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  1. TV installation jobs

    Make sure you get all the I's dotted, and the T's crossed, and questions asked in advance, and then proceed very cautiously. This way there can be no doubt of what was said; prices quoted, and work to be done!
  2. Driver's license re-newal

    Has anyone heard if and when all the people that stood in line for hours, paid their license fees, and were promised that the mobile station would be at Christina park, ever received any further information?????
  3. Vela Gas - be careful

    sugarplumfaerie Do you happen to recall what the price was per liter from this company? Thank You
  4. Desperately need to rent oxygen machine??? It's not the tank type it's the actual machine. Please PM or call 766-5687. Thank You
  5. Shaw Direct upgrade, will it affect us?

    Is there any monetary value to these outdated #500 receiver boxes? Seems a waste to throw them away, even for electronic parts? If anyone is interested I have one to donate!
  6. Shaw Direct upgrade, will it affect us?

    Note: This is from my REPRESENTITIVE in Canada, asking me if I would check channels for her. I just switched over from the 500 series to the new 600 series receiver. "Captain I need you to check a few channels for me. They are the HD movie network channels TMN 1,2,3 on channels 147,148,149. Please let me know if they show up on your guide and are working for you." From myself: I did check and wrote as follows; AT 10PM I pushed HBO 147 , 148, and it works fine. There is no149 listed , however on 150 it states that I am not currently a subscriber. Thanks. That helps a lot!! If you had not upgraded your receiver, as of today you would no longer get those first two channels. Shaw changed their format to MPEG4 today. That is what the CSR at Shaw Direct told me. The third number I gave you is on the 3rd satellite and you can't get it in Mexico. That's why it is not on your guide. I was pretty sure of that but wanted to double check. This is all the info I have on the change over. Captain Naselli
  7. Would like to do my own laundry, using my soap, not the smelly stuff, will fill machine, put cloths in and wait for it to finish, is there such a laundry place in this Ajijiic , Chapala area?
  8. agreement form for maid

    Would you be willing to share this document with me? I would appreciate same. Captain Joseph Naselli
  9. Scam telephone call alert

    Please be informed that if this happens to you or yours, call Officer Rubi Agustin at 33-10-49-6637. This is a direct connection to her personal phone and she will instruct you what and how to proceed. This is a special division of the Police department and she is now in charge of this division. If you do not call her she can not help to resolve this problem. Thank You
  10. Drivers License Rules

    http://info.jalisco.gob.mx/sites/default/files/leyes/ley_de_movilidad_y_transporte_del_estado_de_jalisco_08-10-13-ii.pdf Allen, I am known as Captain Joseph L. Naselli a United States Coast Guard licensed passenger liner operator. I have a 1979 Mercedes Antique licensed plated car, state of Jalisco. As mater of fact, I don't have to do yearly emissions inspections, the only thing you have to do is keep paying my yearly auto registration tax. Somewhere in the above document is the law that states the above sentence. Would you do me the favor of finding same as my Spanish is lacking any real substance. Thanking you in advance for any and all considerations. Email: captnaselli@netzero.net Phone 376 766-5687
  11. HP Ink Cartridges

    Does it say that those cartridges fit a unit that uses 662 cartridges??????Model HP # 2545 thanks
  12. The location of the shop known as Teleservico Calvario is in SJ Cosala just at the base of the gigantic cell phone tower #43A. Just look up and you will see this tower. He fixed my remote for 20 pesos in 15 minutes.
  13. Tattoo artist Lakeside

    Now let's see, Two, millions of people have joined the tattoo community for fun since that article was written, OK now that makes it right, good thinking mister. I am so glad you did not go on, because then you would be guilty of lecturing, wouldn't you????????????? This will be the last transmission on this subject for myself. Enjoy life!
  14. Tattoo artist Lakeside

    Number 1 - Did it ever occur to you that I do not know how to do what you propose? Number two- Do you really think that, based on that article this really is your idea of someone's fun?