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  1. jguerin

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Dogs are permitted?
  2. I do not assume either.
  3. You may not ride on a bus but, I think of myself on the street in my car or walking and the bus driver don't see you because he is texting!
  4. jguerin

    Need to fax

    You are welcome. It is my pleasure.
  5. jguerin

    Need to fax

    Sol Y Luna Plaza Bugambilas Ajijic.
  6. jguerin

    used water pumps

    I have this small one for sale. May help someone.
  7. jguerin

    Ink cartriges

    The boot is empty.
  8. jguerin

    Ink cartriges

    Sorry, I mean where, I know for sure when, now!
  9. jguerin

    Ink cartriges

    When to go to refill ink cartridges, it is close in front of Telmex. thanks
  10. jguerin

    Fiber Optics

    I move recently and Telmex can't connect my number and wifi because they say there is no line available in the box.So, instead of paying every month and having no service I will cancel my line tomorrow and return the modem to Telmex. If someone need a phone number mine will be available.
  11. jguerin

    lurpak butter.

    Crisis finish, Walmart had lurpak butter this morning.
  12. jguerin

    Butter Crisis

    Lurpak salted may come back, it disappear some time ago and came back, let's be positive!
  13. jguerin

    Canadian money

    I could use Canadian $. Thanks.
  14. How much is a hair cut ? Thanks.