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  1. Cannon/fireworks in Ajijic.

    The first cannons in Mexico were brought here by the Spanish conquerors. The conquerors soon learned that they need not waste cannon balls since just the sound of cannon fire was enough to scare the crap out of the native people. Once Mexico was properly conquered, the Catholic church kept the practice of blank cannon fire alive in order to put the fear of god into everyone within earshot.
  2. 5th amendament

    The Ssecond Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to possess firearms ""in order to maintain a well regulated militia."" The SCOTUS has affirmed the government's right to regulate possession of firearms, even in its most definitive decision on the subject, in which the high court overturned an outright ban on handguns in Washington, DC. Only illiterate people and the willfully ignorant among us accept the gun lobby's alternative interpretation of the Second Amendment.
  3. Ajijic pronunciation

    Try pronouncing Ajijic as a two-syllable word (ahi-heek).
  4. According to extensive research conducted by Exxon scientists during the 1970s, the continued burning of fossil fuels would result in global warming, sea level rise and more powerful hurricanes. Instead of warning the general public of these dangers, Exxon has engaged in a 40-yearlong disinformation campaign to convince people that these dangers do not exist. Anyone who still denies the reality of man-made global warming and its consequences has been duped by this disinformation campaign and holds an opinion contrary to those of Exxon's own research scientisis. You can read their report from 1978 by searching for ''Exxon knew'' on the Internet. Of course, 98% of scientists have now verified what Exxon knew decades ago. Let me suggest that you science deniers deny the existense of gravity, jump off a building and see what happens. Denying the reality of man-made global warming is just as suicidal.
  5. This is what man-made global warming looks like...and it's just getting started.
  6. Proposed bike path extension

    Let me add a couple of points from the perspective of those of us who actually use the bike path for riding our bikes. For one thing, this is a public safety issue. It is undeniably dangerous to ride a bicycle along the carretera in central Ajijic...and scary too. Although a substantial number of on-street parking spaces would be eliminated, very few off-street spaces would be affected. There are many businesses along the current bike path that deal with exactly this situation all day long. Parking for both the Oxxo and Ajijic Clinic can be accessed from the side streets. And didn't someone mention that the Ajijic Clinic also has parking in the rear? The parking lot at the Montana Plaza could remain as is. Remember, this is also the main bus stop for Ajijic and similar to the bus stop/parking lot/ bike path that runs along the Centro Laguna Mall in San Antonio. Perhaps Ajijic would be best served by a public parking lot to accompany the bike path extension. And while we're at it, how about extending the bike path farther into Chapala at its eastern end? The bike path is just as dangerous, and just as scary, where it abruptly ends just west of the Lourdes barrio in Chapala. I know it's a popular myth on this board to claim that Chapala hoards all the civic revenues and short-changes Ajijic. However, this may be a good example of the fallacy of such claims.
  7. You'll be alright unless it leads to a "depression" of some sort.
  8. When Mount Colima began its recent phase of activity, I read something in the Mexican press that confirmed that Lake Chapala is indeed a caldera. According to the article, the magma chamber deep beneath the lake spewed forth from Mount Colima in an eruption thousands of years ago. The empty chamber eventually collapsed, creating a depression (caldera) on the surface which later filled with water.
  9. This is a cherry-picked article from 2014, the year in which coal use peaked in China. Here's some up-to-date info on China reducing its reliance on coal. In doing so, China is assuming the leadership role being vacated by the U.S. in the fight against global warming. China coal consumption drops again https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/feb/29/china-coal-consumption-drops-again And yes...it's time to shut down the natural-gas power plants as well due to the problem of methane leaking directly into the atmosphere before being burned at the power plants and during the fracking process to obtain it. Solar and wind power are available right now. They are cheaper sources of energy and cause no environment harm. Why not just do it?
  10. According to the Guadalajara Reporter, Governor Sandoval was criticizing the new U.S. administration for relinquishing its leadership role in the effort to combat global warming by reneging on its commitment to the recent Paris accords on climate. I both agree with his comments and respect his right to speak freely on the subject. Here's a quote from the article: "(His order) practically annuls the norms to combat global warming and is the first step in winding back one of the most significant accords in human history, COP21 in Paris," the governor said. "(Trump) is considering increasing military spending and energy generation through coal -- a stupid, retrograde step that represents a massive counter signal to the world."
  11. trying to keep cool

    Here's another cheap trick: If you have a patio, hose it down and keep it wet. Of course, you need to open the windows and patio door to let the cooler, evaporative air circulate through the house.
  12. Chapala telmex

    The answer to your question is "yes." I live in Chapala and have constant problems with the reliability of my Internet service. So do my neighbors. For me, the situation worsened about a month ago. I think the problem is due to overloaded servers in Guadalajara. Of course, Telmex will not admit to that.
  13. In case you missed it, here's a video that accompanied the article in Mexico News Daily...
  14. There are at least two separate issues here. One is the effect of agricultural runoff around Poncitlan and the other is the effect of industrial waste being dumped in the Rio Santiago as it nears Guadalajara. Here's a stunning video from Greenpeace which shows just how nasty this river gets in the vicinity of El Salto.