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  1. The members of the Lake Chapala Painting Guild will be showing new works at Gallery Calli, Ocampo 30, Ajijic. The opening reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, March 23rd The public is invited to attend.
  2. Masayume

    NOB habits are ingrained: my stomach yells at my brain to be fed somewhere between noon and 1 p.m. After siesta? That's when you'd need to be truly on Mexican time and not have dinner till eight or later. Too late for that level of adjustment in this body, this time around. How's the song go? "I get too hungry for dinner at eight".....
  3. Salvador's closing April 1?

    You're not alone. I first heard the term "A lister" here and haven't yet figured out what criteria the members use to declare themselves worthy of it. Uh, "intelligence" or "talent" or "contributions to society"....oh, wait, lets try "wealth". That one ought to do it.
  4. Salvador's closing April 1?

    I see you don't live Lakeside, where opportunity to see expats from NOB abounds. So?
  5. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Easy. Whenever you see a table of expats and hear screeching and heehawing so loud that you can't carry on your own conversation.........you've found one. Dilly dilly.
  6. Some of that information is pretty old, and one of the posters, El Saltos, is sadly no longer with us and can't provide information. There is no inexpensive private coverage and it all has some of the "catch 22" features you described. The government sponsored insurance, IMSS, does have a waiting period for many pre-existing conditions and the fees increase with age up until 80. The other government sponsored insurance, Seguro Popular, does not have either feature. Because the cost of medical care is so much less here than in the U.S., some people carry one of the government sponsored plans as a backup in case of a medical catastrophe and they pay out of pocket for normal care. For example, my general practitioner charges 300 pesos for a office visit. The specialists charge around 800 pesos. Not much, compared to NOB. Some people carry one of the medical evacuation policies and plan to fly back to the States for care under Medicare. You can consult the web regarding the public policies. Good luck.
  7. Hevvin forbid bringing undocumented Mexican termites in to work on purebred US wood!
  8. corn beef for saturday

    Senor Google knows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corned_beef
  9. Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    Good points, Chillin My mother's cooking was nothing to get excited about, but it was made from clean ingredients; some from our garden. She didn't trust prepared foods such as TV dinners, so I missed out on that experience. Finding a hookworm? Yecch. Fortunately, our gringo bubble has attracted some restaurants specializing in "real" food and we need not eat the junk (unless it's what we prefer). Guadalajara has every kind of junk food anyone finds a desire for. The Monday and Tuesday markets have some delicious home prepared food, too. I'm such a stickler about ingredients that I carry a small magnifying glass to check the labels in the store since they use such tiny print that normal eyes can't read it. I don't wonder why.
  10. Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    All the well intention-ed folks who post the "do it yourself" recipes perhaps do not realize that many of us ladies have been the family cook for many many years and are wanting to "retire" from much of that now. We're making life as easy as possible, and why not? So, how do you have pizza for dinner? First, you pick up the phone.................
  11. THUN financial

    Just take the name to Senor Google. Lots of information.
  12. Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    There it goes again. OP asks where to buy finished product. Poster suggests doing it yourself. Some things never change!
  13. Seguro Popular

    Those are real helpful replies to the OP's question. How about the older people here who are ineligible for private insurance or IMSS because of pre-existing conditions or/and can't afford the high premiums. That leaves SP. It wouldn't hurt to provide the information requested, would it? Of course it would be a good thing to know Spanish, but becoming fluent is too much of a challenge for some older people.
  14. Butter Crisis

    Costco carries it.
  15. Superlake prices

    ..Which is why is makes more sense to just order through the shopping service. It's ridiculous to pay the Superlake markup.