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  1. My Telmex wifi is down

    My phone and I/Net have been out since Thursday am. My neighbour is helping with the I/Net. Not a great signal but enough. Back to Telmex this am.
  2. Another kind of scam

    Municipal Police do not do investigations. Investigations are carried out by the Ministerio Publico. That is where you report it.
  3. Lety's Mariscos

    The only thing consistent about many restaurants here, is their inconsistency.
  4. Pesos for US dollars exchange

    Intercam Banco with passport and they are open today until 4pm
  5. Costco eye examination

    Luz has a permanent set up at LCS
  6. We got screwed!!!

    I notice some store clerks will wrap a 500 peso bill around their finger and rub it on white paper. If the bill is counterfeit it will leave ink traces.
  7. New Indian Restaurant

    Having been born and raised in an England at war I remember the Indian sub-culture that was brought about by England’s 200 year history with India which ended in 1948. England had then and still has a strong love of Indian Cuisine and it even shows in the Fish and Chip Shops where you can buy Chips and Curry Sauce rather than gravy. Even many British Pubs serve curries. There is a complete British Indian cuisine style in England now which may or may not be entirely authentic Indian Cuisine. Aficionados may want to read: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/24icha/what_is_the_history_of_curry_who_invented_it_how/ Arriving in Toronto in 1967 I hoped that I would be able to find an Indian Restaurant. Well there was one (maybe the “Taj Mahal”) but I am not sure if there were any more. I never found another one at that time although more came in to being in the 70’s. But then I only lived in Toronto for a couple of years. In the intervening years, I was introduced to West Indian and Guyana style curries which are quite different to Indian curries and because they are easier to cook that is the style I cook today and eat with my own Mango or Quince and Apple Chutneys. Today there are at least 526 curry restaurants in Greater Toronto area so the choice is much better than it was 50 years ago. I look forward to eating at the Roti Hut in Scarborough in a few weeks which as the name implies serves a West Indian Curry served in a Roti. I hope I also get to the “Duke of Kent” to try their British Pub style curry. Here at Lakeside we are never likely to get a curry that will suit everyone’s palates even if our supply doubles with the addition of another outlet which I look forward to trying. For those who have tried it the owner at Gossips is African and prepares a quite delicious African curry that is rarely on his menu. Instead he offers Thai curries that in no way taste the same. If enough of us bug him he may be persuaded to offer it on occasion. I would even help him spread the word. In the meantime, I will cook my own Jamaican Style Curry.
  8. New Indian Restaurant

    Ask a Real Estate agent. They all say SAT not Ajijic. Google is often incorrect.
  9. Garden refuse pickup?

    Whining that this is some sort of "right" or "privilege" paid from your miniscule tax dollars is laughable. Thank you Chillin. At last someone states the truth about taxes

    Thanks Thomas, thanks MikeB. I will let his son know that he is alive and well

    Sorry folks. I am working for the son in California and I never had a camera with me when I met him
  12. His family has not heard from him for a month. He was living in La Floresta when I knew him but he is apparently no longer there. He is 89 years old and probably should be in some form of care facility. If anyone knows where he is please contact his son Roy Howatt at survco@aol.com or 001 805 966 7300 Thanks Dave
  13. Does anyone know

    The new restaurant is just as you are about to enter San Nicolas. I believe it is just past kilometre 6 on the mountain side of the road. It is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday but I am not sure of the hours. The food is mainly BBQ and it is quite good. We have eaten there 2x and have no complaints
  14. Anyone with one of these accounts should read the TOB http://www.insidelakeside.com/t18716-att-ripoff Some of you may have problems
  15. Nor sure how you relate transitos to crime. Crime is looked after by the town/village police and transitos enforce traffic regulations.