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  1. Notary

    You can use Mexican notary but then many request an apostille after.
  2. Taxes on Rental Income

    Foreign residents (not residing in Mexico) who are landlords etc. subject to tax payment in Mexico generally fulfilll this obligation when the person (tenant, etc) who pays them withholds the tax and pays it to the Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria). How does a tourist comply with this? SAT wants electronic filings and payments via electronic transfer and tourists cannot open bank accounts nor have RFC numbers as they dont have CURP numbers. I dont see tourists really being able to comply as Mexico wants to be so high tech they block out any low tech options and therefore lose out on millions of income. Tourists could report rental income but it is made impossible. Too many here watching Mission Impossible reruns and not thinking logically.
  3. I can help with strategies as well as getting together all documents needed to lessen any capital gains liability. It may be a combination of things and your deed needs to be analyzed as well as it may depend on the bank holding the trust as each bank has different policies.
  4. RFC number

    My office can help you and possibly avoid the trip to Guadalajara
  5. I do consultations with people every week and help them prepare their documents and make the appointments. So far everyone approved and no surprises. You can invest 1,000 pesos or make a few trips and spend a few days in Texas based off of information on the internet that may or may not apply to your specific situation.
  6. People work there who dont appear on the payroll disclosed which is a violation, including people who always are photo hags and dont miss an opportunity.
  7. FYI- TIP paperwork

    a HUGE issue is that while you can technically get a TIP with the vehicle registration, without the title your car will sit in impound if towed due to improper parking or accident. Financed cars should get a US notary certified copy with apostille to prepare for this eventuality.
  8. Hotel Consulate

  9. ÜBER

    When I was going to a hearing I showed a client my ap at around 2pm and there were 4 Uber cars around downtown Chapala and 3 by the libramiento / Walmart area.
  10. ÜBER

    We send our clients home in Uber and we pick up the charge and used it twice today. The trip to Ajijic quoted 37 pesos but then when the guy took the longer route it was a bit more, still cheaper than taxis 57,92 $ Gracias por elegir Uber, Spencer 4 de septiembre de 2017 | uberX
  11. Lots of facebook groups, back in the day I used to participate in http://www.tapatios.com/foros/
  12. DUI checkpoint

    I have had clients who were crashed into by locals who were drunk, no license and no insurance and the MP has done nothing and the bad guys would rather pay attorneys to fight then to pay for repairs, it is silly and these checkpoints need to be until 3am not 11pm or 12pm, the crazy crashes happen later.
  13. 500,000 vehicles damaged Houston

    Hurry and sell your cars in Texas as they need good low mileage cheap cars that havent been flooded.
  14. Lawyer referral and fee question

    My office can try to help you get the appointment but sometimes the consulate wants to talk to you personally. We can also help with the second half. $1,500US for 2 people is crazy, we charge around half that and that includes the government fees
  15. Colonoscopy questions

    Had one done at a crappy small hospital in downtown Guadalajara, $10,000 pesos or so BUT it also included an endoscopy as I have had stomach bugs so they checked me from both ends. Received photos and DVD of procedure. The night before you'll sing to yourself the song Rocket Man from Elton John.