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  1. Today’s experience registering for Seguro Popular

    No questions , no conversation at all - just in & out
  2. I encountered conflicting information on line so to share my own experience today: - you cannot sign up in San Antonio you must go to the Centro de Salud in Chapala - directions below ( I tried SAT first based on some incorrect and/or dated postings) - once in the Cento building , walk into the waiting room straight ahead and the sign up window is to your left along the wall, there’s a big sign over the window & the 4 required documents for foreigners/extranjeos are posted on a sign on the wall to the left of the window I brought two copies of each document , just in case. No original documents were requested though I brought them with me , again just in case. - copy of passport -copy of Residente Permanente - copy of CURP (mine is an 8 1/2 x 11 paper , not a card) -copy of proof of address ie Telmex or CFE bill (doesn’t have to be in your name) or rental lease FYI a bank statement showing your address is not acceptable - it was a quick and easy process , at 11:30am there was 1 lady in front of me , I waited tops 5 minutes for my turn. The clerk then took maybe 5minutes to complete her data entry work, handed me my Seguro Popular document (“Poliza de Afiliacion”) & I was done - Assuming you have the right documents in hand no Spanish skills required. No questions were asked of me except to request my signature (“firma”) The clerk did not speak any English however so if things did get messy for you for some reason having a Spanish speaker along might be comforting Directions to Chapala Cento de Salud Coming from the west Go down Carreterra into Chapala, turn left at light and go one block past Flavio Romero which is one way. Turn right on next block where the Bus Station is and go all the way down to the end. (which is quite a few blocks) Turn right and then right again on Flavio Romero. Centro de Salud is 3-4 blocks , on the left side. It’s a low white building , set back a bit from them road with “Centro de Salud” written in large letters on the side of the building. Street side parking only .

    Also in the category of “how can that be” my CFE bill runs 75p/month! Only 1person so useage is low (ie washer but no dryer etc) .I've been told , but don’t know for a fact, that rates vary by location as well .
  4. New place on La Paz , SAT below the plaza A private home recently turned club —the loudspeakers being used there are insane! , I’d ask how this could possibly happen but we all know the answer. Im a block away and I feel so sorry for the families living immediately around them -everything in their houses must be shaking ! Also there’s no parking so visiting cars are parked all along the narrow street leaving no spaces for residents . Such a shame for this quiet little street (Im grateful though that tonight at least the music is pretty good - since there’s no escaping it )
  5. Washing Machine Recommendation?

    Not new but I Bought a Whirlpool yesterday at Electrovento - 19k size - 5900p. Used but very clean & looked new, 1 yr guarantee
  6. Simon

    “Hamacas” is a smallish, newish (first units maybe 4 yrs old?) gated condo development lakeside of the carretera ,down from the Avocado Club, in San Antonio...
  7. Mexico is number one

    “—- with 74 percent saying they believe that the actions of ordinary people can make a difference in the fight against corruption.” Dont pay mordida — demand the ticket , take photos if necessary
  8. To your question as to whether if will be much harder - the truth is yes. Impossible no. All depends on the landlord, personally for example ,just because of my own personal past experiences , I don’t accept cats but will accept a small well-behaved dog , Other landlords based on their own past experiences may do the reverse- or no pets at all,
  9. Permanente Status

    Only my opinion but paying folks to do what's you can do yourself takes away learning opportunities . If you're wanting to be a 'Permanent Resident' of Mexico why do like a helpless tourist? And It's really so easy. Visit 1. waited 5 minutes to speak with clerk (speaks English very well) & pick up instructions - printed & highlighted step by step instructions for their website. The on-line application has maybe half a dozen easy questions (name,address, sex, marital status...) Visit 2. Waited 5 minutes to hand in required docs (pics, copies of passport, receipt from bank..) & get them reviewed/OK'd . Visit 3 - waited 10 minutes to get fingerprints. that being said perhaps it's all too much for an elderly person , or you can't spare the time or just can't be bothered. . . If so facilitators are inexpensive - about $300 p. Personal choice
  10. Speaking as both a renter myself and owner of a rental house - long term rentals come on the market at no particular time of year. Situations simply change and then a house becomes available (marriage , death, illness, relocation...) & if nice it rents very quickly. So IMO futile to look far ahead . Come , take a long- term rate at a B&B or Hotel Perico ( if you have a car) or book a snowbird short-term rental and expect to look & wait . Plus side is you'll be gaining knowledge during that time & better know what you want & maybe avoid committing to a long term you won't be happy in. A year rent can be a long time if you're miserable in a mistake (mold , cohetes in your backyard, buses, loud quarreling neighbors over the wall, roof dogs...)
  11. Another kind of scam

    Could Miguel have innocently shared information with someone - a casual conversation? ( that someone might have used that information is as scared as a tapped phone)
  12. Consignment store trolling

    A clarification. - Todo Bueno (all volunteer, no paid staff) proceeds are divided between the Have Hammers school and the outreach program at St. Andrews church through which they are distributed throughout the Lakeside community Store proceeds do not benefit the church itself ...
  13. You don't indicate a price range? I have a house in Riberas available Nov 1st 12,500 p/mo
  14. LLLnMX can you tell us about your group- the info that is lacking on your website? Who are you exactly and who are the other presenters? Names, qualifications, experience , references, affiliations etc
  15. Good question - the website gives no indication as to who these folks are. (Owners, presenters etc) Have to assume it's a for profit business which is Not in itself a problem but transparency is important. -as more & more newcomers flood in these kind of 'services' are popping up daily. Buyer beware