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  1. Let's stay on topic and not each other, please. He expressed an opinion the article should be "taken with a grain of salt." That's a legitimate point of view which anyone is equally free to disagree with.
  2. Edited by moderator to remove political content. Original question answered, closed.
  3. OK enough. Closed.
  4. This is much too personal. In the future, tone it down please. Moderator
  5. Jim Bowie, the answer is yes and no. I decided it is of general interest to the larger community so it remains here. Whether you have pets or not, this community effort benefits all. A reasonable question, hope you all find this a reasonable answer.
  6. Admin confirmed we can't post photos of alleged perps without incurring serious legal liability. You can pass them around privately but not post them publicly here. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. I don't think you have enough to go on here to post photos and incriminate people publicly. Obviously the photos should be taken to the police but for now I'm removing them here because if this man is innocent you could be putting this board and its sponsor into legal jeopardy. I've asked Admin to review this situation and if he approves, the photos can be reposted. But for now, we have to follow the dictate of innocent until proven guilty. I know this is a terrible situation and we all want any and all perps to be caught. However we have to be careful about making or inferring accusations without stronger proof.
  8. Agree. Readers please note the date of the OP. Probably not a good idea three years later to contact Rony about that. Closed. Start a new thread if needed.
  9. This is a spoof from a spoof site. However, there was only one blatantly political post in this thread and it is gone. Closed.
  10. Closed at the request of the OP.
  11. Zerbit's comment noted and acted on. HoneyBee let us know if you want the thread closed.
  12. Agree and I sent you an invitation to compare notes on our respective posts regarding civility and getting personal. I've tried an experiment in having some more controversial discussion here. It has failed. I'll be deleting all topics of that nature until further notice. Closed.
  13. I guess we may as well close this one too. Some of us just can't seem to address the topic or learn to disagree agreeably and respectfully and not resort to personal attack.
  14. Unfortunately you are correct. I try not to do this when I'm a participant but the other mods are not stepping in. It's sad we can't have respectful and substantive discussions here about a situation which is of absolutely vital interest to us all. Really, folks, some of you need to get control of your anger and hatred. It is not helping this situation and it is dividing this community. As Americans we should be setting an example of a people who believe in our Constitution and in the free and friendly exchange of ideas and views. We're letting ourselves and others down.
  15. Wow! The reaction to a simple word "enabler" went totally over the top. Closed