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  1. Pottery Classes?

    Thank you gringal; I am a member of ASA and hope to get to the next meeting; maybe I will log on to the website and ask the question about pottery teachers.
  2. Pottery Classes?

    I am thinking that I would like to take some lessons in both wheel thrown pottery and hand built. Does anyone teach this Lakeside, preferably Joco area?
  3. Grief counseling in Jocotepec.

    Still trying to find a grief counselor for a friend. She could get a ride to Ajijic but it would be so much easier for her if she could find someone in Joco.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a grief counselor in Ajijic for a friend who has recently lost her husband. Now I have a friend in Jocotepec who has recently lost her husband; is there a grief counselor in Joco or a group?
  5. We were told that the clocks change tonight. Is this true and if so is it ahead or back?
  6. Anyone know of dermatologist?

    cookj5 Is this person in Ajijic or in Jocotepec? Ibarra Thank you for the information.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a dermatologist in Jocotepec? I have been to one in Ajijic for contact dermatitis on my hands (probably caused by oil paint) and she was great but first I have forgotten her name and contact info, and the other thing is that I would love it if I didn't have to drive into Ajijic for an appointment but I will if I have to.
  8. Grief Counseling

    Thank you all; I have forwarded the information for Valerie Rhoda and will tell the lady about the on-line groups.
  9. Grief Counseling

    I am posting this for a friend who lost her husband a few weeks ago and is interested in grief counseling or a group setting where people have recently experienced significant loss. Does anything like this exist lakeside and if so, who should she contact?
  10. Thank you mudgirl and puro guero; I will check out both the fabric stores and El Grano; these are really good suggestions!
  11. Happy news; we needed some of that this week.
  12. I am looking for some really loose (open weave) burlap; I think that they sometimes use it to bind tree roots in nurseries. Does anyone know where I might find some for sale Lakeside?

    I guess I don't visit this site as much as I read the paper. Hensley I never thought Julie; I should have sent an e-mail to local friends, earlier. I only knew about it (the show) via the e-mail that comes out to ASA members. About two weeks ago was the first time that I had noticed a section on the web board for the Art Scene. I will have to try and pay more attention to it although I often don't remember to check out the web board period!

    gringal: How did the opening go last night? I was there early in the morning to submit a couple of paintings but, unfortunately, I couldn't face driving all the way back in from Roca Azul for the opening.