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    If your Honda was formally Exported from the US and Imported into Mexico and then plated there you can/have to "reverse" that action, at the border, with US Customs Border Patrol. Easy with the right Form... takes maybe 1 hour and you can do it yourself. Then take your title and that signed form to your local DMV to get a new state title.
  2. Does anyone have a trailer for sale?

    Just be aware.... or the seller of the trailer beware..... trailers brought into Mexico are 'attached' to the TIP of the vehicle towing it at the time. If you have a TIP and you show up at the border towing a trailer with a vehicle that does not show this or any trailer attached, you may have a problem. If the trailer has Mexican plates and you show up at the border with US plates.... I don't know.
  3. The OP said that he/she wanted to "return to Chapala with another US plated vehicle". What 'we' want to be done is probably not germane.
  4. US Cars that would be legal in Mexico

    Here is an “article” that pretty much discusses the ins and outs of Importing into Mexico. It was written in 2017 so one would need to adjust the ‘dates’ by a year. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for its accuracy.... but it seems to correspond with my understanding of the rules. http://www.expatsinmonterrey.com/single-post/2016/04/14/FAQ´s-Importing-cars-in-to-México
  5. US Cars that would be legal in Mexico

    In addition to RV’s excellent reply...... a NAFTA vehicle will have the VIN# starting with either a 1,2,3,4 or 5. Otherwise any ‘model’ can come. There may be some restriction on diesel trucks over 1 ton. Fees to Import a US vehicle into Mexico will be ‘north of $2,500’. If one is a tourist or a Mexican Residente Temporal, there is a permit (TIP) that must be obtained for the vehicle. It is good “for as long as the owner’s visa is good”... 6 months for a tourist and for up to 4 years for a Temporal if renewed annually. As RV suggests, a Residente Permanente cannot have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. A TIP costs less than $50 but a refundable deposit of between $200-$400 will be assessed (cash or credit card).... refundable when the vehicle is taken out of Mexico.
  6. Fiber optics

    Sort of like a lot of things when discussing living in Mexico, eh? While I don’t have a horse in this race, some thoughts..... Everyone has their own comfort zone (and financials) when it comes to doing things. We make decisions based on, sometimes, no idea of how future decisions will affect them. Wasn’t that long ago that folks felt perfectly comfortable bringing their foreign plated cars to Mexico (forever) only to have Immigration laws change that potentially negated that option. The option of buying a home in Mexico has at least ‘some’ potential of being ‘cause for concern’ in the future.

    Could u define "excellent results" for me por favor. Was any kind of "x-ray" used to guide the platelet needle into the knee or just "blind"?

    The 'physics' of that statement are leaving me a little bumfuzzled.....
  9. Engine Oil question

    I don’t think that there have been in ‘direct drive’ fans for quite a while.... and certainly not a 2006 Buick. Also, 0- and 5- oils are semi-synthetic, thus the reason for the higher cost, especially in Mexico where these oils are generally not needed (unless specified by the manufacturer). The use of ‘lower weight’ oils is also another way for the manufacurer to gain overall better gas mileage figures which helps them meet stringent US mpg fleet requirements. P.S. Computerguy.... flushing a radiator is often THE reason why a radiator starts ‘running hot’.... especially if the flush was not a thorough one. A half-a** flush unlodges (is that a word?) junk that wasn’t causing any problems before and clogs up the radiator cores, causing it to run hotter especially at highway speeds in a warm climate.
  10. SCT as you call it and PRP are NOT necessarily competing procedures where one is better than the other. To further enrich blood supply to the damaged areas, and consequently promote tissue regeneration, platelet-rich plasma could be used in conjunction with stem cells or it can be used ‘alone’ to help promote healing or regrowth in some cases. The ‘best’ source of stem cells is from one’s bone marrow. And the ‘best’ way to inject this and PRP is by using fluoroscopy guided injections to get real-time images of where the needle (and thus stem cells) is being placed. Shy of that one can ‘miss the target’ by enough to make the injections almost worthless. This is not horseshoes (or handgranades!) Not many small places are going to have this equipment (or be able to harvest bone marrow), but to get long-lasting results research shows that this approach cannot be short-cut.
  11. TIP for cars from USA

    Well, Pappysmart, here comes an amateur opinion.... There is no Mexican law that says one “can’t get another TIP after a 6-month stay has expired and the TIP cancelled”. There are occasionally some anecdotal evidence that “a particular agent at a particular border crossing” has either hesitated or refused to give out another TIP..... the border of Belize and Yucatan comes to mind. This is usually solved by ‘waiting for a shift change’ to come back to that crossing or just drive to another crossing to get one. If Forums are good for anything, they serve as ‘trumpets’ when something out of the normal starts happening. If getting the second (or third or forth or) TIP became a persistent issue these Boards would be full of those tales of woe. I haven’t even heard the subject brought up for years. Dan M, the TIP cannot be "renewed".... one just turns in the about-to-expire-one (this is a MUST) at the border and gets a new, fresh one. Smart folks don’t do this 5 minutes apart!

