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  1. 2300 degrees is way higher that the heat in chimneys..and mortar and bricks can melt at that temperature, I am currently involved in the building of a smokeless Japanese kiln to fire ceramic at low temperature. The low temperature for glaze is 900 degrees celsius , at that temperature the base of the kiln goes up to 1300 degree celsius and the brick from Tapalpa start distorting themselves and most bricks we have encountered in Jalisco, Guanajuato and other states does not resist 1300 degrees celsius and start melting. Most mortar does not make it for very long either. The regular bricks are between 2 and 3 pesos the refractario ladrillo are 80 peois a brick on up and we get a special mortar from Monterrey or Mexico
  2. one person less or more coming to Ajijic makes no difference..The traffic comes from Joco or San Juan anyways and has been backing up for years on busy week-.end.
  3. I remember being at Tabarka years ago when they were on the carratera and on long week-end we have had problems crossing ever since they but the lights around Colon, nothing new, when we have a long week-end there is traffic back up so go through the village or do not go out. it could be worst in Valle de Bravo they run out of water and that is the town of the rich and famous..
  4. I do not believe "inspectors" fluff reports they just do not see everything... there is no training and construction and norms are different here ..and there are no legal ramifications to what the report say so you are wasting money with the reports.. The inspectors may catch a few obvious things but when you open the walls you will find a whole lot of things no one knew or could know about.
  5. There is no such a thing as an inspector here. Some people do the inspection and I know for a fact a place that had termites that were never caught by one of the popular inspector.. The only thing that is 100% sure is that you will not find all the tings that are wrong with the property so check the main items and pray..
  6. Internationally the airlines can get away with more crap than nationally. They changed my flight once coming from Europe, they chaned my flight so I would have to spend a night in London and would not pay for the hotel so I refused, then they offered me a trip via LA from Paris then Mexico GDL I refused they ended giving me a flight to Mexico and refused to pick up the tab for the MEX GDL.. so good luck.. # years ago I was bumped pff business class , I was offered a 450 euro coupon that became a 450 dollars and then 4500 pesos when I asked for money rather than miles, I turned down the pesos then fought for the exchange rate of the Euro versus dollar at the time and then they gave me hell about sending the money and they finally told me they were going to deposit the money in my Mexican account... I had to give them my RFC who knows why since I had bought the upgrade in euros while in Europe.. That was Delta the other was American.. airlines are the pits..
  7. Have you check the store that sells cleaning products in west ajijic near the fish store Pacifico..
  8. yes but it is different from the one in Japan..
  9. Tonio has always complained he made no money...
  10. Thank you geeser. that makes more sense
  11. Volaris is cheap so you have to put up with some inconvenience, your choice. RV Volaris and Viva are cheaper than the bus to get to Chiapas, the bus is 20 hours overnight the flight 2 I am not complaining...
  12. I would hope there is more than one type of puffer fish. The ones the Japanese prepare takes an expert who know how to drain the blood. The poison of that fish does not eliminate from our system and will kill you so I do not see the Mexicans selling it and eating it freely.
  13. I always say no and they leave me alone, it is body language and the way you say no.
  14. 10 days? ' What kind of $%&/()s do they have working for the police, to lock up living creatures for 10 days without food??
  15. What people speak in the village is the local village Spanish and if you understand Spanish it is understandable. Yes they use some words that come from Nahuatl just like in Chiapas some Maya transpire or in Peru where the vocabulary can sound foreign at first. I had a tough time for a few days figuring out the menus as many words were unfamiliar so you just ask what does this mean and you get it then you can use it. I learned English at school and when I went to visit and live in the Birmingham area I could not understand anything, same with the Yorkshire accent or Irish or regional accents from the US..It is a question of getting used to other accents and sometimes vocabulary. For me it is more difficult to understand all the various local accents in English than the various accents in Spanish.. I even have problems sometimes understanding French Canadians not because they do not speak a correct French but because their accents and some of the expressions are different, it all depends on how fast your hearing can adjust. some people are good at it and some are not but I would not say that what I speak is the correct French and that they do not just because it is different.