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  1. mkshawn

    Open Circle

    Guest, show up, best smile, & something casual!
  2. mkshawn

    Drip irrigation system

    To temporarily close off a leaking head, fold the small supply tube over & secure with a cable tie. Take a series of pics of the head you need to replace & head to the top of the Wednesday Tinge in Ajijic. Turn up the hill on the opposite side. At the 1st level spot a junction of 5 roads turn rt. Going downhill towards Vista Alegra on the left is the best supplier of RainBird Equipment. U may see his banners along the way. Best of luck
  3. mkshawn


    Great camera work, so much better than the old fuzzy B&W. He reminds me of a neighbour? No I think not
  4. I had 3-4 hernia's as a result of a botched 5-6hr gallbladder operation, used mesh & it migrated, meaning any excess mesh rolled up above the hernia's. Sloppy! Not uncomfortable or an issue with the hernia's but? Can not tell u what type was used, the surgeon stated that this was a common result? All done in the great white north
  5. Seems that I have been down graded to a Newbie. Not that it really makes a great difference to my life but as I have been an active member since 2009 you wonder why these things happen, no warning nor restrictions being applied, yippie

    Cheers mkshawn.ca@gmail.com

  6. mkshawn

    fountain cleaning

    i will be back in the morning
  7. mkshawn


  8. mkshawn

    Tacos al Pastor - where?

    Wow! Similar as served in Beirut. Delicious!
  9. mkshawn

    Glass Door

    Sorry my experience with ViLuMa started out swell, then when we tried to confirm a price estimate 6 months later he was 30% higher & would not discuss his revised estimate. Went to Chapala & got the job completed for less than his original budget. Go figure? Thats two of us?
  10. mkshawn

    Ink cartriges

    His booth had or has a drop box, leave u'r cartridges with your name & number & he contacts you
  11. My submersible pump in our 10,000 litre aljibe is hot to the touch. Aljibe was recently cleaned with a float switch replaced. Can anyone recommend a reliable pump mechanic. TIA
  12. mkshawn

    First rainbirds

    Just covered the feeders & the rainbirds are out & noisy/ Riberas Mnt Side
  13. mkshawn

    Jiggers - looking for one

    My recipe is 1measure + 2 measures + 3 measures: this requires a deduction of how many margs at what size, then I use what ever tumbler or glass seems appropriate for the #1measure as you all know the ingredients I'm sure u can figure it out. Just my opinion but a shot glass or jigger is for 1 marg, use a tumbler to make a jug full, keeps the guests happy.
  14. mkshawn

    snowbird"s lament

    Many years of cross country skiing & snow shoeing in exactly that scene. Is it possible that better conditions are upon us. It might make me go back earlier?
  15. mkshawn

    Water testing

    Not positive but I understand that there are 3 wells in Riberas, one above Hidalgo the other(s) below? We are above, with a zeolite filter on all incoming water, backwashing ever 4-6 days. So far the problems (stains, tar like substance) we had before the new well went into service above Hidalgo have completely disappeared? It's been my belief that the many breaks, leakage in the water lines are causing the issue, by allowing the contaminated soils to re-enter the water lines when the pumps cease to operate over nite. AkA water flows downhill sucking contaminates into the lines after hours. Fix the leaks! Simple! The other issue is not to be discussed on the board, many services here are pirate splices completed by amateurs on lands not accessible by Simapa.