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  1. Dental expres is 2000 plus for regular crown 4500 or around ther efor the crowns in one day..
  2. I broke a front tooth in 3 pieces.. I had a root canal and a porceleine crown the same day.
  3. Bus

    If the service people get there then there is a way to do it.. if the op feels she can walk it and wait and wait for the buses , it is her choice, if she is renting and does not like it she can buy a car or move..
  4. You cannot make sure you see the right person and if you see him what are you going to do about it?
  5. 4500 for the whole thing done in one day with the 3d machine..
  6. I bought a bunch at Superlake and another time from the Papantla Voladores, Papantla is where the vanilla come from and sometimes the dancers bring some with them. There was a group of them in CHapala, ask them if they can get you vanilla, their family probably grows it..
  7. Has there been poisoning in Chapala Haciendas?
  8. When I say local community I mean everyone which means mostly Mexicans...they are the ones who will change things, they are the ones who come with pick ups at the corner of Francisco Villa and Ocampo and dump pick up loads of garbage, they are the ones on Ocampo and Francisco Villa who do not see anyone dumping garbage or do not stop them. In San Cristobal we had a pick up truck from a local Chinese restaurant coming to dump their garbage before the bell. My neighbor saw them do it and shoved a garbage bag right in the driverĀ“s window and told him not to show back up and the driver did not come back...That is what goes on in some other towns where garbage does not sit at the corner of the streets for several days and we only get pick up twice a week. The people there are poor and have small houses and yet they can cope with a twice a week pick up . There the city has trucks that go by at the time and day they are supposed to show up as well.. Here it is a hit and miss..
  9. Mainecoon yes this place is different, In San Cristobal Chiapas when the water company stopped delivering water in our area , the barrio president went from door to door organizing people and getting groups of residents to show up at the water company and wherever the water company officials were. . Each street got organized so people could receive water from the water truck. Here people put the garbage out and as long as it is out of their house it is ok.. You do not see groups of residents showing up at city hall to same them or raise hell about the garbage situation.
  10. THere is a small town in Oaxaca called Teotitlan del Valle, it is one of the cleanest place in Mexico, the market is spotless the streets as well, they recycle and so on.. no tax base, it is an indigenous town. The people living there, brrom the street, and neighbors will tell neibours off if they leave trash out. I asked why the place was so clean and apparently the council decided to have a clean town and everyone in town agreed to do it and they have a clean town... it takes leadership but it also takes citizens who are not lazy, do not leave trash out because they do not feel like getting up in the morning and so on... the government is not the only one to blame, take some responsability as well..
  11. the best way to get real vanilla is to buy the beans
  12. He was not in San Antonio but on one of the Guadalupe Victoria privada in Ajijic. I know I got a dog out of there because his master was afraid the dog was going to be poisonned... A photo is just a good start but you need to prove the man put poison down so you need to call the police to have them pick up the poison meat.. if you pick it up who says it was not you who put the poison down. It is difficult to get proof that will stick in court. The burden of proof is higher here and if the government does not want to bother , it makes getting the guy very difficult.
  13. I have a tree full of green lichis as well....I read they were toxic when gree so I ll wait..
  14. People usually pick guamuchil with sticks or poles.. if you have jocote trees around then it is what they are picking but I have not seen any jocote trees around where I live so no one in the trees..
  15. yes people are picking guamuchil not ciruelas also known as jocote....