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  1. A couple of months ago (or more) we went to do some shopping at Home Depot and could not get in as they seemed to be doing some road work on that secondary road leading tot he plaza. We left from Jocotepec up #15 to Lopez Mateo as it is the only way that we do not get lost in Guadalajara. We are interested in making the trip again but would like to know that we can actually get into the parking lot; does anyone know if the construction is finished?
  2. Yes I keep checking to see if Nina has been located and hoping that one day I will sign in and find that she is found. I hope she is.
  3. Is Anita's shelter open to receive donations?
  4. It is scary to even think about a lost pup of any size but the itty bitties are somehow worse; I hope that you have her back safe at home soon.
  5. Thank you Fred. Are there specific hours to contact Ceasar and by any chance do you have a number for him?
  6. Our Seguro Popular will expire on the sixteenth of June; do we have to wait for it to expire or can we go and renew it now. Also, the first time we applied we had a translator who had/has an office somewhere in the plaza, but we have forgotten his name and his exact location. We might be able to manage on our own with our poor Spanish, but just in case does anyone know the name and number of the man who helped us last? I believe that it was barbara habacht who put us in touch with the man two or three years ago.
  7. vista lake is it not a good time due to the rainy season approaching?
  8. As I mentioned in another post a week or so ago, we are currently debating the addition of a partial second floor, if it is possible. I was just thinking that with the rainy season coming maybe it is not a good time to build when the earth is wet, as definitely we would be looking at least one wall requiring a new foundation, or maybe it is the best time! I have no clue and would like to hear from anyone with an opinion who does not necessarily have skin in the game I.E. builder etc..
  9. We are contemplating adding a second floor to our home but want to discuss it with someone who speaks English, listens, and is qualified to test the structural integrity of our house and foundation to determine whether it will support a second floor and make recommendations accordingly. Does anyone have names and numbers for such a person/persons?
  10. johanson we didn't go with a back up battery system for power outages during the rainy season because we were told that batteries are very expensive an not necessarily reliable. I am still drawn to a battery though as I think it would be nice to have power during blackouts. Can you comment on your battery, pro or con and how expensive are they?
  11. johanson We went with e-sun too and were told that some people have their credit wiped out at the end of the year if it hasn't been used and others do not. It sounds like there isn't a whole lot of consistency and it depends a lot on your personal luck!
  12. Thanks all. I actually had the x-ray done at the Ajijic clinic yesterday and was given the film. I am hoping that this will be satisfactory for my oncologist next week. I will have an appointment every three months and maybe next time will try Maskaras if they will forward to the radiologist at the COI center where my appointment is.
  13. I have been told that the Hospital below will be able to do an x-ray for me but I have never noticed it when I have been in Ajijic. Can anyone tell me what it is near?