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  1. Masayume

    I've wanted to try this place but it doesn't open until 2.
  2. San Juan Cosala museum

    It always seems to be closed for me also.
  3. Does anyone know if the small museum near the church in San Juan Cosala is still open. I have some things I would like to donate.
  4. Update to our terms of use

    A number of times in the past I have posted things in the right topic and a moderator has told me not many people read that topic so it is better to post it in Lakeside.
  5. Update to our terms of use

    Angus that is it. It looked so real but...
  6. Did anyone else get a message from Microsoft about update to our terms of use? Is it spam or what are you supposed to do with it?
  7. My Canadian vet recommended the following. Dilute a small amount of antiseptic mouth wash to about 20 %. Pour some in each ear and then massage each ear. Wipe the ears out with cotton balls. I been doing this for years and it works well.
  8. Payment for Cleaning Lady

    Worked since she was a baby!? As others have said make sure the management company has fully paid her for her years of service. It can be a lot-I just paid off a gardener for 9 years of work-over 20,000. Then 45 pesos per hour
  9. I have a joint account at HSBC in San Antonio Tlay. with a Mexican friend.
  10. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    You are right gringal.
  11. Where do you get VPN?
  12. Thanks. Not to worry for while anyway. They wanted me to go on chat but I don't have all my information for that handy.
  13. I just got the following message from Shaw. I'm not sure what it is all about. "We’re making major upgrades to our network and when completed, nearly all your channels will be HD.1 Some of your equipment will not be fully compatible and needs to be replaced by June 5, 2018 to avoid losing up to 54 channels. To find out if your equipment is compatible, you need to: 1. Turn on your TV, press GUIDE on your remote and go to channel 988. 2. Repeat this step, for each TV you have. Take note of how many new satellite receivers you’ll need. 3. Once you’re done, chat with us online to purchase your Essential HD receiver.2 Mention promo code 1195."
  14. need new roof top water tanks

    Better prices at Tlajomulco.