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  1. Tire for golf cart?

    Sorry, posted this to wrong place. Can a moderater please move this?
  2. Tire for golf cart?

    Where in San Antonio area to buy good used or new golf cart tire? Need to be close by so I can drive the cart there to be able to get it changed. Gracias.
  3. Dusty Chicken new location

    I think that was their 2nd. location across from the original on the highway. I was there when a construction crew was dismantling the concrete barrier on the bike lane to make access easier. The next thing I knew was that I read here that they were now across from Pemex on the Liberenmento. Stopped by there yesterday for my favorite the Especial #3 and they are up and running as normal.
  4. As I mentioned, one did but she got it out in time so all I am saying this can be serious stuff.
  5. As a white boy growing up on a tropical island (Bermuda) I was exposed to blazing sun and multiple sunburns over many summers in only a bathing suit or shorts. Now at “a certain age” I am paying the price. I went to Dermika Clinic and was diagnosed with the pre-cancer skin condition (many spots) with one that had actually developed to a small pea shaped boil like lump. Dr. Ana there excised it professionally and sent it to the lab for testing and here is the result (Google translate): Microscopic Description: Epidermis with hyperkeratosis, parakeratosis and irregular acantosis…and it goes on Diagnosis: Carcinoma Escamocelular, well differentiated. Tumor free surgical borders. In other words it was the lessor evil and she got it all but it could of progressed to something more serious if left untreated, hence my posting here as a warning. Also a question. These pre-cancerous spots are turning up regularly and the treatment for this is liquid nitrogen at 700 pesos a treatment there (10 minutes). Anyone know of this available here at a lesser cost? Also I am using a cream called Oleoderm that seems to help with the bruising problem that is associated with this condition. I spent a lot of time with Dr. Google and came across Fluorouracil cream (5-FU) that seems like a possible new treatment. Brand names: Carac® Cream, Efudex® Cream, Efudex® Solution, Fluoroplex® Cream. Anyone know if this is available here and where? So all of you of “a certain age” please be aware of this potential problem and do not take any chances.

    Finally got there and am I happy to find this treasure! Had the spring rolls (4), daily special (Wonton) and 2 beers. With generous tip total of 190p. Everything very fresh and cooked perfectly. Not a Chinese food expert but this will be my go to spot for this type of cuisine. Limited hours (I think 11:30 to 4:30) since talking to the owners (delightful young couple) they have 2 young children and want to have the time for their activities and family time. I joked with them that if you can make a good business by working 5 hours a day 5 days a week they have found the "magic formula".

    Went there yesterday...closed. Only open Mon - Fri.
  8. New B

    B&B's in Ajijic.
  9. New construction next to coca cola

    This is prime commercial property. What do the hand wringers expect...a field of daffodils?
  10. Seguro Popular

    I brought a young Mexican guy who does computer work for me and all I did was hand over the sheaf of documents to a lady behind the counter and she did all the work filling out the form. The only question asked me was "how many years of schooling did I have?". I was then given a few papers to sign and was on my way with my POLIZA DE AFILIACION document. I have not completed the next step of going to the clinic in San Antonio where I live to since the Doctor has not been in. I will be taking the same guy with me just in case but I think that with my limited Spanish I could have accomplished it alone.
  11. New construction next to coca cola

    How will this tiny, tiny population growth going to effect traffic there in any way? I heard the same "The sky is falling" when Walmart was being built. As a builder don't you want to be near access to the highway, and also there will be a commercial element to the project. Get over it!

  13. Seguro Popular

    I just registered in Chapala, very easy and fast, I brought all of the docs mentioned here (CURP, CFE, Passport and RP) and also birth certificate and copy. Not sure that is needed but they took the copy.