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  1. Dr Fonseca comes to Quality Care . He successfully operated on my husband´s back
  2. a large amount go to Taálá as well..This year I stayed 2 weeks there and the swallows were making huge messes over the doors..
  3. Just because a person is French does not mean they know a French teacher since it is the last thing they need.
  4. No I am leaving on Tuesday., My husband came down with dengue and I could not leave on Monday but I am going on this tuesday, I hope I can get through, it got super nasty this week, my cleaning lady was scare of coming to my house..
  5. There was fighting in Chiapas yesterday at the entrance of San Cristobal and the newly restaured ex palacio municipal was ransacked, fire was set, and so on.. not a good place o be right now..
  6. Not sure what glasses or husband have anything to do with the name of the Mexican President, I thought calling him by the name of a bus company was funny..
  7. hopefully the cat will not get an infecion and will survive.The same thing happened to one of my cousin the the south of France , he is full os led, he was shot by a shogun because the man who fired thought he was a squirrel?? DO not ask me what my cousin was doing in that tree is all about setting traps, illegally obviously..But my cousin is alive and well andfull of lead..
  8. ETN is a bus line...chillin....ha ha If you are Referring to the present president of Mexico you may want to try EPN
  9. FONART announced to the artisans at the last speech of the National concurso f Ceramic in Tlaquepaque that they all are elegible and are covered by SP and that they should all sign up so they are trying to get more people enrolled in the system , it is alive and well..and yes they are sharing facilities and docors in Chiapas..
  10. From what I have heard before men who expose hemselves are rarely rapiss and rapists will rape from young women to old women so do not thinl you are safe because you are not 20 year old.
  11. Chillin you are very good at finding all kinds of things on the internet, I just work with people who are part of the Prospera program... There is a huge difference between what the article is saying and reality.. I was in the clinic picking up a woman this May and I know what the situation is , it seems that , as usual, there is a major discrepency betwwen the feel good article and reality. They decide on many things..and many things fall through the craks... I heard they are many difernt levels of care in the SP system so stay out of Chiapas if you want a nice hospital.. Except for Tuxtla and Tapachula the hospitals are not a place I would recommend.
  12. n´est ce pas..and read the rest..
  13. I lived in England and France so I have plenty of experience with social medecine and I have not seen wards like those I have seen in Chiapas...Actually I have never seen private doctos ´office like I have seen down ther either.. We live next door to a doctor´s consultrio down there and God help you if you have an emergency.. In Tuxtla we had an appointment with a specialist..hours of appointments were totally ignored and a man camein after a 3 hour bus ride..he looked like if he was going to die at any moment. He was moaning and groaning lying on the floor and was ignored by every one, no one tried to do anything about him or let him go was unreal..we ended up leaving to never go back there..and that was a private place, the publicones are worst, there are hours of line, the places are overcrowded, there are not enough bed or medecine and so on...The lines are long in France and ambulances can get stpped and have a tough time when there are demonstrations, and so on but from what I have seen here I sure would not go to SP unless I could not get help anywhere else. It maybe wonderful in Jalisco or other places , I do not know but I sure would not go to the ones I have seen in Chiapas.
  14. I there was a burglar why does the post say the police beat on"them" You are right so they were two burglars..hopefully the cops beat on them..ha ha..
  15. sounds to me like the cops beat on the people helping not on the they will go to jail because they beat on the burglar who was not doing anything to them..correct? and that is justice??