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  1. gringal


    I stand corrected. It's stone.
  2. gringal

    Bobby's prices

    Anyone know if there is any kind of shade on the back terrace?
  3. gringal

    Follow-up on bean sellers.

    Things go bad when we make assumptions based on what we wish to believe rather than on facts. Also, some folks never heard of disagreeing without being disagreeable. When I lived in SMA, the beggar scene downtown around the plaza had women stationed every few feet, usually older women, and very often they would have a young child with them. A local reporter did an expose in which it was said that a very well organized operation would bring them to their locations and would pick them up again later for a fee. The children were "borrowed" for the gig. The take home money was most often confiscated by their men and used for drinking money. If that were all true, it was saddening. But who knows? The reporter might have exaggerated or downright lied.
  4. gringal

    Follow-up on bean sellers.

    And you know all this... how?
  5. gringal

    Neurologist and possible MRI

    That's news to me. Best to check with the doctor.
  6. gringal

    Neurologist and possible MRI

    As far as I know, MRI's are done in Guadalajara. Cost varies. I had one done last year on my spine that was $4300 pesos.
  7. gringal

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    I found the lecture on EAT MEXICAN to be funnier 'n hell, especially coming from a newbie. I see quite a few newbies coming on board, some of whom are clueless but righteous. Those who decide to settle here need to have a well developed sense of humor and appreciation of the absurd or they'll never last in Mexico. But seriously, every kind of ethnic food is being served in the very Mexican big city of Guadalajara, and furthermore, they're enjoying it! Me, I'm loving the variety of the world's foods coming to town lately. "Spice of life", etc.
  8. There are several ways to end a relationship which is not serving your needs, whether it be with a person or a place. One way is to say goodbye and simply end the contact. Another is to trash them to anyone who will listen, or to post all your negative feelings about them on a public forum. The latter seems pretty tacky and very unnecessary. To take it a little further, why suggest that the reasons others have said they are here for the culture are lying? Some people really are looking for a change of pace when they are free to retire. There are as many varieties of motives for moving here as there are expats, and just about the same for those who are dissatisfied and leaving.
  9. gringal

    Costco trip w/driver

    Do you know about the shopping service that shops for your list at Costco and delivers the goods to your door for a reasonable fee? Nice couple and reliable service. Website to order from. Order Mondays; delivery on Wednesday, and they call to let you know when. www.lakeside-ss.com
  10. gringal

    SUper Lake bean sellers gone?

    You just used the word "should". Ideally, what you suggest "should" happen. What, exactly, is going to make it happen?
  11. I got my dumbphone at the Telcel store on the side street next to Alex Pasta. It was around 30 bucks. I keep it in the car for emergencies. There a little metal thing you can use to make dialing easier, though a pencil with eraser will do fine. Here's to dumbphone users keeping it simple !
  12. gringal

    Artists canvasses

    ...and he does a great job: thick edge, thin edge, coarse or "portrait" canvas.
  13. As far as "painting others walls" is concerned, those "others" painted their walls according to their preference in the first place and graffiti perps covered that. They are probably pleased that somebody took the trouble to paint over it. Sure is easier on the eyes.
  14. gringal


    There used to be a cement statuary-for-gardens including bird baths, lake side on the carreterra in the west side of Ajijic. They moved to the East end, mountain side, near a furniture tent. Not sure if they're still there or what you have in mind as "inexpensive". We went whole hog and bought a three level fountain style. It's much enjoyed by the birds since they have a choice of full immersion, a shower, or a drinking spout at the top. It's great fun to watch them.
  15. Good article: points out the warts and topes, but ends this way: "Although this is not paradise, life is rich here and you may find that the advantages of Lakeside living far outweigh the disadvantages"