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  1. Dog Crates Needed

    The Dog Adoption Ranch is in need of crates or donations to buy crates to transport our dogs to their new homes. If you can help in any way, please contact me here or with a pm. Thanks Vivien
  2. Patio Furniture, luggage, electric blankets, coffee pots, clothing in various sizes, jewelry, evaporative cooler, kitchen equipment...lots of miscellaneous..............and all proceeds go for the care of the dogs at the Ranch.
  3. What is the construction at the corner of the carretera and 5 de Febrero? West Ajiic
  4. gardener needed

    Rene came today and helped remove the overgrown cacti and ferns. He has agreed to come back and help with the remaining work here. He's definitely a young man I would also recommend.
  5. gardener needed

    I had three broken appointments with Raquel. Finally she admitted that it would be better for me to look elsewhere for help.
  6. I need a gardener for a day to pull out a cactus and other large plants. I cannot find the previous thread on this, but I did call Antonio and he does not answer his cel.
  7. Yes, I do remember Chucho. He was determined to be an uninvited guest at the dinner in La Floresta. No matter how often he was put outside, he always found a way to wiggle back into the party. I remember him at the LCS function also. So glad he has a happy home now and doesn't have to crash parties anymore!
  8. Thank you Xena for the kind words about the Ranch. The additional 9 dogs that were recently dropped off at the Ranch can make a dent in our budget. In addition to the extra food, medicines, vet care and sterilizations have to be paid for. All help is appreciated and especially at this time with the extra dogs. Contributions can be made via the Ranch website at www.lakesidespayandneutercenter or by contacting me or another Ranch volunteer. Thank you for caring and helping.
  9. Please join us for the 5 de Mayo Buffet. Reservations at 766 1002. Your support has enabled us to send 30 dogs to Washington where they are living happily with their new families. This fund raiser will enable us to continue this venture so there will be even more content Mexican dogs enjoying life up north! See you at La Bodega on 5 de Mayo!
  10. Time is running out! If you haven't made your reservations yet, you can do so by calling 766 1002. Along with a Mexican buffet ,we will have music, 50/50, door prizes, sales table and also our new T-Shirts. We have sent 30 dogs to Washington, all now living happily with their new families. This event will enable us to continue funding this venture so we can send more dogs on to a happy life up north. We hope to see you at La Bodega for 5 de Mayo fun!
  11. Please make your reservations soon. This will be our last fund raiser for the season, so your support will be really appreciated. Good music, Mexican buffet, door prizes, 50/50 raffle, sales table and our NEW T-SHIRTS! See you there at La Bodega!