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  1. bradshoe

    Glass Block....Just One Needed

    What size do you need?
  2. bradshoe

    Looking for rental

    Sent a PM
  3. bradshoe

    Cafe Montana

    If you look closely at the sign for the new place just west of the Modelorama you'll see a tilda (ñ) over the second 'n' and an accent (é) over the e in cafe - so Café Montaña.
  4. bradshoe

    Have Hammers will travel

    The Have Hammers School is closed for the holidays through January 7th reopening on Monday January 8th. Lalo usually opens around 9am.
  5. bradshoe

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    We did our renewals last month. I headed to Banamex on Day of the Dead which is a holiday, reminded a friend. So I went the next day about 9:30 and there were at least 100 people waiting. Not knowing what to do I found a bank person and asked about the check for passports. He asked if I had the form. Form? So he gave me 2 forms and asked if I had my passport which I didn't - I was just coming to get a check. I'd have to come back. This was Friday and my wife was going to have to be there anyway. Monday morning after figuring out a couple of lines on the form we arrived at 9am and there were only a dozen people waiting. I found the same bank guy who showed us what we were missing on the form and he put us in line since the number machine didn't seem to be working. Less than half an hour and we were done. We did our processing at the Legion which was super easy since they are very organized.
  6. bradshoe

    Need to screen in back patio.

    I've purchased replacement screen material from Vi Lu Ma, the glass shop just west of Colon on the mountain side of the carratera. They should be able to handle the whole job.
  7. bradshoe

    Looking for a reliable gardener

    For whatever reason you 'can't receive messages'. I told Ricardo your name and that you'd be calling him. I'm Brad.
  8. bradshoe

    Looking for a reliable gardener

    I just talked to our gardener and he said he would be happy to come see what you need. His name is Ricardo, speaks perfect English and is a real gardener. Very reliable, consistent and a very nice guy. We've been using him since May. His number is 331-738-1815.
  9. bradshoe

    New Car Battery Required

    There are a few LTH stores around and they take exchanges so you get rid of your battery and they give a guarantee. There is one in Riberas across from the 7-11.
  10. bradshoe

    Bi-lingual driver

    I'm happy to give another recommendation for Luzma. She is charming and fun to be with.
  11. bradshoe

    Chicken wings

    Try Puritan Poultry next to S&S Auto. Always helpful, always great quality.
  12. bradshoe

    Amazon Prime in Mexico

    You'll have to buy a Prime membership on the MX site. It's still half price.
  13. The Telcel Max Sin Limite 1000 also includes free calls to the US and Canada and you can pay ahead so you don't have to remember to go back to pay. I paid 6 months when I started.
  14. bradshoe

    Question About Postal Service

    I used America Ship a couple of times, a little complicated at first but figureable outable. The last things I ordered came in 2 boxes. Only one box arrived and when I asked when the other box would arrive I was told it couldn't be found and since nothing is insured it was my loss. Too bad. Never again.