same laws guys... you are fooling yourself if you think one does something the other cannot do.
  19. Lakeside increased population?

    I am with you Gringal. the southern part of Ajijic is not all mansions , actually there are lot of very modest houses.. People come and people go. Right now the people who are complaining about the place being overcrowded can help the situation by leaving and finding a place more to their liking. There are lots of places in Jalisco where foreigners are not present and where rent is cheap.. Good luck to them. If people are not happy here it is easy enough to move. We are all retired and do not all have to leave at the same time and we can arrange our schedule according to the traffic, the traffic is light before 10 and after that it is heavy so bear with it or do not go out after 10. This week I saw my dream house near Teopisca , Chiapas, beautiful lot in he woods, I can assure you it is not crowded there but you may have to learn Spanish and Tzeltal and you cannot buy because it is ejido, the climate is similar to the climate in Ajijic and there is no Walmart, no doctor nearby, no hospital no Super Lake, only fresh produce and free range chicken and turkeys..No internet , no phone, no crowds..I bet you you can rent the place for a song..
  20. We bank at bancomer and both our names are on the account but I am the primary holder so it is not like you call a joint account in the States but it works.. We also have an account at Banamex where my husband is the primary holder and I am the secondary..
  21. Lakeside increased population?

    !0 years ago or 20 years ago or even before that you could move here, did not have t speak the language , LCS was here and there were plenty of foreigners living here. Yes you had to go to Guadalajara to go to bigger stores but it still was very friendly to foreigners... nothing adventurous about the place. The climate is not eternal spring to say the least.. April and May are way hotter than spring weather and December and January are way colder than spring weather as well.. But the weather at Lakeside beats the weather in a lot of other places.. I was checking out nurseries yesterday in Berriozabal near Tuxtla and it was 38.. miserable.. I was happy to go back to San Cristobal where it was something like 18 by the time we got back.. I know may gets hot up there but it does not last that long and with fans it is fine as the nights cool off unlike many other places.
  22. Lakeside increased population?

    to move to Lakeside.. I would not call that very adventurous at all.. Move to a place where no one speak your language where you do not have access to the amenities you are used to, where the stores do not carry what you used to get back home, where you do not have shaw and I do not know what else.. No I would not call the expats to areas where there are lots of expat especially adventurous.
  23. Air Conditioning

    was 38 in Tuxtla and no one I know has A/C.. I do not know how they can stand it but it is the way it is..Many of them do not have fan and some are afraid of leaving the windows open during the rainy season because of the dengue and Zika.
  24. Changes at IMSS?

    friend of mine has been schedule for hip replacement as of this coming July so they are doing them at least through July 2018..