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  1. Roof-Cargo Box Mazda CX5

    Hey, thanks. but no internet here for several days1 fOUND ANOTHERE ONE BUT BIG THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY````

    Maybe your pooch would drink some aloe vera juice to help heal the ulcerations? Maybe mixed with a little chicken or beef stock? Poor baby!
  3. TV Lakeside

    Check out USTVNOW on the computer....networks and PBS free, many other packages available. Cheapest tv I know of.
  4. Frida

    Right on, Deb! Oh how I wish Frida's were near me! But then, I'm a looong way away! When I'm at the Lake, I like to call them and give them my order and eta. Makes for a lovely lunch!
  5. Sturdy plastic box needed...

    Or the black plastic boxes used to ship avocadoes? They are free from the abarrotes. I used to use them in Texas to drain my salad greens after soaking. They are openwork, so if what you want is solid plastic, not so good!
  6. Has anyone seen.......

    A medium-sized dog crate for sale at any of the resale shops lately? Doesn't need to be airline quality. Thanks!
  7. Need to buy a medium sied dog crate

    Not for airline use, just around the house.
  8. ecomint

    Because O+ blood is the filet mignon of the mosquito world.... the lamb chop, the pate, the very caviar!
  9. ecomint

    Anyone cursed with O+ blood tried it?
  10. Costco

    Pappy, you sent me to Costco PV for cherries....even tho I realized in Bucerias my wallet was at home near Sayulita, turned around, and went back. Never imagined they had Bing AND Rainier....got so excited I spaced the corn! But you know what they say..."No matter what happens, marry a Texas girl, because no matter what happens, a Texas girl has seen worse."
  11. Wonderful new deli

    How's their Reuben?
  12. Frida

    I would have left long before you did, but I have eaten there many times and never received anything but prompt, friendly service and the best salads in Mexico.
  13. Mexican Olive Oil

    I looked on ebay, where I can buy Italian tuna and exceptional olives that friends bring down, and there is nada! Inquiring palates want to know! BTW, last week Mega had white asparagus! Not had it in years, wrapped in prosciutto....
  14. Mexican Olive Oil

    So no place locally?