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  1. Bi-lingual driver

    I'm happy to give another recommendation for Luzma. She is charming and fun to be with.
  2. Chicken wings

    Try Puritan Poultry next to S&S Auto. Always helpful, always great quality.
  3. Amazon Prime in Mexico

    You'll have to buy a Prime membership on the MX site. It's still half price.
  4. The Telcel Max Sin Limite 1000 also includes free calls to the US and Canada and you can pay ahead so you don't have to remember to go back to pay. I paid 6 months when I started.
  5. Question About Postal Service

    I used America Ship a couple of times, a little complicated at first but figureable outable. The last things I ordered came in 2 boxes. Only one box arrived and when I asked when the other box would arrive I was told it couldn't be found and since nothing is insured it was my loss. Too bad. Never again.
  6. Firewood

    Have Hammers Carpentry School has left over lumber end cuts that would work very well as kindling and some larger pieces that would work in a chiminea. Bring your own bag and a 50peso donation.
  7. Just Chillin' update

    Just below their Penguin above has the phone as 376 108 1738 however their Face Book page shows 376 108 1686
  8. Info on restaurant required

    We met friends there in August, our first time. The view is spectacular. Food, serving size and service were ok to good. Out friends ordered beer and were happy. We had a Margarita that was good and then wanted wine with our dinners. We were told they didn't have any. This was a Saturday evening and they had entertainment that was way to loud for conversation. Fortunately they quit about an hour before we left.
  9. virgin, unrefined coconut oil

    Superlake has a whole shelf of coconut oil in several sizes and price range. We like Hain organic in a 1.5 liter tub.
  10. Thinking about solar . . .

    We have both solar water and solar electric. We've had solar water for 5 years and it paid for itself in the first year. We only fill our propane once a year now instead of every three months. The solar electric we did through STI. We have 2 solar panels connected to a microinverter system that was a fraction of the cost of other systems and it cut our electric bill in half and keeps us well below the DAC and it's easily expandable if our usage should go up. Solar Technology (STI) did an excellent job of instillation and we've never had any issues. Just depend on what your needs are. Their local rep is Ron Magen and his email is ron@solartechnology.com.mx
  11. telcel versus AT&T

    I just switched back to Telcel even though I have a paid up plan from AT&T for another 5 months. I live in Riberas and most of the time my iPhone either said searching or no service. Telcel shows a very strong signal now. I did have to take a new number but at least I can make calls now. Recent trip to US was great for calls and data but I live here. Wish Telcel had some kind of annual plan.