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  1. It looks like the rainy season started June 25th. Almost 2 weeks late.
  2. Your store will be missed but thankfully there are guys like Richard Gonzalez around who can help us with computer needs.
  3. To start off-where is Pranzo?
  4. Jumex makes a drink that says sabor conga. Everyone I ask does not know what conga. Anyone out there know.
  5. Here billing isn't really based on usage. If someone uses a lot more than they should be using that property will have an extra assessment but they usually won't pay the extra.
  6. About 20 homes had water meters installed in my nearby fraccionamiento and they were read monthly for several years. Reading of the meters was stopped after they realized a number of them weren't working properly and what did you do with people who were using too much water. They won't pay for the difference. An amazing number of pool owners whose water supply is hot water use this to heat their pools. In advance they lower the pool level (often into the street). Then they top their pool up with hot water from their wells. They use a huge amount of water.
  7. I haven't decided yet. Relaxing. Don't know.
  8. Who knows and 500 pesos.
  9. Does anyone know of a pool west of Ajijic for swimming lengths? I have been swimming lengths in the Raquet Club pool but it is no longer being managed properly (according to the people maintaining the pool) and has been turned into a jacuzzi. It is too hot every day for swimming lengths so most who swim lengths are looking elsewhere. Previously it was cooler for 3 or 4 days a week but a group of older ladies now want it hot every day so it is too hot for swimming healthfully.
  10. I've bought it recently where nutz says. They call it cannabis oil. I'm not sure if this is the same as CBD oil.
  11. That seems like a lot for a small aljibe.
  12. I tried using my CC at Coppell a few weeks ago but it wouldn't work. They said there was a problem with my chip which I later checked and it wasn't true. It had to be cash.
  13. CIBanco doesn't not have the lowest fee. HSBC never charges me a fee.