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  1. Thanks Ferret, it is an aging chihuhua who is on the haed of hearing side and is missing9 teeth and has a lot of white hair. I could send you a picture if you know how to post it: If you cqn do it I could send it via whatsapp or an e mail address: I am in France right now and I am leving tomorrow for a place that has no internet but my husband hopefully can send the picture as well.
  2. Traveling to France

    Marseille is dangerous and always has been.. My cousins had to move out in the mid 70 S ; they lived in the old port and that became way too dangerous for the natives. Marseille is a dangerous city if you do not know it and go to places where you do not belong but it is also a city I really like without many tourists. Nice is a world away from Marseille.. The Saint Charles station is right above the old port which has turned into a North African quarter and the woman who did the attack was either taking her feelings out on Americqns who are not the most love nationality as they support Isrqel or she was a nut not any different from the mass shooters you have in the States or both:: On the other hand Paris is very safe for a large city and no more dangerous than London or Madrid or Rome etc.. you can get hit by terrorism anywhere in Europe so if you want to be very safe stay home in Texas: I do not worry abou acid or bomb throwers here and my sister live in a very mixed neighborhood; we shop and live along side of people from North Africa and we have zero problems, in the neighborhood everyone knows everyone else and in the building there are people from all races and religions and people get along and socialize without any problems;;There are nuts everywhere and the States has their share so why be afraid of Paris more than any city of similar size in the States
  3. Ajijic pronunciation

    Wether a word is indigenous or not ; it makes no difference as all indigenous languages have been written phonetically by the Spaniards so Spanish rules apply;
  4. Traveling to France

    I took vivaaerobus to Mexico ; the 12.35 or around there is very often one hour late and works well to get Air France 179 leaving at 7hé(pm and arriving in Paris at 12..35am If you like a more on time airline with garantied arrival take aeromexico
  5. How do I pay property tax?

    You can pay on line in Guadalajara but not in Chapala so far; I have always paid first week of January except for last year when I did like many people and waited till the last ,minute:
  6. Traveling to France

    air france. KLM; Aero Mexico and Delta are all partners so shop their prices; I got the best price on Air France but the deals change quickly; I did nt want to go via Amsterdam or any other stop as I will come back with extra luggage and you get charged extra for every leg of the trip: I also never go via the States although the best deql go through there
  7. Traveling to France

    I got to Paris last week the best way is airfrance direct mexico Paris and back: and back without stopping in Qmsterdqm:: then air inter to Nice or wharever flight :
  8. Earthquake.

    Nice to hear from you everette!fond memories of you 2!
  9. Earthquake.

    We escaped CHiapas just in time ..for Irma, I am leaving tomorrow for Paris and usually the route is over Florida.. maybe some delays..
  10. Celery Root?

    In France we eat a lot of celeriac or celery roots we usually have it grated with a remoulade sauce . We serve it with hot boiled potatoes and canned tuna. it can be delicious. , (mustard mayonnaise) I have never seen sold here in Mexico
  11. Earthquake.

    Got lucky I flew back on Tuesday.. now I have yet to hear about the house or the car...
  12. Earthquake.

    Chiapas and the Isthmus, Oaxaca and Tabasco got the worst of it , thanks goodness there are no large cities in the area but Juchitan was badly damaged and so were many small villages. Many of the old churches between San Cristobal and the coast were damaged and people were really traumatized. I am glad that I left tuesday to get back to Ajijic.
  13. nor for humans my mother really messed up he stomach with it.
  14. Hotel Consulate

    excuse me, I gave you a hotel in Mexico city not guadalajara
  15. Hotel Consulate

    Hotel Casa Gonzalez walking distance nice hotel with grass patios..2 storey high buildings on a quiet street .