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    Alcohol tobacco and firearms are all restricted items under the ATF you may want to check the quantity permissible to enter the States.. Also if there are Cuban cigars.. I do not know but I would check this one out too because Trump is sure not helping that relationship..
  2. The 10 people were there to extract sand to bring back on their back for some distance..so the garbage is still there to float down the river and the ditch with black water is still flowing in the river.
  3. Negative thoughts?? Pretty funny.. I was in a very remote area that was magnificent and was surrounded by garbage that people had thrown out and that had ended up in this beautiful place . Also the river look pristine and smelled bad, I realized a ditch with black water was going right into it.. O am happy for you if you hve positive thought whe you see that kinfdo f situation but I was with 10 other people all indignous and they were also shocked by what they saw , I guess they had negative thoughts as well and should really change their attitude..
  4. Singapore hs draconian lays and the places in Europe that are super clean also have heavy fines .. but franjly I do not care about them I live in Mexico and find that some places are appalling. Trash cans have nothing to do with it when people are throwing trash out of the car windows.
  5. Well Tiny you are lucky because it is not the norm in Mexico. It seems to depends on the neighborhoods and the towns. I spend a lot of time in Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca and it is one of the cleanest place I have seen anywhere. It is an indigenous town that washes the stallas in the market everyday with chlorine. THey recycle their garbage. Styrofoan and throw away stuff is not sold in town but I have seen more dirty places than clean ones. I have seen rich and poor throw their garbage out on the street without a thought. My next door neighbor runs a clinic and their patients arrive with all their family, they all eat as they wait for the women to deliver and throw all the garbage on the street and the wind blows it right down the street. City workers clean the street and we clean in front of the house but when ther eis wind it is a losing battle, all that stuff ends up in the river s when it rains and cause innondations as well as it plyfs the sewers. Some Mexicans are apalled but many of them seems to think their car is more important than the roads or the streets.
  6. Maybe.. yes thre is lots of garbage ending up in the water in many places but I have been to a lot of out in the ay places in The western US and Europe and I have rarely seen the amount of garbage I saw this week..
  7. I have lived in San Cristobal for the last 10 years and have notice no change in the delivery of water. We never had potable water either and the streams have been filled with garbage rats and sewer ever since we have lived here.. The article is misleading and does not address the problem. A very poor and ignorant population that is poluting the water, aging systems delivering water, poor storage capacity of water storage in the house for the amount of water delivery and a huge amoung of loss of water in the delivering of water. A few years ago we ran out of water at the house and the whole barrio was without water for a couple of months. We were out of water at our house for a month and the barrio organized to get the water company to fix the problem. I found out that the water was delivered only at night and 3 times a week at max.. There was some kind of pluf in our area and as we are on a hill the water did not reach the top of the hill..The problem was not due to a lack of water but to a poorly maintain system. We also found out that many people do not have a 10 peso floater that shuts off when the tinaco is full and that people to save on the installation get up at night to turn off the water when the tinaco is full. It goes without saying that most people do not wake up and let the tinaco overflow until the morning when the water shuts off. Another time we had no water was because many hotels in the center do not pay the bills so the water company quit paying CFE and had no electricity to run the pumps delivering water.. this was they were not cutting of the water to the center and on and on.. The water at the start maybe potable but it is not when it arrives .. Some people may drink the water but I see that all my neighbors buy water from the trucks and they told me not to do not drink the water wether it is chlorinated or not I do not smell the cloro but I have a large aljibe , friend with small tinaco told me the smell of the clorine in the water was very strong. I do not drink tap water in Mexico anywhere.. Cocacola is part of the traditional rituals in Chamula and other indigenous communities and also part of all fiesta and gathering amongst the Evangelists who do not drink alcohol but there are tons of other soft drinks that are just as bad. There is no lack of bottle water so the drinking of CocaCola is a cultural things not due to a lack of potable water as there is plenty of bottle water available. People here love to blame the CocaCola plant for the water it uses in the plant but the fact is that they use the water from a different source than the water company so they have no effect on the water delivery. Right now we have a lack of rain but there as been no change in the delivery system so far.. The streams going through San Cristobal are a disgrace, full of rats , sewage and rats but I was in Central Chiapas this week end on the bank of a river in an isolated area and the river banks had garbage and smelled of black water although the water was clear.. The government can be blame for a lot of problems but the fact is that people are the filthhy ones dumping their garbage on the streets , in the rivers and so on.. Instead of bitching about the government people should start caring about preserving their resources and protecting the environement.. Do not start me on my soap box..This month. I have been travelling a lot in isolated areas far from towns and garbage is everywhere...
  8. bmh

