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  1. Not enough to do any good in San Juan Cosala.
  2. I don't know where the LCS Todo Bueno thrift shop is. So is this pizza place east or west of Ancla?
  3. I think by automated they mean you have an arrangement with the bank that they automatically pay your bills. It can be unrealiable at times also.
  4. Those rubber drain covers aren't very good at keeping odours down below. They are to prevent insects from crawling up. You need a water trap on on all drains and make sure there is always water in them.
  5. Nucleur is of course the only real solution. Eventually we will figure out what to do with the waste. Solar and wind production of electricity are becoming a blight on the earth. Almost unlimited potential for nucleur. Fossil fuels are on the way out.
  6. SKS has agreed to do this for me.
  7. walmart

    I wonder. I read an article a number of years back that said the yellow colour of the chickens came from feeding them Marigold flowers. They grow these flowers in huge numbers.
  8. Is anyone driving down from north of the border in the next while who could bring a small package? I want some Tree Tanglefoot to protect my trees from leaf cutting ants. I could order it from Amazon and have it sent to your address. It is the size of a plastic tub of margarine. Airlines probably won't allow it. It is available from Amazon.com.mx but at more than 5 times the price.
  9. What exactly are you referring to?
  10. I will report back if looking at more birth records gives me some clues.
  11. A number of the ones I've looked at say hijo natural as well as that the parents are married. I will have to keep closer track of what the next few hundred I look at say.
  12. I have read several thousand of them now and in many (most, all?) it can't mean the above. I'm not sure quite why it is used but in time I may get it.
  13. I've never had a problem with the chicken from Walmart. I would never buy chicken at the hole in the wall places. Who knows where it has been or how long it has been sitting around.
  14. What about Shaw?