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  1. cedros

    Grito date - Sept 15 or 16

    Didn't one of the presidents move the day a bit to match his birthday?
  2. The one at the top of the Laguna parking lot is called La Ola car wash. The one farther south behind the Pemex on the libramiento is connected with Lake Taco restaurant. I used the one in west Ajijic that just got torn down for several years but as there was often only one guy working there you never knew at what time it would open-the worker came by bus. So I switched to the one beside Lake Taco but they seemed a bit too casual. Now I use La Una. They do a good professional job.
  3. The same a bit farther west along the carretera at Juarez.
  4. cedros

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    Odd thing. When I came here 9 years ago I got an official green laminated CURP card. This week I am going to Guadalajara to renew my Jalisco drivers license and they want to see my CURP. They won't accept the CURP card because of forgery problems so you have to go online and print out the CURP. It is the same number and name but what they want now is a full sized piece of paper rather than the little card.
  5. cedros

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    When I signed up in Jocotepec you were supposed to be able to do it a the hospital but they weren't doing it there right then so they sent us to the SP office on Donato Guerra. You did not have to be assigned to a doctor.
  6. cedros

    When a Motel is not a "Motel"!

    I have asked for a key at several and they said no.
  7. cedros

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    The process is quite different in Jocotepc. It makes you wonder.
  8. cedros

    rain amounts so far this year

    None during that time in my part of San Juan Cosala. Just over 7 inches so far this year. I can see Jocotepec clearly from here. You can often see it raining there but nothing here.
  9. cedros

    When a Motel is not a "Motel"!

    I've used a few of them while travelling throughout Mexico. I usually travelled with dogs and they never said no to the dogs but we did get strange looks. Usually they are quite clean but no news on the TV-just porno. The major problem was we usually didn't get a key so it was problem to go out and eat. In some they serve food (and other things) via a lazy susan in the wall so your privacy wasn't compromised. Some only allowed you stay for a set number of hours-like maybe 6.
  10. cedros

    For sale

    Collection of about 90 flags from various areas. Some beauties. 333 723 0376
  11. cedros

    For sale

    Mio GPS. Best buy says it is the best one for Guadalajara. New 3,000 pesos Selling for 1,000 OBO. Hardly used. 333 723 0376.
  12. cedros

    Fpr sale

    Shaw 35 inch satellite elliptical dish. 1,000 pesos OBO. 333 723 0376