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  1. Ajijic Charro Ring last two sundays

    I'm leaving this up as a very good example of the kind of personal comment that some seem to resort to when they can't tolerate different opinions and/or they can't effectively make their own countering arguments without getting personal. The owners of this board have charged the moderating team first and foremost with making this site a safe space for the free exchange of information and ideas, with some restrictions. One does not have to look far locally to see what happens when personal attacks are tolerated on local message boards. It is true that if one can't tolerate difference of opinion or post here without getting personally nasty, this is probably not a suitable site for their participation. That is a decision you'll have to make for yourself, Travis. Please do not make further posts along the lines of the quote above in the future, thanks.
  2. What happened to turkey dinner take-out post?

    I don't think a Mod deleted it, maybe Alberca did. I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Superlake

    Let's make sure we don't post rumors here. SuperLake is considered an important resource here by many so obviously the topic is of interest. However, please don't post anything other than first hand information, please. Thanks.
  4. Driver's License Renewals

    Apparently there's some discussion between LCS and government about doing this there? Rumor or fact?
  5. What section was it in? She might have deleted the thread. Checked and she is still a member, no restrictions or notes.
  6. Busy little bot

    What time did they first start appearing? Thanks.
  7. Cake!

    Since you're on the topic of food, please remember that food goes in LA COCINA. And one posting will suffice. Push the post thread button and WAIT!
  8. Poutine Place, San Antonio

    Edited by mod to remove link. CG was right, the cheese post was both OT and Spam.
  9. Because you kept hitting the post button. When you are starting a thread with as much content as this one, it is going to load SLOW and you need to wait maybe up to a minute or more for it to load. Six postings of the same thread is a record here but please do not repeat.
  10. Day of the Dead

    ONCE AGAIN do not hit the "post" button repeatedly when starting a new thread. Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds. A little patience please. You managed to post the same thread THREE times OP.
  11. The Lake level

    Just delete the old post and put the new stuff in. The system remembers your last stuff entered.
  12. Marginal but we'll allow this one post since it is on topic and I think many will find the obviously stylized images interesting. Removed the one line of obvious advertising. If you have a concern that should be addressed by a moderator, PM the one of your choice next time.
  13. Victoza

    The submit functions of this. software are slow as mud. When starting a new thread, after pushing the post button WAIT 20 to 30 seconds. Yes, it can easily take that long.
  14. Mexico is number one

    Moved to Mexico general as this is about Mexico rather than a local topic. Warning: I see the same kind of off topic personal attacks here as when this topic was posted a little over a week ago there will be some long time outs handed out. Discuss the topic and not the poster.