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  1. Sunbrella

    Where is the best place in Guadalajara to buy sunbrella?
  2. Sometime in the last several months there was a post with contact information for a guy who is an expert at sorting out problems with IHW installations that have been done either incorrectly or poorly. I have searched and can't find it. If anyone has contact info for this guy, please either post in reply or pm me. Thanks so much.
  3. Costco delivery

    Costco itself doesn't deliver large items. However, on the two occasions we have purchased large items from Costco (one a couch) they gave us the contact information for a private delivery service that has an delivery arrangement with Costco. I think delivery of the couch was 700 pesos last year as I recall.
  4. Traveling to France

    Marseille is Marseille not Nice. My brain is fully engaged and I stand by my post. France over the US any day with respect to safety.
  5. Traveling to France

    Really?? Seriously?? Been lately?? First hand experience?? I'd take travelling in France over travelling in the US any day and I've done both frequently.
  6. Definition of the word "condo".

    The above is not entirely accurate. Gates are not a hard and fast rule for determining if a development is a condominio or a fracionamiento. For example, Chula Vista Norte is not a condo is it a fracionamiento. Although it has gates, it does not own the streets and access is not denied to anyone wishing to enter. One arrives at the gates and they are immediately opened. The municipio owns the streets so access cannot be prevented. Similarly, as noted in a previous post, Racquet Club is also a fracionamiento not a codominio. I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe that Mirasol is also a fracionamiento. Vista Alegre, Cielo Vista and Los Arroyos are condominio. They own the streets, have gates and control access. The others I can't say for certain.
  7. Keureig Coffee Maker

    Absolutely not true. I was just in Costco this afternoon and they have a Keurig machine for sale and also large boxes of pods. First time I've seen one here but they were there today on an end stack.
  8. I just have to go up there. Can you please tell me how I can walk up there? I won't be a problem I just want to see what is going on up there and to see the view and get a few pictures.

  9. Zig zag up the mountain?

    My wife and I have walked up there on more than one occasion. There are no safety issues. Judging by the two homes (one completed and one under construction) the lots are basically the side of the mountain. Except for the first part of the road that borders Vista Alegre, it is a very substantial paved road all the way up. I agree it's a blight on the mountain but it's a very expensive blight so someone must believe that they will see a return on all that investment somehow. A casino was never in the plans for this development. That was planned for section of land accessed through Chula Vista Norte and to the northeast of the main development. That land was cleared but nothing ever came of the elaborate plans they had for condos and a casino there...at least not so far!
  10. Anita's Animals Books

    Not quite what I had in mind.
  11. Anita's Animals Books

    When Anita had a stand at the Ajijic tianguis you could buy disks for 50 pesos with all of the latest New York Times best sellers in MOBI or EPUB format. With Anita gone, are those disks no longer available or is someone else selling them now?
  12. Problems at the airport today?

    Was there at 5 pm yesterday and no issues.
  13. Factura

    A factura is issued through a government system which all merchants are supposed to have. The factura is issued upon request and emailed to you in most cases. For Costco, you can go to their site, input some information from your register receipt and print the factura at home. For Walmart, you can go to a machine in the store, input some information from you register receipt, and it is printed for you on the spot. A receipt, printed or otherwise, a cash register receipt are not facturas.
  14. Art supplies in SJC?

    Hyper Lumen next to the Home Depot on Acuaducto. Everything you could imagine for art supplies.
  15. Bare Copper Wire

    I need 35 metres of #8 stranded bare/uninsulated copper wire. Tried Home Depot and they don't have it. Does anyone have a suggestion about where I might purchase same?