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  1. Maybe there's too many chefs in the kitchen, one much better than the other??? Lexy
  2. that's great. Thanks, espz lexy
  3. That sounds good. Near my house, too. Will try there. Thanks.
  4. Callejera--Thanks. Where is the tianquis on Tuesdays?
  5. My visiting nieces just told me they'd like to buy some silver jewelry. Where to shop locally at Lakeside, please? I used to shop at a nice place near the top of Colon in Ajijic owned by a Mexican couple who had been in business for a very long time. Is that place still around? I can't recall their name. My nieces will be here only two more days, Monday and Tuesday. Your guidance will be much appreciated. . . . Lexy
  6. Please note that JayBearl said she was only thinking about these put-downs for her contractor but said she probably wouldn't. She said it was soothing just to think about them. Knowing her, she's the last person I know who'd deliver a harsh put down. I am surprised she cared that the contractor didn't show up to be paid. Hey, he finished the job. Be happy, JayBearl. That's my girl. . . . Lexy
  7. Thanks for the specifics, CG and Snowyela. I've never had a reason to go to Steren and it's close! Lexy
  8. I've never had an electric gate clicker stop working before. Is it just a matter of a new battery, or what? Where do I take it to get it back in working condition? (I still have a working one, but I like having the back-up.) Thanks for your guidance. . . . Lexy
  9. I haven't experienced any screw up at CI Banco in getting the peso amount I asked for. But it is often hard to read the screen here, depending on how much light is coming onto it. Also for being out of money, it happens all the time. However the tarifa I get at CI Banco is $15. At HSBC, I'm charged $28.75, sometimes higher. The other important comparison is the exchange rate, but if I'm recalling correctly the exchange rate is close the daily live rates. Apparently we're all sounding thrifty enough to put up with CI Banco. Lexy
  10. Ganesha Spa is new, in San Antonio. It offers a range of beauty services according to its website. Has anyone tried it? Lexy
  11. Ewwww! I'm remembering now. I have two nieces due to arrive from US Saturday before Easter Sunday. That's not good. Lexy
  12. I can't quite remember clearly as I don't pay special attention to Easter, but is Lakeside more crowded during this time? More people down from Guad? On the other hand, more Lakesiders go away at this time? Thank you for reminding me, if you can. . . Lexy
  13. You really have to check the local rental realtors websites, for starters. Or go to see them. A one-bedroom place is not at all impossible to find. Google your way to their websites. Lexy
  14. Thanks, John. Yes, he and I have discussed my matter somewhat and it's not immigration. Lexy
  15. Spencer, I know what day he is there. My question is meant for people who have used his legal services. Lexy