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  1. nolajoe

    Ajijic to Guadalajara RT bus questions

    I do not know the answer to your question. Hopefully you can get some assistance here: https://moovit.com/
  2. nolajoe

    Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    I took the very good tour at Cofradia Tequila and they had an underground bar/restaurant in what looked like a cellar. There is also a hotel on the property.
  3. nolajoe

    Chamorros al horno In Chapala

    All of the information is on their Facebook page. I could not copy and paste the main link for some reason. Looks like they close at five, then reopen at six for tacos. The taco magno is described as a 25 cm taco with meat and cheese. I will try to copy and paste their menu from the "about" section of their Facebook page. https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/CARTA DEL TEJADO GRILL.pdf?token=AWxx_G7CnLqBFE8p9Ow1FzLpf06yspyUlWcllCJEWjFsmn0Ry8FuGs9qBuhFoJT_TMuu8swRiDcEI9zuVApnzEy0Sxnn_EMONDgisy6TNQDwlbWQEsiylvAWnfXPkyzaVX8yx5q-hHdPEwTdyYx7fibq It worked. Now you can see for yourself. The full name is El Tejado De Don Eme
  4. nolajoe

    Chamorros al horno In Chapala

    Their Facebook page says that they are open 9:00-5:00 everyday but Wednesday. They have goat and beef birria for $80 and $70 respectively. Their chamorro is $70. From 6:00-11:00 they have taco magno for $30-$40 pesos.
  5. nolajoe

    Water Filter... on a Sunday?

    Ferreteria Calzada in Chapala has the types of water filters that I use and Google says that they are open from 9:30-3:00 today. Their website says that they are open today from 10:00-3:00. Best to take your filter with you to make sure you get a match.
  6. nolajoe

    domestic air travel documents

    Off subject, but maybe of interest, I have used my Jalisco driver's license for ID twice on domestic flights. Once with Volaris, another time with Aeromexico. My passport and visa were packed in my carry on. The first time, I wanted to see if the DL would be accepted for ID, the second time it just seemed easier.
  7. nolajoe

    Dog friendly

    Hotel Perico is pet friendly. http://www.hotelperico.com.mx/en/
  8. nolajoe

    swimming in Lake Chapala

    The Lerma River is the principal tributary to Lake Chapala. The Santiago River drains the lake. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Chapala http://wldb.ilec.or.jp/Details/Lake/NAM-59
  9. Luzma Grande - Ajijic Concierge, 333-452-1670
  10. nolajoe

    Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    I don't know, Ned. I did not ask.
  11. nolajoe

    Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    I bought duck eggs at the Tuesday market last week. First table to the left as you enter from the side parking lot.
  12. nolajoe

    How to dial US toll free number?

    Try gethuman.com. Just type in the name of the company that you are trying to reach. If the company is in the database, you can get lots of detailed information on how best to reach them by phone. Some of them have a "call-back" option so that you do not have to waste time while on hold. I have used it for several years and it works for me on most 800 type phone numbers. https://gethuman.com/
  13. nolajoe

    bbq near walmart

    A couple of doors east of Food Lake Container, between Escalera and the garden store.
  14. nolajoe

    Looking for Cheap Rentals

    Try using a capital "R". I searched for "Rony" and got 48 pages of results.
  15. nolajoe

    Cleaning car engine

    Second the car wash on Venustiano Carranza. In addition to cleaning the engine, they have a lift and can clean the undercarriage.