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  1. The acoustics are so bad
  2. Need help in a dental situation.

    I would think twice about that. I know two people who got bad infectio
  3. Dinner music at supper

    That is why we stopped going to the Avocado Club. I go out to dinner to talk with friends. If I wanted music I would go to an after dinner lounge.
  4. Need help in a dental situation.

    I had major work done at BMV Dental, below Sky Gym. They were fantastic. And half the price of other well known dentist in town.. I know other who have had great results there also.
  5. iShop scam

    I refused a pkg last year at Christmas as they wanted $80.00usd. They tried to give me the same pkg this year for $75.00, they held the pkg for a year!!
  6. Cafe Montana

    Is it open? Has anyone been there?
  7. Where can you buy eye glasses in Chapala with a good selection of frames?
  8. The West end is booming. Poncho is very smart to open a market out that way. We have been waiting for this. Very excited.
  9. Saw man pulling sheep dog by the nap of the neck on the corner of Juarez and Zaragoza Heading west. There is a sign of a missing sheep dog on the Libramento , may be the missing dog??
  10. Finally made it to M&J Pizza

    They may need fans oven makes it warm
  11. Watch for her next Tues. She will probably be back. Since it was a van she may have a booth there
  12. How to call 800 numbers

    I have the 389 pkg. are 800 numbers free on that pkg?
  13. How do you call 800 numbers from our Mexican landlines?
  14. How do you call 800 numbers from our Mexican landlines?