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  1. Dental Express

    I have always been happy with the care I received there. It was limited to teeth cleaning, so don't know about surgeries, implants, etc.
  2. Bird Seed

    Animal Shelter on the carretera on lakeside in Riberas (I think) has a really good mix my canaries love! It is also a non-profit organization, sponsoring spay, neuter, and rescue. We need more of all of these! Caged birds also need chopped lettuce (Romaine preferred) and hard boiled eggs (seems weird, but there you are) Birds need as much of a variety as possible!
  3. FRAT

  4. Satellite TV Provider

    PM Barcelonaman. He is a wizard with tv advice!
  5. In Your Opinion

    I drove from Guad to the beach on Easter Day some years back and there was NO, I mean, NO traffic at all! We'd go 10 or 15 miles without so much as SEEING another car....
  6. Looking for a female Shepherd mix

    It has happened, but not the way we tried....LouAnn has adopted a young Rott mix, and already loves her so. Thanks for all your help, and best wishes for all the pups at the Ranch!
  7. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    My canaries love them, hard boiled....
  8. Bless your hearts.......
  9. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    Quail eggs take Easter Egg dye exceptionally well. They look like beautiful marble... a bowl of mixed colors is a great centerpiece!
  10. Looking for a female Shepherd mix

    Just got internet back......she is interested but the holidays have gotten in the way. Elaine is a good friend! Also got involved in a rescue (of my own dog) from a busy street, tripped on a rock, fell into boulders, and broke four ribs......never a dull moment at my house!
  11. Being generous in Mexico

    Bless your heart, so hope your world improves and you feel better about your world.
  12. Chinese Pug male found

    And would be for me, but for mobility issues (balance)! As it is my one boy has dropped me when on leash several times. I served on the board of Pug Rescue in Texas for 20 years and never had fewer than four old ladies at a time. Just like in real life, the old ladies are hard to place! So glad a pug lady has stepped up for this little boy!