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  1. Hearing aids

    You have to bear in mind that prices in Mexico for hearing aids generally include Sales Tax and prices NOB generally don't, depending on State/Provincial Sales Tax. Laws.
  2. Sending mail NOB

    Any one of the mail services, Ishop, Handy Mail or Sol y Luna
  3. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    You will need to pay the plate fee Jan, Feb or March. The earlier you are the less it is.
  4. Chapalaweather down

    It's not feeding WU, it is reporting no data received If one searches WU you get this new link that comes up as AJIJIC-LA FLORESTA STATION. Looks like CW.net may have changed hands https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/mx/ajijic?cm_ven=localwx_10day
  5. I don't charge for helping someone to set up their taxes. It saves me a lot of work sorting things out after the fact.
  6. Ferret: The tax treaty between Canada and Mexico provides for maximum tax payable on monthly pensions as 15%. CRA also applies that rate to capital gains and dividends. Tax on rentals is not set in the treaty so CRA applies the non-treaty tax percentage of 25% to rental income withholding.
  7. Canadian non-residents have to file a 216 return for Canadian rentals. The tenant or rental agent is required to withhold 25% at source and submit to CRA every month. After filing a return with expenses you will receive a refund on any tax balance. CRA will send you (on request) an NR4 in March or April each year and this must be filed with your 216 return. CRA will hold your return until they receive this NR4. Ferret has mentioned 15% withholding but she may have a special dispensation from CRA. All my clients are having 25% withheld as presently required by CRA. I also recommend that, before leaving Canada, you have a real estate broker provide you with an opinion of value so that any taxes owing on the sale of the property (should you decide to sell) are limited to capital gains incurred after leaving Canada. it also serves to provide a value if you return to Canada and you should have a new opinion of value done at that time which limits capital gains to the period you were away from Canada and renting the property Dave
  8. Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  9. CG. The same person who was touting Ilox is now touting Telmex. There would seem to be a very personal interest there. Not many of us live in Rancho D’Oro or Las Salvias compared to the 316 people he says have signed up for Ilox, so why the sudden turn to Telmex? Tom, would you like to explain your change of heart regarding Ilox and indicate what you will do about Ilox if Telmex improves the internet in your area.
  10. Quattro Mori

    Have you tried Hosteria Del Arte in West Ajijic. Their owner /chef is from Northern Italy.
  11. US passport renewal at Lakeside?

    You should check the LCS directory and the Legion websites. The correct information on both
  12. Just a few years ago I had an HP Officejet printer that refused ink refills. I tried a factory reset (details on the net) and it works. I sets everything including page counters back to factory original. Needless to say I now use laser.
  13. Meeting with Transito

    Until now the transitos were all State. The new municipal transitos have yet to be authorized to issue tickets.