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  1. adafromhavana

    Just Chillin' is back!

    What time does the party start friday August 12th??
  2. adafromhavana

    C2 LunchTime

    4 Encarnacion de Rosas, Ajijic, Jalisco, MexicoHours Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Phone+1 331-574-0567
  3. adafromhavana

    Republican debate tonight

    CNBC on Shaw. Channel 142 4:00pm to 5:15pm.
  4. adafromhavana

    Mexican Cuota Toll Tag

    Thank-you! Hensley
  5. adafromhavana

    Mexican Cuota Toll Tag

    I missed it. How do I get a Mexican Cuota Toll Tag?We are driving back and forth from San Miguel to Ajijic. Thank-you!
  6. adafromhavana

    Movers - domestic, international

    Thanks! I will check them out.
  7. adafromhavana

    Movers - domestic, international

    We are trying to contact Winston to get a quote on a move. There is no reply on the phone or emails?
  8. adafromhavana

    In Mexico move. A few guys and a truck

    Thanks RV Gringo. I didn't know.
  9. adafromhavana

    In Mexico move. A few guys and a truck

    Travis I called Zurdo. He says he only does local moves. Thanks!
  10. adafromhavana

    In Mexico move. A few guys and a truck

    Gracias Travis! I'll call him right away.
  11. We don't want a big name company to move us. Just a few guys and a big truck. Does anyone know of guys that move household within Mexico. A five hour trip. We need by July 1st. Thank-you!
  12. adafromhavana

    New cars

    FYI-You can only sell a car in to Texas Carmax with a Texas license plate. They won't accept any cars without a Texas plate.
  13. adafromhavana

    Personal alert security device

    Thanks! I didn't know....
  14. If you go to the municipal office in Chapala they only accept pesos in cash.