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  1. Anyone coming from US?

    Sorry - I was logged out and didn't see this. Mine is the older version - we don't use it and could loan it to you until you get your new one. Had not considered selling it.
  2. Anyone coming from US?

    Which Fire is it - we have an early version that we are not using?
  3. A request for blood donations

    Thx I had been chasing down some names of his close friends - glad someone was able to reach his family and happier about news of his improvement. Thx
  4. A request for blood donations

    Russell went through the operation on April 27. There were bad complications and he is still in ICU. Does anyone have contact info for his next of kin?
  5. A request for blood donations

    I've sent you a message
  6. Looking for a Magic Jack

    I have a new one - it's a year old but can still be activated.
  7. We are working with LCS plus the local red cross, doctors, clinics and the Guadalajara hospitals.
  8. Looking for volunteers with experience with Blood Clinic operation for a new Blood Donor help line. Soon we will also be looking for possible blood donors Please PM me if you can help.
  9. Hospital Country 2000 Great Experience

    I agreed and will start one shortly - just be aware that the RC donor list and info needs updating and we are working on it.
  10. Hospital Country 2000 Great Experience

    We've just had a bad experience working with Country 2000 - we sent 5 suitable blood donors there and all but one was denied. I would like to speak to any one who has recent blood donation experience there or at any other Private Hospital in Guadalajara. Please PM me. Thx
  11. Fraud at Bancomer

    Working with Marie Elena at Bancomer, we got our money put back in our account. We still recommend that all check their accounts for suspicious withdrawals or transfers. Thank You Elena for working with us.
  12. Fraud at Bancomer

    Thx to Taaffe's post, we went down to Bancomer Ajijic to check our account. We found they had made unauthorized transfers and we immediately reported them and asked for our money back. BUT we have to wait 28 days for them to respond. We will pursue other options. We would recommend every one with a Bancomer account go down to their branch and ask for a free report. Don't just trust the online info - ask for a free account report and check it. We immediately transferred most of our money out of the account and are looking for a better bank. .
  13. Need new Kindle battery

    Which Kindle is it? I have a few damaged ones but battery should be good?