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  1. Wild Cherry Juice

    It is helping for many things but I suggest you go on the site of Immunical to have more info. Sorry can't help you more.
  2. Wild Cherry Juice

    concentraded from immunical best quality.
  3. I've never heard of Immunical. Would it be possible to get your friends name and phone number? Maybe I can give him/her some business.

    The Wild Cherry Juice was recommended .


  4. Wild Cherry Juice

    Me also it is from Immunical, it is working good. My Mexican friend get it for me.
  5. website to check T I P ?

    Thanks you RickS
  6. Will someone please post the website where I can check to make sure that the T I P was correctly removed from my car when it was returned to the u.s.?
  7. meat pie

    Tourtières is the Canadian name. Monic was selling them, but she is not here anymore.
  8. Multiva

    It was yesterday!
  9. Bournemouth, thanks very much. I will try to get better with Google.
  10. Did not find any phone no. must not be good enough with Google, first time for me.
  11. Would you have by any chances their phone no. Thanks.
  12. Are they doing bond density test?
  13. Thanks I will check on it, hope they do bond density!
  14. I am also looking for a lab. There was a van coming to Ajijic before, but did not see it recently.