    Your Post reveals that you do know that there is a difference. My take is that the OP has knee pain and is looking for relief in “today’s” treatment world. She did specifically say ‘stem cell therapy’ but this is probably (as is common) a catch-all phrase to encompass some or all the procedures you mentioned. IMO, the best recommendation given here was from Wookie.... “Call and make an appointment and go discuss this treatment with her”.
  13. Actually Mike, all the bridges carry the terminology ‘International’. What you did is probably followed the route to International Bridge IV, the World Trade Bridge, which is just for commercial traffic. The bridges ‘downtown’ are referred to as International Bridge I (which is currently only open for pedestrian traffic), and International Bridge II (Juarez-Lincoln International) the most commonly used bridge. World Trade bridge is well west of downtown, as is International Bridge III, Colombia-Solidarity.

    Not to stick my nose into your business and to assume that you will/have not already done this, but..... All stem cell ‘treatments’ are not alike and all are not being done by people using the same procedures and the same equipment and the same training. So when one sees that (just an example) your local cosmetologist or maybe chiropractor is now doing stem cell treatments, be aware that you will not get the same results as you might/should if it were done by a truly qualified clinition. So to that end I’d be asking not only “who” might be doing it but also “how” and what “equipment” they are using to: 1) harvest the stem cells [and from where], 2) concentrate and enhance the stem cells harvested and 3) inject it into the precise spot where it can actually do some good. Without all this knowledge one might just as well use botox and count on the plecobo affect to cure one’s problem.
  15. You might want to tell us just what you are considering these procedures for.... as they are different if, for example, it is to treat cancer vs joint repair. The terminology you may be talking about for joints is generally Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Stem Cell Therapy... not replacement.
  16. Keeping US Cell Phone number

    It was my understanding that one can only get google voice in the US. And when outside the US, ‘charges may apply’ in addition to using minutes from your cell carrier. No?
  17. Keeping US Cell Phone number

    Well, as explained before, yes, T-Mobile is partnered with Telcel WHILE one is in Mexico. It works just fine. BUT, the OP is looking to keep their US phone number after moving to Mexico and this, to my knowledge, using a cellphone is not possible. T-Mobile will let one take their cellphone to Mexico but they won’t let one keep it there ‘forever’. This capability is designed for one who might be visiting Mexico and would like to still receive call directed to their US phone number. The only way that I am aware that one can keep their US phone number, and it was explained above, is to port that number to an Internet phone (magic jack, any vonage-like folks, OOMA etc etc) for use in Mexico. But that is NOT a cellphone... it is a ‘stay-at-home’ phone.
  18. In N. Laredo, below International Bridge II, is the building where one gets their tourist visa AND the TIP sticker. After crossing the river, follow the blue CIITV signs to meander through N. Laredo (not far) and retrace a bit to under the bridges. Sometimes newbies have a hard time finding this building, but.... As TelsZe says, it is easier (but a much farther drive) to cross at the Colombia (notice spelling) border crossing just a bit west of Laredo.
  19. Cataract surgery

    Good luck!
  20. Police Clearance Letter

    For the uninfomed.... what is a Police Clearance Letter?
  21. T-Mobile

    It does look like some messages were dropped during the ‘outage’ so I’ll Post again.... I have the T-Mobile 55+ plan unlimited voice/text and data. I have traveled to Mexico twice since getting it. Both trips I was ‘paired’ with TelCel. T-Mobile partners with several Mexican cellphone providers so it depends on who ‘picks you up’ when you power on. My service and connection have been very good, both driving down through the country and around Lakeside. Calls back to the US were free also. Whether or not they will allow 4 consecutive months in Mexico is beyond my pay grade. Push come to shove, if your T-Mobile service was interrupted while you were here you could just put in a TelCel SIM card and carry on.... all be it with a different phone number obviously.
  22. There should be no problem IF one gets the safe return document from SAT as Angus has said.... Seguro Retorno letter makes the car ‘legal’ to drive to the border if done within 5 or 6 business days from the receipt of the document. The document can be made out so that ‘any’ specific person can drive it out.... not just the owner. Cheap insurance. Stop at the border and have the sticker removed even if you have already lost the deposit on it. Keep the receipt ‘forever’ just in case.
  23. San Antonio traffic

    Just a thought, but.... “controlling” lights.... as having them sych with each other or determine that side traffic does not need a green light unless a car appears..... suggests that there is some sort of computer systems connecting them together and that there are some sort of sensing devices IN the streets. Might be too much to expect for two lights in San Antonio Mexico. YMMV
  24. The white building is gone?

    Yes, between the bridges.... not east of #2.
  25. The white building is gone?

    That huge building "under the bridges" is gone?