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  1. Bike Lane Completed

    A local professional driver told me there are no bulbs to replace the burned out ones!
  2. Our neighbors here had one in their garden a few years back and we had seen them in Arizona. Lovely little creatures.
  3. Ring tailed cat? They are seen here from time to time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring-tailed_cat
  4. Ride to Airport for 5AM Flight

    There is one more Miramontes - Paco at 331 303 4298. We communicate with him via Whatsapp and always reconfirm bookings. He provides great service.
  5. Telcel Amigo Sin Limite

    If you are using 52-1, that means you are calling a cell phone in Mexico. 52 and the usual numbers for a land line.
  6. La Mision

    Better than the creme brulee at Cocinart?
  7. How do they do it?

    I'm wondering what all this has to do with Mexico?
  8. Sirens

    Heard nothing in lower Las Salvias, just above the carretera.
  9. How do they do it?

    You are asking about a green card for the US?
  10. Quality Care - Laguna Mall

    Their phone number is 766-1870 and they certainly are still is business. Email: qcdoctors@gmail.com.
  11. Mariachi Article

    El niƱo perdido is the name I know your second piece by. The far off trumpet is the lost child, who gradually comes closer and closer until found.
  12. Good new and a big thank you

    But you have to be a Facebook member to access information and to activate the donate button - this excellent program is missing out on help from people who do not use Facebook.
  13. I think the OP might be smart to tell his brother that the brother just rented himself a lovely home to use when he visits, and go back to his original idea of a small place for himself and his cat. Life would be much less complicated.
  14. Wanted, Dachshund

    The pups at the vivero behind Super Lake were running around this morning and looking pretty good. Dad and mom are there too.