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  1. conejorapido

    Art Supplies

    I think you mean Lumen
  2. conejorapido

    Need Endocrinologist

    Highly recommend Dr. Marilu Sanchez. Have been a batient of both her and Dr. Garcia's wife. No comparison.
  3. conejorapido

    High quality swimming pool rehab contractor

    What Harry said!
  4. conejorapido

    High quality swimming pool rehab contractor

    Rudy is the man. He built our pool last year. He has built many pools here and renovated many others. He isn't the cheapest but he is excellent and he guarantees his work.
  5. conejorapido

    Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    RV is correct and proof of non residency status is the key.
  6. conejorapido


    The madero shop across the highway from Soriana on the lateral. They have dowels in a variety of sizes.
  7. conejorapido

    Pacemaker lakeside?

    I don't think you will find a cardio that will to that here. Too much risk. If something goes wrong, they want access to a bonafide hospital or cardio lab.
  8. conejorapido

    Telcel text messaging

    I need to receive a text message from Europe on my telcel phone and it has to be a standard message, not what's app or the like. The sender has the correct number and tried several time and I don't get the message. Any ideas?
  9. conejorapido

    Looking for Veal

    Last year, for a very short time, there was real veal at Costco Galerias, very pale and vacuum packed. I think they got one shipment and when it was gone that was it. I managed to get 4 packages. It was truly excellent. So maybe again???
  10. conejorapido

    Butter Crisis

    Not another butter thread!!!
  11. conejorapido

    Superlake prices

    Actually, they don't pay retail. As a commercial customer I believe they get a substantial discount.
  12. conejorapido

    Superlake prices

    We do exactly this twice a month. Woudn't miss it!
  13. What RV said. No problems with ours in 5 years. Bought at HD and installed myself as RV described.
  14. Dr. Briseno does not "cath anyone who walks through the door."
  15. You have to turn roaming on to use data and there is no additional charge unless, of course, you use up all of your data as a I have on occasion. You don't want to do that!