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  1. Lakeside7, you are correct. I had treatment from her recently for two spots.
  2. Dra. Marta is at LCS on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. You sign up in advance at the LCS office. If the area in question is treated with liquid nitrogen, it costs 100 pesos per area. If the area is questionable, you can make an appointment to see her at her office for excision and biopsy.
  3. Morelia restaurant recommendations?

    La Cocina De Licha - Lunch only 1-4 M-F, home cooking, desserts, inexpensive, close to Centro. La Corregidora 669, 443 312 6165. Cenaduría De La Parroquia De La Inmaculada - Dinner every night starting at 7:00. Located in a church, the money raised helps support the church. Buy tickets, then use the tickets to buy food from different purveyors, all in one place. Tejedores de Aranza No. 314, 443 314-1840 Mercado Independencia has a lot of varied and good food choices. It's a large mercado, very busy. I also went to several fine dining restaurants, including Lu and Mirasoles, both of which were very good and near the main plaza.
  4. The water hoses are sold.
  5. Two matching decorative planters made in San Juan Evangelista by Emilio Barrera. 300 pesos each or both for 500 pesos. Each planter measures 13 inches across by 10 inches high. Two water hoses with two sprinkler heads ~ 50 feet long each. 150 pesos for the pair. Please send me a PM if you are interested.
  6. Satellite radio repair Lakeside

    Thank you both for your replies.
  7. My SiriusXM car radio powers up with a message on the screen that reads "subscription upgraded, press any key to continue." After pressing a key the message on the screen gives me the radio ID, then an 800 number to call. I looked at the information on my online account and there's no indication of a problem. I sent a refresh signal to the radio and it started working again. After turning off the power, then turning the power back on, the radio goes into its now default condition of "subscription upgraded, press any key to continue." I talked to a tech at SiriusXM and after we went through the same exercise, he told there is something wrong with the radio. All of the other radio functions work properly. I'm looking for recommendations for someone that works on satellite radios.
  8. Local Sports Bars(?)

    USTVNOW will have it on the ABC affiliate at 7:00 pm. It takes a pretty good internet connection to stream it and you can connect an HDMI ready TV to your computer.
  9. Wanted to rent a 10 passenger Van

    The Miramontes family has a van that size. Lots of information on this site about them if you search this site. Francisco Miramontes' phone number is 333 157 8060
  10. Turtles at the Beach

    Lydia's Tours has a turtle spawn group tour in early September. http://lydiastours.webs.com/turtle-spawn-sept-8-to-10 Charter Club could arrange an individual tour. They have moved from Plaza Montaña to the south side lateral in Ajijic near the corner of Aldama'. http://charterclubtours.com/en/contact-us/
  11. kidney beans?

    El Granero had a sign in their store today that said that they have kidney beans.
  12. Hiking

    The Ajijic Hiking Club publicizes their activities on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ajijichiking/
  13. Mezcala Island

    Exciquio Santiago, founder and curator of the museum on the town square, offers tours of Mezcala Island. His phone number is 333-184-7952. Last time I went, his fee was 600 pesos and the cost of the boat to and from the island was 350 pesos. Attached is a link to a blog post that chronicles the writer's experience when he visited the island in 2008. http://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2008/02/mezcala-doorway-to-dramatic-history.html
  14. Notario Needed

    Sergio Macias Avila Av. Hidalgo 245D Telephone 376-765-2740 notaria5macias(@)gmail.com
  15. Thank you for the replies and the correction. Very helpful.