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  1. I think as good one is the important point. Unfortunately I cannot recommend anyone here because I go to Guadalajara as I do not like being told have to wait until the doctor comes to Ajijic..
  2. Those were our goals in 2001 too and we found out we do not go that much to Guadalajara, , International airport is irrelevant for us because we go to France and we do not go via the US so we have to go via Mexico anyways.., the weather is still a valid reason for us to be here. Garbage gets picked up twice a week and that is fine, same as in Chiapas.
  3. bmh


    I also had nixtmal tortillas sold on the carretera , do not remember where exactly because I have not been there for a while but ask around and you will find some in Ajijic.
  4. bmh


    it is cantera not cement.. Also you can make bird bath with all kinds of things aslong as the recipient is not deep, birds will come to the water to bathe..
  5. I sure never felt I stuck out in Patzcuaro.. there are plenty of expats there, may be you went on an off day. People in the area are used to tourists,both national and international and are friendly. I have never been harrassed by the police in the area not yers ago with california plate nor now with Mexican plates.
  6. you provide that service that have an internet speed of 1.6MGB?
  7. bmh

    The name of those outdoor sinks

    the part where you store the water is called pila. people scoop the water from the water reservoir and pour it over whatever they wash. The deep end is to store clean water not to wash clothes.. the scrubbing part is to wash clothes.. I had the plumber drill a hole in the pila and I have a a rubber cover so I can use that part for washing.. I see a lot of people in the communities and no one has a hole put in them as they are not made to empty the water but to be kept full. Recently I was in an indigenous home and they offered the lavadero to wash our hands before eating. I noticed that the Mexico city man who was with me used his hand to scoop the water on the other side..contaminating the pila when the indigenous used the plastic cup to scoop the water to the other side and pour the water over their hands so only the plastic cup ever entered the clean water.
  8. yes we know ask More Liana why she moved to Mexico city from Morelia.
  9. If you take the cuotas to Patzcuaro it is pretty safe and straightforward in my book.. Alan you have a good point most traffic cop can see by your look that you are a foreigner so what is the big deal.?Patzcuaro and the area has plenty of tourists as well so you really do not stick out and even if you do ..big deal..
  10. I have Mexican plates but the cartels are not after foreigners so what is the difference?If you are scared take the bus and go by colectivos once there.
  11. I just did it and I would not be concerned.. I go to almost Morelia and I take the freeway or libramiento to Patzcuaro. I do it alone and I do not drive alone to Chiapas..
  12. bmh

    Looking for Veal

    The French and Italians used to have great veal but the quality has gone down hill too.. I do not know why but the first thing I used to eat when I went back to France was veal roast..No more the quality is different, it does not taste the same so I gave up even in Europe. I make the veal dishes with pork now..
  13. get an structural engineer not an architect to start with.
  14. bmh


    I ll take the ones with the hard crust fron Ned any day, the others look anemic...
  15. actually it should be 376 765 4444 for cell phones