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    Baby Lock Ellageo sewing/embroidery machine The new bobbin holder replaced the old one. My friend Joyce, master quilter, said it is running perfectly and Scot, the salesman who sold us our machines on the cruise, said it was fine too and just needed a new bobbin holder which it now has. Joyce also added a little oil and cleaned it. I'll never embroider on it and I have my new big one so I do want to sell it. It functions as an embroidery machine, but I don't have the hoops and little stuff (seam ripper, brush, etc) which can be purchased separately from ebay or a sewing machine shop if the buyer doesn't already have them. I am giving the quilting attachment and discs to the buyer in case the buyer might like to get their own hoops and use it to embroider at some later time. I found the same model on ebay and the price was $1649. USD plus shipping ($78) USD, hoops are extra in the ad, but I found a set on ebay for $59 but that is up to the purchaser as I'm selling mine as is.. They may only want a good solid sewing machine too, if so this is the bargain! I found some machines in spanish for 26000 pesos. I'll sell mine for 12,000 pesos or $700.USD check is fine. It has some feet and they're welcome to come see it or I can bring it to the guild. I also want to sell one smaller machine and will be glad to sell the new machine that we just got with our large Janomes. It sells for $549.USD so I'll sell it for $275.USD or 5,000 p. or they can buy the one like you have for $200.USD or 3400 pesos. I also have an ipad mini which I've had wiped so it is like new, for $150. or 2550 pesos. 376-766-5723
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    COME CHECK IT OUT. $150. USD OR 2600 PESOS 376-766-5723
  3. chicamie

    Wanted - air bed

    If you have an air bed for sale or rent, please contact me. I have a guest coming and not enough beds. 766-5723
  4. chicamie

    News from Reuters

    The love affair many of us have with Mexico (great weather Lakeside; small town feel; good cost of living; friends from many countries; tons of activity options - to name just a few) is being eroded by concern for safety. Some react by selling their homes and racing back to wherever; one recently went to Phoenix, only to discover her home there had been robbed; others by simply hoping things will improve. The latter group are either not so reactionary or have few options due to limited income. Most of us are continuing to enjoy the many benefits of living here and are quietly and cautiously waiting to see how things unfold. We are taking precautions, we had heretofore felt unnecessary. We are considering a Plan B. What a shame. Hopefully this violence will subside as the unintended consequences of ex-pats leaving will be a very negative impact on the local Mexican population who are dependent on locals and tourists.