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  1. You are correct on the spelling: adoquín, requiring a written accent on the “i”
  2. In Jocotepec, as you’re entering town, there’s an OXXO on your left. There is a median in the highway through there. As soon as the median ceases to exist as you drive west, there is a place with chain link fence on your left (lake side) which sells fountains, aldonquines, cantera, etc. It is before the first stoplight. If you’d like to see the pavers we purchased there, drive by our sidewalk in lower eastern Ajijic at Juan Manuel #17 (the north/south street that is one block west of the tianguis street, Revolución) at the corner of the Privada Francisco Madero), just a block up from the lake, sidewalk is on the west side of the street.
  3. Let me ask our contractor tomorrow. We recently did a new sidewalk outside our home and he acquired the aldonquin pavers from a supplier in Jocotepec.
  4. I did call them first thing. I then had to leave my house due to commitments and could not stay to watch over the dog. It took them between 90 minutes and two hours to come; I had asked them to call my cell when they knew what they were going to do about it. They then did call me when they were close to the location I had given them. They said they couldn’t find the dog; it was gone. I asked them to check the nearby vacant lot to see if someone had put it there. They did and found nothing. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay home to watch over the dog to be sure no one took him. I had no control over the neighbor’s gardener taking the dog to bury him. If you’d like to volunteer to come stand vigil next time until Ecología arrives, that would be great. We were unaware of the dogs who were dumped on a vacant lot next to us several weeks ago until the odor became such that we started searching for where it was coming from. Construction workers nearby found one small dog and buried him. Two mornings later, the air was worsening. Upon additional searching, they found a second larger dog which most likely had been there longer and they then buried it. When multiple poisonings occurred a year or so ago, my husband and I found raw chicken on the street several times near our home and removed the threatening substance. We have not seen anything similar recently.
  5. Friday morning there was a dead German shepherd mix in front of our house next to the sidewalk. Lower eastern Ajijic on Juan Manuel, about a block north of the lake and south of 16 de septiembre. I called ecología to report it; they came, but someone (I believe a neighbor's gardener) had already taken and buried him. They told my husband that there have been multiple dead animals recently. Several weeks ago, there were two dead dogs (smaller size) placed on a vacant lot just to the south of our home. We buried them. This is horrible....
  6. new classical music venue

    It is the Haus der Musik. It is a small concert venue inside of a home at the southwest intersection of Constitución and Juan Alvarez/Juan Manuel. If you send me a PM with your email, I can give you the email for the couple to whom the home belongs.
  7. Butternut Squash

    Sometimes they have them at Puritan Poultry in Riberas.
  8. Windshield Stickers

    Our understanding is that only the current year circulación sticker and emission sticker are what’s required to be displayed.
  9. U.S. licensed accountant?

    Scott Graville and Marian Wellman - We have used their firm for five years and are very pleased. See their website to read their qualifications, but both have MBA’s in finance (University of Chicago, University of Colorado) and Scott is an enrolled agent with the IRS. http://www.taxesinmexico.com/
  10. We live 2-3 blocks south of the bullring and a block west. We used white noise: ceiling fan and a floor fan. Our windows were closed and our heavy weight curtains were taken out of their tie-backs and pulled in to meet at the middle of our windows. And I was watching video on my new iPad with good speakers. We could still hear the music.
  11. Excessive TELCEL balance

    I’ve done this once, but it was a while ago. It was a series of stuff I had to punch in and I transferred $$ from my phone to my hubby’s. My Telcel “go to” person who is nice and helpful is Silvia who is INSIDE Plaza Bugambilias, on your right on the ground level just inside the main door. Go see her and take with you the number / numbers of the phone(s) to which you wish to transfer funds and I’m sure she will do it for you. Then give her a 50 peso tip for doing it.
  12. There are two locations for Salud Digna in Guadalajara. I’ve done four annual mammograms and bone density studies there. I’ve gone to the location on Avenida de las Americas, just a door or two north of Avenida Mexico. I’m due to go again, but last year I paid less than 350 pesos for the two things combined. The equipment is state of the art and the technicians are efficient and caring; you receive your bone density scan results immediately and you can leave and have breakfast or lunch and then return to pick up your mammogram film and results. Salud Digna receives funding from Carlos Slim’s foundation.
  13. Two Chapala restaurant gems

    We quite enjoy the Platiquemos Pizza Cafe. A couple of very nice salad offerings and the wood fired thin crust pizza is good. All very economically priced. Lovely outdoor seating area, as well as several inside tables. And not that difficult to locate. It’s in the Guadalupe barrio, just around the corner from the Municipal Clinic. You can follow the signs to the clinic (painted on walls) once you get to the northeast edge of the Soriana parking lot.
  14. Also confirming that you can do your immigration / FMM procedure here in GDL, even if your first leg is domestic within Mexico. We did it a year and a half ago when flying to Ft Lauderdale through MEX (Mexico City) and some friends just did it a couple of weeks ago when flying to Orlando via MEX. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you might not get the INM agent at GDL who decides differently.... 😎
  15. Shopping for Doctors

    I have relatives and friends who see the lady endocrinologist at Quality Care. I’m sorry that I don’t know her name, but a call to QC and they can tell you. :Unfortunately, the link I have to the QC website does not have all their doctors listed.