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  1. Good idea. We'll sticky it for a couple weeks anyway.
  2. moderator-2

    Yoga Classes at Funky Finn's!

    I thought I was the bad Mod. Please, let's keep this section for owners to post notices, menus, events, etc. and do the review and commentary in La Cocina or the general section if not about food.
  3. It was not my intent to be "homophobic." I thought I was humorously pointing out that gay night is Ajijic is Friday nights. I guess my humor did not come across as funny in some circles.

  4. moderator-2

    a lakeside "gay scene"

    OK enough of this. Too bad some of us couldn't stick to simply answering Greg's question. Closed.
  5. moderator-2

    May 3

    See this thread: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/78904-rockets-in-sa-this-morning/
  6. moderator-2

    CFE stops solar credits

    Sounds like you are roughing it there, John! I'm curious, do you not have corrosion problems with the solar panels there? The beach sure seems to eat up AC compressor units. I would think the beach would be a great place for a bunch of solar for the reasons you noted but have not seen a lot of places there using it, at least on or close to the ocean front.
  7. moderator-2

    Possible Terror Attack in Toronto

    Just another nut job rampage. Not about Mexico. Closed.
  8. moderator-2

    are we allowed to post homes

  9. moderator-2

    "Denied Entry" to All Boards/Topics

    Admin is the one that needs to hear about these problems. I agree the software continues to be glitchy. Please PM Admin "Chapala" with your reports. He doesn't read most of the threads here. Thanks!
  10. If the first and only post in a topic is by you, when you hit the delete button you remove the topic. This is easily avoided. Just click ONCE to post the new topic and WAIT for 15-30 seconds if necessary.
  11. Let's knock off the backbiting and discuss the topic. Animal rescue in this area is a huge, almost overwhelming, problem. That the volunteers save so many is truly remarkable and we all should thank them for it. I've edited this thread in response to complaints received and deleted the truly off topic and personally unpleasant stuff.
  12. No one said you were. I wanted to make it clear here's plenty of room for free discussion here what the board's owners want to avoid here is mean spirited "discussion" of the alleged flaws of other members or other people in the community such as is the norm on TOB. I believe this topic has been well aired and a number of contrasting views expressed without any real rancor. That is what the moderating team strives for in our imperfect way. For the most part I think the sort of thing I referred to has its roots in an intolerance of views other than one's own. There's this basic problem with the internet, too, that people who tend to this sort of intolerance feel quite free to be as rude and nasty to someone they don't even know while hiding behind their keyboards. This is a well researched and discussed reality of this medium so it doesn't require further discussion here. Having been the target of some of that I have noticed without exception none of the libelers have the courage to confront me personally. Not a brave bunch to say the least. For myself I have learned that as a simple and readily understood rule for participating on internet boards: If you wouldn't say it to the person't face, don't post it. I'm going to close the topic because it has gone well off course. Thanks to those who participated in a civil manner.
  13. No problem. We have another local chat board where one can libel and be as personally nasty from behind their keyboard as they like if that is what their vision of "free discussion" is. One should feel free to use it to their heart's content for that kind of "free discussion." It is unfortunate the members there who do this almost constantly will never figure out their attacks say a lot more about themselves than the person or people they are internet bullying and it isn't very complimentary. You are correct though this is not permitted here and we don't apologize for that one bit.
  14. moderator-2


    Yep this second shut down was due to a server change. That was supposed to just take a few hours. Oh well....
  15. moderator-2

    House water pressure system

    Arturo 333661 2193.