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  1. Anyone Lose a Car

    True... I didn't think of that about bluetooth.
  2. Since you live in Mission you might be the best source about this, but.... Often it appears that 'trouble' is on Highway 40 just WEST of Reynosa. This deters some folks from wanting to drive into Reynosa from any direction. That is why some go a bit farther east to the Pharr Bridge.
  3. Anyone Lose a Car

    Apps mentioned above require one to proactively 'mark' their car when it is parked. Probably sends a GPS signal which can then direct the owner when trying to find the vehicle. Daisy mentioned no such proactive 'marking' in her Post so car must be emitting bluetooth signals whether running or not. Either that or GPS coordinates being transmitted dynamically. Otherwise, I have no clue how that can be done.....
  4. Golf Cart Rental

    Wise man.... health over business!
  5. None of which, in my personal experience of doing it twice last year, was a PITA or costly. I did it right and legally. There is/was no paperwork from the Mexican side of the border, only one easy form to fill out for US Customs. Then 45 minutes extra at the border for CBP to check out the vehicle for potentially missing emissions equipment (NO emissions test required!) and.....$0.00 changing hands. This is the accurate message that I want Willie to hear and understand. Yes, I spent some research time and a call to understand the requirements for doing this legally, so maybe that is the PITA to which you are referring. But not to me, the guy who has actually done it. YMMV I guess.
  6. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    I’ll defer to the expert. The only thing that I have personally observed is that, speaking in English, it is considered (by many Mexicans) to be “bad taste” to refer directly to a female doctor as anything other than Doctora.
  7. Yo1, why make a Post like that in response Willie's question when it is obvious by your Post that you are not knowledgeable of that process. It is neither a PITA nor is it expensive... as in it costs ZERO. And I doubt that Spencer is, understandably, not that knowledgeable of the process either as it is not run-of-the-mill.
  8. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    I think that should be Dra. Claudia....
  9. Mexican car imported to US?

    Count me in this camp also. Something doesn't smell quite right. That would never have flown in my state.
  10. Yes, I did this last year. IF the vehicle has not been modified to eliminate equipment that would make it fail Emissions and/or Safety regulations (EPA, CARB and DOT), this process is not hard/costly nor time consuming. The vehicle that I took back HAD been officially Exported from the US as a part of the Import into Mexico. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the agency that one will work with to accomplish the Import back to the US. As Sonia has stated, there are several ‘situations’ that could alter the process but not necessarily make it un-doable.... like the US Title to the vehicle I took back had been ‘modified’ by the Mexican Import process and my seller had to get a duplicate title from his US state of residence prior to the move to Mexico. With other Imports into Mexico that I know of, the process did NOT ‘deface’ the US title at all and that would make it a bit easier and more timely. Also, check with the DMV in the state that you will be titling the vehicle in to make sure their requirements to title a vehicle are known and prepared for. The process at the US border, by CBP, did not take me more than 45 minutes but I had thoroughly researched the process and had all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed. I have also Imported into the US a ‘made-for-Canada’ titled Canadian vehicle. That process was different and did take some extra work on my and the seller’s part but in the end I was able to do it, even ‘tho I was Importing the Canadian plated car into the US FROM Mexico!
  11. Dollar or peso account

    Do you have any other conspiracy theories? Anyone who pays any attention to financial information will of course conclude that the FDIC is ‘over extended’ at some level. But we had a pretty big melt-down 2007-09 and I don’t remember any news of thousands of folks loosing their a**es with respect to FDIC insurance going south. Could it happen? Yes, of course, but if it does in a big way, we all are going to have a whole lot more to worry about than that, that’s for sure.
  12. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    You suggested a Spring 2018 trip down to ‘investigate’. That’s the best way to proceed. When you know when you will be here Post again asking if someone(s) would be willing to meet with you. You would probably get several takers, including Canadians who have made the move. There are/will be ‘financial’ requirements to meet to be able to move into Mexico. I will send you a Private Message now giving you a website that explains a lot that you will need to know.
  13. Stem Cell treatment

    BUYER BEWARE w/stem cell treatment. Do your homework, ask questions. EVERYONE is on the bandwagon and some are either not qualified or using a proven approach. This is true NOB too so this is not just a bash Mexico post.
  14. Dollar or peso account

    If it’s big dollars, and $50-100k meets my definition, and if I were risk adverse I’d be looking to put some of it NOB in a guaranteed account making peanuts..... but safe. If one feels that can be done in Mexico without any risk then flail away, but.....
  15. Mexican car imported to US?

    I think that it is 'grey' market...... I know that you have said before that you sold your Mexican VW in the US, but I still doubt that it was a 100% legal transaction. Maybe more like the 'black' market. Here is what I found when I Googled 'Grey Market' and it fits what I already know to be true (as I have said here, I've recently been through the Importing foreign vehicles into the US with Customs). ..... As a result of being practically banned,[the grey market declined from 66,900 vehicles in 1985 to 300 vehicles in 1995. It is no longer possible to import a non-U.S. vehicle into the United States as a personal import, with four exceptions, none of which permits Americans to buy recent vehicles not officially available in the United States. A vehicle not originally built to U.S. specifications can, under certain circumstances be imported through a registered importer who modifies the vehicle to comply with US equipment and safety regulations and then certifies it as compliant. Also an independent commercial importer who modifies the vehicle to comply with US emissions regulations and then certifies it as compliant.Those who import nonconforming motor vehicles sometimes bring in more than one car at a time to spread the substantial cost of the necessary destructive testing, modification, and safety certification. Destructive crash testing is not always needed if the vehicle can be shown to be substantially similar to a model sold in the U.S. Caveat Emptor