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  1. gringal


    Everyone who has seen Dr. Briseno has given him high marks.
  2. gringal


    You don't think this is "condescending" ??? Quote: " For many people adventuring outside of Ajijic for services is like going to a foreign country. Good Luck " I give my fellow expats more credit for common sense solutions to their medical issues. Most people are naturally cautious enough to check out what their physicians tell them. I went directly to a neurosurgeon in Guadalajara at Hospital de Hierro and had my problem taken care of at a reasonable cost after seeing several local orthopedic surgeons who wanted to go the expensive route.
  3. gringal


    Pretty condescending. Why? There's are very good reasons why people who think they need a cardiologist want to see someone close to home. The testing itself would require several trips to Guadalajara; one of them requires an overnight test, with return to the doctor the next day. Chances are good that if they think they need to see a cardiologist, they may not feel like making that drive themselves. I've had a few experiences in Guadalajara traffic that definitely don't promote heart health.🙄 The local cardiologists all conduct their curative procedures at Guadalajara hospitals. After the procedure, the same doctor is seen for the follow up visit. It you're aware of the costs to hire a driver to take a patient to Guadalajara; wait, and return, you would know that this can get expensive for multiple visits, so it makes perfect sense to start with a cardiologist closer to home. If anyone wants a recommendation for a well trained, English speaking cardiologist in Jocotepec, pm me.
  4. gringal

    Mexican Citizenship test

    When we went for what we thought was the final step in the citizenship process, both of us hearing-impaired seniors were confronted with a man (who the facilitator who accompanied us agreed had a serious speech impediment) who quizzed us in rapid fire Spanish. We both failed. Serious $$ investment up to that point wasted. There was no written option. This was several years ago, in Guadalajara. I have "heard" that there is a more lenient policy for seniors in Mexico city. Good luck.🤔
  5. I doubt it. Never saw them; just heard about them from El Saltos. I guess they were pretty noisy.
  6. And then, for a while, there were fighting cocks being raised in the back, too.
  7. Is there another car wash closer than Riberas that does as good a job as the one that was torn down?
  8. Thanks, but in a previous post I already said I'd be in contact with the cat shelter and would proceed from there. I appreciate all the suggestions given.
  9. gringal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    For a authentic tasting Italian pizza, I've been buying mine at Jitomate, next door to Ancla restaurant west of Ajijic. There is also a thrift store in the strip. It's not inexpensive and there are various sizes at different prices. I'm planning to give the "purple" pizza a try, but if it isn't better...Jitomate may be worth the drive. I'll see.
  10. gringal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    PERRY'S??? Have you had it recently? It was good in the beginning, but IMO, went seriously downhill. There is a big difference in "Mexican" pizza and the kind those from NOB are used to, and often prefer. Sauces are sweeter and fewer "Italian" ingredients are there, so your Mexican friend is probably right. I won't comment on the "Purple" or M&J pizzas since I have had neither as yet.
  11. gringal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    I think the prices shown on the menu are very reasonable. They are lower than those of another pizza place I've been buying from because of their quality ingredients. After reading the post listing "purple's" ingredients, I'm very impressed.
  12. gringal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    Thanks for the number and the word that you deliver. It may be best on the spot, but I bet it's good at home, too!
  13. gringal

    Pet Peaves

    Although I admire your forbearance in resisting for four pages, I can't resist pointing out the worst middle of the block crossers and jaywalkers I've seen are the local Mexicans who cross anywhere, often with little kids in tow. Fortunately (I guess) the traffic movement lately is so slow that drivers can see them pop out in time to stop.😎 I do agree about the anglicizing issue. Let's let the words be what they are...in Spanish.
  14. gringal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    Several posters have sung the praises of your pizza, so I want one. The parking situation is daunting, though, so I'd like to know about delivery options. Do you deliver within Ajijic Centro? What's your phone number? (Don't see it on the menu). Thanks, and best of luck!
  15. gringal

    vehicle legalization

    Back to "gold". You're the man who's "been there and done that". Many people ask for answers on a web board in the vain hope that they'll get one they like. As for "been there", it didn't take long to discover that the cost of keeping the car we had when applying for "permanente" status was in excess of what it was worth to us. Sold it; bought new economy car suitable for narrow streets and tough parking situation. Side benefit is cops quit following your foreign plated car hoping to find a violation.