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  1. Bandol

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Ian, you are the best.
  2. Bandol


    I’ve had some very good duplications done by Sonia at Fiaga on Colon.
  3. I’ve dealt with 4 of Quality Care’s physicians and they have all been great. Tell me Bookworm who do you recommend should be avoided.
  4. Bandol

    fridge repair man needed

    Gualberto Real 765 5653
  5. Bandol

    Private Insurance

    Depends on the company/your policy. Are you insured now? If not you might be a bit late if your emergency is current. The Bellon agency in SAT has access to various possibilities.
  6. Bandol

    Fixing blinds

    Quikblinds in SAT do a good job.
  7. Oops, thank you Tomas for correcting from east to west.
  8. On Hidalgo in Chapala, one block to the east of the main intersection, and right on the corner with Aquiles Serdan is an office with a large foot painted on the door. The two podiologos in there will probably be able to help you. I prefer the doctora and have used her for years. I have no idea what her qualifications are or where she got them.
  9. Bandol

    van to Guad

    Next to Mom’s is a furniture store. A young fellow has a desk in there promoting a van rental. The van was outside yesterday & looks as tho’ it would accommodate 7 people.
  10. Bandol

    Kitchen Counter Tops

    Vista Lake, I’d be interested to know the names and contact numbers of your granite workers. I know Rudy is the best but I can’t use him for this little job. Thank you.
  11. Bandol

    Real estate quandary

    Ian, I was under the impression that any tax owing would have been scooped at the time of the transaction. Perhaps the documents from the notario, which your friends should have, will cast light on this? Otherwise he is the person to whom your friends should speak. Maybe no tax was owing?
  12. Bandol

    Real estate quandary

    Ian, this sounds a bit mysterious. Surely the purchasers would have been more than anxious to straighten this out earlier and before they parted with the money? It is my understanding that only notarios can deal with real estate sales/purchases and subsequent registrations. Perhaps your friends should speak with a good one. I suggest Ramos Uriarte on Guerrero in Chapala.
  13. Bandol


  14. It is an asphalt product that comes in rolls. I’ve had it done on a couple of flat roofs. Can’t remember the price.
  15. Bandol

    Teacher Wayne passed away

    Very bad news. He was a great teacher and just about everything I know about Mexican history came from the very-well attended class he gave at the American Legion years ago. Heart-felt sympathy to Dale.