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  1. it all depends in which country they are manufactured. So check which labs makes the drug with any drugs.
  2. Bancomer ATM has been turning down our schwab card for several months but all the other banks have been accepting it..hard to say what is going on..
  3. NO do not abandon but have low expectation..the same thng happened to me a couple of months ago and it did arrive eventually but I was not ther eanymore to pick it up within 2 weeks so it was returend to the States... I always tell my family and friends not to send anything and frankly if they do..if it shows up fine if not it is lost and I do not spend one second looking for is just too short. And I forget the mention it but the person who sent it to me received it back...miracles do happen.
  4. There is a nice neighborhood also off Lopez Mateo the periferico and Plaza del Sol but be aware Lopez Mateo gets really clogged up in commute time..but you are near the big stores like Costco and others..There are lots of nice areas in Guadalajara and Zapopan but it is a huge city and you should narrow down an area or 2 that are in a good locations for you and then drive around, contact agency etc..
  5. You can find just about anything in the Metropolitan area but you are not going to find an enclave full of expats , expats are found in many different areas and you should have a driver show you the various areas because driving and looking when you are new to the city is difficult
  6. I would check on who are the best in Guadalajara, maybe these doctors are but I sure would check. A cousin died of a begning brain tumor, there is a type that comes back and continue doing so. He diesd 15 years ago so they may be new cures but the brain is nothing to fool around with.
  7. Check out Providencia, Zapopan, Chapalita and which ever area mentionned above, they are lots of nice areas nice colonias that go from places in town to subburbia kind of places..It all depends what your main activity will be, if you have to commute check out the commute traffic , it can be a bear.
  8. Everyone knows the parking lot is an accident trying to happen so do not go there or park on the street and walk..Why get uptight about a street lihgt..just wait a little longer and eventually everyone gets out. It is a village not New York city..
  9. There is a real sicko in town, we all need to keep our eyes open , if the whole town is watching , this person will be found out.
  10. Some people, just do not know how to send the elevator back down...
  11. Thank you I replied.
  12. If you have little ones you should take precautions wether there is confirmation or not. Kidnappings do happen unfotunately.
  13. If you cannot find the baskets you may want to try what the indigenous do in CHiapas : they use the little grocery mesh bags to prevent their sheep from grazing when on the move .
  14. Many times the people whose family has been kidnapped do not want it publicised for fear of retribution so it is not a good idea to start gossipping about it.
  15. The kidanpping of the Belgian man was done at the same time as other 18 plus people were kidnapped, it was for a killing to happen for mothers day maybe 3 o 4 years agao. He was kidnapped with his German shepherd as he was hiking up from the Tepalo and released with a woman who was also kidnapped. The others were not so lucky and were all found dead.