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  1. kbleitch

    Chapala Med

    Somewhere on the Libramiento across from El Dorado...
  2. kbleitch

    Where can I find Valentine cards?

    Also, there are great hand-crafted greeting cards at Sweets ‘N Treats on 16 de septiembre next to Cocinart. All,proceeds go to support Hope House orphanage in Ixtlahuacan.
  3. kbleitch


    There are two different organizations in the Lakeside area who offer free spay neuter clinics several times a year. There are many expat volunteers manning those clinics. You skills as a vet tech, with grooming, and the fact that you speak Spanish would make you a valuable volunteer at these clinics. I have served as a team leader in the registration area of these clinics for the past couple of years. I’ve found the clinics to be one of the most rewarding activities in which I’ve been involved. We need truly bilingual volunteers to work with registration.The two organizations are Operación Amor (operates in the Chapala municipality) and Tails of Mexico (operates in the Jocotepec municipality). I also volunteer teaching English once a week to high school and university students who are scholarship recipients in the Pathways program that was founded a few years ago by Pat Baxter. There are many volunteer opportunities here for someone like you. Working for wages is another thing; one must have a permanente visa (vs. a temporal visa or a tourist permit) in order to work. If you hold a temporal visa, then you must obtain a separate permission to work from Mexican immigration (INM).
  4. kbleitch

    Taxes and Water Bills

    You can pay your predial at Chapala with a credit or debit card. I didn’t see any such sign at SIMAPA, but I wasn’t looking for it.
  5. kbleitch

    looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    I sent you two PMS: description and photos. Thanks.
  6. kbleitch

    Vehicle foto infraccion

    You will need your plate number and the last five digits of your VIN. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/index.jsp
  7. kbleitch

    looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    I'm pretty sure we have a sturdy, well-wheeled folding grocery cart (the type that you pull behind yourself) out in our bodega. I will check tomorrow and I can post a photo for you. If indeed I'm correct, I'd be happy to sell it to you. We are located in lower eastern Ajijic, near the bottom of the Wednesday tianguis.
  8. kbleitch


  9. kbleitch

    Laminating document

    Also at COPY RIBERAS, across the carretera from OXXO and Intercam in Ajijic.
  10. kbleitch

    M & J Royal Pizza knocks it out!

    On Facebook
  11. The FOLIO is a ticket, photo infraction from 29 October 2017, 755 pesos. I think you owe a total of 1274.
  12. kbleitch

    In Your Opinion

    We have friends with family in Houston who cross at Pharr. When they come south, they spend the night in Ciudad Victoria.
  13. kbleitch

    Are Walden farm products available in the area

    Locally I have seen this brand’s salad dressings at Super Lake.
  14. kbleitch

    Power Outage Upper Ajijic

    I lower eastern Ajijic, we have little to no power. Contractor just arrived; he lives on Juarez, a half block south of the Carretera. No luz at his house and he said traffic lights are out. I just called the CFE report number. They had a report already filed at 7:40 from Rio Bravo.
  15. Thanks, John, for current info. I must admit that the last transfer we sent was 18 months ago...