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  1. cedros

    Drip irrigation system

    Thanks. I know where that place is.
  2. I'm looking after a property that has a drip irrigation system like this; I need some parts (spray heads) for it. Where can you get them?
  3. cedros

    San Juan Cosala noise

    How time flies-I guess it is their festival. I should have remembered as it is St. Jean Baptiste day in Canada on the 24th also. I always flew the Fleur-de-Lis flag that day. I don't mind the noise but I don't find it charming or quaint just peculiar. I've been to it before-once was enough.
  4. Does anyone know what all the noise coming from San Juan Cosala the last while is all about? Many cohetes, music, etc. I don't think it is their big festival.
  5. cedros

    New Auto Insurance agent

  6. cedros

    Need Chain Link Fence repaired

    Alambrados Espinoza 376 766 3254, 331 3091 473
  7. cedros

    Ajax Expell

    Neither does Soriana or the Bodega in Jocotepec. I've used it for years but it seems to have been taken off the market.
  8. Coming from the east on the carretera you come to the Pemex with the 2 topes. On the right in a block or so is the office. You can park across the street and a bit farther along where the road goes down at an angle to the malecon. This was where they were a short time ago. Have they moved? Google maps shows a different location.
  9. cedros

    Railn Saturday Night

    Ever since that rain this morning we have had a brownout in upper San Juan Cosala. Maybe 8 hours so far.
  10. cedros

    Dna testing

    Someday I will get a VPN once I figure out how.
  11. cedros

    Railn Saturday Night

    Zero last night in San Juan Cosala. but 7/10 of an inch Sunday this morning.
  12. cedros

    Dna testing

    After thinking about the nonsense for 5 minutes I did phone Ancestry back but got nowhere. They could tell by my ISP (?) that I was in Mexico.
  13. cedros

    Canadian Expats

  14. cedros

    Induction Range

    You will use a lot of expensive electricity. I have only seen one electric stove here. The house renters had to move out as their CFE bill was so high. Propane is quite cheap in comparison.
  15. cedros

    Dna testing

    Lots of idle speculation here. I have spent thousands of hours working on my own genealogy for 20 some years. I always went to the source records-births, deaths, marriages, census, land registry, wills, local history books, military files, land grants, etc. Family lore is often wrong. Some, particularly the French Canadians were very meticulous about keeping records. I can trace ancestors back there to the 1600s. DNA testing is just another tool but it can certainly shed some useful information if you use Ancestry.com to do it as they have by far the largest data base. I have visited most of the places my ancestors came from-6 Canadian provinces, Minnesota, England , Scotland, Ireland, the West Indies. In England I found graves of definite ancestors who died in the early 1700s and ancient wills where family connections are described in detail. Some of the English wills were so old I had to get them translated as the language has changed so much over hundreds of years. Along the way I have come across distant cousins through out Canada, parts of the US, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia. Some of them had invaluable information. I have only been to Salt Lake City (where they literally have mountains of information) once but I have accessed their information many times. Dit names can be confusing but with a lot of research they can be sorted out. On Genealogy boards you come across distant relatives who have a lot of information as some of them have been doing their genealogy for 40, 50 years. But you have to be careful sorting out speculation from the facts.