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  1. Our old (eleven years) desktop is getting to an age where it is going to need replacing soon. I am wondering if anyone locally sells a desktop with English keyboard and software? Also, it would be handy to know what to expect in terms of cost to replace a desktop; by the way, I will not need a monitor as mine is new.
  2. I am thinking about taking a bus from Joco bus station into Guadalajara in stead of driving as I am going to be going back and forth for the next few weeks and am hoping to stay in an AirBnB as close as possible to San Javier Hospital. Is anyone familiar with the bus schedules for busses leaving on a direct route (instead of a zillion stops), to a central depot, and the approximate time involved in a wone way trip plus costs? Is there more than one central depot in Guadalajara or Zapopan and what would the name be? I would get a taxi, an English speaking Uber driver or a driver who I am already familiar with if he is available. I have no idea of distances between depots and Hospital.
  3. I am trying to track down Oscar Hernandez the mechanic who used to work at the garage a couple of doors down from Super Lake. I would like to take my car to Oscar for servicing if I can find out where he has moved to.
  4. Who and where is Dr. Barragan? Also, can anyone recommend someone experienced and English speaking in the area? We are willing to spend more to make sure that the work is as painless as possible and that the work is done properly the first time. PM me if you would rather not make a public announcement!
  5. Thanks; that's what I am thinking but now to find someone else!
  6. My wife is getting ready to start some extensive dental work at this clinic; could someone PM me with the name of this "technician"? I want to be sure that she is in the hands of a "licenced" experienced dentist. The man that she saw yesterday looked very young; that alone is no indicator of expertise of course but we want someone who will get it right the first time as it has taken me years to talk the patient into going to the dentist.
  7. I am posting for a friend who would like some opinions on what to do regarding some dental work. If anyone has had some experience with any of the above and would/could make recommendations (good or bad) it might help with the decision making. She would like to know more about PAIN involved, cost and time spent from start to finish and the success or failure of the procedures; would you do it again?
  8. J.Miller

    Service for home security system.

    bezerk How do you contact ADT?
  9. J.Miller

    Service for home security system.

    Newjersey expat thanks!
  10. J.Miller

    Service for home security system.

    I posted this question for friends who are having some kind of problem with their system. I am not sure who they called but whoever it was, did not show up, but I will pass on the information on SOSE. Are there other service companies?
  11. Can anyone recommend someone to service a home security system?
  12. Thanks AlanMexicali is there such a place locally? The ends of my hose are in great shape; it is the hose that has become a soaker hose with too many leaks to count!
  13. I need to buy a new hose for our pressure washer which is kind of ancient (15yrs) so it will have to be a universal fit. I would love it if I could find it in Joco but would be willing to go into Chapala if necessary. Does anyone know where I might my search?
  14. J.Miller

    Pottery Classes?

    Thank you gringal; I am a member of ASA and hope to get to the next meeting; maybe I will log on to the website and ask the question about pottery teachers.