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  1. So Scooter62, why not ask SSI instead of us? Lexy
  2. Yes, my mistake in writing "Tony aims to please." !!! Lexy
  3. For the past few Saturdays I've bought paella from a woman bringing it in fully prepared from her restaurant in Guad and kept hot on hot plates. Very good and she's very pleasant. I think these vendors come and go. I haven't noticed fewer staff. When the veggies look worn out or depleted, I figure I'm there on the wrong day. Fresh stuff shows up soon. Just be sure to move out of the way of those guys unloading the delivery trucks and carrying in the heavy sacks. You could easily get run over. I think SL is a winner and Tony aims to please. Lexy
  4. Such an inconsistent place re. food, service--and indifference toward politely expressed complaint. Gave up on the place ages ago. Lexy
  5. Is there a table place setting for Chica or is she served on the floor? With a doggie napkin. Lexy
  6. Thank you both! Great help. I ended up in my Adobe file, not knowing how to find PDF. And there it was, the bill with the bar code. I printed it out. It didn't come out with the right colors but it looks good to go. Now if I can only remember this for future use . . . . Lexy
  7. My CFE bill got ruined lying in the rain. I can't take it to OXXO as the bar code is a total mess. My on-line bill doesn't print out with a bar code. Is my only recourse to go to Chapala office? I haven't been to Chapala to pay a CFE bill in years. With a bill that's coming apart, do you know my first step? As I recall, not much English was spoken there. Thanks . . . . Lexy
  8. Gringal--Whenever we ordered pizza from Perry's, I was always astonished that they were at our door in about 30 minutes. How could they do two pizzas plus delivery that fast? Well, they did--all the way from west Ajijic to us in Mirasol-- but I always used to wonder how they did it. . .The pizzas were fine. Pappysmarket, they did charge 25 p for delivery. On top of that I felt the delivery person should be tipped and I did so. Perry's prices aren't cheap, so that made for an expensive take-out dinner. This latest news is very interesting and it's too bad if he's having problems. He seemed so successful for such a long while.
  9. I see. I hope he's able to help Ricardo's mother.
  10. I checked the internet for info on this man, as suggested. Didn't find a lot of detail, but he seems to be offering what I'd call alternative or holistic medicine--and there are folks who are interested in that. However I didn't see credentials or that's he's a medical doctor. It's not clear from OP's post what one gets for the 350 pesos charge of admission to this gathering. If Ramon is promoting his products or services, then why the fee to come hear his pitch? Perhaps others have found more info? Lexy
  11. Thank you. Your house near the lake sounds very nice, but we must stay in this area to be near my husband's doctors. Lexy
  12. We loved Peacock Garden and regret we haven't been there for a long time. Besides good food and service, the grounds are beautiful and the gardeners are always at work keeping the place looking lovely. The exotic birds and peacocks are hilarious and in your face for handouts of crackers and chips (although I know that's not everybody's idea of fine dining). Getting a parking space nearby can be a problem, I recall. Lexy
  13. That's very sad, Kiwi. Go to the Friends of Animals Pet Food store in Riberas which has a wonderful bunch of kits and cats up for Adoption in the back. And I'm sure you'll get other tips. Lexy
  14. Our car was towed to this compound after an accident a few years ago. We went to retrieve some personal stuff in the car. The Chapala traffic police could give you the phone # and address, unless of course you've already thought of this and it didn't work out. Lexy
  15. Is it too soon to tell the Chapala police the car may have been stolen? Or just ask for their help? Or is the situation just too darn impossible to report to them? Awful problem. I hope it will be resolved soon. Lexy