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  1. are gift certificates available at Walmart's? If so, what are they called in Spanish? lexy
  2. Thanks, everyone. I'm resigned to be driving with an expired license after Dec 20 and hoping for no crappy consequences. If my next expiration date is based on my upcoming renewal date, then I won't be facing a renewal at Christmas/New Year. All good. Happy holidays, all. Lexy
  3. I need to renew my Mex drivers license in a few days and I'm not seeing any recent guidance on my search on this forum. Can I do it in Chapala? I'm driving a Mexican plated car. I did not get my emissions sticker this year. Will that be a problem? What do I need to bring? If I have to go to Guadalajara, I'll need a facilitator with a car (or to drive mine). Any ideas? What a bad time of the year to have to renew. Lexy
  4. Thank you, Mod 2. I tried to PM Al Berca, but message says he can't receive PMs. lexy
  5. Very odd. Too bad it disappeared. It had the potential for good information on take-out turkey dinners. Lexy
  6. The other day Al Berca posted about which restaurants offered turkey dinners this Thursday para llevar. What happened to that post? I was interested in see the answers? lexy
  7. Superlake

    Right, Xena. That's why I asked her to clarify, but so far she hasn't. CG is mistaken; she didn't post that she "saw him working," but just that she saw him when she was in Charlotte's restaurant. He could have been just strolling by, but I'm sure she meant more than that. Lexy
  8. Compensation

    I was in a popular local restaurant a few years and eventually noticed two flies in my margarita, one still alive and swimming. We called over the waiter. He looked at it casually, unperturbed. Do you want another drink, he asked. Yes, of course, I said. Later the other drink was added to the bill. We called over the manager who took off the charge for the replacement drink. So I only paid for the one with the two flies. Or paid for the one without the flies. But there was no freebie. Lexy
  9. Superlake

    Do you mean you saw him working there? Lexy
  10. Superlake

    I don't see why anyone would consider this exchange gossip. We shop at Super Lake, know the people who work there, want to know what is happening or an explanation for things not being as good as usual. I hope Pancho comes back, for everyone's sake. But if he's found a job he likes better, good luck. Lexy
  11. something odd in my red wine

    My first thought was to take it back. Then I realized I'd bought it in Walmart's. Shopping there is bad enough. Returning an opened bottle of wine? Discussing problem at returns desk? Showing little brown globs? I preferred to solve the mystery lumps here. Definitely less hassle and more fun. Lexy
  12. something odd in my red wine

    Right, Sea, I also described it as globular in my initial posts and then called them (affectionately) globs. Thanks to you and mudgirl and now snowyco, those globs were nothing to worry about, ugly as they were. Good reading on the websites, too.
  13. something odd in my red wine

    Sea--I did come across mention of tartrate crystals. But not my kind of glob. I'll take a look at the link you sent. I've contacted two very knowledgeable people and neither can recall seeing anything like I describe. I've been thinking how to better describe these two little globs and what I come up with is picture two uncooked squid bodies, only much smaller and dark from floating in a bottle of red. I dared to taste the wine again after transferring it to another bottle and it tasted ok. No more globs showed up.
  14. something odd in my red wine

    Thanks, all. Wish I'd taken a picture of those odd looking globs. (I keep forgetting I own a smart phone.) Mudgirl, I'll Google about mother of vinegar. No, the wine didn't taste vinegary.
  15. something odd in my red wine

    I usually think of sediment as the stuff that settles in the bottom of the bottle. These little rubbery globs were each about 1 1/2 inches long. Lexy