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  1. Tabarka serves a very good monkfish, but any similarity to lobster lies in the realm of dreams.
  2. I dunno about that, Pete. The baggers know us for who and what we are. I think a more doable solution to the matter is alertness at the register and an appropriate tip for the bagger's service. This is their living.
  3. Joyfull gave you good advice. Most renters find something they are satisfied with if they take their time in the looking process. IMO, all the lakeside areas have something good going for them; depends on what appeals to you. Good luck and welcome.
  4. Good to know, but has anyone tried it and would like to report on how well they liked it?
  5. Another one: Gaucheria, across the side street from Panino's, at the end of a block of various shops on the lake side; east of the Superlake block. Delicious everything: good value; outstanding desserts, too. Closed Saturday and Sunday.
  6. (I think the prices have changed recently. Best check that one out, but still very reasonable) The half sandwich is very large; equal to a "regular" sandwich elsewhere. The food is excellent.
  7. SNORE.
  8. Things were a lot less expensive everywhere in 2002. By the time I arrived in San Miguel in 2004, no such deals existed. Today's San Miguel is pricier yet. Nice place to visit; not as affordable to live there as here in the Lakeside area.
  9. I won't "find myself" (chuckle) there, but when Cynthia Ornelas returns with her personal shopping service, I'm going to order some. Costo's meats tend to be very satisfactory.
  10. The usual thread wander in the direction of specialties and the occult. Geesh, all I wanted was a recommendation for a finished product: way too much to ask, eh?
  11. Yes, I would also like to have something more factual than "faith based".
  12. I don't think the delivery guy is Perry's basic problem. It's the Pizza, which is nothing like it used to be. The last three were very disappointing. Tough crust, yucky sauce and "ready to go" way before the limits of possibility. Not even hot. Obviously sitting around a while in the fly-friendly environment. Too bad. I was rooting for him when he moved to his new location.
  13. I'm housebound right does anyone have a phone number, please?
  14. by gringal Today at 6:32 pm In need of Pizza tonight: Called; ordered veggie pizza. No delivery available. (What's pizza without delivery?) Decided to pick it up. They said it would be ready in 15 minutes. (huh?) Arrived ten minutes later. Pizza already to go. (how can you make and cook a pizza in less than 10 minutes??) Wasn't even hot. Tough crust. Quality way down. No Perry in sight. What's happening? Any suggestions for a better Pizza? I'm done with Perry.
  15. Did you use SP for treatment? If so, how was it?