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  1. Hotel la nueva posada hotel

    We had the need to stay "somewhere" when we bought a decrepit house in Ajijic and major remodeling was necessary for bringing it to a habitable state. We stayed at the Nueva Posada for several weeks in a very pleasant, large room on the third floor. The meals were good and everything was satisfactory. It's right on the lake and the outdoor dining area is a pleasure. Indoor dining room is comfortable.
  2. Greek yogurt can be found at, of all places, Walmart. Just have to hunt.
  3. Natural peanut butter & Greek Yogurt

    Deena, who is moving as of Monday to the Monday market at Sunrise Cafe, sells a good tasting Greek yogurt along with her home grown vegetables, kefirs and honey. The golden kefir actually tastes good in case you don't like the white kind, which she also has. She's easy to spot since she is probably the tallest lady in the market.
  4. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Does it still count if their phone rings?
  5. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Yes, things are slipping through that weren't, before. Some adblockers, like VPN's, are more effective than others. If all else fails, one does have the choice of getting news from a favorite newspaper by paying for an online subscription, staying in contact with the important people in life through emails, and turning to Kindles for reading material. In the recesses of my aging memory lie snippets from the days where people actually talked to one another while dining and the only things in their hands were eating utensils. Another lifetime, si?
  6. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    I, for one, am not having advance pain. Anyone who doesn't read the terms of service on everything is flying blind. I only hope that my ad-blocking programs continue to work.
  7. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Can't wait to hear the wailing when people start having to pay for what they used to get for free. They so easily forget that NOTHING is free: for example, the "free" social networking sites where your "payment" is your personal information that is sold to advertisers and has made buckets of money for those who run the show. Just "follow the money" to see who profits from this change.
  8. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    This is the second definitely political post Hud has made in this thread. Where are you, mod?
  9. Tuesday Market

    Particularly in high season, Tuesday market is an overcrowded gauntlet to run to get the few things we want. Getting in and out in less than 15 minutes is our desired goal. That's a "social" occasion? Wow! Just getting in the door when the bell rings feels like being part of a stampeding herd.
  10. The question has never been resolved, so yes, again. The suspicion is grounded in some credible evidence. What do you think this area does for "animal population control"? It has never been openly addressed by the authorities. In this community, anyone who did so would likely be in danger of their life.
  11. Has anyone ever found the answer to the question of whether these poisonings are actually sanctioned by the authorities and never admitted to by them?
  12. So: Does anyone have his new email? If so, please share so we can make orders for his next trip.
  13. Tuesday Market

    Deena will no longer be at the Tuesday market. She said she will be at the Monday market at Sunrise restaurant from now on.
  14. Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    Right. Plus, all this depends on whether people are going to be up on the roof. People, especially those who aren't so young anymore, are frequently on medications that affect balance. Railings for roof decks just seems like a sensible precaution, which is why most people have them.