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  1. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Yeah, but did you have a lake view on the side?
  2. I have a friend who rents out her casita using Craigslist. Be sure to tell the potential landlord about your cats, since pets are often a deal breaker and landlords tend to freak out if someone fails to be honest before moving in. Hotel Perico would be good if you rent a car, since it's not so conveniently located but does accept pets and has completely equipped suites available for a reasonable price. Best of luck to you and your aunt!
  3. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    That was a pretty good rant, SYSY, until you reached the last paragraph and assumed a lot about those who are not in favor of illegal golf carts and you spewed a chunk of nastiness: " Why should we serve as a target for the self-righteous, self-centered and self-serving car population? Seems like it should be the other way around… " Do you have a problem with golf cart owners being required to be licensed, insured, and not allowed on the main highways? That is what all this is about.

    I'll bet it tastes a lot better, too!

    We lunched at Tabarka today. My spouse ordered his favorite swordfish and I decided to try the Gnocchi. Known for its fish, Tabarka has added some Italian offerings: Lasagna, gnocchi, raviolis and one other I can't spell. Last week, I had the lasagna and was duly impressed. It was large, multi-layered and nearly enough for two. Great sauce; a little different. The very rich white sauce on the Gnocchi was excellent: slight lemon flavor; lots of cheese and rich cream. This is definitely not diet food, but worth the sinning. A nice side salad is a good balance to the rich main dish. If you or your guests aren't thrilled with the idea of a fish dinner, this is a delicious alternative. 95 pesos.

    Jesus Lopez Vega is one of the artists who participates in Open Studios in February, and is one of the 170 artist members of Ajijic Society of the Arts. Their shows are always announced in the Guadalajara Reporter "happenings" section with a large ad as well. Many of the artists have their own websites and those are listed in the Open Studios catalog so that people can see a variety of their work. For those who use Facebook, you'll find many of them there, too. Several member artists also show on a permanent basis at Studio 18, on Colon. The art scene is expanding and newcomers as well as old-timers will enjoy seeing it happen.
  7. Looking for bi-lingual driver

    I use the Miramontes family: father and sons. All bilingual with cars in good condition. They will also go into the building with you and handle any translation needed. Very good, safe drivers. Numbers: Francisco 045- 333-157-8060 (father) : Luis 045-331-307-8289 : Miguel 045-331-095-2185
  8. Wonderful new deli

    Best matzo ball soup EVER. Don't miss it. Cozy decor; softly playing New York show tunes. Comfortable seating; good service. Pretzels served. Very generous sandwiches; reasonable prices. Went there last week and ordered a cheese dog. You need to be really hungry to tackle that one! Oversized dog; good quality, surrounded in giant bun by cheese and caramelized onions. All delicious, but good and messy. Choice of coleslaw or potato salad; both excellent. Great addition to the eatery scene.
  9. The Five Year Plan

    The only break in I've had in over nine years in Ajijic centro was before I had bars installed above the front garage door between it and the casita above. A meth head hit a number of Mexican neighbors and me. He couldn't get in the house itself so he lit the woodpile on fire. Luckily, we got home before much damage was done. Don't have the right kind of place for a dog, so no canine guard. Also, no blingy car or other indication of goodies to be snatched. Basically, your usual thief goes where it looks like riches live, like the famous bank robber who went for banks since "that's where the money is".

    You can check out the 2017 Open Studios catalog for the names of some excellent local artists. Diane Pearl was a participant and would have a copy. You can also contact Danielle Page, who is head of the Childrens Art Program at LCS and is also the Chairman of the 2018 Open Studios Committee. I can give you her email if you PM me.
  11. Has anyone had this procedure done at Maskaras Clinic by Dr. Gonzales? Happy with results? Or, had it done anywhere else?
  12. Where Do You Go For a BIG Salad??

    Three of us were at Cocinart last Friday. My friend ordered the Cobb salad and it was very substantial. Meal sized, to say the least. She said it was delicious; a favorite. Only problem is that it's on the "special" menu, but it's often listed.
  13. Canadian butter tarts

    Yes to Perogies !! And good luck.
  14. The Five Year Plan

    Not the McMansion people, as far as I know. (rofl) She wants chickens? I'd say the outlying country areas. There is that kind of property, especially out in the Jocotepec area. Also, it's a good area to find reasonable rentals. Just don't move next door to me with your dang roosters.