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  1. Hi Joe,

    I will be sitting in Riberas the month of August, then scrambling to find a little casita til Sept 18th, when my next sit begins. It goes til Oct 8, then I am available til the beginning of November, just in case you know of something.

    See you soon!


  2. camillenparadise

    san miguel de allende

    You shoulda seen it on my honeymoon in 1965~ the whole world is so different now! And Atontonilco completely unrestored then was so magic....
  3. camillenparadise

    Getting wheelchair at Guad airport

    No fee per se ,but just like in a restaurant, a tip is expected. I have NO sense of direction, and wouldn't dream of navigating LAX without a chair and driver.
  4. camillenparadise

    Looking for this fish!

    Just in case...anyone here heard of Alabato del Pacifico, a sort of halibut, related to flounder or lenguado? So few pescaderias maintain websites here...thanks!
  5. camillenparadise

    Fish Tacos

    Great info! I always prefer s polite and genteel clientele with well-behaved dogs to braying gringos! At least the dogs keep their opinions to themselves! Mine will be blissfully snoozing in the ac during our visit, parked far from the restaurant. We will be housesitting and the residents deserve time away from their new friends. Camille
  6. camillenparadise

    Fish Tacos

    Do you have a choice? If so, I"ll be signing up for the mahi--mahi on a regular basis~ '
  7. camillenparadise

    Fish Tacos

    And where would one find such a rarity?
  8. camillenparadise

    Fido in Restaurants

    Well, we now know peacocks and pigs are not allowed, and that's a very good thing! However, some of us have very small, well-trained support dogs, and require wheelchairs in airports. I know you wouldn't ban those, How I wish I were as fit as 50 years ago, but , damn, I am SO much smarter!
  9. camillenparadise

    Need home or foster

    Bless you AND Jack!!!! And bless his owner/rescuer~~~~ Thank the angels for rescuers like you!!!!
  10. camillenparadise

    Consignment shops--your favorite

    What happened to the lady who used to be just behind the mercado in Chapala? I always found great garden clothes there....
  11. camillenparadise

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Will do!
  12. camillenparadise

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Persistent? RELENTLESS where a good fried green tomato is concerned!!!!
  13. camillenparadise

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    How about that fried green tomato???
  14. camillenparadise

    Fido in Restaurants

    No, it's always parked way out in the open. I housesit at the Lake and try to be considerate of all involved.
  15. camillenparadise

    Fido in Restaurants

    My Bebo goes along for the ride but stays in the car, in the ac, while I enjoy my wonderful Lakeside friends!