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  1. Missed the part about it being temporary......
  2. Moderators.... could this be made a Sticky???
  3. RickS

    Flying Out and Driving Back

    I can't tell you how many times I flow in and driven out... same INM form. And I always turn it in at the border driving out. I guess it is different at the airport flying out but.....
  4. RickS

    Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    In this case, SIX years old....
  5. RickS

    Notes from recent road trip to Laredo

    Going through town will 'dump you' at the same round-about as when one takes the 'bypass' west of Lagos. Since word came out a couple of years ago of the deplorable shape of the bypass, I now go right through town and it is easy.... especially if one uses their smartphone or GPS. The 'new' western bypass of SLP is very nice, although I did almost miss it just south of Ville de Arriaga going north. Note: Since I drive a good bit in Mexico, I personally find it very helpful to, before my trip, take a look at my intended route on my computer using Google Maps. There I can for example zoom into downtown Lagos de Moreno and visualize how the road traverses the city. Then when I actually get there it's not all a mystery... using a GPS or not. I find that Google Maps is pretty much up to date even in Mexico. The western bypass of SLP is an example in that Maps had it there pretty soon after it was opened. Maps 'Street Scene' lags a bit but of course that takes a photo-vehicle on-the-ground to accomplish so it is no wonder that it lags a bit. That western route, 80D up to the 40D is still not available for example. YMMV
  6. I agree that the article is pretty much spot-on. I found this statement in the article to be especially true: " (We northerners could learn something about what it means to be discreet, which has a slightly different meaning in Spanish, roughly translating into not saying everything that’s on your mind, and wrapping every discourse in courtesy regardless of how angry or justified you may think you are.)"
  7. RickS


    Spoken like a person who no longer lives NOB. Pappy we are living in a media bombardment hourly what with the new Administration up in la-la land. Hawaii’s got an eruption of their own but it is just a candle compared to what is coming off the east coast. Calm is just a wet dream up here! 😘
  8. Let’s hope that is the case..... Gringal, as you know I don’t live in Ajijic but am there ‘several times a year’. If $1,000 won’t get one a nice enough long-term rental in Ajijic any more then things have really changed in the last 1-2 years. Not saying it hasn’t, but... Lately I just haven’t looked at any rentals but ‘back then’ I coud and did look around and find a casa that even my wife would accept for $850.
  9. It would be a HUGE leap of faith for me to prepay for the summer on something that I had not seen, nor had I seen the neighborhood nor the neighbor nor the Internet connection nor the ??? YMMV
  10. RickS

    ATT Internet

    One would want to either already have or have a friend who has AT&T cellular service at Lakeside to ‘test’ how good the cell reception will be at their casa.... inside where they might would want to place the AT&T modem before purchasing. I wonder how strong the wifi signal is that comes out of the modem... expecially in Mexican houses. Wouldn’t want to sign up for 2 years only to find out that the AT&T signal was lousy inside your casa.
  11. Unless you are already familiar with Ajijic, you might want to do a 6-month lease and learn all the ropes before getting a long-term rental. Of course some call 6-months long term so if that is what you meant..... disregard.
  12. There is a telephone listed on the Post......
  13. Or just announce on Chapala.com Forum that you are lonely. Then stand back. 👫
  14. RickS

    Alex's Pasta Bar

    So much for Mr. Google knowing everything.... Facebook rules! just not for me.
  15. RickS

    Dollars to peso - Conversion

    I'm still a bit confused.... the OP says he is talking about 'physical' dollars to pesos. Then all the conversation, including his comments, is about US banks and their conversion rates. ¿Qué eres?