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  1. Hot tub with solar panels?

    Check this link and suggest you PM Mexico Moose or myself.
  2. Salt pool systems are a great way to go when properly used and maintained. The electrolysis system used with salt pools DOES produce chlorine by design, so the info the attendant gave you was not complete. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_water_chlorination
  3. You could start by having a local plumber check it, the heating coils / fins may just need a good cleaning, they can get carboned up. If so, that is relatively easy & accessible by just removing the exterior cover. Or, contact Bosch and they have independent approved service providers out of Guad who can do a full internal / external cleaning and check of it: https://www.bosch-climate.mx/servicio-tecnico/contactanos.html
  4. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    Tell that to the USA, Canada, France, Boeing, AirBus, and Bombardier.
  5. Solar System Tech

    Check the link in the posting, service is readily available to assist those in need.
  6. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Sounds like a good deal & fair price for a sit down "meal" served with a salad. Large poutine only at Ottawa area chip wagons is now about $6.50 to $7 CDN or more.....and, one really can't compare "to go" pricing with a nice, sit down, served location.
  7. Auto Electric

    Another good one is just below the Goodyear in Chapala, on Pepe Giuzar.
  8. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Even the weather is crying......
  9. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Say it ain't so, Steve..... Adding our thanks and appreciation for the superb job you've done in offering this valuable service to the lakeside community, and to the world, for all this time.

    UPDATE: Dim Sum will be avail M, W, F starting Oct 9th, no more Saturdays. Stop by or email them for info & to reserve.

    AND, 1 to 2 Saturday's a month for a special dim-sum luncheon, by reservation only. (highly recommended) If you want to be on the dim-sum email blast list, send one to: chopsticksmx (at) gmail.com AND, Be sure to reply FAST when you get the notification!
  12. eSun Energy closed?

    This, from the guy with the phone # in his "member info" section! Muy rica.
  13. eSun Energy closed?

    A timely offer to assist anyone in need, with proof of stability and community involvement, not advertising. Get over yourself.
  14. eSun Energy closed?

    STI Solar Technology solartechnology.com.mx 10 years and still going strong @ lakeside; hundreds of systems @ lakeside including Riviera Alta community system, Laguna Vista community system, and Chapala Country Club systems, and thousands of solar systems all across Mexico, will be happy to assist with any service or warranty needs, PM or see the email address in the link below 10 year co or lead sponsor, Northern Lights Music Festival http://www.festivaldefebrero.com/2017-sponsors/
  15. On Demand Hot Water Heater

    Great article, just to add / mention: Most of these are not avail in MX, and are priced higher than MX models. The electric ones also draw more power than many MX homes have available.... Best ones in MX currently in our experience are either Bosch, or the new redesigned Kruger units, which now work very well with and as an automatic backup to solar hot water, and are very well priced. Fast, continuous, & seamless (good performance with or without sun) hot water, with the minimum of gas use. And isn't that really the goal? ;-)