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  1. Luzma Grande - Ajijic Concierge, 333-452-1670
  2. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    I don't know, Ned. I did not ask.
  3. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    I bought duck eggs at the Tuesday market last week. First table to the left as you enter from the side parking lot.
  4. How to dial US toll free number?

    Try gethuman.com. Just type in the name of the company that you are trying to reach. If the company is in the database, you can get lots of detailed information on how best to reach them by phone. Some of them have a "call-back" option so that you do not have to waste time while on hold. I have used it for several years and it works for me on most 800 type phone numbers. https://gethuman.com/
  5. bbq near walmart

    A couple of doors east of Food Lake Container, between Escalera and the garden store.
  6. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    Try using a capital "R". I searched for "Rony" and got 48 pages of results.
  7. Cleaning car engine

    Second the car wash on Venustiano Carranza. In addition to cleaning the engine, they have a lift and can clean the undercarriage.
  8. Lake Chapala Weather Net

    Checked the Lake Chapala Weather site this morning and it is up and running. There is a banner that reads: Welcome, we're back after a vacation and time to regroup. chapalaweather.net
  9. binocular repair

    You could try Lake Chapala Birders for information on binocular repair. Scroll down to the bottom of the October newsletter for contact information. http://chapalabirders.org/index.html
  10. Thanks, CG. I will try the Google offline translation app.
  11. Quick denture repair

    Thank you puro guero and stuphel for the recommendation of Dr. Haro's office. I dropped off the denture at 9:30. They called me at 11:15 to come back and try it to see if it fit. There was a problem with the fit and within a few minutes, one of the dentists in the office made the necessary adjustments for a proper fit. So it took about two hours and cost 1500 pesos and now I have my denture in good working order.
  12. My partial denture (sometimes called a "flipper") lost a battle with a tile floor and needs to be repaired. I went to Dental Express and was told that their technician is on vacation and I will need to wait until Monday for an appointment. Is there another place Lakeside that can perform a repair on a partial denture?
  13. I am looking for recommendations based on personal experience for a Spanish/English offline translation app. I use Google Translate for translations when my phone is connected and it works okay, but I am willing to try another app based on personal recommendations.
  14. Lakeside7, you are correct. I had treatment from her recently for two spots.
  15. Dra. Marta is at LCS on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. You sign up in advance at the LCS office. If the area in question is treated with liquid nitrogen, it costs 100 pesos per area. If the area is questionable, you can make an appointment to see her at her office for excision and biopsy.