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  1. RickS

    vehicle legalization

    Sonia can answer for herself in due course but since she lives in San Miguel I doubt that she will know Ajijic residents who "moonlight" and assist local people with this and other kind of services. Sonia deals more with registered and bonded agents at the border. Whomever you use just make sure that the vehicle is also EXPORTED from the US by US Customs and Border Protection as part of the process... and that takes a trip to the border with the vehicle. P.S. The term is "Nationalize" P.P.S. This Post is absolutely NOT in any way meant to be derogatory towards Tim and Jayme or any services they may provide
  2. RickS

    new highways SL Potosi & Monterrey

    To my knowledge 40D cuota does not go all the way through town. That may have changed recently, but.... If you are talking about using the NW Periferico cuota, like one is going to Laredo, but then continuing on past the Laredo turnoff and towards the airport to then reconnect with 40D east to Reynosa, that would be a long way just to miss 'downtown', IMO.
  3. RickS


    A couple of years ago I had a leather car seat 'repaired' on the side from him. Couldn't tell it from the original when complete.
  4. Not to go off into Left Field, but.... what would be the purpose of loading Windows on a Mac Book Air?
  5. Well, they were there.... MANY cages of them in the back which was just a stone’s throw away from El Saltos’ house. NOISY as hell.
  6. RickS

    Help for a newbie

    He has asked for the “least expensive way by car”, not how do I get there and obviously not interested in a bus somehow. Uber would be the cheapest IF one is comfortable with that option (no reason to not be, but...). Taxi is 450 pesos still I believe.
  7. Oh, I don’t know. In a town FULL of old people getting older I’d think there was a need...
  8. RickS

    G Mail

    I must have had a somewhat never version than you did. When I clicked to change to the new one yesterday, it did but I don't find it much different than the previous version. And, yes, the star wheel will let one "go back to classic gmail'.
  9. RickS

    Forum Speed

    I hope that this is not going to jinx the situation, but.... Has anyone else noticed that, for the last several days at least, the access speed to this Board has been VERY good?!? Mine is instantaneous.
  10. Caveat Emptor..... https://www.regenexx.com/jeff-hayes-healing-miracle-truth-stem-cells/
  11. RickS

    vehicle legalization

    Awhh Shucks, Pappy. All of us try to provide accurate info. Sometimes we do and sometimes it is a bit off, so let’s downgrade that ‘gold’ to maybe just ‘silver’.😎 But thanks for the vote of confidence.
  12. RickS

    vehicle legalization

    A 2007 vehicle is now too old to "Nationalize"... probably the correct word for your 'legalize'. I have no idea what you might be talking about when you ask about a fine... a vehicle can either be Nationalized or it can't. To my knowledge there is no other process which includes a fine.
  13. RickS

    Lake level

    But is it rising due to ‘you know what’....?
  14. generic is all I use...... still had a hack. I think these things are different for different folks.
  15. RickS

    Border Crossing at Ojinaga/Presidio

    I’ve crossed there, both ways, several times over the years..... just not lately. Roads, even cuotas, have a way of getting better or worse within a year or two so I can’t be too sure what it is like now, but... the cuotas from here up to Jiminez were generally OK. From Jiminez one cuts cross country for a couple of hours on a 2-lane road to Ojinaga that carries hardly any traffic. Gas up. I have seen it in pretty good shape and not too good shape. It is about as straight a shot as one can imagine so no mountains nor curves. If one leaves Lakeside early morning one can get to Jiminez and spend the night there. Nice, safe hotel coming into the south side of town. Good restaurants. It is 600 miles so if that is too far, stay in Torreon as Ezzie suggested. The INM etc in Ojinaga is RIGHT AT the border crossing and not before and easy if you have any things to do with INM or Aduana. Couple of decent motels in Presidio if you don’t want to drive farther that day. Otherwise, it’s on up to Marfa.
  16. RickS

    TelCel Internet speed

    So unless one is streaming a bunch of movies, no harm no foul.... and no throttle.
  17. RickS

    Difficult to post here

    Yes, I can imagine it..... closed!
  18. RickS

    Difficult to post here

    Don’t get your hopes up johanson. There are times, all be it very few, when it behaves like it should but then reverts to the worst performance I have ever seen on a Board. I’m wondering if it is not their database system as that what the various symptoms look like to me: 1) slow, like database requests are stacking up. 2) immediately return an error, like a ‘read’ got an error; presenting an error back to an end-user is something a good system should NEVER do! 3) nothing returned, like the database has gone off-line but the requesting program is not smart enough to suggest that you ‘try later’, like the one I just got trying to go to a “groups.yahoo.com” site: Will be right back... Thank you for your patience. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.
  19. RickS

    TelCel Internet speed

    But do they say how much ‘throttle’ will be applied??? If I have 60mbps down I’m not thinking that a throttle is going to be, say, down to 1.5mbps. If they throttle me down to 10-20mbps I’m still good to go.
  20. Easy for you to say with your Permanente status sitting in your penthouse suite above the Bahia de Banderas sipping a marg. 😜
  21. RickS

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Canada will 'only' give emergency medical services to a visitor so I am told.
  22. RickS

    Streetlight in Upper Ajijic

    ... not to speak of them disrupting cicadas. 😉
  23. RickS

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    That opinion is your right of course, but that pretty much rules out all of North America....
  24. RickS

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Actually what they want is to make sure that immigrants do not become another source of drains on the finances of the country. "Independently wealthy" is not a term that I would use to describe many of the foreign folks I know who are living in Mexico. Able to live a decent life si, independently wealth no.