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  1. Looking to buy a new or use portable oxygen machine. Any help, please contact me. thanks
  2. Chicken Pot Pie - Yum - 4 for me

    Good idea.
  3. Honda 1100 CC motocycle $60 000 Pesos Jocotepec Centro 2006 Honda Sprint with 16,000 miles, excellent condition. 60,000 Pesos. Call 333 949 8770 or email lawandrew29@outlook.com is u.s plated in Arizona
  4. Factura

    With GNP also, facture are needed.
  5. TelCel Signal in Ajijic

    All ok this morning. Last night lost wifi, phone line and cell.........
  6. TelCel Signal in Ajijic

    Center Ajijic same thing.
  7. drivers license renewal online?

    I remember reading that all the paper work would be done on line and you go to Guad. to receive it.
  8. dowel rods

    It is making the same job broomsticks you just need to paint them.
  9. Shaw Direct

    For a week now,I can't go online to see my account or call Shaw on the phone. Any other have the same problem? Thanks.
  10. Folding clothes dryer

    Call me 333 721 4968
  11. Folding clothes dryer

    Sent you a PM.
  12. Swiffers

    At El Torito I saw this morning the swiffers kit. Mop and etc. No price on the shelve and the scan machine did not work. Just for your info.
  13. SAT Organic market open on Monday?

    The question was are they open?
  14. The Short Shortage

    Not happy no gas, not happy there is gas. Well that is life I guess for some people. Never happy!