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  1. Let's get back on topic. Topic is not how expensive one suggested plumber is and how that compares to house calls from plumbers NOB which is completely irrelevant anyway. If not this plumber, suggest others for the OP to check with. That is what the OP wants, names of plumbers who might be able to solve his/her problem.
  2. Now that we are alerted to watch those expiration dates, the topic here is complete and seems to be degenerating into the usual crosstalk. Closed.
  3. We have a classified section for selling stuff. Reviving a 2 year old thread to sell stuff isn't permitted. Closed.
  4. Moved at the request of the OP to La Cocina.
  5. Oh brother, this one has really gone astray. Closed.
  6. Glad to hear it Jaybear but you put this in the wrong section. Moved. Do they still have those yummy carrot thingies?
  7. Thanks for a great post. Not a lot of things worse than chronic spinal pain, my greatest sympathies and respect for your rising above it. I think we've covered this topic pretty well. Closed.
  8. Well I'll apologize for that, we do our darndest to try and control the handful of people here whose intolerance for opinions different than their own manifests itself in attack dog behavior. If it is any consolation there are much worse local boards than this one. That's not an excuse, just an observation. We have recruited a new moderator to help out. Those of you who just can't contain your personal rancor towards me or think you have a legitimate gripe about my posts are welcome to take your complaints to Moderator 5 from here on out. I will abide by his judgment and I expect you to do the same. You are not welcome to post your attacks or debate how you think the board should be moderated on the open board. The correct procedure and only procedure allowed going forward will be to contact another Moderator. Note that Mods 3 and 4 are inactive and there is no Mod 1. That leaves either me or Mod 5. If that doesn't work for you, you are welcome to leave. There will be zero tolerance for posts telling us how to run the board and any and all sniping at each other and me. There are two folks cooling their heels in time out over this behavior after repeated requests and warnings and there is room for plenty more. In the future, I'm not going to ask more than once or twice at the most. We will make this board safe for everyone if we have to get rid of some folks to do it. In fact, I can count the seriously intolerant and personally unpleasant here on the fingers of two hands. This won't take a lot of work.
  9. Well it is your thread so it is up to you. Let's see if we can get a report from bmh when he/she goes in there. I hope that isn't a mistake, we were strongly advised not to give them any validation by participating in this scam in any way.
  10. So Pete would you like the thread closed?
  11. Unnecessary personal comments. Address the topic not the other posters. You too Fred. Second chances are possible here. The member you are addressing is not the only one who has gotten one. They don't last as long as first chances, however. This thread is getting belabored and losing its humorous side. Closed.
  12. Agree. Ned, too much getting personal. Watch it. closed.
  13. If you have a rental, please remember to reply to these threads via PM. Thanks.
  14. OK Betty and Zerbit, no more back and forth personal sniping. Stay on topic please.
  15. OK this is just turning into another rehash. I think everyone has made their points. Closed.