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  1. New B

    Just be aware that Jan-Feb is in the middle of high season so accommodations will be harder, but surely not impossible, to find. And yes, more is available than you will see online. There are several bulletin boards around town that have accommodations posted that agents won't have. Most will want a longer period than you are suggesting, especially since it will be high season, but you can probably find something in a couple of days. Agree about Perico, both that it is a good option if available, but it is a few miles outside of 'town' and I am not aware that it is on a bus route. Google Hotel Perico Ajijic
  2. San Ysidro Border Crossing Closing...

    Basically WTF Who knows the context....
  3. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Just more proof of how valuable these Boards are to people, eh Johanson?
  4. Don't have an answer for you (sorry!) but a question.... do you possibly mean Regenexx as opposed to Regenerix? If so, it's too bad they are closing as that organization is top notch with their protocols here in the States.... main office in 'Denver'.
  5. Not that many people here will be affected but..... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41363953
  6. New Lakeside Hospital

    Maybe so but that would take a whole 'nuther level of business acumen that they would have to have/acquire in order to price it so as to not loose their shirts.
  7. Water heater explanation?

    Pete, no need to apologize.... you just had an 'oversight' and that is definitely NOT allowed on this Board by some.
  8. Iphone 6 no service repair

    Switch SIM cards between the two phones and see if the problem "stays with the phone or follows the SIM card".... To my knowledge there is no "Telcel landline' service at Lakeside. Did you mean TelMex?
  9. CCleaner news: bad.

    I"ve been using Auslogics defrag product for years.... recently it went missing. Norton deleted it. I re-installed, Norton deleted. I checked into why and found that it is doing/allowing bad things as suggested above by CG. And I've never 'trusted' anything to mess with the Registry. Just me, but.... So now I just let Windows 10 do its thing....
  10. New Lakeside Hospital

    Let the race begin.....
  11. Physiotherapy recommendation

    For musculoskeletal or neurological or cardiothoracic?
  12. Traveling to France

    If a Mod took out things that did not directly address the OP's question, this would be a very short thread.
  13. Big jump in internet speed

    ".... We are tech and Spanish challenged..... we have10 wireless devices (2 Iphones, 2 Ipads, a laptop, a printer, a smart TV and 3 repeaters) Are these not contradictory statements???