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  1. Robbery Prevention

    neibors watching is the best deterrent unfortunately it is tough to see anything with the tall walls..
  2. Vela Gas - be careful

    yes telling them you want 1500 allows them to put less.., You are not solving any cheating,We have used Zeta gas for 17 years and call them when we need gaz , we do not buy from any other company. Their nice driver left and we stayed with Zeta gaz.. the driver tries to sell us the gaz from his truck but we are not changing, nice driver or not..
  3. Vela Gas - be careful

    Al Berca when you say it is the driver.. you may have a point but when the customer calls Vela and say that the company does nothing about it obviously someone else is involved in cheating the customers.. wether it is the driver and someone else in the office or just the driver Vela is responsible.. The driver should be fired if he was the only one involved that would be the end of it but it is not..so something else is going on and it is beat to stay away from that company. If they lose enough customers they will get it.. I guess that if the driver cheats enough customers a day he can sell the gas to a guy like Marco and keep the money.. or someother deal like that..
  4. Vela Gas - be careful

    Tell your credit card about it and have them reverse the charges and do not do business with Vela anymore..
  5. Tlaqapaque

    It is Tlaquepaque and yes people walk dogs on Independencia
  6. Since you do not have to take the test now it is easier, actually it is not difficult if you speak Spanish . The trip to Mexico is a requirement like it or not.. Compare to what you have to do in France or in the US this is a piece of cake.
  7. Robbery trick

    Leaving a purse and a wallet on the passenger seat and leaving a window open is asking for it i any country..
  8. Mayor's Surveys

    No matter which way you look at it the carretera is the worst place to go to shop, there is no parking bad sidealks etc.. I rarely go there.. only if I have not other way to get what I want to I go there.. putting wide sidewalks is pretty silly who is going to walk there to go shopping..and if you cannot park they are not going to be much business there...they should fix the street, enforce the rules they have about parking clean up the twn rather than try to fix something that really cannot be fixed..another waste of money coming up
  9. If you could turn back time

    If I had to redo it Iprobably would go to Portugal as it is closer to my family. The long plane rides get really tiring as you age otherwise I would do the same exact thing as we did..pick Mexico..
  10. Osteoporosis

    I am taking a shot every 6 months for it.
  11. Sunday tlaquepaque stores

    yes the stores are open on independencia the pedestrian street.
  12. My husband goes to the therapist at Integrity and he uses the same one has she has in the office and that is the size Walmart has..just right to sit on..
  13. Lexy the therapist told my husband to do exercises with a yoga ball and when we went to Walmart we did not see any where all the balls are, we asked and no one knew about them and we looked closer to the floor and saw them in their pacages, they were a lot of grey ones..
  14. Legal help

    The first thing you need to do is go to the Ministerio Publico to report it. They will give you a copy of the report, you take the copy of the report to immigration and get the paperwork started to get a duplicate.. GO there with passport copy of you card if you have it and ask them what to do...they will issue another card but not on the spot.
  15. Funny but ctually he lost a huge amount of weight and does not have a belly anylonger..