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  1. Traveling to France

    You've issued plenty of them and you're still here. Along with a number of your friends from TOB who are also very good at getting personal. Unlike TOB where anyone to the right of Karl Marx is endlessly villified we try to give space here for both sides. However, getting personal is verboten and will remain so. This is out of hand and I'm dealing with it. Betty is on indefinite time out. It is ridiculous this thread about taking a trip to France turned into another personal slugfest. Some of us really have too much time on their hands. Feel free to use it volunteering, among other things we could use some new hands to help with graffiti control. Thanks.
  2. Korean spammer hit again

    I got it but Pete please alert Admin that now we have people who don't even register spamming us.
  3. Korean spammer hit again

    I missed that one completely but for some reason the "nuke spammer" option didn't work and I had to get rid of it the old fashioned way. Any idea why we couldn't nuke that poster? I sent a PM to Admin. It appears this spammer has found some way to circumvent the member requirement and post as a guest.
  4. Some interesting posts here, let's let it run.
  5. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    LOL, maybe I should stop deleting it. Not another climate change thread, please. This is like arguing religion. Closed.
  6. Purpose of the Spam?

    This is very interesting. The user names they create are a dead giveaway. When I spaminate each one, they disappear and then come back about 15 minutes later apparently checking to see if they've been deleted. Then shortly after, new ones show up. CG, do bots really do stuff like this or is this some incredibly stupid spammers who can't seem to figure out they are spamming a board where it is not very likely anyone speaks or reads Korean?
  7. KoreanSpam again

    OK I got it up until 10:15 PM, thanks for getting the later stuff.
  8. Purpose of the Spam?

    I was able to intercept an attack around 10PM but they came back this morning with 4 new IDs. Interestingly they are using email addresses from places like Gabon and New Zealand. The IP addresses are known sites hosting spammers. We'll stay on it as best as possible and keeping telling Admin to deal with it at the board host level. CG I can copy and list the spammer IP addresses. Can these be of any use?
  9. Korean Invasion!!

    The Terminator movies are looking more and more prophetic.
  10. Korean Invasion!!

    CG, would you please send an email to chapala(at)chapala(dot)com and explain this to them. I can't sit here all day and fight this bot! Thanks for the help!
  11. Need Basil

    Wrong section. Moved.
  12. Check in procedure at airport?

    bezerk, I'll take that as, since you are the OP, you want this thread closed.
  13. Housesitters beware!!!

    Agree, some of these responses are heartless and rude. I'm leaving them up in the hope the writers will feel a little shame. Thank you for the heads up Camille. Closed.
  14. Moderator : HELP ! SPAM again !!!!

    I got a pack more of them this morning and some before I went to bed last night. Mod 5 you may want to also send Chapala(at)chapala(dot)com an email and tell them we are being bombarded by these Korean spammers.
  15. Spammers are back on the Mexico forum.