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  1. Dusty Chicken new location

    Turn south at the first stoplight east of the Walmart light. Continue until you reach Ramón Corona (there’s a pink house on the corner in front of you and on the right at that intersection). Turn left and find a place to park. Their new SA location will be on your right (the lake side) of the street you turned onto (Ramón Corona).
  2. Mudgirl, my comment was more in response to traderspoc.
  3. Like Confused, we’ve had a Bancomer account for some years, since 2009 for us. We’ve always been able to deposit a US check. And you can find a Bancomer branch and ATMs throughout Mexico.
  4. We lost Internet around 10 p.m. last night and have reset the modem a couple of times We are in lower eastern Ajijic. Anyone else with this issue??
  5. I have heard 2.25 million pesos per person, so a couple holding title jointly = 4.5 MM. Perhaps that's nit correct. And yes, to your RFC number(s) being on your utility bill. At our house, CFE account has one name/RFC and Telmex has other.
  6. I wrote a message via Facebook to Moises and Josh regarding the situation you found today. Here is their response and apology: Les ofrecemos una disculpa y en efecto hoy fuimos a Costco y no logramos llegar a tiempo ya que no tenemos transporte propio y se nos complico. Pero esperamos no volver a fallar le. La esperamos aqui con y nuevamente le pedimos una disculpa.
  7. Villa Infantil

    http://www.villainfantil.com.mx/donations.html If you go to this page on Villa Infantil's website, they direct you to go to the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities and follow the instructions there. They provideand you with a link to LCC.
  8. Red crumbly garden rock

    I think perhaps Vista Lake means a location across the carretera from the Container restaurant. It's a small stone / gravel place, mountain side.
  9. http://www.notarios.com.mx/Notario-Detail.asp?Notario=LUIS+ENRIQUE+RAMOS+BUSTILLOS&FileID=3021 Notario #2 Chapala Municipio - Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos Many people in the area would say he's the best. He's very busy, so it would be best not to wait, depending on your timeline. You'll find the contact info in the link.
  10. I thought Josh looked familiar.
  11. Sorry, I'm not certain of the characteristics of NY pizza. However, I am familiar with Chicago deep dish and, of course, this is not that. The crust is on the thinner side of medium, but not what I'd call thin. It was crispy.
  12. Yes, they opened this past Monday, September 11. We were there last night. Granted, we all know that PIZZA is a very individualized thing. However, for our tastes and the type of pizza we most enjoyed NOB before moving here five years ago, this is OUR FAVORITE after trying numerous places!! The name of the place is M & J ROYAL PIZZA, operated by Moises and Josh. The pie came out super fast and was cut into eight large pieces. It would have been enough to have just eaten half of it, but we were fairly hungry, so we ate it all there and took none home. We had the "Mixed" for 160 pesos. Good sauce, ample amount, pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, salami, green pepper. They also have calzones. Soon the will have three salads to choose from: Caesar, mixta, and Caprese. Moises told us that they were scheduled to have a land line connected today and they will be doing servicio a domicilio. He plans to add pasta in the near future, but wants to make his own, so they will see how things go initially. They are open 12:30 - 8:30 and won't decide on the day to close for a couple of weeks yet. I'll attempt to post a photo of the current menu in another post.
  13. Chiles En Nogada....Who's Got Them and How Are They?

    A couple of weeks ago, I ate them twice at Fogón de Charlotte (next to Tio Sam's on the Libramiento) and they were the best I have ever had, better than at Viva México.
  14. Have a knotty problem here

    MC - If you do a search on "Calvario" in this sub-forum, you will find many posts. If you look through them, I think there might be one that even has a photo of the front of the shop. We've taken a TV there, repaired in a day, very economical. I'm guessing they can fix it for you. Their store front is painted a sky blue and I believe "Calvario" is painted in white on the building.