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  1. Bypass Lagos de Moreno?

    Has anyone used the bypass/Libramiento around Lagos de Moreno in the last few months? Is it still a wasteland of potholes? I’ve gone right through town before and it’s not that bad... I’ll take that again if the bypass is still a “shi*hole”.
  2. Too bad. It is actually one of my favorite roads to travel.... up through the Highlands. I usually leave Lakeside early in the morning and the traffic up there is not bad at that time... and the countryside there is beautiful to me. Sun coming up to the East, sometimes low clouds in the valleys, stone fences from yesteryear ringing farm pastures, lakes and ponds. And yes, a few crazy drivers.. most of them driving Jettas!
  3. Hot topic with respect to ‘press’ but not so hot with respect to anyone yet/ever hacking into the Kernel... and surely not at the ‘everyday john doe’ computer level.
  4. Auto Body Shop question

    Not bodywork but.... had a complete detail job Thursday (wash polish wax interior detail and engine cleaning) for 1400 pesos and it was PERFECT as usual. P.S. 2,000 pesos for what OP is having done is VERY reasonable.... assuming that the work is up to their ‘old’ standards. I have had similar work done by them when Ferrnando was owner and was pleased.
  5. Shaw Direct TV News

    Don’t ask don’t tell.... it’s revenue!
  6. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/volaris-frontier-sign-codesharing-accord/
  7. Shaw Direct TV News

    Might this the beginning of the end......?
  8. Women's March Jan. 20th

    The tag on the original post said, "Women's Rights"....
  9. Yes, I was just now trying to get a Boarding Pass and neither Firefox nor Edge would work. Chrome got it done. With respect to Frontier.... they have some VERY good prices to certain markets. But, just like Volaris once one buys the actual ticket the fun has just begun. Oh, you wanted a seat? Oh, you wanted to board other than last? Oh, you wanted to bring some luggage on board with you? Oh, you wanted to check some luggage? Oh, you wanted to have some water or a pop? But all this is just the nature of the beast these days....
  10. ... and also is this product available Lakeside... maybe Walmart? ”No Melt Suet Dough”.... a 3”x3”x1” hard cake that one puts inside a feeder of same side and hangs in a tree. www.cs-prod.com
  11. ...according to the US State Department http://time.com/5099238/mexico-travel-warning-map/?utm_source=time.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the-brief&utm_content=2018011211am&xid=newsletter-brief
  12. Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    Yes, I guess I should have put a 'smiley face' on that Post....
  13. Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    ... and use a newspaper to wipe it clean when one finishes.
  14. The question is: "What does it take to legally purchase a vehicle in one state in Mexico (Vera Cruz or Chiapas), drive it to Jalisco and legally register that vehicle here." For more information, check on Sonia's website.... scroll down to "Buying a car in Mexico". Lots of good information that may or may not answer all your questions. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html

    That's good to know..... have you done it and did it 'pass muster' if so?

    It is my understanding that only the US Consulate can legally norarize paperwork IN Mexico. Anyone else is NOT in the State wherein they are ‘licensed’ to be a Notary, no?
  17. I see that Pancho’s Deli Market is having an Inauguration Saturday. There will be LIVE MUSIC starting at 1 PM with dancing and celebration at El Bar-Co... FREE BEER, SNACKS and MORE...
  18. Buses to Nuevo Laredo

    I”ve not taken ETN to the border but have to both San Miguel and Morelia and between Cancun and Mérida. Could not have been more comfortable. Also check Primera Plus.
  19. Cheap flights

    Some of those online sites don't include Mexican airlines like Volaris or Interjet. These low cost airlines will 'often' have International specials that will get you to some US destination, from which you can continue to wherever you wish to visit. For example.... last week Volaris was offering non-stop to Denver for $99 OW. (yes, to that one would have to add a luggage fee and maybe a seat fee, but.....)
  20. Hearing aids

    Would Dr. Google count?
  21. American Lawyer Lakeside

    Which brings up a question (for me anyway)..... if one found an attorney Lakeside that was licensed to practice in the US, what good (legally) would it do for anyone sitting here?
  22. Hearing aids

    Surely a concern for ‘locals’ but the OP’s MIL lives in Canada....
  23. Hearing aids

    Before she buys, she should check out Costco pricing on aides. Brand name, quality products at amazing prices. AND extras like 'fabulous return policy... return them up to 6 months with total refund'!, unlimited service/adjustments at any Costco, free replacements if lost!, etc etc. Then compare those prices to Lakeside....