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  1. smart phones are not expensive if you look for promotions and they sure come in handy. I just got back from a 2 week trip abroad and I was happy not to carry a laptop or a tablet and my phone was great for e-mails. It is maddening when you start using it especially if you need to type in various languages but after a while all the words that are often used are in the memory and the auto- correct becomes manageable.. I particularly like whatsapp and communicate that way all the time with Mexican friends..
  2. Future will tell..
  3. yo1 I also live in a different state and the rates are not hourly rate ..The maids or cleaning lady in Ajijic are very well paid, actually more than teachers in many States..
  4. In Mexico maids are paid by the day not the hour so if people continue thiking pr hour..50 pesos is a huge amount for 8 hours a day and I guess ok for a couple of hours...It is all between the maid and the employer.
  5. You get it in Guadaljara where you get the licence. First ou get the certified copy and then go on to the drivers licence.., very easy.
  6. oh well.. that is life in Mexico.. there will be around the problem or we will have to walk if we go to the airport.. I am leaving again on the 11 so thanks I will keep that in mind and travel very light..
  7. The cab driver told me they had been letting the cabs through but not the private car..I do not know if it is correct but that is what he said and there were no one stopping car midday. Who knows what the story about the ejido is , Ejidos seem to come back over and over for more money ...that is why it is a good idea to stay away from them.. The altitude is not very high you will be fine the next day.
  8. how old is the second guy? My husband saw 2 men in the car but cannot describe them , the gardner say the one he saw was in his late 20´s early 30s.. Bookwooman does that correspond to the one your neighbor saw? I have given the plate number to the gardener and a couple of neighbors so we can be on the look out. There is no hair splitting there and it does sound like 2 people are involved so it is important to get the descriptions straight as that car has been sitting in front of number 16 several times in the last few days. These guys are obviously checking out the street and the lake front.. The young guy according to the gardener is " moreno".
  9. I also live on Linda Vista. My husband saw a white Nissan parked in front of a neighbor's house with 2 men in it at 10.30 am Sunday. He drove out and waited and the car left. My husband did not know about the late so he did not could have been another car. I spoke with the gardener who told me he saw a white car several times in the last few days he says that a tall man with a back pack came out but he walked towards the lake. He thought the man was in his late 20´s early 30´s so it does not correspond to the picture. The gardner also says he saw that car several times on the street .. Bookwooman did you or your neighbor see the man? Did he look like the picture?
  10. I landed at 12.30 and it was fine
  11. I will arrive at 13.30 will post if there are problems
  12. Tapalpa is not a hopping place either. The place is very attractive but after spending 2 weeks there recently, I was ready to explore a new place. Many Tapatios have week end places there So it starts getting lively on fridays but it is pretty dead during the week. Also it is cooler and wetter than Ajijic.
  13. I am not worried about valuables, I do not have any but I would hate fot someone to get hurt. Yes I am sure he will be back. .
  14. bookwoman what time was the car seen on Sunday? My husband also saw something suspicious and I need to speak to you. I will be back to Ajijic tomorrow afternoon Please pm how I can reach you. I also live on Linda Vista.
  15. Just saw the bright new red police truck in La FLoresta. Nice truck