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  1. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    I had this call too. Mine was from a female, North American accent, very insistent. I laughed at her and hung up.
  2. CFE Outages Yesterday and Today

    Back on now on Hidalgo/Aquiles Serdan.
  3. Shelli, no-one here does that work and yes there is a need.
  4. Pole

    Good and reasonably priced dinner tonight at Pole. Good duck salad and lengua cod in pleasant surroundings. Two charming young Spanish fellows working hard to please. Located at the corner of the Carreterra and Aquiles Serdan in Ajijic.
  5. dr. juan lastra ...

    I agree with Computer Guy.
  6. Best place to buy TV's

    Please tell me who, what, where is Zenda. Thank you.

    Mike, I'll let you know privately.

    Green Solutions fixed a problem that ESun could not deal with. Knowledgeable technicians, excellent engineer, good price.
  9. Apartment Rental to Avoid

    Kevin K was correct when he posted that the apartment in the Reporter is a different one to that Bournemouth wondered about.
  10. Guad airport to Ajijic

    Is your question serious Rick? Here it is a sitio.
  11. The Chapala ATT store

    The large gentleman in the Chapala store speaks perfect English.
  12. Help--new house, no furniture!

    Hensley, I'd like to be on your list for upcoming sales but my pm isn't working. Will you please send the information to me here and I hope I can reply with my email. Thank you.
  13. Mariscos El Carnal

    Years ago I ate at their branch on the Carreterra to Guadalajara and thought the food very ordinary and even then rather expensive. I tried them again at the San Juan branch about five years ago and had their coconut shrimp. Very nasty with the canned sweet coconut sauce in a little bowl on the side for dipping. Straight out of the can! No chance at all that I would try them again.
  14. Looking for gardener in Chapala

    Diego is a good gardener, lives in Chapala and speaks good English. I doubt that he could accommodate your days/times. His number is 3314664275
  15. Excellent Eye Doctor

    I had first-rate cataract surgery from Dr. Vargas. No idea about glasses.