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  1. CalGal

    Social Security problem

    Thank you all for the suggestions. She is going to start with the email and go from there.
  2. My friend's SS deposits stopped in January, and they are telling her the only way to fix it is to go into the American Embassy in Guadalajara. Has anyone out there had any experience dealing with a SS problem at the Embassy in Guad? Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. CalGal


    They DO deliver......my guy even brings it into the house and puts them into the racks.
  4. What are all the rockets about in San Antonio this morning? I also hear a band playing.
  5. CalGal

    old appliances

    There is a truck that comes around about once a week to collect things like that. He charges a small price. He has a very annoying recording on his truck. Can hear him coming.
  6. CalGal

    Building a house in Riberas

    Ditto on Gustavo - he has a large, trained crew and is very reliable.
  7. I have a lot of palms in my garden - should I fumigate? Is there any preventive? 5 of my palms are about 3 stories tall.
  8. CalGal

    Renewing Drivers License Today

    Spencer has a driver take people in to Guad once a month to renew Driver's Licenses. Easy Peasy! We were back home in 3-1/2 hours. WELL worth the cost (forgot how much).
  9. CalGal

    Automatic transmission

    Just had Felipe work on my auto transmission. It was a sensor, not the transmission. He did a great job and guarantees his work. I will continue to use him as my car mechanic!!!!
  10. CalGal

    Not sure what this is

    Actually, I was just joshing......he's a pretty good guy!
  11. CalGal

    Not sure what this is

    Hmm, kinda like my ex-husband! Looks like him too
  12. CalGal

    Recommendation for hand painted furniture

    Is this person (Noe) still at this location? The above post was from 2015.
  13. CalGal

    Costco delivery

    I used my Multiva Mastercard.
  14. Can someone send me directions to the place where they renew Mx Drivers Licenses in Ocotlan? Mine is expired, but hope they will renew without having to take Drivers Test.