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  1. No. 4 update

    Absolutely right. NO parking. This is "better"? On what level?
  2. ...and the poor guys who picked up the horse droppings will be out of work..........awww. Having lived in several places that turned into artsy tourist towns with total gridlock, I can roundly agree that my personal quality of life wasn't improved by the changes. I finally gave up and moved elsewhere. The problem is excess cars: that, we all know. Sure, we could close off the main drag on weekends and have shuttles. Problem: it's the ONLY way to get from East to West, and commercial vehicles aren't going to stop using it on weekends as well. Parking lots are probably a better solution, but that means megabucks to actually buy the properties and do the job right. Then, shuttles to downtown from there might work. I'm just glad I had the good luck (it wasn't really foresight) to buy a place in Ajijic Centro that had a garage on the no-parking side of the street, because there's not a parking spot in sight on weekends anymore and it's probably going to get worse.
  3. No. 4 update

    UN4SEEN move.
  4. No. 4 update

    This comes up for Le Club 4 " Restaurant in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico closed now." Lots of comments pertaining to the old #4.

    How about "empathy"? I've been taken to the cleaners in the past and know the feeling.

    A new lunch place has opened on Ramon Corona, west side, across from Tabarka and a few doors North of the old Simply Thai. Emma's Deli is something different, adding a touch of New York or L.A. to the local scene and definitely worth a try. Open Mon - Friday from 11:30 on. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Lunched there today; had the "small" matzo ball soup which is not so small: Best you could want. We shared the pastrami and the Rueben sandwiches. I am not fond of "chewy" meat, so I'd order something else next time, but they were a fine example of the "genre". Light rye bread. The potato salad on the side is very good, as is the coleslaw. Pickles, too. A plate of pretzels arrived while we waited. Quite a variety of sandwich choices on the chalk board. Pleasant decor; friendly service. Pastrami sandwich was 95 pesos and the Rueben was around $105. Well stuffed, so a good value. We'll be back.

    My sympathies to the victim of this scam. Nearly everyone has been "taken" by someone in their lifetime, usually when others see that you're trying to be helpful. Betty's comments are mean spirited, to say the least. I hope the mod removes them. Hope you get well soon, Jabonera, and that this scammer doesn't use your contact list to do further harm to you or others.
  8. They have closed lower Colon to autos on weekends and now have outdoor dining and diplays there. End result: More Tapatios coming to have family fun in Ajijic and parking "somewhere". Wall to wall cars on all the nearby streets, often blocking residents' garages. Success story? Depends.
  9. No. 4 update

    "Le Club"? 9-2 means a breakfast club, si?
  10. New Indian Restaurant

    ROFL! It definitely meets and exceeds the standards for mall food I have known. Suggestion: if you find, like my husband and I did, that there is more rice and sauce than you want to eat at one setting, pour the sauce over the rice and take it home. It makes a tasty meal with a few additives. I peeled and used some diced up bratwurst (from the sausage guys at the Tuesday market) and some veggies. Delicious!
  11. Ditto. I'm in no condition to ride a bike at this point, but I have always wondered about how anyone on a bike could get safely from where the bike path ends in the East and resumes in the west. Yes, it would probably cause even more traffic gridlock, but maybe it's worth it. It's bad enough now that I'd like to see someone working on the real problem: too many vehicles and not enough lanes. Get behind a garbage truck and prepare to wait...and wait.
  12. Framing

    Another vote for Isabel. Great job.
  13. The way the old time taxistas have been reacting to UBER and trying to somehow link this to NETFLIX is beyond my ken. You're in no physical danger using NETFLIX. BTW, NETFLIX Is in no danger of going bust when you consider the cost of taking a family to the movies in the U.S. A Party Bus? Reliance on people using the taxis late? Nice thought.
  14. Most people aren't doing errands at the time of day when there are checkpoints and during which they'd be drinking. Let's be practical.
  15. This is just another example of foreigners who willingly moved to another country and then expect it to meet their standards of "whatever", be it legal treatment, garbage collection, or road conditions. Yes, this is harsh treatment and is probably rougher than wherever we came from. We have the usual options which don't need repeating. Stay off the Carretera if you want to avoid the checkpoints. Or.......the other solutions mentioned, including offering to comp the dinner of a non-drinking friend.