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  1. dave0415

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    After all the "slams" and a few"mine was good" my wife did not feel like going out so I decided to try out Southern Sisters yesterday late afternoon. My welcome was great, I have known the head waiter for several years at a variety of restaurants and my menu and drink arrived promptly. My chicken fried steak arrived in a reasonable length of time. All in all, for a new restaurant, I felt it was a pretty good effort and I have been known to slam the odd eatery for any variety of reasons. The grilled shrimp, fries and salad that I took home for my wife were, she said, also good. (she ate the whole thing). They will fill a niche here Lakeside, one gets tired of the same old, same old and wants a little variety now and then.
  2. Is this 120,000 miles or 120,000 km. It makes a difference?
  3. dave0415

    iLox @ LCS?

    They asked for "pledges" and "expressions of interest". I think at one point they were added together to come to 400. An expression of interest is exactly that it is not a pledge and I was one of those expressing interest. I did not and have not made a pledge. I am following through but at the expression of interest level. I am still not sure that I need that level of internet speed especially as I now get 10mbps and Telmex are offering me 30mbps for another 100 pesos per month
  4. dave0415

    iLox @ LCS?

    Tom: They have to be paid for in the first place. If the cost is per house to lay the conduits then of course there would be no additional cost per house after the conduits have been laid. The conduit installation cost has already been paid
  5. dave0415

    iLox @ LCS?

    The cost per house is substantial for a condo with u/ground lines. It can more than double your first year cost.
  6. yes we always some of our volunteers will be going on vacation soon end of june will need help.


    come tomorrow, we have eneough if everyone shows up, but you never know.


    we always have 7 volunteers each week to run the bingo

  7. We are in La Canacinta and get 9 down and .68 up so La Huerta may be close to that if you were getting 5 before as we were until about July last year when it increased.. Test it before you move or better still ask the neighbours.
  8. If you need another volunteer please message me.
  9. You catch 2 release and you get 2 more. Motion operated water sprinklers are here in Mexico. Order and they would be here before a pest control person, and available when ever you need.
  10. dave0415

    Music records to CDs?

    CG is correct
  11. dave0415

    This is my last ad for my 1995 Ford Aerostar

    Are you sure it is a Aerostar? It has a transverse motor which makes it a front wheel drive and the Aerostar was rear wheel drive. I think it is a Windstar.
  12. dave0415

    Looking for pick up truck

    Mercado Libre, Segundomano and Seminuevo come to mind and a good translator can let you read in Ingles
  13. dave0415

    Car emission ticket

    Was your emission test due according to the last digit of your plate number? Right now 1, 2, 3 and 4 are due. Not 5 because you have til the end of May to get it done. 6, 7, 8, and 9 are not due until later in the year. I would have thought that the Transitos could handle that as they issued the ticket. Try the Recordadoras office on Degallado where you pay the annual vehicle license fee.
  14. dave0415

    Looking for Pegboard

    The madereria cross the highway from Soriana. Maybe????
  15. dave0415

    Ajijic Telmex # 376 ??? ????

    Where did you get this information? I have been calling and faxing NOB for 2 years without without charges on my 389p account. Telmex just says 100 local calls or 100 minutes long distance.