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  1. HELP with KODI

    My number is 331 433 1408. I can help with Kodi..that is what I do. Lindsey.
  2. Adelita's

    Well said Jason. As you have seen in the service business there are some people that you will NEVER be able to please...this lady sounds like one of those. Everyone I have spoken to about your establishment said to a person...the food is great!!!!! And you are correct...the best music in town!
  3. Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    One more thing. If deemed a non resident, what , if any , taxes would I have to pay in Canada? Going to the gov't sites , well, it's just confusing!
  4. Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    Did you have to apply for non residency before heading north? If so, where would I find the forms?
  5. Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    Thank you for the reply. I consider myself a non-resident of Canada since I have no ties there anymore( the gov't might think differently,I know). I live here and just work for 4 to 5 months a year up there. I have written the government but have had no reply so far. Again , thanks for your advice.
  6. I own a Mexican plated car and would like to drive it to Canada this spring when I return to work. Does anybody know the legalities of this? I have an FM3 and plan on getting my Jalisco driver's licence. Will I be taxed at the border for "importing" a car or will I be able to claim that I am a non-resident and just drive through? Will I have to apply for non-resident status before I head north? Any help with this would be appreciated.