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  1. best Mexican bank?

    I'm curious to know how come Actinver isn't mentioned. It was useful for us for a long time, cashing US checks, etc. But when Banamex USA dropped some of us a few years ago we opened a USAA account in the States to receive our SS deposits. It's great and for peso cash I use their Visa debit card at local ATMs (usually the one at CIBanco for the best exchange rate). But tell me why Actinver isn't among the preferred banks. Lexy
  2. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    I agree with El Saltos on this issue. Without good diagnostics even the best chiro can be not just "fiddling in the dark," but inadvertently making matters worse. Lexy
  3. Yes, found out that an old bill with a bar code on it and a copy of newest bill with no bar code didn't work at OXXO. Fortunately I spotted my latest CFE bill tossed onto my front yard just now before it got rained on, like my last bill did soaking the bar code into shreds.
  4. Thanks, everyone, I'll use your suggestions. Don't know what I'm doing differently in signing in, but the page is without a bar code, but what I owe is right, with current dates, etc.. This time I'm writing down the suggestion that works. Good idea about bringing an old bill to Oxxo with new amount owed. I don't want to go to Chapala. Lexy
  5. I have a new problem. The latest bill showing on line has no bar code on it, but all other info is there including the current amount to pay. Has the bill changed in design and dropped the bar code? Can I take this bill to OXXO to pay it? Help, please. Lexy
  6. I'm very glad they're home again. But didn't we see these two once before? Sure wish the owners would add ID tags. Lexy
  7. Merendero Lake

    Where is it? Lexy
  8. Can anyone recommend an ophthalmologist at Lakeside from personal experience? I know of Dra. Claudia Camacho Choza. I have no problem with her. I would like to know if there is another good one. I appreciate any recommendations. Lexy
  9. Look Before You Buy

    Thanks to Carol for her warning. It is also absolutely fair to warn us against the store owner by naming him where the product is sold--without remorse. All she requested of him was to put a warning not to let the product near any pet. Customers can go there or stay away, as they wish. Lexy
  10. Fast/ Mexican Food

    Maybe the question to start with: Carphil, how long have you been here? It sounds like a very limited time. Lexy
  11. Robbery trick

    Very shrewd thieves. Sorry it happened to you. I have also wondered how card thieves can so quickly use someone's card at an ATM. Is it so easy to access money at an ATM? A person's password isn't really a protection? I can answer the withdrawal limit: My bank sets a limit, which I've raised from time to time. But others I know are able to withdraw a high amount. Lexy
  12. The one I use at my therapist's is medium sized and fits on my lap and I put my arms out straight on top of it. He has all sizes at his place, of course, but this size is right for certain arm/leg exercises. Sounds like you're getting a larger one. I'll still go look and see if they have different sizes.
  13. A soft liberal, no ticket. A hard liberal, ticketed, especially if from Oregon. Lexy
  14. bmh--Thanks. You are very helpful. My physical therapist wants me to get a medium sized ball, not a large one. I don't know the actual measurement, but same size as I use in therapy so that I can repeat certain exercises at home. Pappy, very funny. You're so right. Lexy
  15. Debit card

    bobkat--Go to the front desk at SuperLake and ask. I left behind my card in the ATM machine once and it was given to one of the cashiers. They have drawers full of them, unclaimed. But mine was there. Big relief. Lexy