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  1. Engine Oil question

    i believe that engine calls for 5-30. i bring mine down from the states and use castrol 5-30 high mileage which is a semi synthetic and recommended for my toyota sienna. as for cost in mexico, i bring mine down from walmart in the US and change here. about 18 dollars plus tax for 5 quarts.
  2. it is 11 miles further to go to colombia but EVERY car is stopped and inspected. i crossed southbound at bridge 2 at the end of IH35 in laredo on easter sunday and the nothing to declare line was waved thru. i then went to the long building down by the river and got my FMM and car permit in 28 minutes and was on my way. i ALWAYS cross northbound at colombia.
  3. how can I pre pay my utilities

    i prepay at CFE in chapala and at telmex in ajijic. it works fine but watch your telmex bills as they will add stuff and not tell you. then you get to go in and wait in line to fix it.
  4. i passed that same police truck yesterday. i was going 40mph, a pickup passed me and went by him driving very fast. the cop just sat there. maybe was his cousin.
  5. Volaris

    volaris was late getting in to gdl from austin this last sarurday the 30th, about an hour and 45 minutes late. they just sent an email giving her a $50 dollar credit on future flight within 6 months. go figure. website takes practice for sure.
  6. Last day of just chillin

    que buen noticias.
  7. Purging Propane Tank

    i can fill the 1 pound green ones.
  8. Need an endoscopy

    clinic TOLSA is a good place.
  9. Aguascalientes route update

    check google maps or guia roji. the middle ring road is avenida aguascalientes, i take this ring road around the west side when i am heading southbound. the inner ring road is convencion of 1914. i take it around the west side when im going north bound. seems to work well for me. if anybody knows a better way ill be glad to hear about it. i do not use a gps, this has all been trial and error.
  10. Aguascalientes route update

    i go thru ags 8 times a year. i think the inner ring road to the west is the best going northbound and i use the middle ring road on the west side going south bound. the lights are timed at 60kph. i went thru north bound on the 4th of sept, last monday, and as usual it worked very well. i have posted this several times in the past.
  11. FYI- TIP paperwork

    what spencer says is correct. i plan to go to the trouble of going to the hwy dept in austin and have it certified then to the sec of states office to get an apostille. could save you lots of trouble. i dont know anything about TIPS for canadian cars. im only reporting what i observed in person. at the colombia bridge!!!!
  12. FYI- TIP paperwork

    when i crossed at nuevo laredo on the 12th of june i used my registration to get my TIP. i crossed northbound at the colombia bridge this last tuesday and cancelled my FMM and TIP. i renewed my TIP with my registration no problem. however there was a couple trying to get a TIP with only their registration and they wouldnt allow it. the TIP lady said they needed their title too. they finally found the title in the car and were able to get the TIP. there were some leaflets there at the TIP window that said you HAD to have your registration and title to get a TIP. yet i only had the registration, no problem. very strange but next time i will have both.
  13. Water Meter

    year before last they put a meter on my house, charged me 1500 for the meter plus my regular estimated by them 3300 payment in advance for the year. i now find ive been overpaying for years, the 3300 deposit lasted 2.5 years before i had to put up more money. so i would say their income is less because we are now paying for actual usage.
  14. Need car mechanic vocab

    i thought it was terminales. ive replaced a few on the rough roads.
  15. Sazon Restaurant

    its called CHELITAS and its next to Subway in the food court. very good food. she is closed on FRIDAYS.