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  1. It is still not working well. Facebook also not working very well.
  2. CFE Burn Out

    I wonder if a local electrician could connect it properly. Where would you put it?
  3. My Telmex Infinitum down

    My telcel has been acting up for a week. The eternet and internet green lights keep blinking. When they do that I can't get internet. Once in awhile the internet light is red. Yesterday I could not get internet all afternoon and evening. But working this morning.
  4. Mantle Clock Repair

    I wouldn't let that guy fix my cheapest wrist watch. He is incompetent.
  5. Mantle Clock Repair

    That guy by the bus station wasn't the greatest but he was close. I found this one in Guadalajara. An old fashioned, well established clock shop. Lama Relojeria Pavo # 121 Guadalajara, 36 13 32
  6. TV repair

    If you are coming from the west just after the only street light on the carretera in SJC there is a large microwave tower on the left. The repair place is at the western edge of the base of this tower. #43A
  7. New Indian Restaurant

    I finally got to try the Indian restaurant in Laguna Mall. It is good-not quite what I'm used to but certainly the best around.
  8. TV repair

    Teleservicio Calvario in San Juan Cosala.
  9. I had a house on the coast in a fishing village just north of Puerto Vallarta for 13 years and I have traveled most of the west coast. I have seen lots of thawed shrimp for sale but never fresh.ones. Quiz the vendors closely and you will find that to be the case. The shrimp industry has a monopoly and it is illegal for anyone who is not a member to catch and sell shrimp. The big shrimp boats are very expensive and fish at night and freeze the shrimp right away. They are then taken to Mazatlan or Manzanillo or Guyamas. In all the time I lived in the fishing village there was only once that fresh shrimp were for sale. It was a big deal and hush hush as it was illegal. Maybe in some lagoons there are fresh shrimp caught and sold right away but on the open ocean it is carefully managed. Unless things have changed.
  10. Google Chrome

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have Windows 7. When I clicked on a icon on my desktop it would not open. After not working most of the day Google Chrome is working fine now and I did nothing.
  11. Google Chrome

    I've done that several times.
  12. Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is not working as a browser today. I've never seen this before. Is anyone else having the same problem? I've had to switch to IE.
  13. As far as I know "local" fishermen aren't allowed to fish for shrimp but they may do it illegally. To fish for shrimp you need large boats with specialized gear and you need to be part of the shrimp fishing cooperative which controls catching and marketing the shrimp.
  14. "Only "local" shrimpers bring in their catch unfrozen" . From the lake?
  15. Of course. Always buy only frozen shrimp.