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  1. We have a hibiscus that gets hit much less than the jasmin or the bandera vine but still..
  2. The place I am thinking about and I have used is on Lopez Mateo right before it hits Las Americas, on the right handside before you get to the Cristobal Colon Statue.
  3. I wonder how the Mexicans in other cities manage.. In San Cristobal de lc the garbage comes by twice a week and there is no garbage accumulating on the street and there are very few foreigners. The garbage truck also come like clock On our street in Ajijic the garbage truck goes by when it goes by sometimes a day late. On Ocampo the garbage is picked up every day and people are lazy and have no pride in their town and leave the garbage on the street sometimes right after the truck goes by and dogs get into it and then the dogs are blamed..not the owners..The corner of Rio Zula and the carretera is a disgrace.. Today I was speaking with Mexicans that were not from here and they were picking up the garbage on the beach and told us how sad it was that people did not have any pride about the lake or the town..
  4. I live in Ajijic on a privada and we get service twice a week so it is not 6 days everywhere in Ajijic.. before some :() neighbor told city Hall that we only needed pick up twice a week we got it 3 times a week.. and believe me the lights do not get changed faster on this street because we only get serviced twice a week so do not go there you will lose on that deal..
  5. If they fly low it is like having a beehive descending on you..and that is pretty annoying..
  6. There is a place on Lopez Mateo that does colonoscopy and my gastro told me the doctor there that interprets the images us very good.. I will have to look up the name.. Do not do it locally, do it in Guadalajara where there are hospitals near by.
  7. Hopefully they will be banned over populated areas or will have to follow the aircraft rules, although I doubt that it will happen...
  8. better the drone than the birds..
  9. walmart

    I do not know where you live NOB but I can tell you that the produce was a whole lot fresher in California...Most of the produce around here comes from the abastos and not from local farmers.. We were appalled when we moved here how bad the produce was. The stores keep the fruit and veggies way longer than they should. The quality started improving when Soriana and then Walmart came in. Even SL had terrible produce 15 years ago..Now they have improved but it took the competition of the big stores to make them change,
  10. Gringal just get a sling shot and that will take care of it..I agree I do not like them above my head and if they hover over us in the garden , I will get the slingshot out.. I f a sling shot gets them they are flying too low. Tough luck on them.
  11. I was walking in West Ajijic past Lucerna along the lake this morning and there was a drone right above our heads so they do get to West Ajijic for sure.. I first thought we were going to be attacked by bees.. and it was a whole lot lower than 150 m.
  12. There was a road between Chapala and Ajijic but it was not passable during the rainy season hence the water taxis.. Yes water taxis would be nice if they did not use overcraft that are very noisy.. Actually a quiet waterfront beat busy traffic on the lake as well as busy traffic on the carretera... the day of people sailing or rowing quietly are over.. The old road was Ocampo / Camino Real...
  13. There is a store in Providencia that has Asian imports.. unfortunately I do not remember where it is..
  14. Even now it seems that being legally married is not a priority...Many of the married people I know got married after years of living together ..I have a friend who moved in with her husband at age there is no marrying at that age.. then they just did not bother, did not have the money for the party..have 3 children and now at 35 my friend is thinking of getting married. the 3 kids are of course all " natural".. I can imagine that before that was the rule amongst people who did not have much money..
  15. the expo in Guadalajara and ENART are in February ad August.