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  1. losgatos

    store that sells MiracleGro

  2. losgatos

    Teacher Wayne passed away

    I did not know Wayne personally, but my lady friend, Liz White, who has been here 20 years plus and was a major actress and board member for many years with the Lakeside Little Theatre in the 90’s and early 2000’s could not say enough good things about Wayne and his involvement with LLT. She had tremendous respect for his insight and intelligence as a director, and his ability to communicate the language of the ‘Theatre’ to both players and audiences. He was an esteemed mentor and teacher in the Theatre community at that time in addition to all his other pursuits. Very obviously he was the definition of a ‘Renaissance Man’.
  3. losgatos

    Vehicle registration renewal

    I found my RFC # on my Mexican car insurance policy. I had it ready when I went into the Chapala office and they used it. They also wanted my eMail and phone #’s. First time that’s been asked for.
  4. losgatos

    corn beef for saturday

    Best Rueben sandwich Lakeside is to be found at Penino’s. Not on the menu everyday, however.
  5. losgatos

    Payment for Cleaning Lady

    60 pesos per hour
  6. losgatos

    Who is Moreno?

    Would that he is a ‘Bernie Sanders’ and not a ‘Hugo Chavez’.
  7. losgatos

    Brisis great breakfast restaurant

    I am a Brisis fan also. Very good breakfasts and lunches. Nice people and good service at reasonable prices. I’ve never had a shrinking portion experience there.
  8. losgatos

    Watch Band Adjustment

    Thank you for the replies. Much obliged.
  9. losgatos

    Mature English Speaker Available

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I’ve passed your info on to Rene and trust he will be in touch with you.
  10. Posting for a Mexican American friend seeking short term or long term work. Perfect English having spent many years in the States. Mature (fifties), with experience as a translator, chauffeur, facilitator (for numerous projects such as help in moving, tutoring in cell phone use and service, etc.). Long term experience as a personable companion to the elderly (patient and understanding disposition) able to do both household chores such as washing dishes, as well as more demanding physical work. Please post or PM for details.
  11. I’ve done a search, but am hoping for more current information. Where to go to have a guality watch band sized/adjusted. If Daniel Jackson is still thr go to person, where is he located? Gracias
  12. Just go back to the site where you watched season 1. It should now show season 2 chapters following season 1 on that same site. Netflix doesn’t create separate sites for new seasons, just adds them on to the original so all ‘seasons’ of a show are in one place.
  13. losgatos


    I found their prices to be exceptionally reasonable considering the guality and savory flavor of their offerings, certainly no more expensive than many places in Ajijic. Service was excellent too. They are missed. Oh well, it’s a moot point now.
  14. losgatos

    TV Repair

    2nd the recommendation. The place looks like Puerto Rico after the hurricane went through, but they do excellent work on the most up to date of smart TV’s. On the lake side of the caraterra about mid way through San Juan Cosalá. The front is very small, easy to miss. You will recognize it from all the TV’s sitting around.
  15. losgatos

    Costco Hearing Aids

    Don’t know how long it’s been since the previous poster has been in the audiology department at Costco on Lopez Mateo Sur, but the doctor there speaks perfect english. I just picked up my hearing aids a week ago, having undergone their extensive testing the previous week. Very thorough, very detailed, very professional. I am both pleased and impressed with their service. Also, no problem with using a U.S. credit card.