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  1. New Construction

    4 to a room on duplex bunk beds?
  2. Suggestions for Good-Cheap Lunch

    Highly Recommend Frida's Tacos: New owners directly across from SuperLake. We enjoyed #5.6.&7 plus 2 small Pozole Chicken stews, 3or4 tacos + a couple of beers & table salsa. Bill a modest 170 including a tip
  3. We have a series of 4"x6" Palm Roof Rafters quite short in Length 4'-5' that are showing signs of infestation? Any advice is appreciated! We hope to keep them?
  4. first aid kits

    Any marine supply outlet has "Ditch Bags" some expensive, some not. Ditch means taking a step up to the dingy/life raft. Annual adjustments required depending on the depth?
  5. Don't quote me on this but there was a theory back in the day 2008 that no landline meant no internet would be available. Telmex did not market internet without a landline. However no smart phones either at that time.
  6. Lake Chapala Weather Net

    Just added your bookmark back into my Browser. Welcome back!
  7. Lake Level

    My apologies, I can be annoying!
  8. New Direct Flights to-from Canada

    All variables: No of pax, no of bags, Time of Dep https://www.interjet.com/en-ca?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1dDPBRC_ARIsAJZrQfr1uzFufTjMAVDX_-nhWHxsqKbJwUXc4fbCGc6ibgBguxpsRLdKfXAaAnXHEALw_wcB
  9. Canadian Banking

    Last year I had new credit cards couriered to us by TD. Both times they where opened by Mx Customs & so compromised & destroyed. They had been removed from the card backing so the CVV was exposed. Not a great start for a replacement card!
  10. The only issue u as a Canadian can encounter is not having a valid emission test. If not current, find a border crossing adjacent a CTC & have the test completed as u wait then proceed to a Service (Insert Province) & pick up u'r renewal. In my case Prescott Ontario happens to have both with-in 2 blocks. I believe BC is similar as I sent a car west & had it tested prior to loading on the Train
  11. Toilet paper flushing

    The collective is almost there. 100 posts on TP Flushing is doable? We should all get together and apply some pressure!
  12. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    This is GOOD all u folks are great
  13. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    In a past life our office used a Brother Laser MFC model. It was about the only thing I took away when we closed 10yrs ago! It is still operational an arms length away. Very basic very reliable, I will be tempting fate when we return & order a similar product.

    Google Street View while slow is a good way to get a long distance view of your rental & the approach roads. We have friends at the top & can concur with comments by Islander, ibarra & Mainecoons. Just checked my message and noted friends & fiends are an r apart!
  15. Toilet paper flushing

    As fresh water sailors you get very comfortable with the TP Waste Container & all that it requires. The transition in our 2009 Casa was very easy to make, our 3 stage septic is scheduled for its 1st pump out.