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  1. How to dial US toll free number?

    The numbers provided work on Telmex..
  2. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    Moonhill I do not look as being a big investor in a hospital as a recommendation .
  3. Anyone has any clue about the woman called Vera who adopted the dog in the first place?
  4. Meandering tour between Ajijic and Oaxaca

    Dennis I hope the artisans you will be seeing live in a village and that they invite you to a posada, those are wonderful, the procession goes through the village and then there is the feast..
  5. Meandering tour between Ajijic and Oaxaca

    Check out the Dominican route starting in Northern Oaxaca state going down or up.. It has fabulous convents and interesting town in an area that is not travelled much.. Tecali south east of Puebla is the area where you have a zillion little talleres and large ones that work on onix. About 4 hours of Puebla in the sierra go to Cuetzalan a nice pueblo magico in a gorgeous setting, check out Hueyapan for its nice woolen shawls and sweaters. The coop on the plaza specialize in natural dyes.. Up around Cuetzalan you have ruins and indigenous villages with nice huipiles and other types of artesanías. If you like adventure go down Metepec , spend the night there and visit the talleres of clay work, tree of life etc. them go to Ixtapan a spa town and then Taxco then down the autopista to Acapulco and do the Costa Chica to Puerto Escondido or Mazunte and then back up to Oaxaca. via Pochutla and north.. there are several textile villages along the coast and in the hill around Ometepec..and San Pedro Amusgo Or take the road south of Puebla and to to Guelatao where Benito Juárez was born via Ixtepec. or go to Vera Cruz Boca del Rio visit Tlacotalpan the famous pueblo mágico , Unesco town then go down to the Tuxtlas , Catemaco and then Ixtepec to Oaxaca via Guelatao.
  6. Chimney

    and sometimes the chimneys are too short.
  7. yes I have known dogs to fall off. and people too..all you need to do is trip ..
  8. Want to buy a new IPad

    Best Buy Tlaquepaque
  9. Hotels in Puebla

    Also Meson de San Sebastian in centro and casa del Callejon in the antic district.
  10. Hotels in Puebla

    When we go through we stay at the hotels by the freeway like the Fiesta Inn , the Holiday Inn , the one. There are several of those hotels right off the freeway near the freeway on the westside accross from the WV plant. When we visit we stay at the Palam or another cute place in the antic district. There are lots of nice hotels in centro.. We stay away fro San Martin Texmulacan as they have nasty gangs and we sometimes arrive in Puebla at night.
  11. Hotels in Puebla

    yes la Palma is nice and has more style than most of the non descript modern hotels. It has a great location.
  12. The direct bus does not go near Plaza del Sol
  13. Alamos is one of them, take a bus to Guadalajara and it is the first stop the direct bus will make, Tell the driver you want to get off at Alamos.
  14. Simon I have the same problem, telmex came several times, I did many reports to Mexico and I was told is that it is a problem wit the location and that people living around where I live cannot get faster speed. I live one blaock from the lake , one block east of Rio Zula in Ajjis. WHere do you live.. I was paying for more but I was told that in Ajijic it is irrelevant so I took the cheap plan and there is no differnce in spped.. it is lousy. I subbscribed to Telecavle and get a little better speed, up to 5 except at night when both are lousy. They came and changed my modem as well.. Good luck..
  15. Oaxaca City

    The devastation was mostly on the coast just like in Chiapas.. inland many churches and very old or very poorly building went done but there is no devastation like in Juchitan and the towns around there. The roads being blocked is part of life in Oaxaca.. you usually can get were you want to go.. if you wait for things to be quiet you will never go.. same with Chiapas.. If one of the road where you want to go is blocked go somewhere else that day. I was in Oaxaca for a family fiestanot long ago and we had no problems. Nowadays I travel with a little backpack with some dlothes for an overnight stay so if the road gets blocked I sleep wherever.. never had to sleep by the side of the road.. The people demonstrating or blocking the road usually go home at a decent hour. In the last 3 months I had to spend 2 nights away from home and I travelled everyday. Tourism is down so go down there and spend some money that is what people down there need the most-
  16. Ocumicho, Michoacan Crafts Town

    If you are going to Ocumicho go to Patamban as well , they have some wonderful cermics there.. The rwo places are not far from each other.
  17. I found out that Tel cel is the best option in Mexico as it has the best cover when if you travel a lot. If you are not going to be on the road in cars very far from Ajijic or Lake Chapala AT&T is fine.
  18. Nick Names

    Maria Luisa Licha Chente Vicente
  19. Barbara´s bazr sometimes has them, Sxears in Guadaajara has them
  20. The fellow selling canes is from Guerrero and the canes are from Guerrero as ell. He also sells baskets from Guerrero . He comes from Guadalajara every day ans walks all over town but of course when you need him you cannot find him,,,
  21. Mtn Mama I cannot see Casa Miau where is it exactly.. On top of this section I see adotopn and the rancj but not the thread you are mentioning.
  22. airport taxi rate

    I paid 420 pesos yesterday Airport Ajijic..
  23. I have used Gustavo several times over the last 17 years. He is not an architect , I think he used to be a mason. He used to be good when small then he got big and lost control , built two terrible skylight (large ) came back a few times to fix them and gave up.. He did not supervise his maestros correctly.. He may have improved again now that he is smaller...but that was it for me. He is a very pleasant fellow.