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  1. Butter Crisis

    Not another butter thread!!!
  2. Superlake prices

    Actually, they don't pay retail. As a commercial customer I believe they get a substantial discount.
  3. Superlake prices

    We do exactly this twice a month. Woudn't miss it!
  4. What RV said. No problems with ours in 5 years. Bought at HD and installed myself as RV described.
  5. Dr. Briseno does not "cath anyone who walks through the door."
  6. You have to turn roaming on to use data and there is no additional charge unless, of course, you use up all of your data as a I have on occasion. You don't want to do that!
  7. True gardener needed

    Sergio Davalos...absolutely outstanding. His family owns the vivero in San Juan Cosala. Speaks enough english. 331 117 7559
  8. Fiber optics

    Could you post the suggested contact so that all of us in developments can get some info on how to solve this problem
  9. I'm looking for someone coming down in the next few weeks that could carry an Anker Li Ion battery pack for me. Please PM me if you can help.
  10. Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    Check out Charter Club tours. They have excellent walking tours of Guadalajara.
  11. gomez tile

    Indico in Riberas, north side of caretera. That is where Francisco has all of his tile, plumbing and other construction materials now.
  12. recommended vehicle?

    Modeeper is really out to lunch on this one. Spencer at S&S has arrangements with a large number of dealers in Guad as well as with a very few reputable used car dealers. He has helped literally hundreds of expats navigate the process of buying a new car and the service he offers is painless. The commission on new cars is paid by the distributor in Guad so no extra cost to you. I have purchased one car through S&S and one on my own. My next car will be purchased through S&S. It's not worth the hassle doing it yourself when you can have someone help you select the car and then deliver it to your door with plates and all the paperwork complete, imho.
  13. Driving mexican plated car to Canada

    Actually, you are full of BS. There is no Ministry of Imported Vehicles in Canada. Transport Canada has authority for this process. http://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/road/importing-vehicle.html
  14. Lawn Sprinkler System Repair

    Luis at Rainbird. He just reworked my whole system and added a couple of more zones. 3312419773. Speaks enough english and has good workers.
  15. Ilox Communications - When?

    Hard to pay anything if they don't contact you.