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  1. I tell people to call 911 so it can be recorded and if 911 gets sick of it maybe they will nag the authorities to do their job
  2. Local government is useless. We had an issue with a client, loud music 4am in front of police station, police and judge didnt care they said ecology, ecology said they needed to see it, gave cell #s but turned off at night. Maybe if you call the #PRICheerleader and wake her up then she may be forced to act
  3. Guadalajara/Chapala Highway

    They are repairing it and just started, saw it yesterday

    For Guadalajara people who want to participate and not have top go to Chapala only to buy tickets, they are for sale at my Guadalajara office. We d have parking so call and we can open it up. Spencer´s Office S.C., Abogados Lic. Spencer Richard McMullen Abogado / Perito Traductor Cédula Federal #7928026 / Estatal #114067 Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas #3446, Int. 5 Colonia Chapalita Guadalajara, Jalisco 44500 (33)1592-3801 / (33)1592-3792
  5. Well... The HUGE issue is that while you can technically get a TIP with the vehicle registration, without the title your car will sit in impound if towed due to improper parking or accident. ” “… Financed cars should get a US notary certified copy (of the title) with apostille to prepare for this eventuality. ”
  6. Permanente Status

    It may be the only immigration document you will ever need. You can do it yourself or hire someone. Why take risks. We see alot of people who mess up and then are in a bind. The people at LCS are facilitators like we are only they have no office so you get zero local support on a daily basis. My firm has a bit of a guarantee, if we handle your papers and you did your part correctly and you are denied or immigration makes a mistake, we file the appeal for free, and we win our appeals which means you dont have to leave the country. I stand by my advice. If you are short on cash it is one thing or if you like to do things yourself like wash your car, change the oil, do your tax returns. In can be an experience, some people dont do frustration well and others would rather sleep in or play golf or go to a Michael Bolton concert or the dentist, anything but dealing with the government.
  7. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    US numbers in Chapala 805-563-3300 / 805-256-8053 US numbers in Guadalajara 805-563-3300 Chapala we have 3 attorneys, 2 law students, plus Luis and Denise Guadalajara 3 attorneys plus law student
  8. Drivers license

    You get a certification of license to show you had one then do a renewal.
  9. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    We can help prep you, check papers and make the appointment at certain consulates. We have helped thousands of people and when we work with someone and prep them we have not heard of them having problems, even when rejected doing it themselves or at another consulate and they come to us after for help. When problems arise we file lawsuits and appeals. Immigration may not think I am their best friend but they respect us. We arent the cheapest nor most expensive and go to immigration daily in Chapala and every 2 to 3 days in Guadalajara so if there is a change we know about it right away which happens randomly. Our Chapala office is 2 blocks away. We have dedicated staff, one person, Denise (native English speaker born in San Francisco but Mexican) has worked for me for 6 years and all she does is prepare immigration documents, Luis at my office has worked for me for 5 years and his job is to go to immigration every day and present documents. We have others as well to jump in and lend a hand when someone is out or when representation is needed by an attorney or translator or when immigration wants another copy of something we run it over right away. My wife and I are official court translators if the need arises, no need to send anything out as we have it all under one roof. I own the building we are located in so I will never move and we are stable. We have US phone lines and a US fax in the event you need your bank or medical provider to send you documents which due to their privacy / security policies cannot email. I am a real attorney who studied here in Mexico, worked in the local courts and State Supreme Court and also on the list of attorneys of the US Consulate as well as on their list of translators as well as on the list of the Jalisco Courts and Federal Courts.
  10. Here in Chapala / GDL we can do a common law partner if there is a document which evidences said relationship

    She should qualify for the temporary. We can help and we are doing MANY powers of attorney in all states and here in Mexico. She can do one in the US and it will be valid here IF done correctly or she can do one here in Mexico, its up to you. One of the largest real estate companies in the area now has my office prepare their POAs as it is easier for them. We prepare them well and send a traveling notary to their client in the US, get the POA apostilled and then translate and then all good to go for the closing. In certain states we can do this all within a few days. Had zero problems so far and before they agency had problems with certain clauses being accepted by certain states as the Mexican notaries dont check individual US state laws nor were able to or if they were very slow to apostille and get documents back.
  12. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    They have hired some VEY dumb drivers recently. Last week we ordered Uber to take a client back to Ajijic from our office and the driver was by the plaza, 20 minutes later he still didnt show up, client took a regular cab back and then they charged me for cancelling which they refunded. In Guadalajara there were 5 cars within 2 blocks but some guy 5 miles away accepted and then took 20 minutes then sent a message he was filling his tank with gas, WTF? Why accept riders close by if you wont come right away. Another guy smelled to high heavan and had a damaged cracked phone, beat up car and was playing banda music, it was like being in a regular taxi. Then the next leg of my trip the guy had a nice shirt and nice car. One clue right away is AC. If you get in a car and the A/C isnt on then the driver will probably smell and doesnt get it, and is one of the new clueless monkeys. Also another complaint is that during many trips when I order it shows a price then upon arrival at destination it goes up a bit, never down. This is a problem when we choose cash option and send our people with cash. Always take photo of quotation screen.
  13. Hi, Within Mexico thay dont apply the income requirement to the partner.
  14. Easier not to use home and to show $1,200US in deposits or $22,000Us sitting in an account (retirement and investment ok!). home ownership is only for temporary and can be problematic as some consulates question what is the current value and other people purchased years ago and the value may not be the current value or may have been artificially low when the notaries were not required to put the real transaction value on the deed.
  15. We have had accepted the civil unions for gay couples although used for straight couples here where the notaries can do them and we use them in this context if a party cannot marry due to losing a pension or alimony. No need for getting documents from out of the country.