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  1. "Shriveled gringo" just says it all about your attitude. I suggest you keep your drone at a height that won't annoy anyone or intrude on their personal space and it will probably live to shoot photos another day.
  2. Oh, please, can the "ageism"! It's not about the noise but the potential invasion of privacy. If a young, middle aged or old person wants to sunbathe nekkid in their back yard, they should have the right to do so without somebody else doing a photo passover. What little privacy we have left should be preserved. You weren't planning to use this marvelous movie making tool to invade anyone's privacy, were you? 'Course not.
  3. A well known local artist is over 90: still painting, giving lessons, active in her art association, still travels and is mentally sharp. I want to be like HER.
  4. This is an unusual technique and a show well worth seeing. Good food there, too.
  5. Norm Tihor has done a number of photos for artists in the OpenStudios catalog for several years. His own photography is hanging in Gosha's restaurant. Contact is Phone: 766-2196
  6. Yes, walking distance. They are across the street on Ramon Corona from the old Simply Thai restaurant, about a half block from LCS. Very nice setting in a garden and more variety in the menu. Excellent chicken, pork and beef dishes along with the fish. It's where the Argentine restaurant was until January.
  7. Yes, either place will install. I used ElectroVenta. They'll bring the unit to your house. Tio Sams is up the hill on the Libramento past the Laguna Shopping center. I don't know what the stop is for Electroventa, but the driver will probably know. It's in Riberas on the Carreterra and is very visible. The Mirage model mini-split I have is very quiet and efficient. I've had it for at least 5 years now. Once had Electroventa do a repair on it. They have technicians who work on all the appliances they sell.
  8. Anyone know when this happened? I have seen Roberto's car parked there recently.
  9. "There are 40,000,000 Baby Boomers in the USA now, and they are retiring now or due to retire within the next 15 years. Guranteed we are not the only ones looking to retire elsewhere. " Well put. You can tell who's who by noting the ones carrying backpacks.
  10. Especially hours. It is frustrating to decide on having lunch at a restaurant and finding that the door is closed during posted "open" hours with no note of explanation in the window. Then there's consistency: You've found a delicious item and tell others about it. They try it and it isn't so. Hmmmm.
  11. Just a dash of nitpicking. There is a difference in serving 3 tables of 4 than one table of 12. The kitchen only has to make sure that each table of 4 is served all at once, at the right temperature. Another story on having 12 at one table. I also agree that Cocinart is one place that does things right and at very reasonable prices. The only problem there now is finding a seat. No seats when we arrived at noon, so we meandered over to Tabarka, where it's very pleasant although S L O W. Excellent food at a reasonable price. 'Tis a wonderful thing to have two such good eateries within walking distance and being able to avoid downtown this weekend. Re prices in general: Some restauranteurs are a bit full of themselves and the relationship between the food and the price can be tenuous at best.
  12. I agree with you there. Getting a meal for that large a group is not something most local kitchens are ready for, when the norm is two or four to a table. However, that's no excuse for stale bread or blah soup, let alone meat that's cold in the middle.
  13. When I looked at the site with the inexpensive aids, I naturally asked WHY there was such a huge difference between the prices of these and other brands. I wish that a knowledgeable audiologist could explain this to us. I also am wondering how a hearing aid could work when the buyer would be ordering it without a hearing test?
  14. I rely on locals' reports re new restaurants. Why would anyone need to consult Facebook or Trip Advisor? As far as parking is concerned, Ajijic Tango is consistently one of the most popular places in town and parking is horrendous. (What parking?). IMO, the FOOD is the main reason favorable word about a new restaurant gets out. Everything else is secondary and word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.
  15. I'm with you. Food reviews are useless if they aren't specific about what was good and why, or bad......and why. Pricey? Well, how much was the dish? How did it compare to other popular eateries?