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  1. I don't where is a car wash is in that area. Is the restaurant sort of across from Superlake or ishop?
  2. Globo looks a bit too basic for me.
  3. Thanks one of those should do. I got the hours for all except Dona Lola on line. They open at 7 or 8 so that should be fine.
  4. Does anyone know of restaurants west of Ajijic that are open for breakfast say about 9?
  5. Mine hasn't worked since August. I talked to Telmex in Mexico city many times but got nowhere.
  6. I tried one of my ciruela this morning. Green, hard and bitter.
  7. My ciruelas won't be ripe for several weeks yet. My dogs can't wait as they go crazy for them. Birds often get to them first so those ones can't be sold. Once they are picked they don't seem to keep for very long so they aren't widely sold. I've seen them for sale along the highways. A delicious interesting flavour. As there is so little flesh on them it must take a lot of them to make an agua.
  8. One of the locals told me this morning that the smoke is coming from a large fire near Tequilla that has been burning for several weeks.
  9. Haven't they changed the number from 066 to 911?
  10. I have partaken of pajaretes but never again. Common sense not to.
  11. Lexy the Balneario at San Juan Cosala should be perfect for them. By far better than the other nearby choice or the Monte Carlo. Just go in the main entrance from the carretera and turn left at the end of the block and park there. Many different pools and restaurants to choose from.
  12. I'm very careful what and where I eat but I got Brucellosis last fall so be careful what you are putting in your mouth.
  13. There is one in Chapala also. If you buy a house in La Reserva in West Ajijic they have storage facilities for boats.
  14. The CFE bills come on different schedules depending on where you live and whether you have solar power so best to check with your neighbours.
  15. solajijic how can I meet you to buy two tri-light bulbs?