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  1. Reminds me of the commercial on TV where the bank is being robbed and all the customers on the floor are looking at the bank guard and want to know why he isn't doing anything, he then states that he is only a "security monitor"...sounds similar to a "Certified Dental Technician"...No way he should touch a patient other than to welcome them...
  2. Possible Answer To Maincoon's Question?

    Here is the NY Times article on AMLO...Loves Venezuela and their dictator.. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/07/opinion/mexico-election-lopez-obrador.html
  3. how can I pre pay my utilities

    We pay Telmex and CFE and Telecable at least a year in advance..Been doing it for several years..Never an issue, you can use a U.S. credit card at Telmex and IZZi, CFE requires to load the bills in their machine outside the office..There is usually a man there to help you use the machine for a few Peso tip..To many we know have had the bank or realtor screw up their payments...
  4. I travel back and forth 6+ times / year..Even when getting a red light NEVER an issue with any scripts, vitamins, pills..You will hear various 2nd hand accounts of confiscations. ec..Not an issue..
  5. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    my thoughts are..come down for your spring visit and get somewhat familiar with the various areas, +'s and -'s..Then build a plan for your move in a few years with your dad..and you both settle in together..
  6. Anyone Lose a Car

    There is no- way without some type of transmitters in you auto's this will work. I think you are confusing your positioning with Google maps or something similar. No wonder we did not get an explanation!!
  7. Video Doorbell

    My guess is that they will last a couple of weeks unless the system is welded to a steel or iron structure...Very tempting to kids and Ladron's..
  8. Gym in Chapala

    Got it..Thanks
  9. Gym in Chapala

    Location of Status Gym ??
  10. Is there a gym in Chapala , plenty in Ajijic?
  11. The Barber Shop at the main intersection in Chapala has a high end FAX/Scan capability at the back of the shop..wheel-chair assessable but NOT a Internet Cafe..
  12. Recommendations for VW mechanic

    The "god" of VW;s is Ron Young in Chapala...Hands down..Across the highway from Soriana on the lateral. Just a little past Sorian's on the same side is a muffler repair shop who also knows their way around VW's..
  13. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    they both incorporate the 4 letters then your birth date and thena series of additional #'s and letters..there are differences between the CURP and RFC ID's//
  14. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    Car tag and Emissions test and sticker are Independent issues BUT both are required..Emissions test facility is OPEN for business as well as Zaragoza the street they are located on..
  15. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    massive line way out the door..an officer was handing a piece of paper that has to be filled out prior to reaching the counter..It requires the following info...Full name of owner, license plate #, CURP #, RFC #, email address. Since I did not have some of the info handy I took a hike and drove to the Emissions test facility on Zaragoza, the street is open and the shop is open and NO LINE..test completed in 15 minutes..Now will try the license office in the afternoon next week..