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  1. I have had good results with both Fedex and DHL I get the package delivered to iShop rather than my home as they are they all day.
  2. Can propane tanks be painted?

    At Amutio they told me 4,900. Installation not included.
  3. Yes they are available. I use them every year. I imagine they are in Spanish but I don't remember. You get them at the service desk (the area near the ATMs).
  4. Can propane tanks be painted?

    This topic got me thinking. The label on my gas tank is quite difficult to read. I can see 1983 but does that mean when it was made or when it was installed (those dates could be quite different)? I have a 300 liter tank. It looks fine and the gas guys that fill it never make any comment. Where is the best place to buy them? Jara and Amutio in Ajijic don't have them in stock. They can order them in. Has anyone seen them in stock Lakeside? I guess the procedure for installing a new one would be buy it and place it near your old one. When you old one is empty (or is it better not to draw it right down to empty in case there is stuff on the bottom that may plug a line) . Switch the tanks and then get the new one filled. You may be out of gas for awhile.
  5. It should not be a problem.
  6. Salt water pool

    I think I have it figured out. If you have a salt water pool in the RC watch your salt level closely. Things have changed.
  7. American notary

    They would know here; 01 33 8526 1444 US Consulate General in Guadalajara, Phone
  8. American notary

    Exactly. If you are going to use a notary from some other area you need to check with the party who wants the notarized document to see if they will accept it.
  9. Need to screen in back patio.

    As RV says the heavier "pet screen" might be better.
  10. Car key cutting

    Where did you get it done and how much?
  11. Does anyone out there have a salt water pool-especially in the Raquet Club? My salt water chlorinator is acting very odd. Rather than boring everyone with the details it might be better to PM.
  12. Car key cutting

    They also have a branch in Jocotepec. He told me he could do keys with chips.
  13. I think Pemexs are a risky place to use a credit card. I never do.