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  1. Canadian butter tarts

    Perogies with dried mushrooms inside!
  2. Thetis, many Netflix Mexico shows do have English closed captions, probably at least half. Any shows that Netflix produces themselves do have English captions, and there is now so much content that there aren’t enough hours in the day to begin to watch even a small portion of it. I find The New York Times ‘Watching’ columns helpful in suggesting shows I would never have thought of, although as the column is directed at Netflix USA subscribers not all are available on Netflix Mexico. Many are however. And you can find excellent shows from many countries around the world. I’ve been watching tv shows and movies from Israel, Iceland and Korea recently. Great fun.
  3. My Newest Video is up

    Interesting timing. The New York Times has just published an article describing Tecoman as the new murder capital, the most dangerous town in Mexico.
  4. Costco eye examination

    Luz has excellent professional contacts in Guadalajara and will definitely refer you to them if you need more than glasses. She did with me. Also, she is a wizard with fitting glasses. A lady friend had vision problems stemming from earlier operations. No other 'optician' could figure out what to do but she did. and she certainly does check for cataracts and glaucoma and will refer you to a specialist in those cases. She's most professional herself and charges nothing for the exam, only for the glasses.
  5. More comfortable shoes

    I'm always looking for comfortable shoes here. Never tried sketchers but, based on the above I'm going to give them a try. I've ordered shoes and slippers through LLBean and Amazon on several occasions with never a problem. They have been delivered by DHL direct to my home address in Chapala. Usually I order Amazon stuff through Amazon US. However this time the sketchers I wanted from Amazon US were not available for shipping to Mexico. Went onto Amazon Mexico and the exact pair I wanted were available as IMPORTS SHIPPING FROM THE US. Have already received an email from DHL saying that they will arrive Monday. Looks like Amazon is trying to push more business through their Mexican operation. And this time the prices in pesos and dollars were comparable.
  6. New gas grill store just opened on the carratera in Riberas next to the fairly new Pemex. No idea what brands/models they carry.

    Another thumbs up for the Gaucheria. Have eaten there several times now. Every thing fresh, muy delicioso! And the arrechera is the tastiest, tenderest I've had in years.
  8. Food Lake Container

    Had the'orange chicken' there yesterday. Never again.
  9. stun guns legal?

    Tazers make a noise like Donald Trump at a rally. Scares the hell out of dogs!
  10. Any legal concerns with a family member with a U.S. drivers license driving my Jalisco plated car with my permission?
  11. Are there any local banks with agreements with Wells Fargo to honor Wells Fargo debit cards in their ATM's at minimal or no charges?
  12. Seguro Popular application

    Denise in Spencer's office can handle it all very expeditiously.
  13. Or just go to Spencer's office. Let Denise handle it. You will have Seguro Popular in a few days.

    Does the Iron Horse serve food? If they do what variety please.
  15. Paper Map of Lake Chapala region

    Chapala and it's satellite Ajijic are on the north side of the lake.