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  1. Tomas

    Message from CFE today

    Pay them well in advance with a credit to your account..as much as you want at the CFE office/machine outside their lobby..You will get your bill as usual showing nothing owed and after several months you can stop by CFE and get an accounting of your remaining credit balance, they are accurate to the centavo..No muss, no fuss and no depending on anyone else..So easy..
  2. Tomas

    G Mail

    Is there a way to get "Hotmail" back to it's original format??
  3. Looking for comments/experience regarding the local policy providers relative to Pricing and service when filling a claim. It would be valuable if they have a local agent to call in the event of an accident that would deal with the Transito's and other drivers agents.. Names of recommended companies and whom to avoid..
  4. Tomas

    Casa Linda Phone #

    Thanks..I received their cell # and it worked...045 331 298 2560..
  5. Tomas

    Casa Linda Phone #

    Is there a pre-fix required for their phone #108-0887 from a land line?
  6. Nothing they have done has made anything better..Pitiful service..they only survive due to no viable alternative..
  7. There appears to be 10-15 channels that will allow SAP audio..the others are Spanish only..That is what I experience on my basic Tele-cable/IZZY package..YMMV..
  8. Tomas

    Self Rising Flour

    Does self-rising flour exist in any of the stores..maybe under a different name?? I saw a great recipe using S.R. flour and and melted real ice cream..I cup S.R. flour and 3/4 cup MELTED ice cream, your flavor choice, mix well and bake in loaf pan, (forgot time) @ 350 until done...Got excellent reviews...I do not want to mix the other required ingredients to produce S.R. flour..
  9. Tomas

    Driving to Chapala

    A Notario can notarize your letter in Mexico..
  10. Tomas

    Sky tv

    What are their rates??
  11. Water is always "drinkable" from the tap if available..Is it guaranteed "Potable" directly from the tap without UV or Reverse Osmosis?
  12. Need a valid email address to request info..TIA
  13. Tomas

    Beef Prices

    As a 30 year part time residents of Ajijic and Chapala we appreciate the variety of food and restaurants that are available locally. Last week my wife and I were in Orlando, Fla. for 5 days and made reservations at what are touted as some of the finest restaurants according to Trip Advisor ratings. Some were excellent as advertised while the #1 rated restaurant was terrible. It was the bevy of tuxedo dressed wait staff and an impressive menu. My wife had a fresh grouper entree I had their signature large bone in rib eye plus sides a bottle of wine ($75.00) and 1 desert..The bill was $500.00 including tip...There are a dozen better eating places in and around Ajijic without visiting Guad..Be happy my friends..we are in heaven were we are in Mexico..
  14. Tomas

    Railn Saturday Night

    I, for one, really miss the Lake Chapala Weather Station..I know it was a PIA to keep it up and running but there should exist newer technology that, I think, would make a weather station/app much easier to operate..I especially miss the lake level monthly historic posting for the previous 5 years..
  15. It sounds great, my question is, how will you test your download speed at your home prior to purchasing...I do not see how buying a 2100 p sim card will let you know what your speed will be at your home..We already have ATT phones from the U.S. that work fine at our home in Mexico with unlimited data, talk and texting ( we realize it slows after so much data,...we also have the ATT modem/router at another home in the States..we have had it for a year or so and it works great, Our home in lakeside could benefit from this ATT modem for streaming versus the Telmex we use now..I am will ing to pay the 2100p with the hope that it provides decent down and upload speeds..So I guess it is buy and try... How much is the ATT plan / month after the modem purchase..TIA