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  1. Tuesday Market

    As far as I am concerned "organic" at these weekly events is just a scam to raise the prices of the same things that you can get at the local Tianguis at half the price. At Walmart or Superlake you have to spend a little time searching for the freshest fruits and vegetables but again the same products at a much lower price. If it makes you feel better believing the "organic" claims (what is the proof?) then go for it.
  2. Car key cutting

    The little kiosk in front of the Coca Cola factory on the caratera in San Antonio does great key duplication.
  3. Ranger's BBQ

    Sir, you are proving my point.
  4. Ranger's BBQ

    Who is Pedro and who cares? He does not even appear on this thread. I am sure that I speak for the majority on this board that I am getting very tired of some of the same people (many on this thread) going of on rants that have nothing to do with the subject matter. Grow up and stick to the subjects or take your stupidity elsewhere.
  5. meat pie

    Where are they located? Do they only do delivery? Gracias
  6. Google Translate spell-check problem

    This problem is typed words, not spoken.
  7. This is not working for me. Put a word completely spelled wrong and there is no red underline for correction. Any solution? Gracias
  8. Where can you buy a good Mezcal here Lakeside? What is a good starter brand and style?
  9. Mexico experiences deadliest month in decades

    Not funny...a crock!
  10. Where to find good prime rib?

    If it is Mexican beef product anywhere will more than likely not be very good. I have almost stopped ordering any type of steak here.
  11. new printer

    Can you answer a few questions? 1. Why wireless...does it run on batteries? 2. Is it color and how much are the cartridges? Gracias
  12. Toilet paper flushing

    I knew I would get a BUZZZZZ out of some folks. HeHeHeHe!
  13. Cocinart

    And location?
  14. Toilet paper flushing

    Thankfully this thread has evolved into what the subject matter really is...a joke. Now don't get me wrong, there is a little truth to this subject but some folks here (I am sure sincere) really believe we Gringos should save all our shi**y toilet paper in a basket to save the helpless Mexicans from ecological disaster. Amazing.
  15. Benno's open again

    Where exactly is this guy located? Gracias