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  1. Almond Flour

    Food threads in La Cocina, please!
  2. Mega myths about farming

    Hmm, since this isn't about Mexico and it really doesn't fit in La Cocina, I'll settle for locking it.
  3. Boat to Rent with Driver

    Hi Bill and welcome to the board. Although threads here do tend to wonder and we mods are fairly liberal about it, communications like this can be sent using the PM feature. And no, you didn't hijack the thread, that requires a lot more posting and obvious intent to distract that didn't happen here. Angus, we are quite capable of moderating this board without your help. Please keep that in mind. If you have a concern about another poster, send me or another mod a PM or report the post.
  4. Delete Posting

    Can you direct me to the specific post you're having problems with? You should be able to edit your own posts.
  5. This section is also "other events upcoming."
  6. Just so you know, that discussion was at the bottom of the Anita's Animals Update thread. Good advice here, thanks!
  7. Another American Deported

    And with that, we will close. Thanks for the report, MtnMama. There's really no evidence that expats are being targeted for deportation but remember, if you're here without a valid visa they have every right to do so.
  8. Denise banned from further posting. Topic closed.
  9. Denise got a friendly reminder that name calling and/or personal attack is not encouraged here. Let's assume that was sufficient and move on.
  10. For Sale or Trade

    Hi Carroll, we have a section just for selling stuff. I moved your thread to the section for selling cars.
  11. Robbery trick

    No problem. Obviously the OP left their wallet in plain sight. Yes, you heard from me because your post bordered on uncivil and callous. I know you are accustomed to posting like this on TOB but here we are striving (not always successfully) to create an environment of civility and tolerance for others. As I said, you made good points, all of which have been made here by others in the past, just please try and be nicer about it. Thanks.
  12. Robbery trick

    The OP didn't pretend they hadn't made a mistake. Why be so ungracious? They were simply giving us a heads up. As far as any relationship about Mexico not being someone's place and this unfortunate mistake, this can and will happen just about anywhere. Let's try and not be constantly telling people this isn't their place or they should leave when they post something we don't like. Thanks OP for sharing your story.
  13. Robbery trick

    Good point. Be extra alert folks!
  14. OK folks this is way off the reservation politics wise. Get back on track please. Does anyone know at this point what tickets were being handed out?
  15. Temporarily pinned to help people find it. Thanks Xena!