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  1. Lexy

    Fido in Restaurants

    Besides being against the law, I would not bring my dog to a restaurant out of kindness to him. All that wonderful smelling food going by and none for him? Too unkind. Lexy
  2. I've been here a long time. I purposely did not apply for any card that gave us discounts that my husband and I really didn't need and might take away the discount someone else really needed. My interest in getting an Inapam card came about recently when my bank offered to help its clients apply, making the process easier, which led to my question about Inapam on this forum. The info and the opinions were really very enlightening. These days my only interest in a discount would be for prescription drugs--I'm spending a large part of my life in Farmacia Guadalajara, it seems, getting refills--but I didn't realistically think I'd see Inapam providing much in that area. Your responses have convinced me that an Inapam card isn't worth the effort for me personally to get. I have a car and I'm still driving, fortunately, and I doubt if I could manage to board and get off a bus anyway. Lexy
  3. Wow, now the details are looking very worthwhile. . . Lexy
  4. Thanks, all. And Angus, too, I think. lexy
  5. Lexy

    Mirasol Fracc

    I've lived in Mirasol as a renter since June 2015. The board was functioning, the area well kept, and 24-hour guards were on duty. Now, what Yo1 is saying is true. The streets and curb sides are overgrown with weeds. The exit has three large potholes we have to navigate when leaving Mirasol. Too bad but it's not unusual to have critics of an operating board cause all kinds of trouble. Or the board itself is not efficient. The fracc has been nonexistent for several months now. I do see the Chapala police cruise the streets and then be on their way. It would be interesting to hear from a homeowner about this situation. I was living in Villa Nova when its board was having trouble but when I left (in 2015) it seemed on its way to getting its act together. Lexy
  6. Actinver is offering to help its clients to apply for the INAPAM card. Has anyone who has one found the discounts on drugs (the legal kind) worthwhile? Can it be used at Farmacia Guadalajara? Lexy
  7. Now that I see it mentioned here, it was El Charal that I was thinking. Still around? Lexy
  8. Big thank you to you both! Lexy
  9. There is a Spanish-language weekly published in Lakeside, but I can't think of its name. Any know it? Where can I get it? Lexy
  10. Lexy


    How awful for the people who thought they had a retirement place for their final years to be given a surprise notice to move out and find another place to live within a few months. Tragic. Lexy
  11. Lexy


    Xena--Could there be an up side here? We haven't had such an entertainingly obnoxious, highly pleased with himself expert-in-his-field in a long time, who cleverly uses our responses to let us know Who He Is/was, on either side of the border. We should enjoy this special person as fun, fun, fun. Not before a meal, of course. That wouldn't work digestion-wise. Lexy w
  12. Please excuse me. My really dumb mistake. Lexy
  13. Mainecoons--I was describing the market as it is in response to postings. I'd love to make it more personal. Our needs are specific, necessarily so. We need one level. Unfurnished or partially furnished. 2 br, 2 baths (shower stalls, no tubs). Few entrance stairs. East of Ajijic: La Floresta, San Antonio, Mirasol, Riberas (which puts us, without traffic, near our clinics, labs, physical therapy, Super Lake and wine). One dog. (OK, one cat, too.) Up to $950 usd monthly. A landlord who can/will accept a check in usd or offer a fixed rate monthly rent for duration of a long-term lease. I am in touch with all the main rental realtors. They themselves are searching for rentals to offer. (And they, btw, almost invariably tie the monthly rent in pesos to the current exchange rate each month when it comes down to a contract. I'm not about to fight this trend; I just don't like it.) I'm no slouch in my hunting. I've even gone to church parking lots on Sundays during services to put notices on windshields. I once posted a notice saying what I was looking and got three calls from people who thought I was offering such a place. The rental market is tough right now. And of course rents have gone up. I'm hunting. Lexy
  14. Xena--the rental market is painfully awful. I've been looking for months. Not only have rents gone up but the demand for rentals exceeds the supply. Listings as high as 1300 usd are not unusual; $800 to $950 usd a month is the average range for a 2 br, 2 bath. You must also face the fact that you may be asked to pay each month according to the us/mx exchange rate if the rent quoted in dollars is to be paid in pesos. Thus your rent can fluctuate each month. With the exchange rate as high as 1 usd = 20.5, for a $850 rental you'd give your landlord today about 17,000 pesos. About 2015, there was quite an angry exchange on this forum on this topic. But like it or not, it's common for rent agencies to demand a fluctuating monthly rent tied to the current exchange rate. Lexy
  15. I've got some nice stuff I'd like to part with. Do you have a favorite consignment shop? Do some shops specialize in certain things? I've always liked Barbara's Bazaar for buying. It used to be my Bloomingdale's South when I first came here. But now I want to sell, not buy. Thanks for any guidance. Lexy