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  1. bmh

    Grito date - Sept 15 or 16

    We have the same thing with our National day the 14th of July is celbrated by dancing on the 13th with firework at 10 or 11 at night on the 13th and military parade on the 14th.. We party all night or used to, so we celebrate all night on the 13th and have the 14th off..
  2. The housekeeper is not paying water or electricity when she house sit and she is also not staying with her own family neither can she take off when she wants to so she should be paid for that. The amount is between her and the owners of the pets.
  3. bmh

    Ocelots in Chapala area?

    There are several types of wold cats in the hills so it could be it.. We have a large cat with very long fangs and the vet told me he was a cross between a domestic cat and a jaguarundi. Also one day we found the two legs and the but with tail of a cat in the laundry room.. It was not one of ours but nevertheless a wild creature surprise a marauding cat, killed it and ate it.. I believe there are wild cats around so it could be one of those..
  4. The factura should never be in the car. A friend of ours was asked to give the factura of his car after an accident and he gave it with a note on it that it was to be returned.. The people who ran into him, the lawyer who showed up and the transito were in on the scam, He let them put the car in a safe place until he paid for the damages and never was able to get his car back even after a court order.. NEVER give out the factura .. We do not have it in the car..
  5. bmh

    Anti dog barking devices

    Just got a collar that e. Its a sound we cannot hear, it works really well even worls on growlings. I have 2 collars 5 dogs and they all have been quiet for 2 days so far.
  6. bmh

    San Pablito, Puebla

    I am part of the Feria. Check their site. They have hs phone number and you can ask if he makes them or if he knows someone who does. You are better off sending an e-mail as the signal is bery bad up there so it is tough to get in touch with him. Also it will take several days before he gets to the e-mail. www.mexicoartshow.com is the site for the feria.
  7. In Chiapas we have the same problem and they can really cause damage.. They pee on the tile roof, the peed oxidizes the gutters and metal roofs under the tiles and I had 15 000 pesos of damage a few months ago. The only thing to do is to trap them and have them euthanized, , havethem fixed and release them . Our neighbors put poison out as well and that causes other problems.. It needs to be done quickly when they appear because they reproduce really quickly
  8. bmh

    San Pablito, Puebla

    An artisan from San Pablito will be at the Feria de Los Maestros del Arte in November
  9. There are small acacia trees that look like tabachin with red flowers I have aTabachin in the garden it is huge and an acacia that has similar leaves and that tree stays small..
  10. yes it is ridiculous to say the least.. I am waiting for the checks to be deposited again and then I will have them deposited in our Mexican banks.
  11. bmh

    Furniture Shops

    the EXPO MUEBLE Guadalajara is hapening this coming week at the Expo Guadalajara and thare are all kinds of furniture companies there. Get someone like an interior decorator to go with you as you have to have a business to enter and shop until you drop.
  12. Our problem is a Schwab problem.. They are hiding behind the fact they could not ask us the questions as they could not get in touch with us. Our postion is that we do not have any message from then either oral or written and that when we asked what were the questions a couple od days ago, they did not know and had to wait a day to get the questions as they had not been formulated.. Our checks also go through a clearance bank and there was no problem there. We send an e-mail to SS and they responded they would respond within 5 working days..We will see what happens to the checks then..
  13. They have btter orange trees all over in Guadalajara and that seems to work. How about buganvillia to break the wall.. no shde though. Hopefully you have no electrical line or phone line on your side otherwise that is something to think about.
  14. No kidding since so many were happily ignoring the money laundering..