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  1. Saw man pulling sheep dog by the nap of the neck on the corner of Juarez and Zaragoza Heading west. There is a sign of a missing sheep dog on the Libramento , may be the missing dog??
  2. Finally made it to M&J Pizza

    They may need fans oven makes it warm
  3. Where Do You Go For a BIG Salad??

  4. Watch for her next Tues. She will probably be back. Since it was a van she may have a booth there
  5. How to call 800 numbers

    I have the 389 pkg. are 800 numbers free on that pkg?
  6. How do you call 800 numbers from our Mexican landlines?
  7. How do you call 800 numbers from our Mexican landlines?
  8. Viva Mexico in SJC has the best allyear
  9. Just saw a black and white medium sized dog on the Ajijic Malecon trailing a green leash. Sorry don't know breed. Looked like a cattle sheep dog. Hope someone knows him
  10. ÜBER

    Can you get ÜBER here in Ajijic for local rides. I know you can get it from the airport to here. Thanks
  11. DUI checkpoint

    I agree!
  12. August Rainfall

    And more to come
  13. Actinver, Intercam or Monex

    O'Rourke, across from WalMart. You can open an account with 300US dollars . If you have enough in the account to cover the check they give you Pesos right away at the going rate, no charges. Their rates are always higher than Multiva. Very friendly and helpful staff
  14. Get the posters out and talk to neighbors
  15. Seguro Popular

    I was asking if there was an Enrollment fee