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  1. Check in procedure at airport?

    We have done as Bartman did: flying to Fort Lauderdale with a connection through CDMX. The INM agent at GDL gladly processed our FMM (for statistical purposes only, of course, as we are permanentes), so we didn't have to seek out the desk / window at the Mexico City airport. This was back in February of 2016. I figure it never hurts to ask. Who knows what card you'll draw that day!!!
  2. US car insurance

    And we did the same on three occasions, with Progressive.
  3. Todo Bueno is on the mountain side of the carretera just a couple of doors west of Puritan Poultry (and location of former restaurant named Bubba's) and S&S Auto. If you're familiar with where the 7-11 is in Riberas, these businesses would be just at the west end of the rumble strips / mini-topes.
  4. Costco eye examination

    An optician is someone who dispenses eyeglasses. Dra. Luz is either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist (a physician who is an eye surgeon and treats eye diseases).
  5. taxi

    We use Miguel Zamora, also, and have for five plus years. And most of the trips are 3:15 am departure. Always arrives on time to pick us up.
  6. Food Truck

    Yes. That is correct, CG.
  7. Food Truck

    What we had at Forest Grill doesn't compare to the couple of meals I've had at the Avocado Club. Both times I felt like I paid a premium price for just an average lunch.
  8. Food Truck

    CG and Xena - Just to clarify a bit, this was not a "sandwich" in the usual sense of the word. It was a filet mignon, the size of my palm, 1 1/4" inch thick, cooked medium rare as I ordered it. It was topped with grilled mushrooms, bell pepper strips, tomato and placed between two slices of homemade artisan bread. It came with a side of your choice. One of us had sweet potato fries and the other ordered garlic rosemary baby potatoes. He may cook in his food truck, but we were seated at a table; our order was taken there and they served us, and even brought us natural insect repellent spray (although I wasn't bothered by any mosquitos). We didn't go up to the truck to order. I would have taken a photo of our sandwiches, but I'm living with a seven year old smart phone with a bad camera. We believed our meal to be quite tasty and filling for 95 pesos, about USD$5.50 -- YMMV. Why don't you try the place yourself, instead of critiquing my post?
  9. Food Truck

    We were there last Sunday evening and had a filet "hamburger." All of his hamburgers are from "cortes," not ground beef. The filet sandwich was on his homemade artisan bread, with tomato, grilled bell pepper, mushrooms. Delicious! And only 95 pesos.
  10. I'm the one who called you. It was on Juan Manuel (Juan Alvarez above Constitución), just south of the intersection of 16 de septiembre. In speaking with one of the horse guys and scouring the neighborhood for a couple of blocks around where we found the dog (looking for any possible poisoned food) and looking more carefully at the dog, we determined it had most likely been hit by a car. The horse guy believed it was a street dog and he was kind enough to remove the dog and bury him. Back when the poisonings were happening, we found chicken and chicken parts several times within a block radius of our home. It has been quite some time since we've seen anything more.
  11. I'm with you, Travis. I love Morelia.
  12. Como a malnecion

    Understood. Spelling is not a strong skill for many folks here, who, for whatever reason, did not have the opportunity to go very far with their schooling. I have a friend who only went through fourth grade, but she is a much better speller than another friend who was able to go to school for part of Secundaria. Based on the meaning that he told you and if he commonly uses it right after a greeting, the verb he's using is amanecer.
  13. Como a malnecion

    Could he perhaps be saying, "¿Cómo amaneció?" I believe so. One of the meanings of the verb amanecer (in addition to "to dawn," as in, "to break day") is "to begin the day, to wake up." This is a common expression that I have used when I have hosted Spanish-speakers overnight in my home. It's an interesting switch to what we might say in English: "How did you sleep?"
  14. Elegante on Constitucion

  15. Elegante on Constitucion

    Go to the Lakeside Restaurant/ Bistro Happenings" sub-forum, scroll down and you will find a post started by the restauranteur titled "Elegante." Further in that thread you will find the menu posted. EDITED: a screenshot of that post follows