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  1. GOOD Plumber wanted

    PLEASE! Hit the post thread button ONLY once and WAIT. Also, please delete YOUR OWN duplicate threads. Thanks!
  2. Thank you REC for letting us know about this and please invite your friends to join this board and post their announcements in this section.
  3. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Stay on topic and skip the personal sniping. Two posts deleted.
  4. New CFE extortion scam

    All the personal snark and back and forth deleted. If necessary I'll start handing out time outs to put a stop to this.
  5. Mexico Goes to Winter Olympics in Style

    This is a good example of attacking the person instead of providing a rebuttal of their opinion based on fact and knowledge. It bespeaks a person who either can't handle an opinion they don't like without getting personal or can't make their own case said opinion they disagree with is incorrect. Fortunately, several here did explain the how and why of Mexico's interest in death and life after death. Closed.
  6. I agree and suggest you share your belief about this with the administrator, "Chapala." Moderators do not determine the policy here.
  7. We have a section for this type of ad, "pets and supplies" in the for sale section of this board and I should have moved the post there. Your criticism is accepted and I apologize for the error. Not sure why I went brain dead on this one but there you go. Also, as the proud ownee of two mutt Maine Coons both adopted locally I always hope people will adopt rather than buy and discourage the breeding and sale of pets in a place that has far too many homeless ones. Our own experience has been the mutts are much healthier than the so-called pure bred and make better pets, err OWNERS! The board does have a section for this in the for sale section of the board and it is requested that if one must sell pets to use that section only.
  8. TOP 5 Restaurants

    Obviously this belongs in La Cocina. Please try and put new threads in the appropriate section, thanks. Moved.
  9. recommended vehicle?

    Entertaining but sufficient. Closed.
  10. For sale ads go in that section only. Yours here was deleted because you have already posted there. Another good sale venue is Beg Barter Buy and Sell on Facebook.
  11. recommended vehicle?

    The point about being an actual customer of a local business as the most valid basis for comment on said business is well taken and should be respected. Let's refrain from further personal commentary here, thanks.
  12. Warnings do nothing for this poster.  He just keeps on the attack no matter the topic. Please do something about this, so we don't have be subject to insults.  Rules about personal attacks mean nothing if not enforced at the onset.

  13. Flu Shot

    Watch the snarky posting in this thread, thanks.
  14. Pink hats

    There were political comments made about the U.S. administration in that thread so I closed it. Even though this "movement" has a definite partisan agenda we left the simple announcement up. Since, believe it or not, everyone here does not agree with that agenda it is the policy of this board to avoid partisan discussions altogether. You may have the view of this movement you described but it appears most of its adherents do not share that view. It is political and partisan to them. You have the option of going to TOB for one sided partisan discussions and attacks on those who dare to disagree. Here that is off limits. Thanks.
  15. Big Event in the Ajijic Plaza today!

    Too much politics. Closed