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  1. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Tránsito cop with mustache and large belly caught in camera shaking down a 74 year old woman for 5000 for driving a golf cart. When she said she didn't have it he told her to get into his truck to go to the bank. The two witnesses told her that it was kidnapping and not to get in. His name is Camarena.
  2. I was just told that someone picked him up today, so I hope he will be ok.
  3. The owners of a school in Riberas that closed.
  4. From a friend Hope you can pass on this email re a pretty spectacular big male dog who is getting skinny since being left behind a few weeks ago in Riberas near Puritan Poultry. He has a beautiful brindle coat with white chest blaze and is relaxed and quite affectionate. Mostly great Dane with a bit of mastiff judging by his head. We'll try to get him food and water daily, but this would be a great dog for someone who appreciates a big pet and great security. We would take him in a heartbeat if we didn't already have an oversized male+2 females (full house). If anyone is interested, call Don or Ian at 766 4990 or email us iandavid81@gmail.com or dfraserhouse@yahoo.com
  5. I used to slip food to him and donkeys on my walk. Really glad he's out of that horrible shack. Good work, rescuers. He's a sweetheart and anyone would be lucky to have him.

    Who is the go to person/office for complaints about loud noise in the neighborhood? thanks
  7. The manager at the Black and White Coffee shop in the Plaza told me yesterday that two of the dogs that hang around the plaza have been adopted and that the other two are still hanging around.
  8. In this week's edition of the semanario de la laguna, http://semanariolaguna.com/31185/, there appears an article lamenting the sad state of affairs of the dogs who hang around the Black and White Coffee café in the plaza. One of the vendors on the side of the cafe complains that he has to clean feces in the morning, the owner of the café complains that the patrons feed the dogs so that they hang around there all the time, and the smell, and the hairs and in general a negative situation. All this leading in the tone of the article that a 'solution' to the problem is imminent and has to do with Ajijic looking like a Pueblo Magico. Having been involved personally and officially in the latest round of dog poisonings, this article is disturbing especially because the perpetrator worked (and still works) for City Hall. A new round of poisonings with the excuse of 'cleaning up the town' could be possible. Be careful.
  9. Thank you we will go via San Luis Potosi.
  10. Does anyone have good directions from Ajijic to Laredo, via Zacatecas. We plan to spend the night in Saltillo. Thanks for your help
  11. Adoption a Mexican baby

    Children Referred for Adoption Children age 5 and older are in the greatest need of adoptive families and Mexico has made their placement a priority. US families may request children age 5 and older, sibling groups or children with special needs. Although Mexico allows a child as young as 5 to be adopted internationally, most children legally free for adoption are age 8 or older. Sibling groups may include children younger and older than age 5. Children with special needs may be any age. Children age 15+ may be unadoptable, if not being adopted with a younger sibling. All referrals of children to adoptive families are made through the DIF. Families adopting related children (nieces, nephews, siblings) are obliged to follow the same procedures as those adopting unrelated children. Family Eligibility to Adopt Families entering into a Mexico adoption must work with a Hague accredited agency that is authorized to provide adoption services in Mexico. Married couples or single women may adopt. Parents must be at least 25 year old and at least 17 years older than the child. If married, both spouses must express their desire to adopt from Mexico in the home study. Adoptive families must complete at least ten hours of pre-adoption education in accordance with the Hague Convention on Intercountry adoption. This is completed while the home study is in progress. Timeframe and Steps in the Process Adopting from Mexico will take a minimum of one year. The first steps are engaging the agency, providing a home study, applying to USCIS and the preparation of the dossier documents for Mexico. The dossier includes the home study and USCIS I-800A approval and a variety of other documents required by the National DIF. The waiting time for a child referral after Mexico accepts the dossier varies; generally the younger the child requested, the longer the wait. Although Mexico allows international families to adopt children age 5 and older or younger children with special needs, the majority of orphans legally free in Mexico are over age 8. Families adopting sibling groups may have a wide range of ages, from 3 to 15 years old. The average wait time for families requesting a younger single child may be over two years; for older children, special needs children and sibling groups the wait is shorted. This shows that anyone adopting a baby is doing so extra-legally.
  12. Elegante

    When we sat down, the hostess immediately told us that there was no filet mignon. The iceberg lettuce salad with bitter red onions and thickly sliced tomato with an unremarkable dressing was a disappointing start. The brie was good, not outstanding, but the rack of lamb was undersalted and again slightly bitter with the ubiquitous chopped red onions, and served with lukewarm mashed potatoes and very undercooked asparagus. The chcolate mousse cake was served cold and was tasty but slightly dry. Not impressed.
  13. Adoption a Mexican baby

    No children under 7 years old can be adopted by foreigners unless they are special needs children. The Irish couples were told this by their embassy but went ahead. The woman who provided the children was arrested because she had "borrowed" them for a photo shoot . There is no private adoption in Mexico.
  14. I received a call today from someone who found a small white dog dead in the area of Lower Revolucion, Juan Madero/La Floresta, (where many dogs were poisoned last fall). It is not certain that it was poisoned, but there were no signs of being hit by a car, so I think that if you walk your dog in this area please be careful.