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  1. Superlake

    Where would one 'move to' that might have the things that may not be available any more at Lakeside?
  2. Thanks for that first-hand report.....
  3. Television Installation

    Are your challenges more from the physical installation or "technology" associated? Makes a difference as to who might can help.....
  4. There is no word for Consistency in Mexican Spanish......
  5. The Snowbirds are back

    Nope.... it is definitely "my gay" daughter.... only he underlined it twice just in case one didn't get the intensity of his feelings (either toward the owner or his daughter, can't tell!).

    Just be reminded that many/most Mexican houses don’t have a true ground circuit. Make sure that your 3-prong wall plug is actually connected to a ‘real’ ground. Otherwise no surge protector is going to be affective. Past that, Trip Lite is a respected name..... in my business I purched them over AMC. For refrigerators just remember that they will draw a good bit of current when the compressor starts up (many times a day) so match that with a regulator. IMO, it would be hard to compare this product with something bought locally without knowing the real specifications of the local unit. On the other hand, local units may be designed from the git-go knowing that Mexican power is not as clean and that ‘normal’ operating voltages are higher.

    The 'info tag' associated with this ad says " i-phone "..... not really. Perhaps the owner meant 'smartphone'.
  8. Sonia, I am surely no arguing your point but, for me, one question has seemingly never been addressed (to my knowledge or satisfaction). That is the statement from the goverment about TIP’s ‘life’, and in English, is: ”As a foreigner, the expiration date of your permit will be the same as that of your immigration status, including its continuous renewals provided that they are sequential. Bear in mind that you need to submit your notice to the Customs Office within 15 days of the date of the immigration document renewal, for you to be entitled to have your permit deposit reimbursed.” To me, when one decides to fly out, and they surrender their Tourist card to the airline and thus Aduana, their immigration status is that they are no longer a tourist in Mexico and therefore “have no immigration status”. That Tourist card was for ‘up to 180 days’ and they have decided to relinquish that visa to the government prior to it’s 180-day death. When one then decides to fly back into Mexico they are issued a new Tourist card but since that new Tourist card is not ‘continuous’ it can not be considered a renewal (if for no other reason than a Tourist card cannot be renewed, but also ‘continuos’ did not happen). I suspect that ‘continuos’ language is put there for the Temporal visa which can be/is renewed and we all know that the TIP that is associated with it can be renewed at that time also. Anyway, I’m wondering if you might have asked for clarification of this point when you spoke to your contact, Sr de la Rosa? For most, that is the language that appears to suggest that a car cannot be left behind. I am also wondering if that gentleman might be willing to give a written clarification response to that question if asked to do so.
  9. Your temporary vehicle import permit (TIP) is good for the same period as your Tourist card.... up to 180 days. I say up to as you can, of course, leave before then. But one CANNOT legally leave Mexico WITH the TIP vehicle left behind (this is a highly disputed claim and has been debated for years, but.....). Plenty of people have done it (leave with the vehicle still in Mexico, then fly back), including me, but some have been fined if "caught". The odds are pretty small that one will 'get caught'. IF you decide to fly out, with the vehicle still in Mexico, your Tourist card stating that you came into the country via ground, will be taken by the airlines as required. Upon re-entry by air you will be issued/you will fill out yet another Tourist card for 180 days and this one will denote that you arrived Mexico via 'air'. When you eventually leave Mexico by vehicle within the original 180 days, you will want to turn in your latest Tourist card and cancel the TIP paperwork at the Mexican border (or you won't get the refundable $400 deposit you gave AND you will not be able to bring another foreign plated vehicle back into Mexico as their records will show you did not remove the first one!).
  10. CNBC article re Chapala Cost of Living

    That information is so wrong it borders on criminal to publish it!!! Most of that info is circa 1997 at best and even then I could not have gotten an apartment for $148/mo.
  11. Actually, if the vehicle qualifies you will have to use a bonded Broker at the border. AND, that vehicle will have to be formally EXPORTED from the US as part of the process. That part is not costly but will take a day or two alone. Depending on the value of a vehicle the cost is “somewhere around $2500 US” mas o mano. Many people don’t think that it is worth the trouble/cost but that, of course, is an individual decision. Only vehicles 8 to 9 years old can be imported and only NAFTA qualifying vehicles can be imported.... so no ‘Made IN Japan, Germany, South Korea etc etc’ vehicles.... only VIN#'s starting with a 1,2,3,4 or 5.
  12. ROKU ??

    Ah, consumer choice. What a concept. The cable/dish folks rode that horse for a good number of years but that is coming to and end.
  13. ROKU ??

    Well, not quite western but you are right about its appeal. Winters are great for ski'rs but I quit that sport years ago when costs went haywire and lift-lines approached an hour wait. Now it is somewhere warmer in the winter like..... sigh..... PV and surrounds.
  14. ROKU ??