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  1. I cannot seem to sign in or contribute anything. Why not?

  2. moderator-2

    Chicken mole

    Wrong section, moved to La Cocina.
  3. moderator-2

    Pet for sale posts

    Since I don't read this section regularly, if someone posts here or anywhere on the board selling pets, please PM me or Mod 5. Gracias!
  4. Moderator is going to probably take some heat for this but I am going to delete any threads where people are selling pets, particularly dogs and cats when there are so many needy ones looking for good homes and so many local folks trying to save and adopt out them. Anyone is welcome to take this up with Admin and I will of course abide by his decision. In the absence of that I am not going to let this place be an outlet for puppy mills or similar. Thanks for your cooperation.
  5. moderator-2


    As you know this is a site sponsored by a real estate company. As such it does not allow local real estate for sale or rent postings. However, it has an entire section just for other items for sale and also this board allows and encourages people who are looking to rent to post here as the OP has. In order to see the large for sale section, go to the main home page where it is listed after the various chat listings. It is pretty comprehensive. The OJO also provides free print advertising of items for sale in their monthly publication. Sue, please refrain from making blanket and mostly incorrect postings about this board. It is not necessary to constantly remind the group of your discontentment here. Thanks.
  6. moderator-2

    Difficult to post here

    As this topic was about the ongoing operational problems of this site, it has been well covered. Please remember we don't read every post and feel free to PM me or Mod 5 if you think things are getting out of hand. Closed.
  7. moderator-2

    Republic or Democracy

    Pappys I wish we could have those discussions here but the board's owner is absolutely firm about that and frankly given how so many people just can't resist getting personally nasty with those who do not agree I would probably have to spend all my time moderating and deleting in one section. It is too bad that we can't all remember at the end of the day we share this community and it is foolish to go on a chat board and make enemies over politics. Closed.
  8. moderator-2

    Republic or Democracy

    Thank you Gringal.
  9. moderator-2


    Obviously this belongs in La Cocina. Moved.
  10. moderator-2


    That is a false statement as this thread and the other similar one clearly illustrates. No posts have been deleted. I had to close both threads because they descended into the usual political bickering about the country NOB. This board is about MEXICO and CHAPALA. Unfortunately some people's point of view seems grounded in personal attack and unpleasantness towards their neighbors who don't agree with them. We have a local example of that at TOB, if that is your thing, that is the place to do it. Do it here and you get deleted and/or the thread gets locked. That is the way it is here as it is a very strong policy of this board's sponsor. And I strongly suggest those who are constantly unhappy with this board to take advantage of the option of the other and go there. Please don't remain here if you are unhappy.
  11. moderator-2

    New President in Mexico

    Too bad we couldn't just stick to the topic here. Closed.
  12. moderator-2

    Driving to Chapala

    No, it wasn't.
  13. moderator-2


    Yes we are done. Closed.
  14. moderator-2

    Internet speed, Riberas del Pilar

    That's because it is an old thread. Start a new one. This one closed to avoid further confusion.
  15. moderator-2

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    This has gone way off topic. Closed.