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  1. Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Check these links and you could also check with S&S auto or Mainecoons of this board (via) PMfor added info, advice, perspective: Buena suerte and let us know how it goes. Would probably recommend un-crating it and using it a bit if possible, so it looks more like a personal import, and less like a commercial one. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/importing-bikes-into-mexico-from-the-us.119075/ https://mexinsurancestore.com/bringing-motorbike-into-mexico/ http://www.ownmexico.org/import-vehicle-into-mexico/
  2. Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Have to help the board, in order to help yourself..... New or used? Personally (like in the back of a pickup truck) or via a freight service / customs broker? What's the value, country of origin (manufacture), provide some details and your goals / budget / timing, and more info / assistance can be yours.
  3. Update to our terms of use

    And not exactly a "lakeside" category topic either.
  4. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    Still checking regarding the "banking" of kWh and credit questions, we prefer to have written policy statements to review, before sending anything out or sharing publicly, as you can all appreciate. On the rest - certainly hard to disagree, despite this article on some new changes which began last year: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/opinion/new-rules-encourage-small-solar-systems/ Some things are directionally better. However, we've also seen local-only changes such as no longer being able to bring the inter-connection agreement to the client for signing - they have to go to the CFE office personally. That is a bit of a step backward for many at lakeside from either or both of a convenience or communications-comfort perspective. Back with more, when we know for sure.....
  5. ISO CD Envelopes

    The CD / DVD sellers at the tianguis should have a good supply.....!
  6. solar electric

    Kindly send me a PM, yours is not receiving messages, acc'd to the system.
  7. solar electric

    Phil, You can definitely do that as you're still under the DAC level. 2 panels of 325 watts each using a micro-inverter (1 per 2 panels) can yield close to 200 kWh per 2 month billing period, on a year round avg basis. So that would bring your net consumption nicely into the "sweet spot" in the CFE rate structure, about 1 peso or less per kWh. Many folks do this, just to have a bit of breathing / wiggle room on their consumption, and ease of mind vis-a-vis hitting DAC , or "getting DAC'd" as some like to put it! ;-)
  8. Bad water oder

    What kind of odor? Better to find the cause than treat the symptom. Are your neighbours having similar issues? If yes, then a common source problem If no, you might want to have both the aljibe and tinaco checked and cleaned....any chance something got in the aljibe, but not out....?
  9. Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    Two totally different products, sorry for any confusion. If you needed a new / replacement pool panel or system, I was mentioning the Techno-Solis as a great way to go instead of the Heliocol.
  10. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    Thanks Pete, the feeling is mutual. To the best of my knowledge, that info was correct at the time it was posted in May '17. And numerous CFE solar account reviews have supported it. There may be a change that has just come in along with all the others mentioned, checking on it already, and happy to post back with any updates / changes.
  11. Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    Check Tecno Agua, they list Heliocol on their website To your comment, actually the Techno Solis brand is # 1 rated by the NSTF, with a 10 year warranty, and the 1 piece construction has no parts; the interior flow channels are part of the flat plate construction and can withstand freezing solid (not exactly an issue locally.....) and 150 MPH winds when installed correctly. Being happily used all across the area at both condo and private pools and less expensive than the Heliocol, tambien.
  12. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    Couple of mentions with all respect; keeping in mind that nothing uses as much energy as heating water.... be it residential use, or pool heating. 1 - the link shows the unit is 240 V and uses 13,000 watts of power. That's 55 amps (an electric stove is 240 / 40A)......A lot of lakeside homes are simply not set up for that, & even those that are would need a good bit of electrical work to supply this "little" 4 gallon per minute unit. And any moderate to large regular use of hot water is going to use a LOT of power, one would likely want to consider adding solar electric or upsizing an existing system if they had this unit. 2 - a 16 liter / minute Bosch or Kruger costs about the same, within 1000 to 3000 pesos, mas o menos, and the new ones work automatically and much better than previously, with solar as the primary. I agree there were issues with previous series of both of those brands, lately we've seen much better results from them (and we do not sell them).
  13. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    Any one with questions on solar hot water systems and the best ways of inter-connecting with existing gas water heating setups, or creating a new setup from scratch, can drop by the STI Solar Technology booth @ the Chili Cookoff today or tomorrow, for info and the chance to speak with trained & highly experienced local installers Arturo and Isaac.
  14. Where to get postcards of the area

    Bernd has his own booth at the Chili Cookoff, next to the Legion booth, drop by, say hi, see the beautiful cards and images, and ask about his show special!
  15. http://mexicannationalchilicookoff.com/ 40th annual, and last year EACH of the many good causes it supports received 40,000 p.