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  1. I am sorry I live in San Cristobal so I do not stay in hotels and I have no idea which hotel would be dog friendly. I would think the hotels on the outside of the center maybe but I do not know. Also there is a B&B owned by Bella in the center. SHe has dogs and I think she accepts small dogs I do not know about larger ones but she may know of hotels that accept dogs. She is American so speaks good English.There is an Hacienda Son Juan on the outskirts that could be a place.. Hotel Samaritano on Eje 1 may as well..Sorry I really do not know. The center is congested and not a great place for dogs. In Orizaba there is a nice park by the hotel Las Cascadas. The hotel is closed for remodelling...It has been close for 4 years and no work is going on..once in awhile they have parties.. But check out the park it is really nice and used to be great to walk our dogs when we stayed at the hotel. Also there is a B&B type place in Orizaba owned by Frank and Anya, they have 2 cabins with a large garden and that is a good place too , unfortunately I have lost their phone number.
  2. The sticky tape does not work, they get stuck on it and the live ones use the dead ones as stepping stones..
  3. Actually he will fly down and I drove down with a friend so no dogs of any kind this trip..
  4. Cordoba, Orizaba and Fortin de las Flores are all close to each other and about half way point.You should try Orizaba first as it is the first town you come to then Fortin then Cordoba. The hotels in Orizaba are on the main drag, and so are they in Fortin de las Flores.. There are cabins available in Orizaba by Frank and Anya , two to be exact in a garden setting, I lost their number but you may be able to find them on air B & B The cascades in Orizaba used to take dogs but they are closed now. The towns are not very busy right now, I was there yesterday at the Hotel Fortin de las Flores but I did not ask about dogs as I do not travel with them any longer..
  5. I buy linen for artisans in CHiapas and they went to Mexico city and did not find a better selection that Centro Mercantil and Puerto Vera Cruz... I also just bought popeline 100% coton to make comforter covers at Centro Mercantil. Iseconfd Liana and bdmowers, those are the best stores. Puerto Vera Cruz is a little more expensive and as les selction than Centro Mercantil but I would go to Puerto Vera Cruz first if I were looking for tafetta.
  6. thre are several location, I go to the one by Soriana no idea of the address..
  7. I have door with cera in Chiapas and mold grows..when it is very humid mold grows on anything not only on wood covered with linseed oil..
  8. The price of building is going up so the newer houses will not be as cheap as the older houses already buit..
  9. I would not reommend this hospital for a longer stay, past the few firt day the attention to the patient goes down hill especially personl hygiene.Make sure the couch you will sleep on is comfortable. Mine was wobbly and unfomfortable and it is ok for a day or 2 but not longer. Getting out of there was a long processed and we were overcharged so I had to battle to get the money back and go back there.
  10. The best time to go is any day except market day Thursdays and Sundays..where all the cheap stuff from China is for sale.. those days are awful and I make sure I never go then, The stalls hide the better stores , it is more difficult to find what you are looking for those I think it is a question of taste...
  11. I used to have a property manager who told our cleaning lady to ask for a raise (which by the way I give every year) because the dollar had gone up. I fired the manager , that is what happen the last time someone told me to follow the rate of exchange of the dollar.....
  12. I guess you could go to PROFEO to complain and have a settlement...and good luck with that one... Just because there is a law does not mean it is enforced or that it is worth the trouble to have the stores follow the law.. In that case there was a price and it just happened that the sticker on your item had fallen off.. and then what??? If the store had no stickers then maybe you would have a case but in this instance do not buy the item and forget it.
  13. If you have a non citizen e US will withhold 30% of your IRA for example or other earnings and you have to claim back what they owe you at the end of the year..The problem with that is that the paperwork to be able to file is always late so you cannot claim right away. I usually do not get my money back for 4 to 6 months.. another example of the abusive IRS especially on non citizens.. As I file jointly with my husband his tax refund is held back as well. I now withdraw from my IRA in December right before the end of the year otherwise it may take me 1 year and a half before I get my refund..
  14. not green card holders but otherwise you are correct...well at least if they are withholding the 30% on the gree card they are forgetting me.... I do not want to go near that one..
  15. Also no problem collecting your SS if you pass away and she wants to live in Mexico if she does not have her own ..