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  1. Intercasa

    Process for extending TIP

    You need to present a notification to aduana within 15 days of your RT being authorized with proper number of copies and attachments. My office does this for people if you dont want to drive to the city to present it.
  2. Intercasa

    Lawyer for U.S. Wills

    Many people sign many copies and dont know it, others are given a copy marked "copy", others are told best if the attorney hold the will. Best practice is to always fully sign and date every page of every document you sign to avoid replacing pages or trying to use pages from another document. also give copies to trusted family members so they know what should be in it.
  3. Intercasa

    Female American doctor in town

    Dr. Adjchavanich, a general practitioner, is a native of Houston, Texas. She graduated from U.A.G. in 2007 and received her license to practice in Mexico in 2010 after completing her year of Social Service. She has been working in research and academia in the U.S. and her most recent position was doing research at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Cherry (as she likes to be called) embodies the principles that Chapala Med has been built upon and is an empathetic and caring doctor. https://www.chapalamed.com/our-team/
  4. Intercasa


    We work with various notarios and average price $3,500 pesos for a dual column will in both English and Spanish.
  5. Intercasa

    Lawyer for U.S. Wills

    Be wary as Mexican wills are registered and some prepare US wills and dont give you all copies or originals and then can change them out when you die and your heirs get nothing. Mexican wills can be used in the US.
  6. Intercasa

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    My office signs people up daily and without any issues
  7. Intercasa

    Mexican car registration

    Depends how old car is and what the make is, for some you need to go into Guadalajara and have inspection which takes hours or you can hire us or others who can do it for you
  8. Intercasa

    Is it really 103F in Ajijic right now??

    There are some pockets of extreme heat, my car has registered up to 107 in Guadalajara and 103 here in Chapala.
  9. Intercasa

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    We have had no problems signing people up. A few years ago SP tried to deny coverage to foreigners so I went to the head office in Guadalajara armed with the law and made them reconsider.
  10. I will update as they release more dates
  11. Aduana has a special program where there are certain days to go to a Mexican consulate located in the US where you can turn in your Temporary Import Permit and not have to drive into Mexico, the next dates for 2018 and places were published recently and they are: Dallas 18, 19 y 20 de mayo de 2018 Viernes* de 15:00 a 18:00 h sábado y domingo de 08:00 a 16:00 h 1210 River Bend, Dallas, Texas, 75247 (214) 932 86 70 Houston 14, 15 y 16 de mayo de 2018 De 10:00 a 17:00 h 4507 San Jacinto Street, Houston, Texas, 77004 (713) 337 11 00 Chicago 30, 31 de mayo y 1 de junio de 2018 De 08:00 a 14:00 h 204 S. Ashland, ave., Chicago, Illinois, 60607 (312) 738 23 83 Austin 14 y 15 de junio de 2018 De 10:00 a 17:00 h 5202 E Ben White Blvd. 150, Austin, Texas, 78741 (713) 337 11 00
  12. Intercasa

    Free second landline?

    Many new modems have 2 phone line ports.
  13. Intercasa

    M & J Pizza's New Location

    You never know what surprises life brings so think positive....
  14. There is a declaration form to fill out if you have lost your TIP or window sticker.
  15. At times they have people from Aduana on special days to remove stickers from cars at the Mexican Consulate, no days yet posted for 2018 but they have done it before in Phoenix, may be easier to get your car there than to the border.