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  1. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    Now after further noodling around, I see that Home Depot claims to sell only non-lead, non-voc spray paint. I'll have to go into the store nearby with my magnifying glass to learn more. I just want to get this project underway in case off-gassing is a concern. My canary boys are such a pleasure!
  2. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    Got one of those for home. What I need to do is revive a smaller one for our annual housesitting at the Lake. And October is still available.....
  3. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    They told me no, but you are the better researcher!
  4. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    Thanks! Don't need to put the boys in the newly-painted cage til mid-Aug.Thanks so much for your help!
  5. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    Thanks, Tiny, but apparently Ecos is not available in Mexico, and not on ebay. Any other ideas?
  6. camillenparadise

    Lead free spray paint

    Is it available in Mexico? Need to paint my canaries' cage and can't expose them to lead. Thanks for any info.
  7. camillenparadise

    help needed

    Please let's get this lady some help! I am not at the Lake right now but will do what I can financially to help. I see via Sr. Google there are many varieties of fatty tumors...some need surgery, some no. Please someone join me in this effort to help!
  8. camillenparadise

    help needed

    What is the cost of a second opinion at Ladron? I would gladly pay for that.
  9. camillenparadise

    help needed

    Sent you a PM.
  10. camillenparadise

    help needed

    I will loan you the money for this sweet dog. Problem is, I have forgotten my PayPal password. Can you list something real cheap on ebay, that way I can automatically use PayPal.
  11. Gorgeous kitchen, BG! And I had an identical stove in Houston forty years ago!
  12. camillenparadise

    Shaw trouble?

    Suddenly I've got "no signal" from Shaw on a blue background and nothing else.
  13. camillenparadise

    Butter Crisis

    Needless to say, it was sheer perfection......
  14. camillenparadise

    Butter Crisis

    And I remember spelling Grandma Nini at churning when she went to wring a rooster's neck for chicken'n'dumplings the next day.....What I wouldn't give for that meal today!!!!
  15. camillenparadise

    Do you pay staff for sick days, and how much?

    Ever hear one of my grannie's faves? "Handfull of gimme, mouthfull of not enough?"