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  1. Taaffe

    Sichaun Cuisine

    What’s the restaurant’s name?
  2. Taaffe

    Tres Cañadas development

    Yes it’s the name of an actual town in Arandas, Jalisco. I just think the developers made a common mistake and then were stuck with it.
  3. Taaffe

    Tres Cañadas development

    Funny thing is the name “ la pueblita” is incorrect, it should be “el pueblito “ or little village. La Pueblita means nothing. Just saying.....
  4. Taaffe

    Caffè Mediterraneo in Riberas

    A friend and I went for lunch. The chef is from Rome and a master at pasta dishes and sauces. I had a very generous plate of tortellini with different mushrooms and cream with a tang of lemon which was outstanding. My friend was very happy with ravioli al pomodoro. Price 130 pesos and well worth it.
  5. Taaffe

    Dog friendly

    The owner's dog bit my little dog while I was visiting my brother at El Perico. The owner told me never to bring my dog there..again..
  6. Taaffe

    Wheelchair needed 6 Corners

    That would be nice. In the meantime, the lady has her wheelchair, thanks to Aquaponics.
  7. Taaffe

    Wheelchair needed 6 Corners

    DIF doesn’t have wheelchairs .
  8. Taaffe

    Wheelchair needed 6 Corners

    Thank you very much to Aquaponics for their generous donation of a lightweight collapsible wheelchair for Bola. It will change her life .
  9. An ederly, blind woman is bedridden because she can't walk. Her family asked me to ask the foreign community for help in getting a wheelchair, so she can sit for part of the day. These are the poorest of the poor. thank you
  10. Taaffe

    Crocodiles spotted in lake

    This is official, not a joke.
  11. Careful with swimming dogs http://www.paginaquesiselee.com/contenido/ultimas-noticias/item/1009-alertan-por-presencia-de-cocodrilos-en-el-lago-de-chapala
  12. Taaffe

    About Adoption in Mexico

    I was wrong, it’s not 8 up but ‘Healthy children 5 to 15 years old, children with mild to severe special needs of all ages and sibling groups. Sibling groups will include at least one child 5 years or older.’ https://creatingafamily.org/adoption/comparison-country-charts/25-factors-consider-adopting-mexico/ the OP wants a baby, which is not possible in Mexico.
  13. Taaffe

    About Adoption in Mexico

    No legal adoption of children under 8 years old , unless handicapped, by foreign nationals. Period.
  14. Taaffe

    Chapala Med

    Certainly are happy. Will be laughing all the way to the bank.