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  1. Does anyone have a pool cover or pool cover material that they don't want anymore? Used items are welcome. (376)766-4389
  2. Karaoke CDs for sale

    We are going to start a computer repair business?!?!?!
  3. Karaoke CDs for sale

    Over 900 karaoke CDs for sale. 715 discs are songs in English and 198 discs are songs in Spanish. Each CD/disc contains 15-20 songs. Complete with aluminium case which has extending handle and wheels. All in excellent condition. 5,500 pesos. Call (376) 766-4389
  4. Chapala Tianguis... Where to Park?

    Very easy to park at Soriana and just walk across at the lights.
  5. solar pool heater and cover

    Even the 'so-called-good' solar rings from the US only seem to last 2 or 3 years at the most and for the price they do not represent good value. You can make your own 'solar rings' - although in this case they are square - just go to YouTube and see how easily it is done and at a low cost.
  6. Moving / Shipping Costs

    Further to my previous comments, I also went with Lake Chapala Moving (Winston) who gave me the volume costs but didn't mention that weight also came into the equation and so when the lorry was being loaded, everything was weighed as it went on board and we ended up having to pay an additional and unexpected $1000 for the extra weight that was over the allowance. I was not a happy hector.
  7. Moving / Shipping Costs

    Not only do they charge by weight, they also charge by volume. Like RV mentioned, I would only recommend bringing personal belongings and I include many clothes amongst that. If you intend to travel down by car, then just fetch what you can fit in the car.
  8. Couldn't think of anyone better than Dr. Hector Valenzuela, the man is simply amazing in his care for his patients.
  9. On-going Knee Issues

    I would not recommend Dr. Gonzalez. PM me if you want details.
  10. Paying 2017 Car Tax

    This morning I was at the office in Chapala to renew my car tax for 2017 and was hit with having to pay for 3 parking tickets in Guadalajara at $359 each. The parking violations in Guad happened during May 2016 at which time we were in the USA and our car was locked in the carport in a gated complex with the battery disconnected. There was no option but to pay the fines along with the car tax but boy, did it rankle? Would love to know if anyone successfully challenged a car parking violation in Guadalajara?
  11. Knee replacement

    Sent you a PM.
  12. Hector's Contact Info

    331 795 9295
  13. Current Airport Parking Conditions

    Flew out yesterday so the latest is: the car park is operating normally i.e. barriers down and you take a ticket at the entrance machine - free parking has ended. still the usual chaos with traffic all around the airport terminal and going into the car park is still your best bet. Inside the terminal it was really, really crowded with people, that was at 7 am.
  14. ear wax removal

    Don't quote me, but I believe that they treat most minor things and send you on for anything that they can't handle eg xrays, heart, etc.
  15. ear wax removal

    Don't know about your statement of "no charge for treatment" Dave0415 - I had to pay 70 pesos upon arrival and registering at reception and they didn't even know at that stage what supplies would be used. Perhaps the 70 pesos was just a newly instigated registration fee? I have been going to the clinic regularly over the past few years for the same treatment and initially they never charged, although the previous time for this treatment they did charge me 100 pesos. My last visit a week ago incurred no charges for supplies although all that they used was some Aqua Oxigenada and a new syringe. For people intending to go there for the first time (very little English spoken apart from the lady doctor that I saw), first register at the reception counter (hole in the wall) for computer input. Then a short distance further along the corridor to a small office, then sit down until called by a nurse to check blood pressure, weight and height. Sit down again until called forward to see a doctor (there usually is more than one doctor present). Take a book!!!!!