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  1. Wow! The reaction to a simple word "enabler" went totally over the top. Closed
  2. This is the kind of response that makes this such a great group of folks. Thank you very much for it.
  3. Twasn't me. You have one warning from 2011 by "CocinaMod" on your record. There are no other showing. Perhaps you just forgot about it? Believe it or not, opinions that you don't agree with are not all political and do not require censorship. You should be happy you didn't get handled for that blatant personal attack in the "respect" thread.
  4. Do you understand this is the kind of posting that got you put on moderator review previously? Knock it off. Last warning.
  5. Would you all please review your posts and make any updates as needed? We want to keep this current since it is pinned. Gracias!
  6. OK, OP has been discussed. Closed.
  7. The Mexicans clearly debunked this as fake news. Closed.
  8. Keya, you should start a new thread, not dig up a year old one, and put it in the proper pets section of this board. I've moved this and edited it.
  9. OK enough. Clearly a crank call.
  10. Seems to be down at the moment. Happens periodically.
  11. By now I'd think you know where to put these posts. Moved.
  12. I never write on the open forum sice the  hostility can easily get out of control. However, I feel compelled to point out that the vast majority of negative comments and spiteful remarks come from mostly the same people. These are people that seem to have very little in their lives and live for the ability to express their opinions on this site and to  disrespect others is their hobby. To me, this site has always been a source for information and in general many topics start out that way but degenerate into a comntest of opinions and wills.

    I used to comunicate with John ( mod 3) because he tended to have a viewpoint about the purpose of that was more in line with what I considered the purpose to be. However, it seems that he has opted out and mod 2 who, is much more liberal has allowed this forum to be taken over by a hostlie few. I would ask that those who attempt to control this site be warned and eventually punished if they continue to hijack threads.