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    Maybe I should say a few things about Gringal and CG and the price of chicken and also whoever made comments about prices high enough to pay the food cost , overhead and staff. Mexicans tend not understand the math behind meal pricing in restaurants and end up charging what they think the market will bear. NOB pricing is usually based on multiplying the cost of the food on the plate by a factor of anywhere from 3 to 6 depending on the type of and standing of the establishment. From "mom and pop" to "elegant fine dining", although the top end is probably closer to 7 or 8 now with the price of rents and property so high NOB. If one applies Gringal's chicken meal at El Ancla and the price of chicken (much to CG's horror) one gets the following. I have rounded costs for those who are math challenged. First of all CG, I agree that the price of whole chicken has not changed in years, but like a car the parts are more expensive than the whole. In 2010 whole chicken was about 30-40p per kilo. Right now you can still buy it for 40p. Boneless, skinless chicken breast was 55p per kilo in 2010 and is now over 100p per kilo. Plate cost 6oz boneless, skinless chicken breast- 20p, + vegetables 10p, + condiments, salsa and bread, 10p. Total 40p. Apply pricing factors. 3x= 120p. 4x=160p. The price of El Ancla's chicken at 130p is not out of line CG. What kills restaurants here is more about volume than errors in pricing or more specifically too many restaurants, too few people and quality problems. I have owned a m&p restaurant, managed a restaurant and run club based restaurants. Then I did books and taxes for several restaurants. They all survived using those methods with sufficient volume of course.

    We have also had problems with El Ancla in the past with the many changes of cooks and the ups and downs of the food quality. Went back a couple of weeks and there is a excellent improvement in the quality of the food. Jose, who has been there forever, has a 2 year agreement to rent the Restaurant and is busy making improvements to the menu and has introduced a breakfast menu with competitive pricing. I think it is available 9-noon but if you talk nicely to him the "noon" can be extended an hour or so. Maybe we will try it today and get back here.
  3. Fiber Optics

    I agree
  4. Need paper for my printer

    We are talking Pesos here. Does it really matter?
  5. aa

    There is an ad in the Guad Reporter most every week and an other sometimes in the Ojo mag
  6. Where to get Documents Printed?

    I LOVE IT!!!!~ I want mine with Maple Syrup
  7. Satellite tv with USA channels

    Mario is part of the Mike Merriman group, Ajijic Electronics. Google it.
  8. gomez tile

    Immediately west of s&s is Branigans auto, Bueno Bazar, have hammers and a bunch of open lots. East is the chicken store, the pool and a bunch of open lots. Where are you?
  9. where for passport photos?

    Lexy: I suggest you use the one that RV recommends. It is the only one in Chapala that is allowed by the Canadian Consulate in Mexico City as they are real photographs not from a colour printer.
  10. DIF Cards

    The INAPAM card is better as it is valid in all of Mexico including Jalisco. The DIF card is valid only in Jalisco. You get it at the DIF office in Chapala. BTW the Chapala office is often short/out of both cards. I did mine (INAPAM) through LCS but I don't know when they will have another event. You might call or go in and ask at the office. They seem to have one every year.
  11. Car emission test locations

    MC. The extension of Hidalgo across Madero is Morelos. Hidalgo no longer. Turn left at the light, second right is Degollado. Should be able to get to Zaragoza from there.
  12. Car emission test locations

    It is a North bound one way street, not southbound. Maybe that was your problem
  13. Knife and scissor sharpening needed

    Since your post said about knife sharpening I am at a loss why you would want to call Canada to find out. Explain por favor.
  14. Printer Ink

    Mercado Libre also. I buy all my laser cartridges there. Never a problem.
  15. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    For at least a year ML has had a contract with DHL. I order about monthly and packages always come DHL. Unless you work directly with the seller and make a specific request, they will always come DHL.