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  1. Small group Spanish lessons...Ajijic West...

    What level Spanish would you call this group? Beginning, intermediate, advanced?
  2. Yesterday we found this White and Grey rabbit in our yard. It seems very friendly and is not scared of people. Looking for the owner ...
  3. Turtles at the Beach

    I have been on the Lydias Tours trip for the last two years to see the turtles in Michoacán at Ixtapilla beach. It's an amazing sight. Hundreds of turtles on the beach laying eggs and hundreds coming into the beach. And no, this was not at midnight, it was around 3 in the afternoon. Of course this is nature and you can only try your best when planning the timing.
  4. Well take a look at the cars that show up in the UBER app in Ajijic. The cars keep resetting their location like they are fake cars on the app. And at least for me they all show up on the roads at the top of the mountain. Just saw one car in the middle of Lake Chapala.
  5. A question for rvanparys, For delivery to your house in Mexico, what delivery service does America Ship use? DHL? FedEx?, their own ?
  6. Advice on Medicare Part B

    So if you start out joining with Part B and then after a few years drop it, can you then re-join again at a future date? or once you drop it you are done?
  7. Next door to El Ancla restaurant on the west side of Ancla.
  8. Is construction on the lanes directly in front of the terminals still going on?
  9. Big "Attaboy" to E-Sun Solar

    I'm curious as to what they found as the electrical problem that would make your bill jump to that high amount. Was the problem in the solar electrical or your house electrical?
  10. Review emergency room at Segura Popular

    Can you go and use this hospital if you are NOT signed up with Segura Popular?
  11. Also check your "regulator" connected to your main propane tank. If old, water can get in it and cause it to not function properly, like low pressure. Last week we called a repairman for our oven because we had low flames on the cooktop and the oven never came up to proper temperature. He looked at it and asked where our gas tank was located. Came in 5 minutes later with our old regulator and had installed a new regulator. The stovetop flames are now large and the oven works like new.
  12. Whats new @ la Mision

    Is the new chef Julien from #4, Arileos and now DeGustar? If so, cant wait to come in.
  13. Bank deposit by mobile Ap on phone

    Yep, you need to connect your iPhone thru a VPN and then the BOA app will work. That's what I do with BOA.