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  1. i just left here and it was fine. no problems.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/gunman-shoots-wounds-us-consular-official-mexico-162604793.html
  3. his ex waiter ricardo and ex cook gloria are opening a restaurant soon on the southwest corner of constitution and miguel blanco in ajijic. it will not be italian food, regional mexican food they say?? i ate at alex's in november, noticed the cook gloria was not cooking, he said she was off that day, apparently since the 23rd of sept she has been gone. the food was mediocre.
  4. i just made a run to the airport and back, only 1 station had all lanes blocked. i also filled up in ixlahuacan.
  5. i am in saltillo right now and many of the stations have no fuel. im headed to ajijic tomorrow thru zacatecas and i did manage to fill up out by the car plants and was lucky. 1 more fill up in the zacatecas area and ill be fine all the way to ajijic. ill probably set my speed on economy cruise tomorrow.
  6. if you mean sazon that was upstairs in the ajijic plaza, graciela has moved to centro laguna in the food court next to subway. she has mexican dishes now for lunch but will still do breakfast and her regular menu. her mexican food is very good and a plate with several items costs 59 pesos. she is a good cook and a very nice lady and i hope she does well.
  7. i opened mine on a tourist visa. call them and find out. they speak perfect english.
  8. they told me i had to have a permanente, which i dont, and to get the 6% plus rate i had to deposit 400k pesos or so. ask them.
  9. im very happy with oruarke, i was at intercam for a long time and happy until a window teller at intercam tried to short me 1000 pesos. she did give me the money. i reported it, and she still works there. then oruarke pointed out to me that the tasa 2 account at intercam, with a 25k min. balance was charging a .92% fee. i am not referring to mexican taxes withheld. i pointed this out to them, even did the calculations to prove it and they still denied it!!!! i moved to oruarke immediately. be careful.
  10. several years ago i crossed at the colombia bridge northbound. it was december 8, i waited 3:45 hours at COLOMBIA to cross. nice cars from all over mexico were there heading to the outlet malls. what a mess. i guess everyone had their aguinaldo. i never cross at laredo northbound anymore.
  11. i moved to oruark a year ago, very happy. be advised they are NOT a bank. also they CANNOT receive social security deposits from the US.
  12. auto climas guadalajara, its at the northwest corner of gonzales gallo and salvador lopez chavez, no appointment needed , just drive in.
  13. i was told there was a triage section that finds a facility that can handle your problem and that has a bed and thats where they take you. various hospitals civil they said.
  14. there is very little between zacatecas and saltillo. however in concepcion del oro, about 1.5 hours south of saltillo is the pueblo del minero, very clean, decent and relatively new with restaurant. but it is on the highway and the trucks are noisy all night. you might check out hotel ONE which is south west of saltillo, clean and quiet. they now offer breakfast with the room rate, not expensive. in saltillo there is hotel nuvo, very nice and quiet. i do not know the pet policy at these hotels.
  15. yes you can use seguro popular even if not a member. i was there last sunday and asked these questions, very cheap. room is 350 pesos per night, emergency room, 75 pesos, x-ray 110 to 550 depending. ambulance to gdl 1100 pesos. 24 hour.