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  1. We are contemplating adding a second floor to our home but want to discuss it with someone who speaks English, listens, and is qualified to test the structural integrity of our house and foundation to determine whether it will support a second floor and make recommendations accordingly. Does anyone have names and numbers for such a person/persons?
  2. johanson we didn't go with a back up battery system for power outages during the rainy season because we were told that batteries are very expensive an not necessarily reliable. I am still drawn to a battery though as I think it would be nice to have power during blackouts. Can you comment on your battery, pro or con and how expensive are they?
  3. johanson We went with e-sun too and were told that some people have their credit wiped out at the end of the year if it hasn't been used and others do not. It sounds like there isn't a whole lot of consistency and it depends a lot on your personal luck!
  4. Thanks all. I actually had the x-ray done at the Ajijic clinic yesterday and was given the film. I am hoping that this will be satisfactory for my oncologist next week. I will have an appointment every three months and maybe next time will try Maskaras if they will forward to the radiologist at the COI center where my appointment is.
  5. I have been told that the Hospital below will be able to do an x-ray for me but I have never noticed it when I have been in Ajijic. Can anyone tell me what it is near?
  6. I have to have a thorax x-ray before my oncology appointment in Guadalajara next week. I can drive to Guadalajara or apparently I can have the x-ray Lakeside, to save myself a trip. Can anyone recommend an imaging clinic and if so can you tell me if they are likely able to forward the info by the twenty fifth of May if I have it done tomorrow?
  7. There is a pet store beside Soriano's that seems to be well stocked; I love going there when I can because they have lots of things that I can't find elsewhere. I haven't seen the Thunder Coats there but then I haven't looked either; if they don't carry them I think the owner would order for you as he promised that he would order some obscure thing that I wanted.
  8. We have had solar for a few months and our bills have been 46 pesos but a couple of weeks ago we had four min-splits installed and they have run pretty much all day every day so I am wondering what to expect on our next bill. The units are two one and a half ton and to one ton units. I have to say that even if it costs us more, and I am sure that it will, it has been wonderful being able to cook without suffocating and to sleep comfortably at night; as for the dry air and the decrease in dust due to the closed windows we are feeling pretty spoiled here!
  9. Every now and again I see men on the side of the highway into Ajijic sailing these toy gliders from one side to the other. I saw them a few weeks back and wish that I had stopped to buy some for my young nephews. Now my sister is getting ready to return to Canada for the summer and would like to take something home for the grandsons; she has found some pretty tapestry backpacks for the girls but boys are harder and we are thinking that they would love the gliders. Does anyone know where we might find them? They look to be about twenty inches from nose to tail, so they are a good size and I am guessing that they are made from Styrofoam.
  10. Thank you again everyone; the problem is solved we drove back early this morning and exchanged the defective merchandise.
  11. Thanks Cedros; that is a very nice offer!
  12. Thanks everyone for your efforts; I will try pappysmarket number and add a 0 at the beginning. I have deciphered a telephone number at the bottom of my faded receipt (finally) and when I call there I cannot find an English speaking person to help with my problem. Not speaking Spanish is, of course, my problem not theirs!
  13. I need a telephone number for the Mega Grocery Store located just off Lopez Mateo. The address listed on my receipt is actually listed as Adolfo Lopez Mateo and I have Googled it and can only produce a telephone number for Bank of Nova Scotia and some of the smaller stores in the same building so I believe Mega refers to the whole complex. Is there another name for the grocery store in that building?
  14. dog car seat and dog seat cover

    Hi: is this car seat still for sale and if so can you send me a picture. I have two dog car seats already and could use a third but would like it to be the same style as the others. Also what is the weight that the seat handles and is there a safety hook that attaches to the dog's harness?