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  1. bournemouth

    FIFA soccer on Shaw

    They are on TNS channels 135-138. Mexico-South Korea started this morning at 10 a.m. but there was a game earlier than that.
  2. bournemouth

    store that sells MiracleGro

    Generic Miracle Grow in large quantity can be bought from Laura in the Garden Shop next to 7-11 in Riberas.
  3. bournemouth

    iLox @ LCS?

    Tom - you deserve a huge pat on the back for all the hard work you have put into this project. Thank you and to Lyle too.
  4. bournemouth

    Pain Physicians

    Remember this thread when the day comes that you or a loved one needs pain medication for serious problems.
  5. bournemouth

    Pain Physicians

    A little empathy would be nice here. If you haven't walked in the OP's shoes, and have nothing positive to contribute, please stay out of the discussion.
  6. bournemouth

    Railn Saturday Night

    Try this site: https://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/contenido/chapala/chapala/comportamiento.html
  7. bournemouth

    Consignment shops--your favorite

    For interesting and unusual things, send them to Barbara's Bazaar. More usual items, Todo Bueno, the store next to Have Hammers, as mentioned above, seems to be a good spot.
  8. bournemouth

    Ajijic to Guadalajara RT bus questions

    Not Zapopan but downtown Guadalajara. This link has a map showing the location - http://www.autobusesmexico.com/en/uncategorized-en/old-bus-station-guadalajara
  9. bournemouth

    Fido in Restaurants

    Link doesn't work - This page isn't available. Sorry about that.
  10. bournemouth

    Fido in Restaurants

    I've always rather ignored the threads about dogs in restaurants until the other day when I watched a gringa pick up her scruffy little dog that was drooling and put it on a chair in Cafe Grano Cafe. The dog really looked as if it could do with a bath and it was rather revolting to think that others had to sit on that chair after she and the dog left. So, dog owners, if you insist on bringing your dogs to restaurants and putting them on chairs, please at least have the courtesy and decency to bring a clean towel with you to go between your dog's butt and the seat. But it would be nicer if you left them at home.
  11. bournemouth

    Computer repair

    376 for Mike
  12. bournemouth

    Lakeside Physician Recommendation needed

    Dra. Ana Gabriela Flores is an internist at Quality Care and is excellent. I can recommend her and use her as a primary doctor.
  13. bournemouth

    We are ready to adopt a dog!

    The Ranch - http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/aboutus.html Lucky Dog - https://www.luckydoglakechapala.com/ Good luck with finding the perfect companion.
  14. bournemouth

    Internal Server Error

    Frequently for me too - half a dozen times today.
  15. bournemouth

    Tres CaƱadas development

    I think this is the future location of La Pueblita, a retirement living complex - https://www.facebook.com/La-Pueblita-198497536890252/