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  1. I totally forgot that it was a national holiday celebrating Benito Juarez's birthday and couldn't figure out why those long lines on traffic. But feliz cumpleanos BJ. You're my favorite presidente. Lexy
  2. Thanks to you both. Sounds good. Lexy
  3. I'd appreciate a recommendation for an exterminator to get rid of cockroaches in my kitchen. It has to be someone who uses chemicals that are safe for pets in the house. I have a cat and dog. Thanks, Lexy
  4. You should check my post. I did not say I would not pay the $50 p surcharge which was in addition to the basic delivery charge. I asked what it was for--it was a surprise to me-- and when told I said that was a hefty surcharge. I then said please send the delivery, I will pay the amount on the invoice. It was Cynthia who decided not to send my order, even though I said I wanted it. I was not "distraught," as Cynthia claimed, over 50 pesos. You should try your best to comprehend what is posted before you respond. I said I wouldn't be using her service any more, any customer's right, no? Welcome to the community, Catrina Doll.
  5. I have no problem with paying a 50 p fee to go to another store, if that is what I requested. But I did not. However this incident isn't about a complaint about a fee. I didn't complain. I said, send the order. I've aired the experience I had today. We often report on these forums on bad experiences in restaurants or with various services. Today I'm talking about my experience with a service and the uncalled-for actions of the service-provider, which are quite telling. The above link given by Mainecoons takes us to comments made about this service almost one year ago. I am one the posters who was pleased with this new service. That was then. This is now. As i said, I have no doubt there are people who are delighted with the service. That's fine with me. Lexy
  6. Funny, this post for me is quite timely. Just today I had a miserable experience with the current Costco delivery service which I've been using for months despite the increases in the basic cost of the service and the surcharges. On this order, when I saw the invoice yesterday, I referred to one of the surcharges as "hefty" (50 pesos in addition to the delivery charge because the item (detergent) came from Sam's, not Costco; I didn't realize this). I said yesterday that I'd accept delivery of my order today, but it would be my last one. To my surprise first thing this morning I see an email saying that my order has been cancelled and my items will be returned to the stores, because I seemed so "distraught over a 50 peso charge." Nothing I said or did was "distraught." I emailed immediately to respond and called her cell phone a number of times. I said in several emails that I needed the items I ordered and please deliver them. No response. Now I'm left with scrambling to get to the store for the items most needed and in doing so I must leave my husband alone for longer than I want to. That's just a fact. I'm not looking for sympathy. I had no intention of bringing this up on Chapala.com, but I changed my mind. I think cancelling my order was spiteful and the email that was sent me reeked with insincerity. I'm sure there are many satisfied customers. So my dissatisfaction can be noted for what it's worth. Lexy
  7. Definitely they do. But I don't always get to my good car washer early enough that I don't have to wait and wait. So I use the car washer guys at SuperLake and get clean only on the outside.
  8. References to "These people" and "those people" are not always pejorative terms, but simply a reference to a group we're talking about. Like "those people who study music" or "These people are my good neighbors," etc. The topic here is bad guys who rip off people at Wallmart and some of us knew right away who they were. Those people are not good guys.
  9. Now that Monica knows what it is she wanted and has it taken care of, why couldn't she let us know, too, what it is. I mean, she asked us, got us thinking, so why not fill us in?? Lexy
  10. I never use the Walmart guys. Just an instinct. I'm really sorry to hear of Carrol's incident. That guy had a lot of nerve. I agree that he probably wouldn't have pulled that stunt on a man. I like two of the guys at SuperLake, the tall, elderly one and the one who seems to be in charge. They do a decent job of washing my car and accept what I give them with a thank you. What I really appreciate is that one or the other help guide me in backing out of my parking space, and do the same for others. Some of the people going to or from their cars seem clueless to the fact they're in a parking lot and not strolling on a beach. What I find scary, especially at the Guadalajara Farmacia, are the little kids selling beans or just begging. I picture a terrible accident some day waiting to happen. Some are toddlers with young mothers just sitting against the storefront, watching the older kids "work." I fear for all their safety and, yes, I think they shouldn't be allowed there. (I know, I know. They need the money.) Lexy
  11. CG--are you saying first you put it in the toaster oven and then finish it off in the broiler? Would it work if a defrosted pizza with the add-ons got put under the broiler, skipping the toaster over? Also I see that Walmarts carries jarred pizza sauces. Did you know that? Lexie
  12. Good update. Useful. Lexy
  13. My husband was a patient of Dr. Fonseca for some time. Also, through Quality Care, he became a patient of neurologist Dr. Rubin Cardenas. For my husband, he was the better physician. Lety can give you his contact numbers. You'll have to see him in Guadalajara. He speaks good English and is very attentive. Lexy
  14. I agree the family was wrong to bring a puppy into a home that they're house sitting without the permission of the house owner. Yes, chewed furniture, pee on rugs, all possible if puppy doesn't get immediate training. If I were Pedro, and he seems not to want to upset his grand kids by evicting the puppy, I'd make it clear to the adults involved that any ruin to the household, it's their responsibility to pay for damages. I didn't think the mere sight of a pit bull puppy required a leap to the probability of a law suit coming up. Are these people in Pedro's house going to be there long enough for the puppy to gain thirty pounds and turn into an attack dog, for sure? Anyhow, he asked for advice and got it, said thanks, and he sounds like a thoughtful guy. All good. Lexy
  15. If you have a pit bull puppy and raise it with care and training, there's little risk that it will become vicious and attack. My niece in the past years has had four pit bulls that are/were sweethearts. Gentle, and they lived/live in a home with cats. Some people have pit bulls that they train to be attack dogs. There are those kinds of people. Look up unbiased information on pit bulls. It would be awful if you got rid of a perfectly nice puppy because of the people repeat the myth that they're vicious. We once adopted a retired grey hound after his winning days were over from a nearby race track. He was a wonderful, shy happy, intelligent dog. However, we didn't know all about his early training. Good that he was on a leash because when we took him to the vet he lunged at a small dog. He was trained to go after small animals. Learning this, we were very careful. Turned out, he loved and made friends with every large dog in the neighborhood. I hope your puppy doesn't lose its loving home. Keep in mind that In news stories of dog attacks, the dogs are often labelled "pit bulls" when they're some other breed entirely. Lexy