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  1. When did it close? What, if anything, replaced it? Just curious.
  2. " I don't know where to take my fur babies where they can run and stretch their legs. " (Thevalerieleigh) There is a nice, enclosed dog park along side the road that goes into La Floresta from the East End.
  3. I lived in a hillside barrio in San Miguel de Allende for three years before moving here. Garbage was picked up once a week, early (around 7 am) and it was a half block away. People had to hand their bags up to the truck bed. Some of the short older ladies couldn't reach that far up and my tall husband became a semi-hero to helping out. Moving to Ajijic was an improvement in that respect. No cowbell at an early hour. No having to have smelly garbage around all week. Here, it's a good idea to have a big hook or nail high enough to hang your bag above the reach of most critters. Works for me.
  4. Welcome to Mexico. After you get settled, be sure to come to one of the Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) meetings: first Monday of the month; La Bodega Restaurant in Ajijic at 10 am. Meet other local artists and craftspersons. (no meeting in August)
  5. See poster in other thread
  6. One thing, eh? Old English scratch cover/furniture polish will do. There's another product available, but not as good. Like many things.
  7. Slight correction: I picked up the flyer about Bobby's birthday. It says the party is on "Saturday, May 20th from 6-9 pm. All drinks 2 for 1 & birthday cake. DJ Howard will be spinning tunes ". The carrot fritters are delicious the first time, freshly made. Another story when re-fried from a previous batch. Glad you had a good experience. Next time, I'll try the fish.
  8. We went there for lunch and were hoping that the food had improved because the setting is so pleasant, especially in the warmer months. The new owner, Bob, is very welcoming. The service was attentive. The carrot fritters were served quickly, but sadly, were a "rerun" and greasy. One bite sufficed. One of us ordered Pad Thai and the other, Chicken Curry. The curry had a unfamiliar sauce, but was good. The other ordered Pad Thai. Not so good. The chicken had been over marinated, with the texture of moosh. The noodles were flavorful but there was an excess of red and green peppers. Very attractive presentation. I know that I might well have been happier with another dish since there were many attractive lunch offerings, and we will give it another chance....but I can't recommend the Pad Thai. I'm a fan of Bobby and hope his health issues have a good outcome.
  9. Had a very good lunch there today, but the flies are bad. It's not so much fun trying to eat with one hand while waving flies off the food with the other. Yes, fans would be good, but next time I may bring my tennis racquet type bug zapper with me. Carlos said he was buying some new equipment for the place. Hopefully, fans will be part of it.
  10. What I would prefer is a simple exchange of the item for the same item in a different finish....which they do have in stock. So, here's hoping. This was a "missed communication" problem.
  11. Does anyone know if one can return an item (still in unopened box) purchased at one branch of Home Depot in Guadalajara, to a different branch, also in Guadalajara? I'm asking because I bought an electronic item at the Walmart in Guadalajara and tried to return it (unopened) at the local store and was refused. Had to return it to the Guadalajara store."Policy" was the reason given.
  12. I THINK it's 8:30 to around 3:30, but best to check. Open 7 days a week.
  13. I agree with your suggestion. Probably the best way to find some company.
  14. If you want to touch the warts, get in an auto accident and get hauled off to a Mexican matter who's at fault, Si?
  15. Newbies tend to be so overjoyed about moving to Mexico that they embrace the warts along with the beauty spots. They can't help it; comes with the territory. Then, after a few falls on the cobblestones and a few stonewallings by the various officials; maybe a few scams and such, they settle into the reality of enjoying the good stuff and doing a Mexican shrug about the rest. They also get more realistic, which is always a good thing. They see that the government here allows even more corruption and abuse of authority than in the place they came from. The U.S. could certainly use some reform, but it's not all bad. There are people enjoying values that go way past love of money, and that's important to happiness anywhere. I also have a comment about the somewhat negative attitude about people who move to Mexico "for financial reasons". Of course they do; far more than will admit it, and their numbers will increase as the cost of living in the U.S. reduces people to poverty in their old age. Hopefully, they will be adaptable, accept the warts with humor and/or patience, "bloom where they are planted" and contribute something of value to their adopted country. I also applaud the folks who turned Ajijic from a graffiti laden eyesore when I moved here to the much improved present state. Thank you!