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  1. gringohombre

    MAGGI Seasonings cooking in a bag....?

    I came across something on the web (where else!) about this including a reference to a Mexican Chicken recipe and being a single guy (yes ladies!) I am always looking for quick, delicious, healthy meals. I am sure that Walmart has this but where? Also any comments from those familiar with this product? Gracias
  2. gringohombre

    Beef Prices

    I am talking about steak and other beef dishes in restaurants here. I read somewhere it is the difference in the cattle feed here and other countries...one corn and one grass...can't remember which is which. All I know is that ordering steak at local restaurants is hit or miss and I do not take that chance any more...there are many more choices. I am sure that other folks here with more knowledge than I can expound on this subject far better,
  3. gringohombre

    Beef Prices

    I have found Mexican beef to be quite lacking...tough and tasteless. Also be careful if the menu says USDA; how do you know. I love the restaurants here Lakeside but avoid the beef like the plague.
  4. gringohombre

    Passport Renewal

    By the way you do have to go on the consulate website to download and fill in the application to give to the representative at LCS; that is if they still come there.
  5. gringohombre

    Passport Renewal

    I renewed my U.S. passport at the Lake Chapala Society about 4 years ago. If I remember correctly a representative of the consulate came every month and you give your old passport and a new photo and then picked up the new one the next month. You pay the fee through a special bank that I do not remember now. Call LCS to find out it this is still happening. Piece of cake.
  6. gringohombre

    San Antonio Tlaycapan fiesta

    I live two and a half blocks from the plaza and can tell you that things have calmed down quite a bit in the 10 years I have been here. The music has toned down and the fireworks are less than half as before. The crowds are way down and there are hardly any vendors. The mechanical rides are just sitting in the street with no customers and it is kind of sad. The music stage is facing north so I think that this amplifies the noise to that direction. My house is on the lake, or south so I am not getting the full blast. I can live with it and my dogs are now used to the explosions. I know that the OP is frustrated and upset but just like other noise complaints, unkempt streets, dogs and smoking in restaurants; get used to it or.......
  7. We are dealing with Seguro Popular here...they are very restrictive in their rules and regulations.. This is my first interaction with them beyond the doctor at my local clinic. When I left the consultation I asked Dr. Chavez for his card and he told me they are not issued one because of temptation to engage in "outside business" relationships...whatever that means. I will be going back Wednesday with my blood tests so will try to get more direction regarding questions raised here. Gracias
  8. I just found out the polipropileno ultra pro screen I found on Mercado Libre was from Argentina...I did not click Mexico. However this is not listed in the Mercado Libre Mexico...so I am now back to square one. Maybe someone the name of a medical supply company that sells this? Gracias
  9. This is Seguro Popular and he said they were not able to get involved in any way with the purchase of items as they might be accused of having a side business.
  10. Thank you for that but the doctor says that there is a lot of inferior products out there and highly recommended this particular brand.
  11. I have a hernia and Segura Popular is going to do the operation by Dr Ivan Chavez at the Joco hospital. They need this specific screen for the operation since they cannot provide it. Have found one on Mercerdo Libre for $3,500 p. Anyone know another source and also anyone had this operation there with this doctor and have any comments? He told me that i would have the operation in the evening and would be discharged the next day and would need a companion to be with me through the entire time. What's up with that? Gracias
  12. gringohombre

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    I am quite bored with all the pontification about smoking and pets in restaurants. JUST DON'T GO! We are blessed with an abundance of restaurants here. Personally I do not smoke and MY dogs would rather stay home where they have a lovely large yard and plenty of food and water. GET OVER IT!!!
  13. I am a little directionally challenged so please if someone can give good directions from SAT. Gracias
  14. gringohombre

    Baja Tacos

    I think this is apples and oranges...the OP said "On the Libermento, just east of the El Dorado towers, on the north side of the highway."
  15. gringohombre

    Spell check for Google translate

    OK, thanks for that. Not like traditional spell-check...after you type in a misspelled word it gives a drop-down of the suggested replacement. This is OK but what if you are cutting and pasting a block of type and there are misspelled words? Still like the traditional red underline, right click and getting many replacement suggestions. Just asking. Maybe Mr. Google is not a smart as i thought.