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  1. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    Yes there is one who goofed and is quite arrogant, two botched surgeries and then he says he is too poor to pay damages, remember you have 6 months from operation to file criminal charges. Lots of bad doctors out there and too many people scared to take action
  2. Fingerprinting

    PGR or IJCF in Guadalajara
  3. Use US Consulate Notary for at least the grant deed or any deed of trust. You have 3 parties to pass muster with, the title company, lender and county recorder . While a Mexican notary can work, some county recorders flatly refuse to accept Mexican notaries for documents to be recorded. Best bet if you need to have docs signed here then grant deed or any deed of trust with US Consulate and the rest with Mexican Notary to save money.
  4. any bilingual job opportunities?

    I know of some places looking to hire bilingual people
  5. I met a doctor couple and the man works on weekends at the new hospital in Jocptepec so if anyone has problems it may be best to go on the weekend as the guy speaks great English

    Spencer,  we spoke the other day about replacing a lost and expired driving license.  When is your car going to Guadalajara.  I would like one space if it is fairly soon.

  7. Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    Double decker bus tours go all over daily.
  8. I got a call yesterday that a person from CFE (electric company) was at a clients home with the police and they were threatening to shut off their power in Chula Vista. They said that they needed an immediate payment of $40,000 pesos cash or else they would cut off the electricity and if they did that then the bill would be $3,000,000, property was tenant occupied and landlord was out of area and scared and when we checked with CFE they said THEY NEVER SEND PEOPLE OUT AND NEVER ASK FOR CASH. Gave a name of Claudia and a cell number to call. They also said they would cut the power if they called me so I immediately went there and they were gone, I wanted to take their pictures. Funny thing was there were real Chapala police officers with them so maybe they fooled the cops too. Be wary of anybody wanting cash and any payments not made at an official office with official, receipt.

    Yes published figures are En función de la edad del solicitante, se determina la cuota anual a cubrir de manera anticipada por cada asegurado. Rango de edad Cuota Anual 0-19 $ 3,250 20-29 $ 3,850 30-39 $ 4,100 40-49 $ 5,700 50-59 $ 6,000 60-69 $ 8,700 70-79 $ 9,050 80 y más $ 9,100 Cuotas del Seguro de Salud para la Familia, vigentes a partir del 1° de febrero de 2018 y hasta el 31 de enero del 2019

    I checked today and they hadnt been published as of this morning
  11. State Police Department/Office?

    The State agency that issues them is the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences or IJCF and there is one in the plaza in Chapala and costs about 105 pesos. Federal ones can vary. The federal letters for becoming a Mexican Citizen are only issued in Coyoacan, Mexico City, HOWEVER, I have seen federal letters issued for foreign immigration purposes by the local PGR office in 16 de Septiembre in Guadalajara where they will direct the letter to a specific consulate.
  12. Replacement Car Title

    If a factura is lost then you must do a court action to get a judgment of possession, it is a pain and takes many months, one case took over a year. Some try to cut corners and do fake facturas but then if there is an accident, total loss or theft then the insurance company wont pay and your cheap option then leaves you penniless
  13. Gym in Chapala

    I go to Zona fitness in Riberas. $2,500 pesos prepays you one year. Stuff isnt new but for free weights and the like for me it is close and cheap.
  14. Actually they target Mexicans in crappy cars as they usually havent paid their refrendo and are more easily scared. The nicer cars realy nice ones if flashy are stopped as they think they are up to bad things
  15. Domestic workers are exempt from employer paid IMSS. While many foreigners have IMSS medical coverage, there still is a way for self employed people to have coverage with retirement, etc. The IMSS law has changed over the years with the largest change being the law passed in 1997 which cut benefits and raised work requirements. People who started working and who are subject to the 1973 law will get a pension upon retirement plus any unused portion of their housing account fund. Those after just get whatever is in their retirement account. There are many different voluntary pension / retirement and annuity plans offered by almost all banks.