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  1. I would go without any worry.
  2. Zapatistas are not causing any problems in that teacher strike and they are on the teachers side.. the problem makers have been the paramilitary PRI groups and vandals in generals.Many people are saying that the government has groups that start rouble so the teachers can be blamed. That is difficult for me to believe bu who knows. Also the criminal gangs like the one in Chamula that are deforesting the mountains were the ones who attacked the teachers because they were upset they could not ship the trees that had been cut illegally, the police did nothing, they just watched as those groups viciously attacked the teachers. I cannot speak about what is going on in Oaxaca, Guerrero or Michoacan but I am extremely well informed in Chiapas because I know peope who are part of all groups and I get all the versions.. It is a very messy and complicated situation and I frankly do not understand how anyone can figure out what is really going on. Southern Mexico is not one block except for the fact that the indigenous population is high, there are lots of interests involved in each area . The Chamula situation had nothing to do with the teachers it was a dispute between political parties and a disapreement on the assignments of funds between various Chamula communities, same as in Chenalho..nothing to do with the teachers. By the way the official version is that 5 people were killed . In Chamula they say the count is 20 with more wounded..again who knows what is true as murders are common wo know why the people ar dead so you can always assign death to one cause or another.. Right now people in Chamula are scared and they are not talking and if they talk to tourists they sure are not going to wash their dirty laundry and will give the official version of things depending on the person who is talking..
  3. th teachers are not dumb they do what their union tell them to do to get as much as possible from te system.The unions are crooked and the government is not too good at negociating A lot of the damges are done by groups that are not teachers as well. THe guys who were killed in Oaxaca were not teachers. The guys that are burning the casetas iover and over in CHiapas were not teachers but they mix with them to start trouble. It is supposed to be about education but it really is a labor dispute . It is a very muddy situation and it is huring the population at large no doubt about it. I believe that the unions and certain groups are out to disabilize the government . The government does not want to intervene in the demonstrations and the ransacking of places because it does not want to be blame if people get kill so the police just sit back and watch the crowd or small groups do a whole lot of damage. . It is happening over and over.. The police does not try to open the roads and so is really unreal. When they close the airport the police just stand by same when they take over the Federal buildings or the shopping or when they loot the OXXo and other stores. THere is no law and order and gangs mix in to steal and damage thing just for the fun of it. I have seen it happen with my own eyes over and over.. There is no good guy in that whole scenario.
  4. dengue season is usually during the rainy season
  5. It is everywhere, yesterday someone in San Cristobal de las Casas told me there was dengue here too and we are at 7200 feet. It is hard to believe and I wonder if those cases did not start somewere else.. but lots and lost of people are sick right now,,
  6. Guys maybe the questions is why are so many Mexicans supportive of the teachers..there is more to that story obviusly.. The damage in Chiapas is tremendous not in stolen buses but in lost revenues..many small business relying on ourism are rally suffering. There are very few tourists and sales are way off, and it has beeen going on and on..Everyday there is a bew demonstration, take over of road or public building or shopping center, then the traffic becomes a nightmare. You do not know from one day to the other if you can get somewhere, it is just awful. The anti government feeling is enormous.. yes we should ask ourselves why?..The teachers are just one of the symptoms of the enormous social , economical and political problems there are in at least Chiapas..
  7. May the first step would be to buy mosquitoe repellents for the garners rate than a silly outfit they would never wear. I do not know about most gardners but mine wears long pants so you could save money by getting half a outfit, Maybe they should offer gloves as well to that outfit...
  8. yes my friends who live in Merida got it there.. The mosquitoes cannot get you where it is windy but there are plenty of time without wind.. wherever you have lagoons you have mosquitoe.. I was eaten alive in Majahual and Akumal so no escape there .
  9. I have some of the iny red ones in the garden, not the larger ones you see in the South but they stink like hell. You have some of the large ones? That is just something we do not need..
  10. sorry but when the blood bank tells you to give them blood and you finally find someone who fits what hey need and then then they tell you they do not want that blood because they have too much they have lost me. It is not easy to find blood donors, then they have to take time off work , then go to Guadalajara and been told the bank does not need the blood, , I walk away. The surgeon agreed, that made no sense whatsoever.
  11. Yes Heidi, these guys are very good for their pastry. The bread is ok but the pastries are super and I am picky,,
  12. My husband is O negative and had a recent blood transfusion at Country 2000 who has their own blood bank, We were asked to replaced the blood but it did not have to be O Negative . I went there with a couple of people who were found not acceptable, one was borderline anemic and the other was turned dow because the bank had too many donations of O positive.. So I dropped subject and never replaced the blood.
  13. boy some people must have lost of free time to dream up those telenovelas..
  14. I went there for minor surgery and I was very happy...My husband stayed there for a week and I was not happy and would not recommend it anymore at all so mileage may vary depending on how many days you stay. Fvery few nurses spoke English, that did not bother me because I speak Spanish but I would not go in there assuming everyone speaks English either.
  15. I have a feeling that the satistic are the tip of the iceberg, as there is nothing that can be done many people just stay home and nothing is reported. I warned my neighbor 2 weeks ago and now he has the it dengue or not who knows but it sure looks like it..if he does not get tested he is just another person that wil not be relected in the statistic..My gardener just told me that a couple of people in his family just came down with it..from the people i meet and know I just see the dengue continuing..wether it is increasing or not I do not know but it does not seem it is slowing down. I do not remember a year when I knew so many people who got it..maybe it is just my perception but there is a lot of it.