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  1. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    Ajijic is a cute place in the centro, the malecon area is nice and is more attractive than some of the pueblos magicos I have been too.. Anyone has seen Palenque, the town not the ruins? It is butt ugly and is a pueblo magico.. Several pueblos magicos are places I would not spend more than a couple of hours visiting.. so I do not see why Ajijic cannot compete. Granted the government should get on the ball, fix the streets and pick up garbage on a timely basis would be a nice start.. The carretera will probably not considered as part of the pueblo magico just like the poverty belt in San Cristobal is not or the ugly outside of centro areas of many other villages are not considered part of the pueblo magico. ie Comitan, Chiapa de Corzo , San Cristobal and many others..
  2. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    When we first for to Ajijic many workers used bikes but it seems that mpst now are using cars.. I do not see nearly as many people with bikes now..
  3. handrails can be ordered from just about any pool suply store..
  4. DNA testing

    Some ethnic groups like the one I come from did not have last names but were called by the name of the place they came from..and within that place by the name of the houses so good luck about a family tree... The records of family bbecome exremely foggy past a few generation even in the parts of Europe with better records and they do not account for the out of wedlock kids anyways so the whole history of a family is pretty suspect no matter what people say.
  5. Wedding Present

    I think registring for gift is a wonderful idea, this way people get something they can use rather than crystal vases or a buch of blenders . It is a hell of a practical idea for a wedding .Unfortunately people here in the country do not register so they get a lot of duplocates and useless stuff. Upper classes do register..
  6. Actually raising the maids was common in Europe before the war.. The richer families would inherit kids, orphans, kids from poor family and those kids would help in the larger households and eventually become full time live in servants. Back then there was little cash given out to servants many of them worked for room and board and a little spending money so you can see how the word criada came about. The good old days are over and cleaning ladies, caretakers and maids are now protected by laws and are emloyees so the word criada has taken on a bad connotation and the word is not used any longer. In Chiapas it is not unusual to see the word serviente used on adds on doors but I have never heard anyone referred to her serviente either.. chacha is the word tha is the most common here or ayudante..
  7. what about if the guy wants 1500 like they sometimes do in Mexico city? You hand it over , get the ticket or bargain?
  8. I only saw them crawling after we cut the tree , never saw them before or after but they are ugly , scary things..
  9. I can see how curative spraying on the crown of very tall palms would be very high bit I lost a beautifull big palm that was not very tall and I am sorry I did not know about that bug until it was too late because I would have paid to have it treated.
  10. Earthquake just now?

    I have earthquake insurrance in Chiapas.. The god and bad news is that is your house is not wiped out or has very serious damage the insurrance does not want to know about it. My roof was damaged and as it was raining I had a cascade in the living room and the insurrance did not work.. If your house does not fall down good luck on collecting. Lakeside I have flood insurrance but cancelled earthquake insurrance.
  11. Earthquake just now?

    yes More Liana I know, some people are big experts from the distance, those earthquakes cause damage and really frighten people.Just because people in the valley of Oaxaca have no damage, it does not mean that other places did not get damaged, ie Mexico CIty which is further. I know my friends in Chiapas told me it was strong I am glad you are OK Good luck to us on the next one...
  12. Earthquake just now?

    Your friends in Oaxaca do not live on the coast.. I just paid for repairs on my house down there and all of the tremors are causing damage and weakenng the sructures. We had 150 tremors in the forllowing 3 hours after the main earthquake and all those tremors cause craks that eventually damage the house.. I know I just paid for the last damages.. Just because the houses do not come down does not mean the houses do not get damaged.
  13. I had one kill a very large palm, these guys are really big and you could hear them it the palm once you knew what was going on..
  14. The quake was centered on the coast in Oaxaca and there have been 150 tremors since the quake..
  15. Earthquake just now?

    not very funny when people are losing their houses in Oaxaca