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  1. That's an intermittent glitch that has shown up recently, has happened to me too. If it continues we'll ask Admin to look into it. Just delete the empty quote box.
  2. This has gone off track and gotten argumentative. Closed.
  3. Posted in two places and bumping. If it is a charitable event, that is where it goes. If it is just a general art event, it goes ONLY here. Artsnob, don't do it again.
  4. OK enough.
  5. OK enough.
  6. Let's stay strictly on topic this time, please.
  7. OK, getting personal. Closed.
  8. We've got two pinned threads here on this topic. It would be helpful if someone would keep those threads up to date and report any poisonings, including day, time of day if known, specific location, method of poisoning if known and whether or not the animal survived. It is particularly helpful to know WHERE and WHEN the poisoning crimes are being committed to help increase the number of folks looking out for the poisoner(s).
  9. Spencer's thread is open to comments and contributions. Suggest those be made there. Closed.
  10. Tag on the title reads Jimmy D's
  11. Moving this to Mexico General and pinning it there. Thank you Spencer!
  12. The best guidance is to go to Tio Sams and get help and if they don't fix it, get a qualified service person to fix it. Don't take chances with gas. Closed.
  13. This has wandered far afield and gotten personal. Closed.
  14. Agree. Closed.
  15. This is such an excellent and informative post I am going to pin it for a while. Please feel free to add further information or questions, pinning it just keeps it near the top of the subject list. Thank you Spencer for this timely contribution!