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  1. Date Palm Dying

    Sorry about that.. It is exactly what happened to us as well.. Did you see the beetle? A huge and scary thing..
  2. Date Palm Dying

    I lost one and it turns out it was attacked by a large beetle that ate the heart out of it.. Can you hear a noise coming out of it'? My neighbor and had had to cut 2 beautiful treets. Call robert from Chapala treet service maybe he can do something before it is too late.
  3. Chedraui

    Sometimes.. We shop at Chedaui in San Cristobal and it is not a great supermaket, thre is a fancy oe in Tuxtla but it is way better but not that great either so it all depends o the neighborhood...
  4. Day of the Dead - TORONTO

    We celebrate the Day of the Dead in France. it is a Catholic remembrance day for the Catholics.. the indigenous have added a twist to it inMexico but All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead are celebrated all over the Catholic world..The real date are the 1st and 2nd of November.
  5. Yes pretty comon , in Maya it is called sak tsevul : white lightning
  6. Searching for candied ginger lakeside...

    ask chpstick to sell you some.. I also think I got some at SL.
  7. Oaxaca City

    The desaster is the coast... a real disastre in Chiapas and Oaxaca . The city itself is ok. SOme places were damaged but things are normal from what I heard. I live in San Cristobal de las casas and thre most churches in the highlands have been damged some of the poorly built and adobe houses wcollapsed in some of the villages.. many people have bad cracks but things are pretty normal.. I heard the same was true in Oaxaca.. Now the coast is another story Do not wait people are hurting for tourists and there is no reason to wait.
  8. no Chiapas is way worst.. Have you driven the Ocosingo Palenque road lately.. whole sections of roads have collapsed and have been that way for the last year. Try the roa to Villahermosa from Chamula or San Cristóbal. that is a good one too.. They have the excuse of being the poorest state in the union and have many earthquakes. we had a 5.1 today so it does not help but the roads here are pretty bad too..Of course Jalisco does not have much of an excuse..
  9. yes I do whee I live telcel does not have signal so a landline is pretty useful.

    I did not know the slang word either but it is exactly what I was thinking. although the chances of being stopped and picked up on that route are are small if you are a foreigner . I would drive that route alone without a thought but only in a car I know and whose owner I know well. Yes it is Mexico and you do not want to be caught with contraband merchandise.. I drive a lot and I am rarely stopped and checked except for a couple of weeks ago.: I was with a wild looking indigenous and a car full of orchids and other plants that had been given to us by people in the jungle from their garden and properties.. We asked for a note from the people who gave us the orchids but there were lots of other plants my friend had gathered from the side of the road as well.. We decided to visit the pueblo magico Palizada which is in the middle of nowhere in Campeche.. As we were coming in into the village we got pulled over by the two local cops and I thought " oh Lord here we go.". As they thoroughly checked the car, we knew it was going to be a fight and probably not a pleasant one, we just had a bad feeling about those 2 but they were ok and ended up going up a tree to get us some local gourd adding to the not so legal load of plants we had.. you just never know... In town we were told the town was extremely safe because the cops checked everyone who entered.. You just do not know where you will be stopped and checked..
  11. and the best doctors do not work there...so why not go to Guadalajara to start with?
  12. I do not think that the violence going up is fake news, you can read about it and hear about it but I also believe that a lot of the increase is cartel violence which is part of a world the foreigners do not brush with too much. So if you live in a village and mind your own business you are not affected much by it.. There is also a lot of family violence, vendettas about land etc but again most foreigners are not aware of it or affected by it so the statistics are probably correct and the people saying they feel safe in the Chapala area are probably correct too..for now ..
  13. that is exactly why indigenous do not go by daylight saving time, they call it the government time...