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  1. Superlake prices

    Tony's meat market also carries the Kirkland hot dogs. Anyone know what the price is there? The Costco 3-pack Kirkland dogs are a good buy. And the newest Costco shopping service is very good--efficient and pleasant. They've even had to hire an assistant to help with delivery. He's a nice kid, and I'm sure he'll get his act together soon. A little disorganized as yet. Lexy
  2. This has been such good information. Thanks all. Lexy
  3. I want to install a bar to grip in the shower stall for support. (The time has come for this precaution.) Does anyone who's done so, have any guidance or advice to offer before I go ahead with purchase of bar, hiring plumber? It will be applied to a tiled wall. Lexy
  4. Hi--Thank you. I now have several good possibilities possibilities. Lexy
  5. This is a somewhat new place in the Rose Bowl Mall in San Antonio. Very pretty, but I don't see many customers parked outside. Has anyone been there for a haircut? Lexy
  6. I found him overly eager to operate the minute my husband walked in the door. Surgery was not called for, it turned out. Maybe he's calmed down a bit. lexy
  7. My long-time excellent cleaning woman is moving. I'll need another. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I need someone to clean a two-bedroom house, do laundry and light ironing. I live in Mirasol. She must have good references. Lexy
  8. Restaurant meals delivered

    These are great ideas. . .thank you, all!
  9. The QC internist I recommended is Dra Ana Gabriela Flores. She comes in from Guad on a regular schedule. Dra Carla Flores is a QC medicina interna and she makes house calls. She was sent to our house once when we had n emergency. I din't know if she has office appointments, but maybe. lexy
  10. Restaurant meals delivered

    Last evening I called El Fogon de Charlotte to order two meals delivered to my house. I called every few minutes for over 40 minutes and the operator said the line was busy. I gave up. Another time I called I was told the line was busy for a long time, but eventually someone answered only to say their delivery man hadn't shown up that day. I've called this number--766 0764-- other times with better results. Perhaps there is a better number to call at this place? I'd really like to know a few restaurants to call that deliver meals to homes (other than pizza; I have those numbers). Are there any? Any suggestions? I live in Mirasol. lexy
  11. Chili cook off - is it free?

    I've changed my mind now that I'm hearing what the current Cookoff has to offer (I haven't been to one in years). If it's so shopping oriented and less entertainment, I can't see much fun in it for low-income Mexican families with kids even if the entry fee was lowered. Lexy
  12. Al--I know from experience and agree with you that the clinics you mention have specialists who come in from guad, usually on a scheduled day of the week. But at Dr. Leon's office I don't believe that's so, unless that's changed. Rather, I've known Leon to refer a patient to a specialist in Guad. Lexy
  13. Chili cook off - is it free?

    My suggestion is hardly akin to how some in the US illegally mistreat some Mexicans. (Let's not bring up cause to close this thread as political.) This is billed as a fun event. A different price could be billed as a thank you to our Mexican "hosts." The point is to find a way that more Mexicans can afford to experience it. Do the "Derochos de Humanos" really frown on such ideas? Lexy
  14. Chili cook off - is it free?

    Why not make a special entrance fee for Mexican nationals? I have no doubt our Mexican friends and neighbors and their kids would come to enjoy such a special event if a more affordable entrance fee was offered. What has it got to do with anything that the current fee comes to only five bucks for some of us? The fee is too much for most of our Mexican workers, period. lexy
  15. There is an excellent internist-- medicina interna--Dra. Ana Gabriela Flores. Knowledgeable, perfect English. Lexy