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  1. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    I've used them both and would not now consider anyone but Dr. Briseno. Dr. Garcia may be a good cardiologist but he definitely got into gringo pricing in a big way. I have not found that with Dr. Briseno who did my last angiogram and has been my cardio for 5 years.
  2. Endocrinologist needed

    I agree with gimbychimp about Dr. Nieves. However, I have been a patient of Dr. Marilu Sanchez at Quality Care for the last three years and she is excellent in my opinion.
  3. Shortcake disaster

    They certainly had them a Galerias Costco. I bough at total of 5 of the large tins about 2 weeks ago.
  4. Tom, thanks for all the work you have done on this. Just ignore the naysayers, they will always be somewhere on this board. You've put a lot of effort into moving this along. I, and I know many others, are very grateful to you for that. Looking forward to the next steps.
  5. Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    Also, Danny Medeles, well known in the local community, has a mariachi band. You can find him on facebook.
  6. Swimming pool

    Rudy just built a pool for us and he really does know what he is doing. Also stands by his work. I know he has repaired a number of pools in the area and can probably give you references for that as well. He is honest and always puts the customer first.
  7. How to dial US toll free number?

    US toll free numbers are not toll free from Mexico and the prefixes are different. When you dial the number a recorded message will tell you that it is a paid call. This site will show you what prefix to substitute when dialing a US toll free number from Mexico http://traveltips.usatoday.com/dial-tollfree-numbers-mexico-61943.html
  8. How to Obtain RFC No. Online?

    Contact Spencer (Intercasa) who will handle the whole thing for 300 pesos.
  9. Swimming pool tile showrooms?

    There is a pool shop on the south side of the careterra in the middle of the first block west of Plaza Bugumvillas. There is another one on the north side of the careterra down by Lake Auto Body. I think it's called Home Services. Both have pool tile samples.
  10. Wall calendar

    Or you could buy the new Calendar Girls calendar from Lakeside Little Theatre (8.5 inches wide). Half the proceeds are going to the Pediatric Leukemia/Lymphoma clinic at the Hospital Civil in Guadalajara. Check this link to see this amazing doctor and his approach to kids with cancer. The site has a lot of pictures so it's a little slow to load. https://wearemitu.com/mitu-world/heres-the-amazing-way-this-mexican-doctor-is-helping-children-fight-cancer/
  11. Need a Package from US

    Looking for someone driving down from US December or January to carry a medium size package for me. PM me if you can help out. Thanks
  12. How happy are you with Netflix?

    We pause content on Netflix all the time on our 5 year old Samsung smart tv. Just push the pause button on the remote.
  13. Simon

    Pete, I've been following this thread so decided to investigate my own modem. I can log into the modem but once I'm in and try to enter the WAN section I seem to get into an endless loop. I get a page with a set of prefilled sign in criteria for something called ppoe but when I click the action button, it just brings me back to the same page. Any insights? Or am I just in the wrong place.
  14. Restaurants and lobsters

    Actually RV, not to be picky, but they are Atlantic lobsters not American lobsters.