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  1. The Snowbirds are back

    I like the idea of the big flashy sticky ones! But with this message. A visit to a local grua might make good sense too......Someone who I think wore a coonskin cap said, "Be prepared!" Oh, and from my Texas childhood..."Alway's fulla gas and facin' out"
  2. The Snowbirds are back

    Good one, Girl!!!
  3. Butternut Squash

    Usually available at the Tuesday market. Walk straight in til you reach the guys with a lot of produce. They've almost always got it, and it's organic.
  4. Ocumicho, Michoacan Crafts Town

    And the fabulous brightly painted snakes, made from local vines..... like them so much more than the live ones!!!

    I would remember, but I was part of the experiment......Timothy's Leary's dead.......

    They won't hurt you. Heads up! As a five year old in South Texas I walked into dozens of webs while looking for blackberries and never got anything but scared!

    And if you live in the jungle with a private line, you will truly dread the arrival of the bill...oh wait, they don't deliver one out here! I have to go in person to inquire if they don't happen to feel like delivering it via email. Government agencies are always difficult to deal with, but the ones here take the cake!
  8. Hey Camille,  Sent you a P.M. re: pugs.  Can you check your messages and let me know if you're interested.


    Val :)

  9. House / Animal sitters available

    Thanks for your interest, but I live at the beach in Nayarit and am available July-October/ I have animal emergency training, and much prefer longer sits, like at least a month or two. I am a nonsmoker and was trained as a chef. References on request. Camille Waters
  10. Alert

    Bless your heart!
  11. Cake!

    Thanks, Kiddo! Maybe they have a website where the original poster can see some examples.......
  12. Chedraui

    Well, just to stir the pot, I was wrong about the Soriana involvement. Some new unknown chain with "Fresca" in the title....I don't care, just leave me out of the limp produce bin, and keep bringin' the stuff we can't get here. Where is cornmeal in the land of maiz? Where are the grits to pair with the lovely white shrimp? And by the way, BRING BACK BELUSHI!!!!!!.
  13. Cake!

    And there is an excellent bakery in Joco, not far from SJC which would do a perfect job of a delicious, beautiful cake. Now if I could only remember the name.......but one of the younger, maybe smarter members will...... Lovely way to spend a bday!
  14. We have a Sony Bravia model KDL 32FA400 lightly used to sell.  We are asking 3200 pesos.  You pick it up.  We are in La Floresta.  Phone 766-0095

  15. Chedraui

    Come visit the Bucerias Chedraui and you will see why there are so few cars in the parking lot. Limp produce is not going to be a loss leader anywhere but a remote village store.