    Mexican Credit Card

    The best bank for a credit card is the one you have money in.
  9. Watsonville is full of Mexican workers legal and illegals working in the main industry there, artichoke.. Also a lot of Brussel sprout is grown in the area in California so having a sister city could help exchanges back and forth and maybe more Jalisco workers can go there legally if the busineesof both cities work together.
  10. bmh

    Question for Whatsapp Users

    I pretty much use whatsapp exclusively because that is what the people I deal with use and I rarely have to wait for a message to get through inless people are in an area where there is no internet and in the mountains in Chiapas it is a common occurence but it is still the best way to communicate down here as telcel has lots of dead spots, including my house in the middle of San Cristobal. The whatsapp phone is lousy so the only way I can communicate with is the messages of whatsapp or messenger ....I have a data plan and I sometimes turn it off and on ...
  11. bmh


    I have been to court here, the man who owed me money was lying through his teeth but unless you can prove it via written statements and or with witnesses you are out of luck. My lawyer´s advce was he lies you lie too.. The courts are differnt in a way that you really have to have strong proofs here.. A receipt is not a receipt unless it specifies what it is for.. a check is not a proof for a specific payment etc... You really have to cross your t and dot the dots here . You just have to really understand how things work , what is acceptable and what is not all that if the judge has not been paid off.. I had what would have been acceptable written proofs in the States but at that time and I do not know if things have changede-mail were not acceptable in court so I did not get my money bacjk at that point, I then ask the lawyer, can I blackmail the guy, threaten him and harrasss him? The Answer was "yes" so I did just that and I got the money wthin a day.. As I said you have to know what you can or cannot do and go by the rules here.
  12. bmh

    Mexican Debit Cards

    I pay on line with my bancomer debit card and never have had a problem.
  13. bmh

    Question for Whatsapp Users

    If the person you are sending the message tp, does not have the phone on or is in an area where there is no signal you will see the single grey mark as well.
  14. In San Cristobal there is no uber as far as I know but taxis are plentiful and cost 35 pesos anywhere in town. .
  15. bmh

    mayorazgo de echauri

    Echauri or etxauri is a Basque last name from Navarre.. Many Basques were names after the name of the village or place they were born as they did not have last names per say to start with . Echauri is also the name of a small place in Navarre..The house is etche or etxe or etxea so it could also be the name of a house originally which became the family name unless it means something totally different...
  16. you used to need 2 or 3 copies of the passport and I cannot remember the rest but I would bring some proof I live there, like a cfe bill and 3 copies, your visa and some copies.. and I do not remember sorry . Take all the papers you can think of and be ready to make copies.. then you go in and they will ask for details descrition of what was stolen wher eit was, how the thieves entered time etc,, If you are lucky yo will be there an hour if not it could be longer..At the end get the case bumber so you can follow up and retrieve your stolen pieces. If you have invoices appraisal or whatever paper proving the pieces are yours bring them.
  17. bmh


    What a shame! I hope someone else will give it a try..
  18. Angus U go to Guadalajara on a regular basus from Ajijic and I flag the bus down .. when you are on the carretera you have to know where the bus stops are as they are not really marked but you can stop almost at every block where there is a spot for the bus to stop. They stop just past Rio Zula coming from Joco and them a block further.. if you are used to take the bus you can see where thre us more space for the buses to stop. So call those stops paradas if you like but they are just about every block. O n the way back I get off at Villa Nova and there is also a stop called Rancho del Oro... They also stop in front of Torrito and also at the bus "station in Ajijic at Black Coffee and several other spots. Meanwhile Widesky sounds like he or she got the best deal with the driver.. better than Uber..so the OP should make a deal with that driver.
  19. Angus The joco bus goes directly to Guadalajara without going via Chapala, no need to go to Chapala from Ajijic to go to Guadalajara. You cut out a lot of time by not going to Chapala.
  20. uber to zapopan from Ajijic 404 pesos so if you take uber back it is around 800 pesos . I would not ask them to wait just take another uner back.
  21. From Ajijic, take the Guadalajara directo via libramiento, it stops at every block on the carretera if you flag it down. It goes by every hour near the danza del sol it goes by on the half hour more or less and takes you to the old bus station from thre take a cab and goes by black coffee. No need to go to Chapala . To come back you have a choice. you can go to Chapala and then take a bus to Ajijic or you can take the Jocotepec bus and be dropped off wherever on the carretera. The chapala bus goes every hour and do fdoes the Joco bus so you have a bus every half hour.
  22. bmh

    Tiling roof

    Have the roof done properly and forget the tiles.
  23. If the tree is large you need a permit especially if it can be seen from the street. I would think the metal people could do it or tell you who could.
  24. bmh

    Mexico 1 Alemania 0

    Cohetes went off at the end of the game in our area..Great game.