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  1. See Spencer -or get a different maid
  2. Had any one Way airline ticket problems recently?

    Very strange..I can only guess that maybe his age (30) & traveling solo was a factor.
  3. Has anyone had a problem recently entering or leaving Mexico on a one-way ticket with a US tourist visa? I’ve done this many many times myself but my son was stopped by Volaris in Hartford 2weeks ago about his one-way ticket entering Mexico & had to produce proof he had a purchased ticket exiting Mexico.(He was able to show his ticket on his phone leaving for China in 10days. Again upon departure ,Aeromexico at Guad stopped him because his ticket to China was one-way. They insisted on proof he had a purchased ticket leaving China. He had none since his stay is indefinite. He was forced to book a flight exiting China so there at the check - in desk he used his phone and credit card t to purchase a random flight from China to Tokyo . With that proof of a ticket they let him through. (Hopefully he’lll be able to cancel that Tokyo flight ) something new ? Different airline, different airports insisted tourist traveler can’t enter a country without proof of an exiting ticket.
  4. Monarch Butterflies

    Easiest first trip is through a tour agency who will prepurchase your bus tickets & book your hotel reservations. Your driver to the Reserve is through the hotel. Some things I learned from my visits: Morelia is about 4hrs from Guad and the butterfly reserve is a long drive from Morelia. - about 3 hrs ypur hotel provided driver from Morelia is just a driver .though with any luck he will be knowledgeable about the area & share some interesting information along the way. Only the Reserve -provided guides are allowed to lead visitors inside the park The high- altitude walk to the top is very very steep , about 1 1/2 hrs to the top or you can pay to go up on horseback) do NOT go on a week-end ! visitors can be shoulder-to-shoulder & your time at the top actually observing the butterflies will be limited (I think the signs said 15 minutes?) Pack some food & drinks for the 6 hrs of driving ....not much available . I’d suggest a collapsible zipper cooler with ice packs for the car) Seeing the butterflies is an amazing experience !!
  5. Posting specifics on the Wall of Shame Facebook page would be a real service to the community.
  6. warm air or steam vaporizer needed

    2 arrived today at Todo Bueno the consignment store next to Have Hammers,just west of S&S auto
  7. iPad....same account for years..yesterday no problem , today nada! Btw , Yesterday/last time I accessed my gmail I was NOB...now Lakeside again & Gmail asked me to log in & does not recognize me Not sure if somehow related to my sudden issue . Doubtful though since I’ve gone north & back many many times in the past with never a problem
  8. Gmail suddenly does not recognize me & account verification steps aren’t successful. I’ve tried googling & you tube suggestions without luck. Very frustrating ! Can anyone recommend someone knowledgeable about this kind of thing?
  9. I wouldn’t bank on anyone’s response here. You neeed to check the rules of the airline you’ll be flying as rules vary widely from no dogs at all ever to certain breeds not accepted, to depending on weather, limited number per flight etc. each airline also has specific crate requirements. ANd beware rules can change literally overnight.
  10. How to dial US toll free number?

    No - the alternate numbers provided in responses above do not work from my Telcel phone. Problem with using Skype is that’s it’s not practical when you’re on hold for 45 minutes . ( I resolved my problem by using a friends Vonage)
  11. From a Mexican cell can someone tell me how to dial toll free US numbers? (800, 888 ..) thank you
  12. Feeling peeved

    he didn’t provide any ‘help’ ... . Since I hadn’t gone to Town Hall looking to hire an agent my only issue is with his not being upfront & identifying himself as a realtor during two phone calls& convincing me to meet with him with a murky story. If he’d simply explained he was a realtor , contacted by his wife a TH employee standing a few feet from me & offered to be of assistance I could said thanks but not right now. other than the slimy feeling of being manipulated only harm was some wasted time - for both of us. One can dream though and In a perfect world (ha!)the realtor - and for sure the owner- might have said something like “gee, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. we’ll try to clearer next time and I hope you’ll consider us if/when your needs change”
  13. Feeling peeved

    Wen to Chapala Town Hall today to hopefully track down the owner of the empty lot next to my house. The lady at the information booth consulted with a second woman & I was handed a phone to discuss my issue with a gentleman who took my name, the address & my phone number who said he could meet me at my house. I questioned why this was necessary since he had the address in question etc. he said OK & said he’d call me back so I left. Shortly thereafter he called me back and said he was at my house . I thought it was weird but he said he was there to discuss the information I was looking for and hey, things are done differently here so I told him I’d be home in a few minutes. When I arrived he handed me his business card - realtor Monica Guitierrez with Lakeside Chapala Realty and offered to help me with this purchase ! his wife works at Town Hall and is apparently the woman with whom the information booth lady conferred. As I explained to this realtor and later the owner of the agency I have no qualms with realtors, the valuable services they provide or folks in business being creative about getting new customers. I DO have a problem with business people misreprenting themselves (he did not identify himself as a realtor on the phone ) and wasting my time .(I also doubt steering clients to her husband’s business is in the wife’s job description as a municipal employee! ) Since neither this realtor nor the owner seemed to have an issue with this bit of deception I’m sharing my experience for what it’s worth.
  14. airport taxi rate

    But what you paid in the States is a moot point